Zedd gestures to Z3, says no previously released singles will grace tracklist

Zedd gestures to Z3, says no previously released singles will grace tracklistZedd

Zedd fans, “would you rather wait and get an entire new album at once or would you rather have 1-2 singles from the album come out beforehand?”

That’s precisely the question that Zedd posed to his Twitter following on April 26, affording listeners the opportunity to voice their preference via vote as the emotional rollercoaster that is “Z3” took a sharp but thrilling turn.

The True Colors follow-up, fondly and informally known to fans as “Z3,” has remained in a state of flux in recent years. Though Zedd first confirmed in December 2019 that the project would hit platforms at some point in 2020, the classically trained talent disclosed in November of 2020 that he had postponed the LP. “I decided to push back the album to when things are more back to normal. I really wanted it to come out this year but I put the album on standby because during quarantine I just didn’t feel the inspiration to make this the best album possible,” Zedd said during a Reddit AMA. At the time, he also stated that he’d “recently talked” to Porter Robinson “about getting together and working on some music.” 

Zedd’s following has also remained on standby, awaiting the album’s next sign of life, which materializes not only in what appears to be a particularly fateful Twitter poll, but also in the producer’s admission that none of his recent singles will figure on the tracklist. Further details on the long-form, which rightfully laid claim to a place on Dancing Astronaut‘s list of the most-anticipated albums of 2021, are awaited, but for now, streamers can revel in the reality that a stack of new Zedd songs just might be at their fingertips sooner than they thought.

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Watch the DMX memorial service in full

A memorial service to late rapper DMX is now available to watch online.

Last Saturday (24th), the Celebration of Life for Earl “DMX” Simmons took place at the Barclay Centre in Brooklyn, New York. Simmons passed away earlier this month aged 50, after being placed on life support following a heart attack.

The memorial service, which was livestreamed, followed a private funeral service for family and friends, and features performances from the likes of Eve, Nas and Swizz Beatz, as well as Kanye West and his Sunday Service choir. Ahead of the event, West teamed up with fashion house Balenciaga as Yeezy to design a $200 fundraising t-shirt for DMX’s family.

It was also revealed during the stream that the New York State government had declared Simmons’ birthday, 18th December, as Earl “DMX” Simmons Day. Last week, it was announced that DMX would be honoured in his hometown of Yonkers, New York with a street or statue named after him.

You can watch the three-hour memorial service, which has been viewed by over 2.8million people, below.

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An In-Depth Introduction To Additive Synthesis

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In his latest loopop video, synthesist Ziv Eliraz takes a deep dive into Additive Synthesis.

Eliraz explains it from the ground up, using multiple software synths, including Alchemy, Loom II, Pigments 3, Razor & PolyPhylla.

Topics covered:

0:00? Intro
0:30? Sound to sines
2:40? Adding up sines
4:10? Tonewheel “synths”
4:40? Partial envelopes
7:30? Resynthesis
11:30? Animating partials
12:30? Spectral curves
13:10? Alien invasion
15:25? Natural sounds
16:00? Additive effects
17:40? Formant morph
18:20? Env timeshift
19:20? Natural decay
20:20? More additive tips

Are you using an additive synthesizer? Share your thoughts in the comments!

longstoryshort is back to his agile tricks—stream ‘I Can Feel’

longstoryshort is back to his agile tricks—stream ‘I Can Feel’Longstoryshort

Exploratory, inventive, kinetic—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Sure, the adjectives that could be applied to a description of  longstoryshort‘s digital trail of catalog-bolstering bass house tunes are manifold, but “perfunctory” would assuredly not be among them, as “I Can Feel” affirms. Though the anonymous New Yorker has asserted his bass house authority through a smattering of releases since 2019, rather than tread the same turf, he continues to expand his stylistic footprint, exhibiting the range of different sounds possible in the bass house realm as he wields the subgenre’s dynamism to his advantage. This pattern holds true on “I Can Feel,” longstoryshort’s direct successor to January’s “Dystopia.”

Nimble and notably imbued with a futuristic feel, the one-off—longstoryshort’s second of 2021 to date—is light on its toes at the breakdowns, a wispy vocal sample rising like a plume of smoke atop the synths. Polished and ruminative, “I Can Feel” further underscores that longstoryshort has a surplus of tricks up his sleeves, and pulling off yet another perfect 10 is one of them.

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Transformer Lets You Transform Sounds With Four Resonators

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Rast Sound has introduced Transformer, a new resonator effect plugin for macOS & Windows.

