LL Cool J, Nas, Chuck D, Lil Kim, more attend ground-breaking ceremony at Universal Hip Hop Museum

Hip-hop royalty turned out to the Bronx, the home of hip-hop, last week to attend a ground-breaking ceremony that marked the official launch of building for the new Universal Hip Hop Museum.

The likes of LL Cool J, Nas, Lil Kim, Chuck D and Fat Joe were all in attendance, as well as a number of New York politicians, including mayor Bill De Blasio. 

“Hip-hop made me believe that anything was possible,” LL Cool J told AP on the day of the ground-breaking ceremony. “This was like the first time where I felt like, ‘Wow, it’s possible to be powerful. It’s possible to be somebody. It’s possible to have meaning in this world.’”

The museum, which is due to open in 2024, is part of a $349 million redevelopment project along the waterfront in the South Bronx. The first phase of the development, called Bronx Point, will provide affordable housing, as well as cultural and community-focused services, such as the Universal Hip Hop Museum.

Plans for the museum first emerged in late 2019, with Governor Andrew Cuomo announcing that a $3.5 million grant was being awarded to fund the project.

New ‘Blade Runner’ Inspired Patch Library For u-he Diva, The Tyrell Collection

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Echotaylor has introduced The Tyrell Collection, a preset library for u-he Diva that’s inspired by the seminal Vangelis synth score to Blade Runner.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“If one soft-synth could capture the spirit of the analog synths found in Nemo Studios back in 1981, it is u-he Diva. With its wide range of modeled vintage components and effects, along with versatile panel-swapping functionality, it was the hands-down best choice for the creation of The Tyrell Collection.

Utilizing Diva’s impressive oscillators, filters, envelopes and modulation processors, this preset library was meticulously created to capture the essence of the CS-80, VP-330, Prophet 10, Jupiter 4 and others. Diva’s sound design capabilities go beyond analog synthesis, yielding authentic sounding acoustic and percussion instruments.”

The collection features 80 original .h2p presets, including:

Pads (vintage and evolving)
Polyphonic (Keys, Synths, Acoustic)
Sound Effects

Note: Requires Diva version 1.4 (or newer).

Pricing and Availability

The Tyrell Collection is available now for $19.99.

Haken Audio Slim Continuum In-Depth Review

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In his latest loopop video, synthesist Ziv Eliraz takes an in-depth look at the Haken Audio Slim Continuum, the latest version of Dr. Lippold Haken‘s expressive Continuum synthesizer.

The Continuum is a unique synthesizer that’s designed to capture a full range of expression, giving you independent polyphonic control over any attribute of your sounds. Each finger is sensed continuously in three dimensions, so you can do things like pitch bend single notes, play microtonally and have complete control over the timbre of your sounds.

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
1:30 The Surface
3:55 Polyphonic control (MPE)
5:10 Portamento
6:20 EaganMatrix
7:30 What’s new?
11:00 Connectivity
12:50 The setup
14:50 Haken Editor
18:50 Recirculator
20:25 Rounding
22:30 Sustain
23:15 Sostenuto
25:00 Patching
29:15 Formulas
34:00 Jenny osc
35:00 BiqBank
35:40 BiqGraph
36:10 BiqMouth
36:30 Sine bank
36:50 Sine spray
37:15 Wave bank
38:00 Harmonic Manipulator
39:20 Modal Manipulator
39:55 Additive Bank
41:00 Kinetic Bank
41:40 Delay banks
42:20 Alternatives
44:30 Pros & cons
48:25 Outro

Check out the video and share your thoughts on the Continuum in the comments!

disting EX 1.8 Eurorack Modular Update Adds Multi-Effects Processor

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Expert Sleepers has released firmware 1.8 for the disting EX multifunction Eurorack module.

The update adds a multi-effects processor mode and more.

Here’s what’s new in disting EX v1.8:

