Lisa Bella Donna – Turning Point (Live Concert)

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This video captures a live studio performance by synthesist Lisa Bella Donna, Turning Point.

The performance was commissioned for the post premiere release of the new film Sisters with Transistors, by Metrograph Films.

It features three pieces:

  • An Omen Bird’s Departure (0:25)
  • Turning Point (2:45)
  • Autopsy (15:41)

All compositions written, arranged, realized by Lisa Bella Donna. The music is also available on the album Turning Point.

Madrone Music Intros SyncArp Hardware MIDI Arpeggiator

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Madrone Music has launched a Kickstarter project to fund production of the SyncArp MIDI Arpeggiator.

The Syncarp is a dedicated arpeggiator that offers real-time control over multiple parameters. The SyncArp will break up to 10 simultaneously played notes into an arpeggio. You can hold arpeggiated chords, add notes to them in real time, and transpose them.

The SyncArp can sync to an external MIDI clock signal, through either of its MIDI-in ports, or it can provide an internal clock.

The SyncArp has six dedicated knobs that provide real time control over:

  • Tempo (clock division while clocked externally)
  • Swing
  • Length (gate)
  • Octave
  • Direction
  • 32 unique Patterns

Here’s a playlist of official demos:

[embedded content]

Pricing and Availability

Production of the SyncArp is being funded via a Kickstarter project and it is available to backers for $198 USD.

Note that crowdfunded projects involve risk – see details at the project site

Stream now: Nicky Romero expands Monocule EP series with second volume

Stream now: Nicky Romero expands Monocule EP series with second volumeNicky Romero Ultra Rukes

Nicky Romero takes another lap around the electronic release ring with a three-track EP billed to his side project Monocule. Monocule (Volume 2) positions two new songs—”Find You” and “Silence”—alongside the previously released “You Don’t Know.”

The EP extends Monocule’s sonic identity as that which is comparatively sinister to Romero’s own releases, providing him a creative platform for darker melodies. Monocule (Volume 2) follows the inaugural installment in the EP series, released in fall 2020. The sophomore EP is out now via Romero’s own Protocol Recordings.

Featured image: Rukes

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The Radar 141: Mixed by Mindchatter

The Radar 141: Mixed by MindchatterIMG 3037

Beginning his artist project in 2019, Mindchatter has quickly climbed the ranks of the electronic hierarchy as a singer, songwriter, and producer. With early support from Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1 and taste-making playlists like Friday Cratediggers on Spotify, he’s earned a multitude of Hype Machine No. 1s and further cemented himself as a genre-defying musician on his 2020 debut album Imaginary Audience.

With initial remixes from Rome In Silver and Walker & Royce, the full project recently saw its very own remix package, which featured an array of groovy reworks from Dirtybird label signee Justin Jay, remix connoisseur Johannes Brecht, and more. Some of these aforementioned remixes can be heard on episode 141 of Dancing Astronaut’s The Radar mix series, which showcases Mindchatter’s presence as a live performer and his overall musical prowess in the nearly 60-minute masterpiece.

Kicking things off with just one of many of original IDs, Mindchatter graces listeners with a blend of house music and funk-infused beats alike including tracks from Fred again…, Claude VonStroke‘s collaboration with Steve Darko “How Many Times,” the famed Walker & Royce remix of his album track “Language,” and more.

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Rohaan shakes up Sable Valley with ‘CCC’

Rohaan shakes up Sable Valley with ‘CCC’Rohaan Cr Melissa Cowern

Known for its tireless ability to put the next big name in bass music before listeners, the Sable Valley continues its curatorial efforts with “CCC” from Rohaan, a UK DJ/producer who’s shook up the scene over the past few years with releases across Jadu Dala, Moving Castle, Saturate, and more. “CCC” establishes itself as a nu wave drum ‘n’ bass output chock full of dynamic energy and well-honed sound.

After releasing his first full-length album BLEACH via MAD ZOO in 2021, the budding bass icon now achieves his long-time goal (according to Twitter) of finding a home for his high-powered sound on Sable Valley—and we surely haven’t seen the last of him.

Featured image: Melissa Cowern

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Red Rocks Amphitheater reportedly eyeing return to full capacity in July

Red Rocks Amphitheater reportedly eyeing return to full capacity in JulyRed Rocks

Say goodbye to limited capacity concerts—in Morrison, Colorado, at least.

Red Rocks Amphitheater is reportedly preparing to return to hosting full capacity events by July. The momentous news broke at the hands of American folk-rock band The Avett Brothers, who allegedly received notice that the historic outdoor concert venue will return to 100% capacity by July 9, the date of the group’s first of three appearances at Red Rocks. The outfit shared the update surrounding Red Rocks’ reopening in a statement published on Twitter on May 6.