Transformer is a quad resonator bank, where you can set mode of resonators (how they sound), tunings, decay times and levels as you want and even modulate them, without going into complex automations through your DAW.


  • 3 timbral modes. These modes are powered by mathematical models to create unique and natural sound effects.
  • 4 resonators & effects – Each resonator emulates the acoustic resonances of an instrument. Results will be tonally focused resonances, still having the spectral imprint of the input.
  • Powerful LFO

Audio Demo:

Pricing and Availability

Transformer is available now with an intro price of 29€ (normally 39€).

Sinevibes Dipole v2 Through-Zero Flanger Effect Now Available

[embedded content]

Sinevibes has released Dipole v2, a major update to its through-zero flanger effect for macOS.

Dipole employs two delay lines with dual-mode feedback, and one of the delays is able to run earlier or later in time in relation to another. As this time difference passes through the zero point, a special sound transition occurs: with positive feedback, Dipole produces that coveted spectral “swoosh” effect of a jet plane fly-by, and with negative feedback, the output signal warps and eventually cancels itself out.

Here’s what’s new in Dipole v2:

  • Newly designed user interface with size scaling up to 200%
  • Added VST3 plugin format
  • Added built-in preset manager
  • Support for any buffer size requested by the plugin host
  • Added new parabolic modulation waveform
  • Increased Feedback control range to -100..+100%
  • Added low-cut filter in the feedback loop to avoid excessive low-end build-up
  • Added feedback loop self-leveling to avoid the signal level blowing up with certain extreme Feedback and Zero value combinations
  • More thorough state initialization when receding the reset() call from the host
  • More natural parameter mapping on Frequency, Stereo, Output, Mix controls
  • Added all-new presets + reworked collection of all old presets

Pricing and Availability

Dipole is available now for $29 USD.

KAKU ups ante on ‘Dance (RED) Save Lives Vol. III’ with collaborative NFT drop [Q&A]

KAKU ups ante on ‘Dance (RED) Save Lives Vol. III’ with collaborative NFT drop [Q&A]LPS6487

Earlier this month, African electronic label Mavin Records partnered with charity (RED) to release a star-studded compilation album titled Dance (RED) Save Lives Vol. 3. Curated by iconic Afrobeats artist Don Jazzy and Aluna, the eclectic collection features new music from acts Felix Da Housecat, KAKU, Sofi Tukker TOKiMONSTA, Chris Trucher, and more. Proceeds generated from the album will be donated to (RED) in their efforts to alleviate COVID-19 and HIV/AIDS damages in sub-Saharan Africa.

To garner more attention for the philanthropic album project and raise more money for COVID-19 relief, sole Asian representative on the compilation, KAKU is paving the way for Asian musicians in blockchain ventures with a newly released collaborative charity NFT collection. To help bring his ideas to life, KAKU partnered with leading Taiwan-based visual artist Jonni, whose portfolio boasts visual collaborations with Marshmello and REZZ, among others. The full NFT drop landed on Friday, April 23.

Dancing Astronaut caught up with KAKU to learn more about the forthcoming NFT drop and the inspiration behind it.


Tell us more about your contribution to the ‘Dance (RED) Save Lives Vol. III’ compilation.

“The album is a collaboration between (RED), a foundation that battles AIDS and COVID-19 in Africa, and Mavin Records, the leading dance music record label from Africa. I am a big fan of afrobeats and I love the idea of a collaboration that mixes different cultures! Plus it’s for a good cause. So I decided to remix a song by talented Nigerian artist Korede Bello called ‘Do Like That,’ which is an afrobeat classic with over 100 million views on YouTube.”

What made you decide to create an accompanying NFT collection?

“I think everyone is interested in NFTs right now because it is a new market for creators to share their artwork but also make a profit. It’s a known fact that it is extremely difficult to make a living off music/streaming, and due to COVID-19 a lot of artists lost their jobs and really felt that impact, myself included.

As a DJ, I’ve always created digital content to coincide with my music drops, so it’s only natural that we move into this new space. This space also gives opportunities to graphic artists, visual artists, photographers, and videographers who I work with on a regular basis to collaborate on a bigger scale. Another great thing about NFTs are its roots in blockchain, so we can track who actually owns the pieces.

I see a huge future in NFTs, especially recently witnessing 3LAU sell his NFTs for an extremely high price on Nifty Gateway. Kygo also recently dropped his NFTs, with the most expensive piece including a backstage pass at a future show. I feel that NFTs are already growing from just being art pieces to becoming very exclusive merchandise for artists to give to their fan base.”

Tell us more about the inspiration behind your NFT art pieces? How does it connect with the larger scope of the compilation?

