Videosync Lets You Treat Video Like Audio In Ableton Live

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Dutch software developer Showsync shared this introduction to Videosync, described as ‘a visual engine for Ableton Live’.

Videosync enables you to treat video as audio inside Ableton Live. You can create visuals using Warp Markers, Racks, Macros, Simpler, Automation, Modulation and more.

Videosync’s instruments generate content intended as a source for mixing, blending, keying or displacement. Simpler rhythmically triggers your video content, and the External In instrument fetches input from Syphon or any external video source.

Other features include:

  • Multiple outputs – Use Live’s Return & Master channels as Syphon outputs, allowing up to 13 channels of video output into other applications.
  • Networked playback – Increase redundancy and spread workload in your live shows by running Videosync on a separate computer.
  • ISF shaders – Support for Interactive Shader Format, and ships with a plugin SDK to easily develop your own video plugins.
  • Native video playback – Uses macOS high-performance video playback frameworks, to render video at the highest resolutions and frame rates that your system supports.
  • Format support – Support for all standard video formats, as well as HAP.
  • Native Apple Silicon support – Videosync ships as a universal binary for Intel and Apple Silicon.

Here’s an introduction to getting started with Videosync:

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Pricing and Availability:

Videosync is available now, with pricing starting at $99 USD. A demo version is also available.

Fatboy Slim’s iconic ‘Weapon of Choice’ video gets 4K remaster: Watch

Fatboy Slim’s ‘Weapon of Choice’ video has been remastered.

It’s been two decades since much-loved DJ/producer Fatboy Slim and Bootsy Collins released ‘Weapon of Choice’. To celebrate the 20th anniversary, the original video, directed by Beastie Boys collaborator Spike Jonze, has been uploaded to YouTube in 4K. 

Famously featuring actor Christopher Walken, the Grammy award-winning video has garnered over 50 million YouTube views, with Oliver Maingay from London video specialists Vanderquest describing the remastering process as a “marathon 18 day VFX session”.

Maingay said the jobs varied from “removing the giant rig used to fly Christopher Walken around an empty hotel, to superimposing a portrait of Fatboy Slim on to a blank wall and even some Face/Off inspired swapping between actor and stunt man”, and that Vanderquest hopes the restoration is “a stunning new remake of one of, if not the, greatest music videos of all time”.

You can check out the remastered ‘Weapon of Choice’ video below.

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Last weekend, Fatboy Slim took part in the UK’s first trial club events in Liverpool, performing alongside The Blessed Madonna, Hot Since 82 and Jayda G.

In March, the DJ revealed the dates for a UK arena tour taking place later this year.

Solardo, Wade deliver acid house jam ‘Get Your Money’

Solardo, Wade deliver acid house jam ‘Get Your Money’75478434 1382690291891002 8473283396204756992 N

Solardo and Wade are bringing the roof down with their latest collaboration “Get Your Money.” The newest single marks the second collaboration between the renowned tech house artists following their 2018 track “Everybody.” Both collaborations are released via Solardo’s own record label, Sola Records.

“Get Your Money” combines Solardo’s raw acid sound and Wade’s high-octane drum grooves layered over catchy hip-hop adlibs as the pair ready themselves to take on the worldwide return to dancefloors. Since debuting their electrifying Essential Mix in 2017 the UK duo have gone on to collaborate and remix some of the biggest names in dance music such as CamelPhat, Chris Lake, Dua Lipa, Love Generator, Becky Hill, David Guetta, and many more. Listen to “Get Your Money” below.

Featured image: Academy LA

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Porter Robinson finds himself floating back to reality with ‘Nurture’ [Album Review]

Porter Robinson finds himself floating back to reality with ‘Nurture’ [Album Review]Porter Robinson Credit Atwood Magazine

Nearly seven years have passed since Porter Robinson released his acclaimed debut, Worlds. The album peaked at No. 1 on Billboard’s dance charts and cemented Robinson as one of the most prolific producers of his generation. Ever since, the 28-year-old North Carolina native has maintained his status as one of electronic music’s most forward-thinking torch bearers, though, the question of a sophomore slump always looms after such a prodigious introductory effort.

