Auza Wave Packets ‘A Versatile New Wave Source’ For Eurorack Modular Synths

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Audio design duo Auza has introduced their first Eurorack module, Wave Packets, which they describe as “a highly versatile production tool kit in 16HP”.

Capable of generating complex envelopes, modulation signals and audio, the module allows you to sculpt your sound by producing time-limited signals or “wave packets”.

Each wave packet is determined in four primary dimensions: time, depth, frequency and wave shape. With five distinct unipolar and bipolar outputs, a wide range of shapes and sounds can be produced: an envelope growing from nothing to wild oscillation, a punchy bass drum, a ping-multiplied burst generator, an amplitude-varying LFO or timbre-morphing oscillator.

Wave Packets can operate in three excitation modes: trigger, gate, and cycle.

Once animated, the 3 depth sliders sculpt the wave packet’s overall contours, whilst the wave shape, glide and 3 frequency controls determine its oscillations through time.

The five outputs map five distinct interactions between the contour function and oscillations. These can be summarized as: the pure contour, the unipolar wave, the resonating contour, the capsulated oscillator and the pure oscillator.

The module is fully self-patchable, allowing for new wave packet models to be achieved. Examples include patching a unipolar output into wave shape CV for morphing across timbres, or patching a bipolar output into depth CV to achieve audio-rate modulation. By using multiple outputs at the same time, Wave Packets can also act as a hub for orchestrating movement across patches.


  • Create novel control voltage shapes, or use as an audio source
  • 5 simultaneously usable outputs with distinct models – 3 unipolar, 2 bipolar
  • 24-bit wavetable manipulation audio oscillator, voltage-precise LFO
  • Continuous wave shape morphing, including PWM and variable skew triangle
  • Contour function drawn from 3 slider controls
  • 4 adjustable time stages and optional sustain stage, with LED indication
  • Colour-frequency representation LEDs
  • Traverses through 3 frequencies with glide control
  • 3 excitation/ trigger modes, including a pingable stages cycle mode
  • Ping input frequency/ rate control, with multiplication/ division or offset controls
  • EOS, EOC outputs
  • 16-bit tracking V/OCT input, 10V range. Accepts -V for FM use
  • Depth and wave shape CV inputs
  • Skiff-friendly 25mm, 16HP module

Pricing and Availability

Wave Packets is expected to be available in early 2021. Pricing is to be announced.

Roland JV-880 Multi-Timbral Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

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In his latest video, Espen Kraft shares a hands-on demo of the Roland JV-880, the rackmount module version of the JV-80.

“In my opinion,” notes Kraft, the JV-880 is “the best of all the JV/JD modules in terms of raw bottom end cinematic epic sound. I’m not saying it can do everything else that the others can, but what it can is to deliver fat, solid bass.”

If you’ve used the JV-880, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

Tubbutec 6equencer A TR-606 Style Sequencer For Modular Synthesizers

Tubbutec has introduced the 6equencer, a Roland TR-606 style step sequencer for modular synthesizers.

6equencer is available in Eurorack and 1U form factors, and can sequence 8 channels, via Gates or MIDI. Tubbutec says that the 6equencer is optimized for live performance and allows quick programming and editing of drum patterns.

Multiple 6equencers can also be linked, in sequencer or parallel, to get longer sequences or more channels.


  • Step-based drum sequencer with 8 instruments inspired by the? TR-606.
  • Compatible with analog and midi based systems
  • 16 patterns, chainable in song mode, up to 32 patterns in a song
  • Forward, backward, ping-pong and random play directions for? patterns and songs
  • Mute instruments live
  • Probability control of steps
  • Record steps by tapping or via midi
  • Clear steps while playing
  • Pattern length can be set individually (Last Step)
  • Copy, Paste and Clear patterns in song mode
  • 8 trigger outputs with adjustable trigger length, midi out
  • Analogue clock or midi clock input with adjustable clock divider
  • Multiple 6equencers can be chained to achieve longer ?sequences or more instruments.
  • Trigger and record via midi in, doubles as midi interface
  • Trigger midi instruments via midi out
  • 3U * 6HP, or 1U * 24HP Intellijel

Pricing and Availability

The 6equencer is available now for 210,00 €.