  • Added the Multi FX algorithm.
  • Added the Oscilloscope algorithm.
  • Added the ‘Gate offset’ parameter to the Poly Wavetable algorithm.
  • Added the ‘Clocks required’ parameter to the Augustus Loop algorithm.
  • Added the ‘Reverse’ parameter to the Granulator algorithm.
  • Added ‘Start offset’ parameters to the SD 6 Triggers algorithm.
  • Added ‘I2C learn’ (like MIDI learn, for I2C).
  • Added the ‘Enable High Speed SD’ setting.
  • Added the ‘Wake on MIDI/I2C’ setting.
  • Added an ‘Ignore’ option to the ‘Program Change Option’ setting.
  • Some parameters, notably the sample folders in the SD Multisample and SD 6 Triggers algorithms, and the wavetable in the Poly Wavetable and Dream Machine algorithms, now wait for the user to confirm their choice (by pressing the encoder) before changing.
  • The Looper algorithm now stores the loop play/reverse/octave down states in its presets.
  • Modified the ‘G’ in the large font used by the quantizer algorithms to make it more distinct from the ‘C’.
  • In dual mode, the help texts for the two sides now have independent scroll positions.
  • Dual mode algorithms now send MIDI CCs on parameter changes and preset loads (if enabled in the settings).
  • Processing of MIDI ‘soft thru’ now continues at all times (rather than stopping e.g. during WAV folder load).
  • Single mode presets now store which parameter was active when stored.
  • Fixed a problem in the SD Multisample algorithm where the Transpose and Octave parameters would not be correctly applied to notes triggered by MIDI.
  • Fixed a problem in the Dream Machine algorithm where setting the numerator and denominator parameters via MIDI would produce unpredictable results.
  • Fixed the Quantizer 2 algorithm’s response to MIDI.

See the ES site for details.

New AI Virtual Vocalist Gets Into Uncanny Valley Territory

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Eclipsed Sounds has launched an IndieGoGo campaign for SOLARIS, a new virtual vocalist powered by Synthesizer V.

Virtual vocalists differ from sample-based vocal libraries by letting you create custom vocal ‘performances’, based on text and notes, vs using ‘canned’ vocal phrases.

Here’s what the developers have to say about SOLARIS:

Similar to how text-to-speech is used to have your computer “read words aloud,” vocal synthesizers let you write music and have your computer “sing” it. This can be a way to draft songs before hiring a real person to sing them, but vocal synthesizers are more often used to feature on songs, giving the songwriter more creative freedom and flexibility not available in a real voice.

Synthesizer V Studio is a vocal synthesizer that excels in realism and expressiveness, especially with its AI capabilities, and offers unmatched opportunities for user control with a focus on ease of use that makes it unique among competitors.

Synthesizer V allows users to purchase vocals of their choosing in a variety of languages, tones, and vocal ranges, including both standard style and AI powered voices. Synthesizer V’s AI vocals are unique in how quickly they process changes, and how realistic their results can be while still maintaining a high level of user control and input.

Note: Crowd-sourced projects involve risk, so check the project site for details.

Jamz Supernova’s Future Bounce announces debut vinyl compilation

It features tracks from KG & UNIIQU3, Hagan, and more

Christian Eede

Tuesday, May 25, 2021 – 16:41

Jamz Supernova’s Future Bounce label has revealed full details of its first vinyl release. 

‘Future Bounce Club Series: Vol 1’, which will be released next month, takes in 11 tracks from the label’s Club Series project to date, that were originally released digitally across last year and this year. 

The release covers breakbeat, Jersey club, techno, juke and much more, with tracks from KG & UNIIQU3, Hagan, Sam Interface, Bamz, Lorenzo BITW, and Rose Bonica, among others.

‘Future Bounce Club Series: Vol 1’ will be released on June 4th and is available for pre-order via Future Bounce’s Bandcamp page now.

Last week, Jamz Supernova launched a new podcast, DIY Handbook.

Read DJ Mag’s recent cover story on the DJ here.

Matt Fax joins Lane 8’s This Never Happened for new single ‘Obsidian’

Matt Fax joins Lane 8’s This Never Happened for new single ‘Obsidian’MattFa

Following a monumental 2020 that saw the release of his sophomore album, Progressions, Matt Fax has returned with his first single of 2021, “Obsidian.” Highlighting Fax’s progressive sound and ambient instrumentals, the track propels Fax forward into a new era as he shares his first original via Lane 8’s This Never Happened.

Fax spoke to Dancing Astronaut regarding the release of his sophomore album last year and discussed how he has been in constant competition with himself. “Obsidian” sees Fax continuing to propel himself forward and evolve. While Progressions had been released toward the start of the pandemic, leaving Fax unable to tour, he expressed that listening to the record at home may be a better experience anyways. With “Obsidian,” the same holds true, with the track tailor made for lounging around and spending a relaxing evening at home.

Featured image: First Light Media

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Hydraulix delivers album’s lead single ‘Waratah’ alongside Nitti Gritti

Hydraulix delivers album’s lead single ‘Waratah’ alongside Nitti GrittiHydrauli ChuckKwok

Multifaceted producers Hydraulix and Nitti Gritti have teamed up for fiery output, “Waratah” in preparation for Hydraulix’s debut album, Imposter Syndrome, landing later this year.

“Waratah” begins with an eerily peaceful overture, laden with sounds of children laughing, sparkling synthwork, and melodic chiming. As the track progresses, a more daunting expression is thrust forward, adding a heaping dose of the ominous bass that both Hydraulix and Gritti have honed so well. Making its way into a shrill trap-centric chorus, “Waratah” fuses the two producers’ ability to incorporate a multitude of soundscapes into one dynamic piece.

