TubeOhm Teases New 8-Voice DIY Synthesizer, ‘Jeannie’

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This video, via Andre’ Laska, offers a sneak preview of the TubeOhm Jeannie, a new DIY synthesizer.

The Jeannie is an 8-voice polyphonic synth with effects, including reverb, echo and delay. It’s based on the Teensy 4.1 platform and the FV-1 chip, which powers many Eurorack effects processors.


  • 8 Voices
  • 2 Oscillators /Voice
  • Wavetable with 180 waves / each oscillator
  • 2 LFO
  • 2 ADSR
  • 1 multimode filter
  • UNISONO with 16 Oscillators
  • XOR / ring mod
  • 14 effects
  • Fully programmable
  • Up to 1000 sounds can be stored.

It’s expected to be available ‘soon’ as a DIY kit.

Jay-Z reportedly files trademark for new film and TV production company, 2/J

It’s been filed in the category of “entertainment services in the nature of creation, development, and production”

Christian Eede

Monday, May 10, 2021 – 16:34

Jay-Z has reportedly filed a new trademark for a TV and film production company.

TMZ reports that the rapper is planning to further extend his business projects by entering into the world of TV and film production, with a trademark having been filed for the name ‘2/J’.

Full details on what 2/J might involve are still fairly scarce, but the trademark application has been made through his S. Carter Enterprises company, in the category of “entertainment services in the nature of creation, development, and production” of television programming, TV series, movies and similar projects.

Elsewhere in Jay-Z’s business portfolio, he sold streaming platform Tidal to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey back in March, for a price of $279m.

It was also revealed last year that the rapper was posting bail and paying fines for protestors in Wisconsin, after the death of 17-year-old Black teenager Alvin Cole, who was shot and killed outside a Wauwatosa mall in February 2020.

Subtronics delivers ‘Resist’ with bass phenom Ace Aura and new ‘Planet Cyclops’ label compilation

Subtronics delivers ‘Resist’ with bass phenom Ace Aura and new ‘Planet Cyclops’ label compilationPbs.twimg .com25882

Subtronics has released his highly-anticipated collaboration with Ace Aura titled “Resist” along with his second official Cyclops Recordings label compilation, Planet Cyclops. In a similar fashion to last year’s 19-track compilation, Boot Camp which launched the label in December 2020, Planet Cyclops, is split up between three volumes: High Knees Headquarters, Psychedelic Division, and Heavy Artillery, featuring the likes of LEVEL UP, Dr. Lobster, Guppi, Al Ross, Ripple, Syzy, FLY, Stoned LeveL, TYNAN, Jkyl & Hyde and more.

Through its bulldozing combination of wonky basslines and distorted rhythms, Subtronics’ new single with Ace Aura “Resist” exuberantly leads the cutting-edge 20-track label compilation which candidly follows Subtronics’ gritty collaboration with ExcisionBunker Buster” which landed back in April. Each of the compilation’s three subsets are designed with a specific bass niche in mind. From psychedelic, genre-fluid sonic musings, to battering low-end breaks, ranging between the experimental and the festival-ready, Planet Cyclops incorporates a wide variety of sub-genres that roaringly touts a number of exemplary approaches to bass music. Stream “Resist” as well as Planet Cyclops in full below.

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Waldorf Iridium Synthesizer Deep Dive

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In this video, Waldorf CTO and developer Rolf Wöhrmann does a deep dive into the inner workings of their Iridium synthesizer.

The Waldorf Iridium requires a deep dive, because it builds on the Quantum’s synth engine, and features five synthesis models for each of its three oscillators per voice:

  • Wavetable
  • Waveform (Virtual Analog)
  • Particle (Sampling and Granular Sampling)
  • Resonator
  • Kernels

Kernel mode lets you turn an oscillator into 6 suboscillators that can be interlinked through FM. Add three filters, six envelopes and six LFO’s per voice and you’ve got some massive possibilities.