Worlds had marked a directional shift for Robinson, weaving his way into softer sounds and sweeter melodies. The project had been a near 180 from his debut EP, Spitfire, which was ripe for the time—riddled with heavy bass and glitching complextro synthwork. Always one to experiment though, the artist pivoted once again in 2017 with his more tech-skewed project, Virtual Self. While minting a new alias provided an alternative creative outlet, fans yearned for a follow-up to Worlds, though internally, Robinson was embattled with emotions that made it feel as though a sophomore album may actually never materialize. While yes, along the way he did net a Grammy nomination in the Best Dance Recording category for “Ghost Voices,” in the lead up to this new LP, the Mom+Pop producer revealed he feared he would never be able to make music again as depression and anxiety threatened to engulf his creative drive entirely. Despite the uphill battle, now, Robinson has returned to sparkling soundscapes with his long-awaited sophomore release, Nurture.

Blending electro-pop and soft instrumentals, Nurture finds the “Shelter” proponent experimenting outside of his signature sonics. While past material from the artist has been purely electronic, this time Robinson notably adds piano and string sections across the LP’s durection. Clips of looped records slide over sweet harmonies; some tracks focusing on highs from nature, while others explore Robinson’s depressing lows. 

While Worlds had been an exploration into an alternative reality, traversing though distant, hazy dreamlands and 8-bit-inspired macrocosms, Nurture acts as a sobering, yet altogether uplifting step back into reality. Primarily focusing on the beauty of Earth and nature, chirping birds and lush soundscapes are embedded into each facet of Nurture‘s complexion. To illustrate the two albums’ inextricable ties and stark differences at once, imagine they’re both films that exist within the same cinematic, or perhaps in this case, sonic universe. One is a journey through the heavenly bodies of Robinson’s auditory cosmos, the other very much grounded on the terra firma of Earth, though both existing inside the same creative space.

Speaking with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe recently, Porter said,

“I felt Worlds was this thing that was supposed to be so far away, this fictional dreamscape that you escape to. And I knew I wanted Nurture to be this thing that was this love letter to reality because that was what I needed. I needed some convincing, I think, that the world was truly beautiful and that living was truly something worthwhile. So much of the imagery around Nurture is this nature of stuff.”

Acting as a rooted counterpoint to the floating Worlds, Robinson also faces his depression through the album’s lyrics. Dreamy instrumentals counteract the heavy lyrics repeating “I burn up, burnout/I shouldn’t do this to myself.” Robinson expounds,

“There were points where I had people in my life going, ‘Are you sure you want to keep doing this? This is clearly kind of killing you.’ And to a point, that was actually helpful because it pushed me to release that white knuckle grip I feel I had on my own sense of creativity in making music. What that actually kind of pushed me to do was to develop a bit of a real life and that helped the music so much.” 

“Maybe it’s a gift that I couldn’t recognize,” Robinson sings on the album’s closing track, “Trying to Feel Alive.” “Maybe I don’t really need to feel satisfied/Maybe it’s a gift that I spend all this time/Just trying to feel alive.” 

The only feature found on the album comes from “Unfold,” with Robinson inviting Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs to the record’s tracklist. Inspired by Worlds‘ “Sea of Voices” and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs’ “Don’t You Forget About Me” and “Leave a Light On,” the song sees both artists singing together in the album’s most dance-heavy single, and certainly one of Robinson’s most complementary collaborations.

Overall, the record feels like a cathartic experience for Robinson, and considering what we all collectively endured over the last year, casually gliding through Nurture‘s 14-track narrative is likely to be a therapeutic experience for listeners, too. Though, time will tell how Nurture will sit among the rest of the works in the Porter Robinson pantheon. Worlds came at a time when electronic dance music screamed for a bar-raising exercise in creativity, and at the time, Robinson was happy to step up and deliver. Now, the better part of a decade later, the electronic music landscape is understandably different, and ultimately, Porter has nothing left to prove. This time around, it is literally about stopping to smell the roses a little bit. Nonetheless, that doesn’t take away from Nurture‘s landmark status, albeit the album not being instantly anointed one of the all-time greats like its predecessor.