Morgin Madison stuns with debut LP on mau5trap, ‘Living the Phantasm’

Morgin Madison stuns with debut LP on mau5trap, ‘Living the Phantasm’Morgin3

After years of honing his craft and garnering a loyal fan base through consistently quality releases, Morgin Madison is ready to truly blossom. Madison’s long-awaited debut LP Living the Phantasm showcases the veteran DJ/producer’s superb versatility, creativity, and mastery over his personal sound. Throughout the record, Madison primarily focuses on a modern progressive style, honoring the timeless sound while stunningly paving his own path, at times quite experimentally. Released via mau5trap, Living the Phantasm is an incredibly personal and important album for Madison, as he explains:

Living the Phantasm is an incredibly special project for me in so many ways. Not only is it my first full album, but it was made during a time when I thought I was probably done with music. One of the definitions of a ‘phantasm’ is ‘the illusory likeness of something’… and I think 2020 had an element of that for all of us. It was a tense, semi-depressing, and introspective time of isolation. Last year felt like living in some dystopian alternate reality, and I found myself at home reflecting on who I was as an artist. I started to realize how fragile the entire industry was, and how volatile my dreams were. So I asked myself, ‘If this is it, what do I want to say before I go?’ The feeling of giving up sparked this crazy streak of creativity, and the album came out of me in about 4 months. It’s so special to me, and feels like a love letter to every influence I’ve ever had. The fact that so many people are resonating with it makes me feel like I’ve really been given a second chance at music.” – Morgin Madison

Living the Phantasm arrives with a complete visual package from iamcyclo, the visual mastermind behind ATTLASLavender God and Out Here With You videos. As usual, iamcyclo’s mesmeric visuals perfectly complement the instrumentals, shifting and glistening in total synchronicity with Madison’s production. The pair had never worked together before, but the partnership grew from mutual admiration to a natural and powerful alliance, as they both describe:

“One day in December 2020, right when I had completed the demo version of the album, Thomas Moore (iamcyclo) and I messaged each other because we were mutual fans of one another. He asked me what I was working on, and if we could collaborate on something. I said ‘well I have an album actually, but I don’t think it’ll ever get signed.’ I knew him from his work for ATTLAS’s incredible two albums Lavender God, and Out Here With You. To my surprise, Thomas resonated with the entire album. He was even able to pick out many of my inspirations for the project without me telling him. We became fast friends and I knew I had found a kindred soul who was passionate about all the same dance music I was. Shortly after, I learned mau5trap was all in on the project – I was stunned. From the ground up we built some concepts, honed in on a visual identity for the album, and he took it from there. The visual world he’s built for this album surpassed any expectations I had, and then some. ” – Morgin Madison

“After Morgin and I chatted about the album he had just finished, he sent me a copy of it to get my take. I remember the first play through I immediately started it again because I was blown away. The moments of nostalgia mixed with progressive moments sent me to another realm, and I knew this was going to be something special. After we started brainstorming ideas for how to visually represent the album, I started building a mood board of ideas I had and I asked Morgin to do the same. I didn’t want to share my board with him until after he finished his. I did this because I wanted to see his pure ideas without any input from what I was thinking. When we shared our boards with each other I was in complete shock that they both visually were in the same world. I wanted to approach this project very differently than the work I have done with ATTLAS. I wanted to help give Morgin and his music it’s own world to live inside of. I have always been visually attracted to geometric forms and bold colors, so I knew that these two worked perfect for the album. One of the aspects I wanted the visuals to do was be brought to life by the music. So every visual required me to render two versions – one a full black on black version and one with complete full spectrum colors. These were then remapped to audio. This allowed for me to keep building visuals while the audio was being finalized in order for us to meet the deadline. In the end we created a world that both of us are really proud of, and we invite everyone to enter the Phantasm with us.” – iamcyclo

