Gorillaz, Massive Attack, India Jordan, Honey Dijon, more locked for Primavera Sound 2022

Barcelona’s Primavera Sound has shared the full line-up for its 2022 festival.

Gorillaz, Massive Attack, Honey Dijon and recent DJ Mag cover star India Jordan are among the many confirmed names for the 2022 event, which will run over two weekends next year, with a brand new stand alone programme set between the core festivals. 

The events will be held in Sant Adrià de Besòs and Barcelona, Spain. The first weekend will run 2nd to 4th June, where the theme will be ‘In Search of Lost Time’. The second weekend, 9th to 11th June, has the theme ‘Time Regained’.

Dua Lipa, Charli XCX, Run The Jewels, Mogwai, Gabber Modus Operandi, Gilles Peterson, Tyler The Creator, Disclosure, DJ Shadow, Slowthai, Autechre, Little Simz, Call Super b2b Shanti Celeste and Oscar Mulero are among the other names on the huge lineup. 

Primavera is also launching Primavera A La Ciutat to run between the weekends; a series of 150 concerts across ten venues in Barcelona from 5th to 8th June. Apolo, Razzmatazz 1 and 2, Sidecar, Luz de Gas, RED58, Jamboree, La Nau, LAUT, Bóveda and VOL are among the locations listed. 

Additionally, the festival is planning a huge party on 12th June to bring the expansive programme to an end. Brunch On The Beach will see a host of celebrated DJs descend on Sant Adrià de Besòs, including Chaos In The CBD, Héctor Oaks, Nina Kraviz, Peggy Gou and Amelie Lens. 

Passes for both the city concerts — which have 15% capacity reserved for individual sales — and coastal finale are included in all weekend Primavera tickets, which go on general release Tuesday 1st June. Anyone who was attending Primavera 2020 or 2021, both of which were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, are eligible to exchange for a spot in the crowd next year and will be contacted by ticket operators. 

Earlier in 2021, Primavera Sound funded a same-day COVID testing trial for music events, and subsequent research in the UK has found ‘no detectible spread of the virus’ from indoor events with good ventilation and testing in place, raising hopes live music could be on the cusp of a return. 

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Primavera Sound plots 2022 return with staggering lineup featuring Disclosure, Massive Attack, Black Coffee, Lorde, and many more

Primavera Sound plots 2022 return with staggering lineup featuring Disclosure, Massive Attack, Black Coffee, Lorde, and many moreDisclosure Live Kimmel

While some festivals are weighing options for 2021 editions, Primavera Sound has been busy curating an immense comeback lineup for 2022. The festival will make a splash next summer as it returns for a week-and-a-half-long event filled to the brim with music’s top acts. In fact, the lineup is so enormous, it is actually two lineups—one the organizers are calling, “the festival we owe you,” and the other being, “the festival that we owe ourselves.”

Starting on June 2, 2022 Primavera Sound will feature 10 days of music, with the first weekend taking place on June 2 – 4, 2022 weekday concerts spread throughout the day from June 5 – 8, 2022 the second weekend taking place on June 9 – 11, 2022 and a “brunch on the beach” being held on June 12, 2022. For those who purchased tickets to the 2020 and 2021 editions of the festival, an option to select one weekend of choice will be made available. Tickets for the event will be going on sale starting on June 1.

Combining the lineups that had initially been announced for the canceled 2020 and 2021 events, Primavera Sound’s 2022 return promises performances from the likes of Massive Attack, Disclosure, Jamie XX, DJ Harvey, Black Coffee, Khruangbin, 100 Gecs, Nick Murphy notably returning to his Chet Faker moniker, and so much more. Not an event to limit itself to one genre, Primavera Sound will also feature headliners Pavement, Gorillaz, Beck, The Strokes, Tame Impala, Tyler, the Creator, Lorde, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Dua Lipa, and many more. From Amelie Lens and M.I.A. to Bicep, Jay Electronica, and John Talbot, Primavera Sound is promising one of the most decorated lineups anyone’s seen in a long time. Additionally, even more artists are expected to be announced in the coming months. For now, zoom in and read the full lineup below.

