New ‘West-Coast Synthesis’ Groovebox, Kosmo For Reaktor

New ‘West-Coast Synthesis’ Groovebox, Kosmo For Reaktor
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nLab Synthesis has introduced Kosmo, an experimental sound generator and groovebox based on Native Instruments Reaktor 6.4.

Taking inspiration from the so-called “West Coast” synthesis and old soviet synthesizers aesthetic, Kosmo employs and simplifies their features to build a 3-track experimental groove-box and sound generator. To explore sound, you can move through folded triangle oscillators, low pass gates, cycling envelopes, random sequencer, chaotic LFOs, XY pad and a set of effects.


  • Three track based experimental sound generator and groove-box
  • 3 Triangle VCOs with Wavefolder, FM and Pitch Quantizer
  • 3 Low Pass Gate filters
  • 3 Cycling Envelope Generators (AD)
  • 3 Pan parameters
  • 3 FX Insert switches
  • Random LFO with Self-Feedback option
  • Multiwave LFO with Symmetry and Chaos randomizer
  • 3 Channels and 8-Step Sequencer with shared Sliders, Steps and Sequence Length
  • XY Pad with automation mode
  • 3 FX modules wired in series (Resonator/Band-Pass Filter, Chorus/Tape Delay, Vintage/Space Reverb)
  • Master section with Saturator and Leveler compressor

Note: Full version of Reaktor 6.4 or later is required.

Pricing and Availability

Kosmo is available now for 20€.

Applied Acoustics Systems Intros Multiphonics CV-1 Software Modular Synth Plug-In

Applied Acoustics Systems Intros Multiphonics CV-1 Software Modular Synth Plug-In
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Applied Acoustics Systems has introduced Multiphonics CV-1, a new software modular synthesizer for macOS and Windows.

Multiphonics CV-1 is a skeuomorphic style software modular – with an interface that’s similar to Eurorack hardware. It comes with a comprehensive library of modules and a library of patches created by top sound designers.

“We took great care in making sure the modules were thought-out and designed to work together in an optimal manner providing a coherent patching experience,” notes Benoit Charland, lead product designer at AAS. “We also wanted all functionalities to be directly accessible from the interface in order to make the creation of patches and the realization of musical ideas as fast and playful as possible.


  • Straightforward interface
  • Easy synchronization in a DAW
  • Direct access to MIDI control and expression signals
  • High-level control with Macro parameters
  • Wide range of modulation options
  • Large library of modules
  • Deep library of patches
  • Comprehensive documentation and tutorial series
  • Standalone and plug-in version

Multiphonics CV-1 runs on both macOS and Windows, in 64-bit host sequencers that support the VST2, VST3, Audio Units, and AAX Native formats.


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Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability:

Multiphonics CV-1 is available now for $79 USD through June 22, 2021 (normally $99).

Rob Papen Intros DelSane Creative Delay Effect

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Rob Papen has introduced DelSane, described as both “a lovely-sounding smooth stereo tape delay” and “an insane-sounding creative tool”.

The concept of DelSane is two-sided. The first (sane) side is a smooth-sounding Tape Delay which can be used as a Stereo or Mono Delay in your music production. The second side is as ‘an insanely creative Delay FX device’.


  • Easy to understand layout and features.
  • GUI sizes: 100%, 125%, 150% and 200%.
  • The ‘Equal Feedback’ feature gives the Stereo Delay a smooth equal Left and Right tail Feedback.
  • If you need a bit of edge added to the Delay sound, the ‘Distortion’ parameter is also available.
  • ‘Frequency Shift’ feature.
  • ‘Disrupt Sphere-Slider’ can be connected to the various Delay parameters and by moving the Sphere-Slider, you can change multiple Delay parameters in a dynamic way. If you move the Sphere-Slider, it can move back to the center in a tempo-based way.
  • Lazy Mode’ lets you automate the movement of the Sphere-Slider, which allows you to also create Flanger, Chorus or creative new types of modulation sounds.
  • ‘Audio Follower’ can be used to influence various Delay parameters, including the ‘Sphere-Slider Disrupt’ parameter itself.
  • The ‘MIDI & MOD’ control section can be used to influence various DelSane parameters including the ‘Disrupt Sphere-Slider’

Pricing and Availability:

DelSane is available now for $29 USD.