Rock troubadour Ryan Montbleau unveils new EP, ‘Fire’

Americana-dipped lush rocker Ryan Montbleau unveils his latest EP, Fire— a four-track collection of songs fusing groovy rock riffs, folk soundscapes and warm vocals for a roots-inspired explosion of sound. 

The first track, “Just Enough Pain,” is a Bob Dylan-meets-Jack Johnson style single highlighting infectious layered vocals and plucky folk acoustic guitars. Thematically, the tune shows how important it is to learn from setbacks in life and persevere ahead. He then effortlessly flows into “Off to the Races,” where Americana influences with sweeping country-tinged guitars and husky vocals reign. Sonically, the track is light-hearted with upbeat crisp drums, spiffy driving basslines and robust slide guitar.  “Stop Pushing” is a true rock gem reminiscent of Tom Petty with confident vocals and snarling vocals. The track details standing up for oneself and is a fierce comeback to those who get in our way. 

Of the new release Montbleau states, “The songs on ‘Fire’ were a chance for me to just let loose and have fun. They were an opportunity to not overthink things for a change, to trust my gut and follow what felt good.”
Overall, Ryan Montbleau’s new EP is a bit of a departure from his signature sound of relaxing folk, but we are loving his new found blues-rock. Fire is the second EP from a series of four EPs entitled Wood, Fire, Water and Air, which celebrate the elements of life.