Primavera Sound plots 2022 return with staggering lineup featuring Disclosure, Massive Attack, Black Coffee, Lorde, and many morePrimavera Sound 2022 1

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Rockstar Games, CircoLoco announces new label venture and compilation featuring Seth Troxler, Jamie Jones, Bedouin, and more

Rockstar Games, CircoLoco announces new label venture and compilation featuring Seth Troxler, Jamie Jones, Bedouin, and moreSeth Troler

Rockstar Games is teaming up with iconic Ibiza party outfit CircoLoco to create a new dance music record label, CircoLoco Records. July 9 will see the new imprint release a compilation highlighting the talent commonly found at CircoLoco’s famed festivities. Ahead of the compilation, EPs from various artists will be released every week. June 4 will see the release of Seth Troxler‘s Monday Dreamin’ Blue EP, with the first track, “Lumartes (Extended)” already available.

The Ibiza music event, CircoLoco, takes place at DC-10, however, the Monday night party has been postponed throughout the entirety of the pandemic. With the new label, Rockstar Games and CircoLoco hope to bring back some of the magic found at the event’s weekly parties, with many of DC-10’s residents, including Jamie Jones, Bedouin, Moodymann, and more, contributing to the label’s upcoming compilation.

CircoLoco Founder, Antonio Carbonaro, said in a statement,

“CircoLoco has always been about the passion for finding the best music, supporting artists and bringing them to people in the purest way possible. CircoLoco Records is a natural next step for us, giving us a chance to bring the music we love to people everywhere.”

Rockstar Games, best known for being the creators behind Grand Theft Auto, have long enjoyed incorporating music into some of the world’s most in-demand games, with the GTA series hosting radio stations hosted by various artists. The company’s founder, Sam Houser, said,

“Music is fundamental to Rockstar Games – it’s part of everything we do. Partnering with our friends at CircoLoco is part of our ongoing efforts to find new ways to bring the very best underground music to the widest audience possible.”

H/T: Billboard

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New York venues permitted to reopen at full-capacity for fully vaccinated audiences

New York venues will be permitted to reopen at full-capacity, provided they are hosting a fully vaccinated audience, according to an announcement by New York City governor Andrew Cuomo. 

Large venues including Madison Square Garden have confirmed reopening plans will offer tickets only to those who have received full vaccinations. This currently accounts for 44.6% of all those living in the city. Radio City Music Hall, with a capacity of more than 6,000, intends on doing the same when it reopens on 19th June. 

“Having Radio City back at 100%, without masks, with people enjoying New York, and the New York arts, is going to be not only symbolic and metaphoric; but I think it’s going to go a long way toward bringing back this state,” said Cuomo. 

The process of entry under these new rules has not been confirmed, but a report on IQ Magazine suggests the free Excelsior Pass could be used to determine vaccination status. The app was launched by New York State, and uses QR codes to verify proof of either vaccination or negative COVID-19 tests with art and entertainment venues. It was trialled at a Brooklyn Nets basketball game on 27th February, and again at a New York Rangers hockey game on 2nd March. 

New York’s largest indoor gathering since the start of the pandemic took place on Sunday 23rd May, when 15,000 hit Madison Square Garden for the first round of the NBA Playoffs. According to James Dolan, executive chairman of the parent company, 90% of the crowd were vaccinated and no social distancing or mask wearing was required.  “I hope everyone in sports and entertainment is listening because the public has spoken – they are fine with getting vaccinated and want to get back to the experiences they love,” he said.

Currently, venues in New York are subject to strict limits on capacity. Large indoor venues can only operate at 30 per cent, an increase from the 10 per cent maximum in place until 19th May. For outdoor events, capacities are set at 33 per cent. 

Ultra Music Festival reaches mutual agreement with Miami residents

Ultra Music Festival reaches mutual agreement with Miami residentsEZER1 FWoAAaC7F

The contentious nature of Ultra Music Festival’s relationship with Miami residents has been well-documented since the festival’s 20th anniversary celebration, but ahead of Ultra’s Bayfront Park homecoming in March of 2022, both UMF and Miami have come to a mutual agreement that will hopefully ensure Ultra’s residency at the waterfront venue.

Both Ultra Music Festival and the Downtown Neighbors Alliance, an organization that represents various residential communities in Downtown Miami, announced on May 26 that they have officially settled their differences surrounding “many of the issues that have impacted Downtown Miami residents during previous Ultra events,” according to the organization’s president James Torres.