“My inspiration behind this NFT collection is bridging Africa and Asia together in the fight against AIDS and COVID-19. COVID especially has been a huge global issue this past year and I think every human being on earth felt its impact one way or another. I wanted these NFT pieces to reflect my mindset that this is a collective global issue. That is why all the pieces have a red-colored theme, to support the (RED) charity cause.

Additionally, not only [am I] the first Asia based DJ/producer to drop an NFT collection, but I am also the only artist from Asia on this (RED) album, so I wanted to do a special visual piece to commemorate this drop. I decided to create three different NFTs with my visual artist with three different background instrumentals, each creating a unique vibe for the corresponding pieces. 

The NFT series concept is using natural elements and landscapes from Africa and a neo-futuristic organic city to illustrate a positive outlook of the human race. We especially need this optimistic and perseverant perspective today. We are one with nature. We want to show that civilization can coexist with nature. Together we can overcome the pandemic. The world is full of energy and life!”

Proceeds generated from the NFT drop will be donated to the Global Fund’s fight against COVID-19. KAKU has been performing regularly in Taiwan for months now, where the pandemic was virtually nonexistent for the majority of 2020. Read Dancing Astronaut‘s interview with KAKU about performing at full-fledged festivals in a near COVID-free safe haven here.

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Gorgon City share impressive rework of Dennis Cruz, Josh Butler’s ‘Ahora Todo Va’

Gorgon City share impressive rework of Dennis Cruz, Josh Butler’s ‘Ahora Todo Va’93407233 2547729528666323 6600768609671184384 O

Gorgon City are on official remix duties once again as they share their sharp new rework of Dennis Cruz and Josh Butler‘s single “Ahora Todo Va.” The UK duo have kept up a momentous streak of releases and remixes this year, on top of their recently announced third studio album, Olympia landing in June via Astralwerks.

The original mix of “Ahora Todo Va” comes paired with Gorgon City’s revision, as the duo launch the tribal house song into a bewildering dimension of cinematic soundscapes, progressive grooves, and hypnotic chants. Gorgon City’s latest lands on the heels of their recent remix of Bebe Rexha’s “Sacrifice” as well as their lead album single “Tell Me It’s True.” Hear Gorgon City’s remix of “Ahora Todo Va” below.

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Seth Troxler launches off-kilter Twitch series, ‘Dream Access Television’

Seth Troxler launches off-kilter Twitch series, ‘Dream Access Television’Troler Cercle 1

Seth Troxler‘s newest weekly Twitch series, Dream Access TV, is reminiscent of 20th century broadcasting, but in the Twilight Zone. A variety show of sorts, Dream Access TV aims to tackle “b-movie satire and quasi-journalism”, with oddball shows hosted by fellow DJs and artists.

Troxler explained,

“‘Dream Access TV’ is a nostalgic version of the public television of yesteryear. This is a channel dedicated to the weird and quirky format that became popular in the United States of the 70s and 90s. DJs and artists will present strange and wonderful shows, and they will be encouraged to go on excursions to places and situations that we (and they) are not used to.”

Troxler has already identified a handful of international DJs who will be scooping up airtime on DAT. For example, Bangkok-native DJ Mendy Indigo will host a food show under her alter ego, Shit Mendy Cooks, alongside veteran beatsmith Eats Everything, with several other high-profile guests expected to participate in the new venture. Troxler himself will host a talk show called Seth Speaks.

Subscribe to Dream Access TV on Twitch, here, and check out the official preview below.

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RL Grime’s Sable Valley announces inaugural remix competition on Audius

RL Grime’s Sable Valley announces inaugural remix competition on AudiusRL Grime2

RL Grime’s fledging label, Sable Valley has announced the first of an ongoing series of remix competitions designed to discover the burgeoning amateur talent on emerging blockchain-based streaming platform, Audius.

To participate, producers are to download the stems and upload their remix back to Audius by May 7. Remixers can choose between two newly signed Sable Valley artists, REMNANT.exe and Deadcrow, with extracted files to their breakout tracks “Singularity,” “Fallout,” and “THERA” available to download in high-quality 320kbs audio format. For maximum visibility, remixing artists must tag the original so that it’s threaded together in order to be considered.

Sable Valley’s Discord community will then vote on the remix submissions and semi-finalists will be selected and “co-signed” on Audius. Ultimately, the Sable Valley team, including RL Grime himself, will choose two final winners for an official release on the imprint. Listen to the tracks and get started below.

RL Grime’s Sable Valley announces inaugural remix competition on AudiusAudius Sable Valley Flyer 1

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