Featured image: Morgin Madison / Press

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Louis The Child treat fans to a taste of ‘Euphoria’ with debut album single ‘So What’ alongside A R I Z O N A

Louis The Child treat fans to a taste of ‘Euphoria’ with debut album single ‘So What’ alongside A R I Z O N A22289797 10154995501473030 8792943590939815471 O

The first single from Louis The Child‘s forthcoming LP Euphoria is expectedly feel-good and aligns Robby Hauldren and Frederic J. Kennett of the two-man outfit with indie-electronic band A R I Z O N A. A vibrant amalgamation of pop-driven vocals and low-tempo house beats, “So What” struts forth on Interscope Records, following the duo’s deluxe release of Here For Now in March.

Accompanying Euphoria‘s lead single is the blueprint for Louis The Child’s Euphoria Tour, which will kick off this summer, crossing through 32 major cities in North America including Phoenix, Seattle, Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Brooklyn, Chicago, and more, with support from Jai Wolf, K.Flay, The Knocks, Washed Out, What So Not, Whethan, Crooked Colours, Elderbrook, EVAN GIIA, Goth Babe, ilo ilo, MEMBA, Slenderbodies, and Win & Woo. Tickets to the Euphoria Tour are sale now and can be purchased here. The musical counterparts have also partnered with the nonprofit organization PLUS1 to donate $1 from each ticket sold to charities championing dignity, equity, and access to communities in need.

Featured image: Robert Ho

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Matisse & Sadko and Alex Aris masterfully line up again on STMPD RCRDS for ‘Heal Me’

Matisse & Sadko and Alex Aris masterfully line up again on STMPD RCRDS for ‘Heal Me’83345254 2952076891489218 1538873792909692489 N 1

Matisse & Sadko and Alex Aris had already struck gold once before, and almost two years to the day later, two-thirds of “Mistaken” have reconvened for a sophomore grand-slam outing. The Russian siblings confirmed in a conversation with Dancing Astronaut earlier in the year that a more consistent drop-off schedule through STMPD RCRDS had already been set in stone, and after turning in their Tomorrowland New Year’s Eve ID, Matisse & Sadko now further that prophesy with their second original of 2021, “Heal Me.”

The three of them knew that there wasn’t necessarily an incentive to make a pure carbon copy of “Mistaken,” and the discernible takeaway between both it and “Heal Me” is the sheer brilliance. Matisse & Sadko made an advantageous use of their lack of a touring regimen amid the pandemic, toying with a spectrum of underground house that they were less accustomed to, and that could potentially result in a side project, they told us. “Heal Me” was a direct product of that trial-and-error period, and although it ended up under the Matisse & Sadko title, it still waves the brothers’ eye-catching flag of progressive house bound with another radiant top-line from Aris.

Matisse & Sadko also hosted their own question-and-answer session on Instagram ahead of the single, during which they confirmed that a collision with DubVision was still in the pipeline, their eighth collaboration with Martin Garrix was in the early stages, and that a progressive house release is due on STMPD RCRDS in June.

Watch Matisse & Sadko celebrate “Heal Me” from Saint Petersburg’s Street Art Museum below.

Featured image: Flashbang Media House

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TOR turns to nature with new LP, ‘Oasis Sky’

TOR turns to nature with new LP, ‘Oasis Sky’TOR Oasis Sky Dancing Astronaut

Contemplative, lucid, and organic. While these may not be the first descriptors that come to mind when pressing play on a new electronic release, TOR‘s new LP Oasis Sky leans on them to thread the sonic needle. The Canadian producer’s latest full-length should be considered a resounding success solely on the merit of its intersection of nature and multicultural influences, but it’s through TOR’s indelible ability to explore the softer side of electronica with these motifs in hand that Oasis Sky flourishes into a memorable 10-track experience.