Ultra has voluntarily elected to begin planning its first-ever community standards program before it formally makes the move from Virginia Key back to Bayfront Park. Ultra will be fine-tuning its blueprint for the festival’s construction schedules, Bayfront Park hours, a reduction in noise pollution, and traffic control across Biscayne Boulevard as well as neighboring streets. In a statement, longtime Ultra representative Ray Martinez said,

“This development finally opens the door to establishing an ongoing working relationship between the parties, which was long overdue. Ultra’s leadership was privileged to work closely with local residents in striking the balance between accommodating local residential lifestyles and hosting large-scale and state-of-the art music productions in Miami’s urban core. [w]e look forward to continuing to partner with area residents with the common goal of advancing a shared vision of sustainable coexistence, which will allow us to continue showcasing Miami and its local culture as the dance music capital of the world.”

Ultra will officially make the return home to Bayfront Park on March 25 – 27, 2022.

Featured image: Alive Coverage

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Unreal Engine 5 brings fresh eye candy and patchable MetaSounds DSP

It makes beautiful, realistic… canyons. It makes games. It does incredible things with light. And oh yeah – surprise. This game engine also boasts a powerful, patchable DSP sound engine inside, blurring the line between game, graphics, and audio tool. It’s all positively Unreal. Um, 5. Early Access.

Unreal Engine has rapidly moved from being something just game creators used to a real-time engine of choice across a range of use cases – now extending even to motion graphics, visual effects, and art. And even though rival Unity tended to lay claim to artists and experimentalists first, Unreal’s sheer power and multimedia depth is starting to make it look like the tool to beat.

[embedded content]

Hover over the timeline for bookmarks on different features – audio folks, that stuff is just over twelve minutes in.

Oh yeah – plus deep inside Unreal is an entire native DSP graph with patchable interface, a complete modular sound (and by extension, music) environment. That’s a bit like finding there was an extra room in your apartment, and in that room was a Mac workstation, a Fairlight desk, and a Buchla, for some reason. Unexpected? Yes. Using it now? Well, sure! Say again – this thing is free? Okay.

But first, yes, in case you didn’t see it last year or again today, you can make really nice photorealistic canyons and things. And while Unreal Engine 5 is still labeled “Early Access” and newcomers are strongly encouraged to learn in the stable Unreal 4 branch, there is now software you can go and use.

We now know more about what it does, which is – a whole hell of a lot.

Good; we all needed a vacation.

Nanite. This is the “virtualized micropolygon geometry system,” which in lay terms means “whole s*** ton of high-speed geometry” or “oh that canyon is totally f***ing generated.” My Kentucky drawl comes back, and I say basically, “well garsh, look at all ’em there rawwwwks.”

Now, in case you don’t need to generate a s*** ton of rocks, the ability to work this way is also just as valid if the geometry was generated by a ZBrush or (crucially, since we’re scanning everything these days) some scans. Yes, that also means weird things you’re doing with your iPhone might now also get rendered more quickly. This is probably a very dangerous tool in the hands of people who don’t know what they’re doing (why is everyone looking at me all of a sudden?), but to those who do know what to do with millions of polygons, it’s fantastic.

Lumen. And the lighting system – but now enabling on-the-fly use of dynamic parameters rather than authoring those elements separately. I’ve written a lot about how visual effects folks are moving toward tools like Houdini and Unreal and Touch (often in combination) with constant real-time feedback. The other critical thing about this for artists is that, by making these things real-time, it also means you can work with these as a dynamic instrument.

“VJing” with a dynamic lighting system is now totally possible – and a completely different way of working than the old render-heavy stuff.

There’s a gorgeous new sky system, too, which covers sun, light, fog, atmospherics, everything.

Open worlds. A lot of what had been custom-coded is now available to the engine and has been newly optimized for collaborative settings and content management. This also has impacts for art and design as well as games.

Animation. The Control Rig, Pose Browser, and tools for moving characters about are equally interesting for live performance – and line up neatly with all that Omniverse NVIDIA business I’ve been on about lately. AI-rigged characters are coming.

Other goodies:

  • MegaAssemblies which makes it easier to work more complex assets
  • New collaboration features, particularly on open worlds
  • Game Feature Plugins which allows modular feature shipping to developers
  • …and a lot more


Here’s the thing I suspect most people across gaming will not grok away – Unreal Engine is a synth and dynamic sound environment engine now, too.