A sophomore slump? Absolutely not. A well-deserved victory lap? No question. Seven years after his groundbreaking debut LP, Robinson is carving out the opportunity to kick down the cobblestones and enjoy the sunshine, and he’s been kind enough to invite everyone along for the ride.

Featured image: Atwood Magazine

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New Module, euroNES, Brings Classic Nintendo Entertainment System Sounds To Eurorack

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Developer Corvus Prudens shared this overview and sneak preview of euroNES, a new Eurorack module inspired by the classic sound of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Prudens created the euroNES as his final project for the Berklee College of Music’s Electronic Production and Design major. It’s an impressive project, combining electronics design, programming, designing a CPU, creating a custom coding language and more.

Here’s what Prudens has to say about it:

“The module still needs a bit of work, but hopefully it’ll be actually done in a month or two. It’s been a crazy ride!

There’s at least one major simplification in this video: I did not mention the DMC channel at all. It’s a bit more challenging to implement, so I haven’t gotten to it yet. However, for the final product, it will definitely be implemented, since you can do some really cool stuff with it.

Another note: probably a better high-performance MCU to bring up would be the STM32. Why wouldn’t I use it? Well, because then I can’t make my own CPU. That’s no fun. Okay, for real though, while this project may not necessarily need an FPGA, I have other ideas that more or less do. It was definitely a great way to get comfortable with the process.”


00:00? — Intro
01:10? — Design Process
02:33? — Technical Details
05:52? — Module Software
07:18? — Future plans
07:45? — Conclusion
08:20? — Music Demo

Pricing and Availability

The module is currently in development, but Prudens says that he hopes to be able to make the euroNES available for around $200.

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Quentin Dupieux, best known as Mr. Oizo, announces release date for upcoming film, ‘Deerskin’

Quentin Dupieux, best known as Mr. Oizo, announces release date for upcoming film, ‘Deerskin’Mr Oizo Press Photo

The multifaceted talents of Quentin Dupieux, also known as venerated Ed Banger beatsmith Mr. Oizo, are returning to theaters. Titled Deerskin, the creatively absurd film is written and directed by the French artist, and is pinned for a theatrical UK release on July 16.

Deerskin stars Jean Dujardin as Georges, a recent divorcee whose infatuation with a newly acquired deerskin jacket drives him and his French alpine village into utter madness. Like much of Dupieux’s work, Deerskin‘s premise is a bit out of left field, but if the film is anything like his musical creations as Mr. Oizo, this unique approach will also give the release most of its charm.

This isn’t Dupieux’s first foray into film, as Deerskin follows in the slightly surrealist skid marks of full-length features like Rubber, the oddball story of a murderous car tire, and the more recent black comedy, Keep an Eye Out! Mr. Oizo has also stayed busy with longtime partner Ed Banger Records, starting out 2021 with “All Wet” featuring Siriusmo. Watch the film’s official trailer with English subtitles below.

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Italy’s Giorgia Angiuli releases ‘Stay Curious’ on Lane 8’s This Never Happened

Italy’s Giorgia Angiuli releases ‘Stay Curious’ on Lane 8’s This Never Happened636800152894640551 636795766571198363 DSC 62921

Giorgia Angiuli has shared her first release alongside Nors Kode and SQU4RE titled “Stay Curious” on Lane 8‘s imprint, This Never Happened. First premiered on Lane 8’s Spring 2021 Mixtape, the Italian multi-instrumentalist and composer taps into her classically trained talents for a jarring clash of cinematic atmospheres and ethereal progressive house melodies that further represent the wide variety of sounds that emanate out of This Never Happened’s roster.