Oasis Sky manages to be more matte than glossy, but does so without ever veering into feeling dull. Instead, TOR’s latest offering is ripe with color, and at times, wonderfully uplifting. Like a cycling tide, the tracks on Oasis Sky oscillate between moments of empty desolation and utter fulfillment, encouraging their listeners to wander and appreciate the murky waters in between. Attentive ears will surely pickup on the album’s myriad of inspirations from around the globe, whether it’s the African influenced percussion or the strings that sound plucked from the far East, but it’s TOR’s production gallantry that ultimately allows such a unique collage of sound to so happily coexist.

Oasis Sky is TOR’s first album in four years and is available now through his very own Eleuthera imprint. Purchase the release here and stream it in full below.

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See it: Chanel’s director of watchmaking unveils Daft Punk-inspired collection

See it: Chanel’s director of watchmaking unveils Daft Punk-inspired collectionDaft Punk

Daft Punk have been a source of inspiration for many artists since they first stepped on the scene with their 1997 debut album, Homework. Now, the iconic duo has influenced a new line of watches by Chanel. Arnaud Chastaingt, the director of Chanel’s Watchmaking Creation Studio, recently unveiled Chanel Electro, a collection that lets wearers pay tribute to Daft Punk with their wrists.

Although most of Chastaignt’s work with the iconic fashion house has stayed within a black-and-white color scheme, Chanel Electro invites a splash of color. The line sees Chastaignt give the J12 a rainbow color scheme in celebration of the line’s 20th anniversary. In a statement to The Telegraph, Chastaignt said,

“I conceived this capsule collection like a performance program, inviting our classics to take turns on this stage and draw inspiration from the codes of this world.”

Usually made in black and white matte, this new rendition of the J12 involves a rainbow-hued bezel and markers while the rest stays true to Chanel’s signature black and white color scheme. Daft Punks manager Busy P was a large influence on the new collection, according to Chastaignt. The watch also appears to have taken some inspiration from Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo’s helmet.

Despite announcing their official split in February, the electronic cornerstones have continued to inspire the dance sphere in recent months. One fan recently used Tesla coils to cover “Around the World” while another uploaded a tutorial showing fans how to create their own 3D printed mini Daft Punk helmet. Zane Lowe even released a tribute mix on Apple Music following the news of Daft Punk’s split.

See it: Chanel’s director of watchmaking unveils Daft Punk-inspired collectionChanel Daft Punk
Featured image: Chanel Watchmaking Creation Studio


Featured image: Daniel Boczarski

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Moore Kismet places a sparkling spin on Tate McRae’s ‘slower’

Moore Kismet places a sparkling spin on Tate McRae’s ‘slower’EuCNlleWgAAfEIq

Amid their work on one of our most-anticipated albums of the year, Dancing Astronaut‘s Breakout Artist of 2020 Moore Kismet recently turned their attentions away from their debut album’s tracklistings to take on Tate McRae’s “slower” in a new remix. Picking up the pace of the original while simultaneously accelerating McRae’s vocals, Kismet brightens “slower,” rinsing it in the potential to become a future festival favorite while preserving its meaning.

Kismet’s spin on McRae’s work interrupts their consecutive slew of album singles, with three—”Autonomy,” “Vendetta For Cupid“, and “Rumor“—arriving ahead of the LP, to be released in June. With only a little more than a month to go until the project’s land date, Kismet’s “slower” remix competently tides over fans until the album’s release.

Featured image: Insomniac Events

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Sequential Prophet 6 Vintage Mode Sounds With Matt Johnson

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In his latest video, Jamiroquai keyboardist Matt Johnson shares sound design tips for the Sequential Prophet 6.

He also shares his take on the new Vintage Mode and previews his custom sound library, which is available at his site.

Sequential recently updated both the Prophet-6 and OB-6 firmwares with Vintage Mode, which they say gives the synths a ‘looser, more organic sound’. It’s designed to emulate the behavior of vintage synthesizers, where the behavior of individual oscillators, filters, and envelopes can vary from voice to voice.

Note: As Johnson makes clear, the video is sponsored by Perfect Circuit and demoes his sound library.