It’s got enough in there that some of the weirder of us out there might even start building instruments in Unreal instead of other more conventional modular sound environments like Reaktor or Pd.

I’m totally serious.

Look closely in there because – holy s***.

It’s hard to even describe MetaSounds because it might get used in radically different ways, from creating footsteps and machine noises procedurally in games to being the building blocks of a spatial audio performance. But know this: it really is a synth. It’s got all the building blocks you need for oscillators and filters and delays and effects. You could make the sounds of an alien world, but you could also make a West Coast synth patch with modulation – well, just have a look at that UI.

And yeah, it is both a Reaktor competitor and QuartzComposer for sound effects (okay, if you’ve been doing this a while). But it looks amazing for sound design, generally. I can’t imagine not wanting to use it as a musician, too.

And for anybody building something that’s spatial sound aware and is part of an audiovisual context – whether that’s a game or a live AV performance – this is something really special. You were able to embed something like Pd in Unity, but the ability to work natively in-engine with an all-new, modern sound graph built this decade is just plain revolutionary.

It’s a radical direction, and one we want to talk about more. Congrats to Aaron McLeran and team for getting this out to the world. (I met Aaron years and years ago when he was embedding Pd, actually, so this is a vision that has been a long time coming.)

And yeah, let it also be known that none of us is to blame if people doing high-paid work in Unreal accidentally get distracted and start just building bass line synths. It happens to the best of us.

More on this soon.

Do definitely watch that demo.

Unreal Engine 5 is now available in Early Access! [Unreal Engine blog]

Liverpool COVID pilot events caused ‘no detectible spread’ of the virus, research shows

COVID pilot events in Liverpool caused ‘no detectible spread’ of coronavirus, according to results taken from the studies. 

In April and May 2021 more than 13,000 people in the city attended a series of trials used to assess the safety of large gatherings with various COVID protocols in place. These included a three-day business conference, a marquee concert in Sefton Park, and two nightclub events run by Circus. Social distancing and masks were not required, but ticket holders were required to take lateral flow tests before entry, present a negative test on arrival, and to take a PCR test five days later. 

Results now show that just 11 people tested positive for coronavirus after attending events; two following a marquee concert in Sefton Park, and nine after the club events. The city currently has an overall infection rate of 7.4 per 100,000 population for the week to 21st May. 

Liverpool health director Matt Ashton claims the trials were “undoubtedly a success”. However, as BBC News reports, less than half the attendees returned their PCR test. Speaking of the infections, he said there were “definitely groups of people who were infected afterwards” but noted some “were known to each other, so it is also possible that those people got it after the event.” 

Professor Iain Buchan from the University of Liverpool assessed the results, and gave advice on the significance of the findings. “Timely data, and quick action to trace and test contacts of people testing positive, both before and after events, was key to containing potential outbreaks.” 

Buchan also noted that 25 – 43% of attendees had sent a PCR test for analysis as required. He suggested this could increase with incentives, and that several areas for improvement had also been identified in terms of the events themselves. These include maximising ventilation in larger indoor spaces, and tickets only being issued following a negative test taken one day prior to attendance. 

The news comes less than one week after it was reported that UK-wide trial events, including the BRIT Awards and FA Cup Final, showed similar levels of success. Just 15 COVID-19 cases had been detected from a total of 58,000 attendees as of 21st May 2021. Despite this, there are still widespread concerns about the planned final stage of lockdown easing on 21st June, largely driven by fears of a rise in infection rates of the B.1.617.2 variant, first discovered in India. 

Premiere: Mha Iri parts the sky with trance inspired techno heater, ‘Angels Cry’

Premiere: Mha Iri parts the sky with trance inspired techno heater, ‘Angels Cry’Mha Iri Dancing Astronaut Angels Cry EP Credit Press

Melbourne’s Mha Iri returns to UMEK‘s 1605 with her Angels Cry EP, a genre-melting whizzer that further demonstrates why the techno producer from down under remains on the rise.

Mha Iri strays from the conventional in concocting “Angels Cry,” infusing her latest clubbing cocktail with a vibrantly uplifting build and garnishing it with a delectable trance inspired lead synth. Like many great techno releases, “Angels Cry” is poised to dominate the dark and dank nightclub cellars of the world, but where Iri’s newest single really separates her from the pack is in how it doubles as a fully certified arena-ready anthem. Commenting on the creative process behind the release, she says,

“I made the track based on the concept ‘when the angels cry, their tears fill up the sky’. The mood reflects my emotions in dealing with the long lockdown and has a moody yet uplifting feeling to it. The main melody is the Ableton stock synth ‘Analog’ doubled up on an instrument rack with different manipulation on each wavetable to create a simple yet full and effective lead.”

Join Mha Iri at Melbourne’s New Guernica on June 13, where the rising techno titan will be throwing down a three-hour set to celebrate the full release of the Angels Cry EP. Listen to a premiere of the EP’s lead single below, and pre-save the entire release before it hits the streets in full on May 28.

Featured image: Press

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Iann Dior collaborates with Chinese rapper Lil Ghost on globetrotting remix of “Prospect”

Following a collaboration with 24kGoldn on “Mood,” Puerto Rican artist Iann Dior is back with a remixed version of his 2020 release “Prospect,” featuring Chinese rapper and producer Lil Ghost. The upbeat new version refines the Japanese-inspired instrumentation of the original, adding a faster beat that seamlessly brings together Dior’s feel-good musicianship with Lil Ghost’s powerful rap.

[embedded content]

A truly globetrotting offering that breaks down the language barrier in music, the track opens with a melodic Asian-influenced string instrumentals that set a calming mood before quickly resolving into a strong beat and easy-going verses in English from Dior and a catchy chorus in Mandarin from Lil Ghost, highlighting the duo’s penchant and passion for hip-hop.

Since its release last year, “Prospect” has been widely streamed and loved, on the remix produced by KBeaZy and Wheezy, the track ushers listeners to the dancefloor with a soundscape that feels hypnotic yet restless and is accompanied by a retro-stylemusic video that matches with groovy vibe of the song.

Dior who began his career with the tag of “lo-fi hip-hop artist,”  comes together with Lil Ghost in his second collaboration with him, after the remix of “Mood,” to explore Western hip-hop from a cultural lens.

Known as the “Lil Baby of China”  Lil Ghost who rose to fame through Chinese idol show Idol Producer to explore Western hip-hop from a cultural lens, speaks of this collaboration, “I really like Iann Dior’s music and felt that we could relate to each other because we are both young rappers. I was already really happy to work on the remix of ‘Mood’ with him and 24kGoldn, so being able to collaborate with Iann Dior again was amazing.”

From one massively successful release to another Iann Dior continues to climb the ladder of success in music  and this time with Lil Ghost he introduces elements of world music to his constantly evolving artistry.



10,000 capacity COVID pilot festival to take place in June

A 10,000 capacity COVID pilot festival will take place in the UK next month as part of the government’s Events Research Programme. 

Last week, it was reported that Melvin Benn, MD of Festival Republic — the giant behind major gatherings including Leeds and Reading, Latitude and Electric Daisy Carnival in the UK — had announced plans to host a camping festival trial, and organisers have now confirmed the plan will go ahead at Donington Park from 18th to 20th June 2021, and “moshing is allowed”.

Passes go on sale Tuesday 1st June for Download ticketholders, with the celebrated rock and metal festival hosting the event. General sale then begins on 3rd June, and Friday 28th May will see the lineup announced. 

“Following the huge success of our Sefton Park event, we are delighted to contribute to Phase II of the Government’s Events Research Programme with the creation of the first three-day camping festival,” said Melvin Benn of Festival Republic, which runs Download. 

“This massive next step will help us understand and study the safe return of large-scale festivals with no social distancing or face masks over a full weekend,” he added. “[It’s] the return of the full festival experience we have all been waiting for and a much needed return to work for musicians, backstage crew, caterers and many more that form part of the UK’s exemplary live music industry.” 

So far, the UK Government’s Events Research Programme has seen a total of 58,000 people attend events ranging from the BRIT Awards and two large club events in Liverpool. As of 21st May 2021, just 15 COVID-19 cases had been detected from the trials

However, it is worth noting not all attendees returned a PCR test five days after the event as requested, and many scientists are still warning the planned final stage of lockdown easing on 21st June may not go agead due to rising infections driven by the B.1.617.2 variant. And, even if the timeline goes as planned, music and nightlife industry representatives have voiced major concerns over a lack of government-backed event insurance for this summer, leaving many festivals vulnerable to unexpected local or national lockdowns, should they be reinforced.