YehMe2 enlists Duke Deuce for lead single from forthcoming EP, ‘Dog Eat Dog’

YehMe2 enlists Duke Deuce for lead single from forthcoming EP, ‘Dog Eat Dog’Yehme2 PressKit

YehMe2 dabbles in hip-hop territory with Duke Deuce featured on his new single “Dog Eat Dog.” Since his departure from Flosstradamus, the Chicago-bred producer has put out releases that draw upon a variety of musical influences, though on his latest material, YehMe2 promises to user in, “a new era,” starting with a new forthcoming EP.

Certainly while the venerated producer has untouchable credits in the trap and bass spaces, “Dog Eat Dog” does prove to be a stylistic shift for YehMe2, featuring punchy versework from Deuce and, to the surprise of many, sidesteps the typical dance cut format running entirely free of big builds or drops. YehMe2’s diverse new catalog addition, “Dog Eat Dog” featuring Duke Deuce is out now via Ultra Records. Listen below.

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Berlin officially recognizes clubs as cultural institutions

Berlin officially recognizes clubs as cultural institutionsBerghain Nightclub Berlin 2012 Billboard 1548 Compressed

The city of Berlin has officially recognized clubs as cultural institutions following a year of campaigning from the Parliamentary Forum For Club Culture & Nightlife. The news comes after more than a year of campaigning, with a nearly unanimous vote changing clubs and live venues from entertainment sites to cultural institutions. The vote was presented to the federal government on Friday, May 7, for final consent.

The Berlin Club Commision’s Pamela Schobeß said in a statement,

“We would like to thank the members of the Parliamentary Forum in particular for their commitment and perseverance in this matter. With today’s decision, the Bundestag is sending a strong and long overdue signal to the republic. Music clubs are cultural institutions that shape the identity of city districts as an integral part of cultural and economic life. Now, an outdated law is to be adapted to reality. This helps to keep cities and neighborhoods alive and livable and to protect cultural places from displacement.”

Clubs, theaters, museums, and concert halls will all be considered cultural institutions. Venues will also benefit from tax breaks, have permission to operate in more parts of the city, and will also be protected from displacement. This will allow many of the artistic centers that have been closed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to have the potential to operate and make a full return once they are allowed to reopen. Spokesman for LiveKomm, Thore Debor, said,

“We are counting on the federal government taking up this parliamentary mandate quickly and implementing the amendment of the building use ordinance in this legislature. Especially now in times of Corona, we need this overdue step more than ever.”

In October, Berlin funded 40 clubs to celebrate the city’s inaugural “TAG DER CLUBKULTURE,” or “Day of Club Culture.” The event had been organized by Berlin’s Senator for Culture, Klaus Lederer, and Clubcomission Berlin.


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Accusations from two new women added to lawsuit against Bassnectar

Accusations from two new women added to lawsuit against BassnectarBassnectar Credit Tim Mosenfelder Dancing Astronaut

The lawsuit against Bassnectar, whose real name is Lorin Ashton, has now been amended to include allegations from two new plaintiffs, Jenna Houston and Jane Doe #1. Rachel Ramsbottom and Alexis Bowling had originally been the first women included in the lawsuit, with both victims detailing their relationships and alleged sexual coercion with Bassnectar, beginning when they were minors.

The lawsuit details Houston first began speaking with Bassnectar after she had posted song lyrics to Twitter, with the producer direct messaging her. Houston, who was 16 at the time, had allegedly met Bassnectar in her home state of Pennsylvania, with the two of them meeting at the Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia. The lawsuit reads,

“Bassnectar instructed Jenna to meet him in his hotel room. Jenna, who was sixteen at the time, when to Bassnectar’s hotel room and met Bassnectar. Almost as soon as she walked into the room, Bassnectar started having sex with Jenna. Bassnectar did not use a condom. Bassnectar was thirty-four years old… Bassnectar provided Jenna with cash after they had sex.”

The lawsuit alleges that Jane Doe #1 had also been a minor at the time of her and Bassnectar’s meeting, and was struggling with her mental health.