“Stay Curious” follows Angiuli’s previous collaborations with both SQU4RE and Nors Kode, as the Puglia-born artist came together with SQU4RE for a remix of Ann Clue‘s “Falling” in December 2020 and has worked directly with Nors Kode for their July 2020 track “Be My Rain.” Now, “Stay Curious” brings together a swell of cosmic grooves and ambience, marking one of Giorgia Angiuli’s strongest outings to date. Hear “Stay Curious” below.

Featured image: Scene Noise

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Flying Lotus soundtracks new Netflix anime series: Watch

The six-episode series will be released later this week (29th)

Amy Fielding

Tuesday, April 27, 2021 – 12:33

Flying Lotus has soundtracked a forthcoming anime series on Netflix.

Directed by LeSean Thomas and Takeshi Satou, Yasuke is a six-part anime series set to land on Netflix this Thursday (29th), accompanied by a score composed by LA-born artist and Brainfeeder label co-founder, Flying Lotus. The series is loosely based on historical figure Yasuke, a warrior of African descent who served under a Japanese daimyo during the samurai conflict in 16th century Japan, and reimagines the period with magic and advanced technology. 

Speaking in an interview with The Verge about the soundtrack, FlyLo said: “I wanted to have the music have progression like Yasuke’s character and the story that’s being told. Along the way, the story gets more magical; you start dealing with witchcraft and shamans and sorcery and all of this stuff. I wanted it to be a journey getting there.”

You can watch the trailer for Yasuke below. 

In 2019, Flying Lotus paid tribute to his Brainfeeder co-founder, the late Ras G, with tribute track ‘Black Heaven’.

Charm of Finches takes a mystical voyage in “Treading Water”

Melbourne sister duo Charm of Finches radiates an otherworldly temperament. It’s as if their music and words bear ancient fruits of wisdom from the past, present and future all delicately intertwined to create timeless and masterful compositions that touch the depths of your soul. As they continue to craft their sound, they are well on their way to being one of the more intriguing artists of 2021.

Charm of Finches latest single “Treading Water” is the duo’s most recent offering, which is part of their third full-length album set to release later this year. In “Treading Water” the sisters embark on a journey in both the mind and body, as they reflect on a relationship that was mutually ended, the changing seasons from lovers to friends, all while taking the listener on an immersive physical journey across the city of Melbourne. The song flows like the ocean – effortlessly, graceful and free. Dreamy and exposed soundscapes allow the listener to re-imagine the story on one’s own terms, by capturing a sense of nostalgia for something that was once sacred and cherished. Harmonious, angelic vocals weave across the song, adding to the layer of celestial mystery.

Charm of Finches is comprised of sisters Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes. They are best known for their haunting folk music about love, loss and the wisdom that can be found in the trees. The duo has won many awards nationally and internationally, and their music has been praised by Australian TV and PBS Radio among many others.

Listen to Charm of Finches “Treading Water” here and slip away in memory, to a place where neither time nor space exists.

Connect with Charm of Finches: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

SOPHIE remembered in new tribute by collaborator and friend A.G. Cook

SOPHIE has been remembered in a new tribute by collaborator and friend, A.G. Cook.

Three months after the death of visionary experimental pop musician SOPHIE, the artist has been remembered in a post penned by PC Music founder and close friend, A.G. Cook.

In the tribute uploaded to his website, Cook said: “I’m still processing Sophie’s life… her nature, her work, her beauty. She was laser-focused and exceptionally intelligent, but also sensitive and perceptive. It didn’t matter whether we were talking about people or relationships or materials or music – she approached every topic with the love, care and intensity of someone who has truly lived.

“She was also constantly searching, making new discoveries and resculpting her worldview. She relished having bold opinions but was still eager to learn from other people, always asking questions and considering other points of view.”

Cook goes on to describe meeting SOPHIE in 2013, hearing early demo versions of ‘Lemonade’, and speaks about both the artists’ opposing production styles. He also speaks about their collaborative project ‘QT’, and his friendship with SOPHIE away from the studio.

You can read the tribute to SOPHIE here.