New AI Virtual Vocalist Gets Into Uncanny Valley Territory

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Eclipsed Sounds has launched an IndieGoGo campaign for SOLARIS, a new virtual vocalist powered by Synthesizer V.

Virtual vocalists differ from sample-based vocal libraries by letting you create custom vocal ‘performances’, based on text and notes, vs using ‘canned’ vocal phrases.

Here’s what the developers have to say about SOLARIS:

Similar to how text-to-speech is used to have your computer “read words aloud,” vocal synthesizers let you write music and have your computer “sing” it. This can be a way to draft songs before hiring a real person to sing them, but vocal synthesizers are more often used to feature on songs, giving the songwriter more creative freedom and flexibility not available in a real voice.

Synthesizer V Studio is a vocal synthesizer that excels in realism and expressiveness, especially with its AI capabilities, and offers unmatched opportunities for user control with a focus on ease of use that makes it unique among competitors.

Synthesizer V allows users to purchase vocals of their choosing in a variety of languages, tones, and vocal ranges, including both standard style and AI powered voices. Synthesizer V’s AI vocals are unique in how quickly they process changes, and how realistic their results can be while still maintaining a high level of user control and input.

Note: Crowd-sourced projects involve risk, so check the project site for details.