“As Bassnectar was aware, Jane Doe #1 struggled with her mental heath. Her parents became very protective of Jane Doe #1 while she was in high school and were understandably concerned about Jane Doe #1’s well-being. This became problematic for Bassnectar. In an attempt to find a way to have her parents back off, Bassnectar helped Jane Doe #1 craft a letter to her therapist about how she ‘feels trapped by her parents.’ Even as Jane Doe #1 continued to deteriorate, Bassnectar selfishly prioritized his sexual desires over Jane Doe #1’s mental health.”

Bassnectar responded to the initial allegations when the lawsuit had first been filed, a statement calling the allegations “outrageous claims” that “were clearly designed for the media, rather than for the courts.” The producer’s attorneys, Kim Hodde and Mitchell Schuster, have called the new complaint “meritless.”

“This litigation is nothing more than a shameless attempt to profit off of the important social movement against sexual exploitation. Fabricated claims like these are an appalling disservice to actual victims, whom Lorin and the entire Bassnectar team unwaveringly support … We have every confidence that once these claims are actually tested under oath in a courtroom – rather than through the court of public opinion – Lorin will be fully exonerated … We will pursue every appropriate remedy to hold these opportunists accountable for the damage they have caused to Lorin’s life and reputation.”

Bassnectar announced last July that he was stepping away from his career, following allegations of sexual abuse and coercion first surfacing via Instagram account, @evidenceagainstbassnectar. While many of the initial allegations had been anonymous, Ramsbottom and Bowling had hoped that by filing a lawsuit with their real names, others would find the courage to come forward.

H/T: Rolling Stone

Featured image: Tim Mosenfelder

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Carl Cox hypnotically reimagines Deborah de Luca’s ‘Fuori’

Carl Cox hypnotically reimagines Deborah de Luca’s ‘Fuori’Carl Co Ultra 2020 Billboard 1548 Compressed

Carl Cox gets the wheels turning with his new remix of Deborah de Luca‘s “Fuori.” The King of Techno applies his Midas touch to the Italian producer’s acid techno original by advancing the tune’s tempo, and warping the track into an inferno of underground warehouse grooves and dissonant melodies.

Cox’s latest reimagination follows his recent single “Sand, Moon & Stars,” as well as his staggering remix of Jon Rundell and BreakCode‘s track, “What Lies Beneath, Pt. 2,” both in which released in March. Cox adds seductive flavor to “Fuori” while effortlessly overwhelming listeners with acidic 303 basslines and electrifying drums. In signature fashion, the veteran British DJ provides a dramatic twist to “Fuori,” while still keeping the ambience firmly primed for the underground.

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Porter Robinson announces 30-stop ‘Nurture’ live tour for fall 2021

Porter Robinson announces 30-stop ‘Nurture’ live tour for fall 2021ETk014cWkAUhcT

To fans’ excitement, Second Sky Festival won’t be the only opportunity to experience Porter Robinson‘s sophomore LP, Nuture live in 2021. Just a week removed from securing the nine-name roster for the comeback edition of his in-person festival on September 18 – 19, Robinson has now revealed the coinciding US touring circuit for his long-awaited album.

Bringing along Second Sky affiliate Jai Wolf as an aptly fitting opening act, Nurture live will be played out 30 different times, including visits to New York’s Avant Gardner for three consecutive nights in October, as well as stops in Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Phoenix, and more. For those searching for a taste of what the actual tour may very well look like, Robinson debuted a version of Nurture live to wrap up Secret Sky 2 at the end of April, rinsing through electric live edits of “Something Comforting,” “Shelter,” “Mirror,” “Unfold,” and “Look at the Sky.”

Tickets for Porter Robinson’s Nurture live tour will be available here, with pre-sale beginning at 10:00 a.m. EST on May 12 and general on-sale opening up at the same time on May 14.

Porter Robinson announces 30-stop ‘Nurture’ live tour for fall 2021Tp PorterNurtureTour1 1

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