Hydraulix has set a standard high with his Nitti Gritti collaboration, enlisting an equally enticing cast of tastemaking contributors for his forthcoming album, including the likes of G-REX, Doctor P, and many more. Out via WAKAAN, the highly anticipated LP will hit streaming services this September. Until then, enjoy “Waratah” below.

Featured image: Chuck Kwok

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Moby, Aluna, Sofi Tukker, more announced for virtual DGTL LIB 2: 24 Hour Brunchy-Q-Partython

Moby, Aluna, Sofi Tukker, more announced for virtual DGTL LIB 2: 24 Hour Brunchy-Q-PartythonLightning In A Bottle 2019 Aaron Glassman

LA-based party brand Do LaB has announced the lineup for the second digital installment of Lighting in a Bottle, DGTL LIB 2: 24 Hour Brunchy-Q-Partython. The virtual event will feature a variety of artists across various electronic genres including Moby, Aluna, Purple Disco Machine, Desert Dwellers, and organizers are even plotting for a joint G Jones and Eprom set. Other artists for the May 29 30 digital festival include Sofi Tukker, Seth Troxler, Red Giant Project, Mikey Lion, The Polish Ambassador, one of Dancing Astronaut‘s Artists to Watch in 2021, TSHA, and more.

The festival made its digital debut in 2020, but the 2021 iteration will recreate original Lighting in a Bottle stages as virtual environments by Vita Motus Design Studio. The fully immersive experience will utilize Unreal Engine technology to bring the broadcast to life from various remote locations, including set design, lighting design, video mapped content, embedded performances, camera capture, and more. In addition to the musical programming, workshops curated by The Compass will include exercise, cooking, and educational programming throughout the weekend.

In preparation for the event, organizers will kick things off early with a re-stream of DGTL LiB 1.0 on May 26, a night of classic hits billed as Live from the Mixtape on May 27, and proper pre-party vibes from Patricio & Friends on Friday May 28. The DGTL LIB 2: 24 Hour Brunchy-Q-Partython begins at 9:00 a.m. PDT on May 29 on Twitch. Organizers will accompany DGTL LIB 2 with a simultaneous ticket release for Lightning in a Bottle 2022. The festival will reclaim Memorial Day Weekend for its physical reunion in 2022, and a lightning sale for the event will take place from May 25 – June 1 here.

Moby, Aluna, Sofi Tukker, more announced for virtual DGTL LIB 2: 24 Hour Brunchy-Q-PartythonR25Z2ksVtlearKGToCKaGwTW GwsU6CHsScjo 6oeHAdoCyRdDJyE9sPWziQwPPnphpgvFMU4bLC ZaFazNryEOKQRcFtnRgZt 09OogApQrkAFW8DRMbFA6kS6Hq3d

Featured image: Aaron Glassman

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HammerHead, the classic 1997 software drum machine, seems about to get a reboot

The year: 1997. Drum machines as software are still largely unheard of. Developer Bram Bos dives into the water early with a tool called HammerHead. And now, that legendary creation may get a second lease on life.

Bram Bos has been prolific in essentially every age of software instruments, from HammerHead to the smartelectronix plug-in era to today’s Ruismaker instruments for iOS. But HammerHead seems to have a strangely cult following, 24 years later.

Maybe it’s because it was free – and a first taste of software production for a lot of broke 90s music kids. Maybe it’s the unique, simple, flat interface – complete with dedicated distortion controls and faders, right up-front. Maybe it’s history – only Propellerhead’s ReBirth could lay claim to the “first drum machine” crown quite as readily, and my recollection is that Bram beat his Swedish rivals to release just slightly.

Maybe it’s that badass shark logo. (Merch, Bram?)

Whatever the reason, HammerHead seems ready for a comeback, like re-releasing an early Zelda game.

And it seems the shark is … back in the … water you know honestly I feel like if I still worked for Keyboard or something either the editor or I would come up with some stupid shark reference here and frankly I’ve got nothing.

But yeah, on Bram’s Twitter:

For anyone expecting 90s Windows fader widgets, that seems not to be here. Instead, it sounds like we might just get a terrific, playable drum machine for the iPad. And that sounds pretty great.

Here’s a look at the original:

[embedded content]

Excellent. Can’t wait to get my jaws around this o… no, see, that still isn’t it. Something something shark blah shark shark drum machine watch this space for the actual availability announcement and crank up Distortion and Feedback.

Visit the developer:


Bonus: here is a pretty authentic, totally unofficial recreation of the original software as a free Web app: