Mark Knight flips M&S’ house classic ‘Salsoul Nugget (If You Wanna)’

Mark Knight flips M&S’ house classic ‘Salsoul Nugget (If You Wanna)’Mark Knight Facebook

20 years after its initial release, M&S’ timeless house single “Salsoul Nugget (If You Wanna)” has been reanimated thanks to Toolroom luminary Mark Knight. The 2001 production is centered around a timeless funky rhythm full of disco flair thanks to featured artist The Girl Next Door. For his take on the track, Knight keeps the core groove in tact, updating the sound selection and arrangement for contemporary fans. In a press release, Knight shared his inspirations behind the remix:

“I remember hearing Bobby and Steve play Salsoul Nugget on Kiss back in 2001 just pre-Miami and the hype went into overdrive. It was played everywhere at WMC that year from clubs to pool party day and night it was on repeat, and the battle of the A&R’s began and rightfully so as this was THE record of the year. I fell in love with it! What an awesome fusion on Loletta Holloway and Double Exposure. Ricky and Fran nailed it. So when I got the call 20 years later asking if I wanted to remix it was an absolute no brainer, especially where my head’s at musically right now, it  was the dream gig. Hopefully I have done justice to the original an which is a stone cold classic” – Mark Knight

Joining in on the action, UK local and favorite Mighty Mouse also got in on the action, providing his own remix of M&S’ classic as well. Similarly recognizing the undeniable groove in the original recording, Mighty Mouse also opts to keep the track largely in tact, adding details to modernize the single along the way, as he describes:

“As soon as I was asked to do the remix, I instantly had an idea. It’s not often classics like this come up but I knew immediately I wanted to take it in a more disco direction. So I started to see if I could find a way to chop up the sample slightly differently to the original and hold out on the main groove until after the main breakdown, teasing the main groove throughout the track. I wanted to bring out the chorus a bit more so added rhodes and synth lines to open it up more, then it all went a bit psychedelic in the breakdown which I felt added a slightly different dimension to it. And of courses it NEEDED a huge breakdown.” – Mighty Mouse

The remix builds on Mark Knight’s already blisteringly hot release schedule this year, including a house remix of Nathan Dawe and Little Mix’s “No Time For Tears” to start the year off. As Knight continues the rollout of his long-awaited debut album this year, expect his iconic house stylings to dominate the summer.

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