The New York Times predicts that the United States will have achieved a 60% vaccination rate by July 2021 and Colorado is on pace with this projection, but it is important to note that a 60% vaccination rate does not guarantee an all-capacity reopening. Dancing Astronaut will provide further information on Red Rocks’ summer operating status as it becomes available.

Featured image: Jacqueline Collins

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Ray Volpe has us ‘Feeling This Way’ with new Subsidia Records release

Ray Volpe has us ‘Feeling This Way’ with new Subsidia Records release62105970 373108613333175 3623413698285463426 N

Ray Volpe is back on Subsidia Records with a melodic dubstep anthem that he is proud to have written, performed, and produced entirely on his own. A single from his upcoming EP, “Feeling This Way” is a balanced blend of melodic and heavy elements that is accompanied by lyrics fit for a self-proclaimed “sad dubstep boy.” “Feeling This Way” starts slow and even incorporates an acoustic guitar in the initial buildup before breaking into melodic bass, at which point Volpe pulls out the rug from under listeners to provide the hard-hitting drops that fans of Volpe and Subsidia alike crave.

“Feeling This Way” is Ray Volpe’s third original release of 2021 and his second on Subsidia Records. With several full-length projects already released this year, Excision‘s groundbreaking new label continues to impress and will only get stronger with staples like Volpe on the roster.

Featured image: @milknoise/Instagram

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Patch: The Card Game, With The Make Noise Shared System

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The latest video from Perfect Circuit takes a look at Patch: The Card Game, using the Make Noise Shared System.

In the video, Perfect Circuit’s ‘Patch Pals’ Wes and Jacob try out Patch: The Card Game, a modular-focused card game, designed to inspire new and creative ways to patch your system.

Developed by James Cigler, the first volume of Patch TCG provides three types of cards to help craft patches and make changes ranging from subtle to drastic.

Abstraction cards tend to provide a starting point for a new patch or add in a substantial element, while Progression and Disruption cards respectively signify small and large modifications to shake things up.

Because of its fairly open-ended approach, there are no hard rules or highly specific ways to play Patch TCG, and it works for single or multiplayer play.

The History Of The Cat Synthesizer

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In the latest Fortress of Sound video, host Karl takes a look at the Octave Electronics The Cat, a monophonic synthesizer from 1976.

The video features an overview of synth, plus an exclusive interview with the creator of The Cat, Carmine Bonanno.

Topics covered:

00:00 Introduction
00:30 Multi-Track Song
01:20 Feature Breakdown
02:42 Slime
03:13 Demo Dungeon
06:55 The Cat is untamable
07:45 Carmine Bonanno Interview & History
16:07 This Cat can Purrr
17:05 The Beards & The Bees featuring Spaceman
17:50 The Bad & Key bushing/contact repair
19:20 Behringer Copy Cat
19:41 Does it Tuba?
20:3 Outro
21:00 Multi-Track Song Outro Jam

If you’ve used The Cat, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

Tone2 Releases Icarus2, “The Most Advanced Wavetable Synthesizer On The Market”

Best Service has announced the release of Icarus2, a major update to the powerful software synth workstation.

Icarus2 offers 54 different synthesis methods and provides a gigantic sonic range – including 3d-wavetable synthesis, 53 effects, a vocoder, hypersaw, 62 filter types and more. The audio engine can create classic synths sounds, but also has the range to let you create unique original sounds.


  • Icarus2 is described as ‘the most advanced wavetable-synthesizer on the market, but not limited to wavetable-synthesis”
  • The audio-engine can do 54 different synthesis modes
  • The 3D-wavetable-synthesis allows a new dimension of dynamic expression
  • High-end sound-quality with low CPU-requirement
  • Easy-to-use interface with animated displays and context-sensitive help
  • Wide sonic range
  • Over 1600 presets
  • GUI with 12 sizes, 3 zoom-levels and 26 color-schemes
  • Drag & drop modulation
  • Drum-sequencer with 100 drum-patterns
  • Powerful arpeggiator with autochord-support, shuffle and swing
  • 3 x 53 effects, vocoder
  • Glitch-sequencer
  • 10x stereo hypersaw, unison, stacks, chords
  • Polyphonic, monophonic, several legato modes
  • Dual multi-mode filters with 62 filter-types and 8 distortion-types
  • Customizable user-interface
  • Expandability, modular

Pricing and Availability

Icarus2 is available now for $169.