ODESZA’s Foreign Family inks new deal with Ninja Tune

ODESZA’s Foreign Family inks new deal with Ninja Tune946760724

ODESZA‘s Foreign Family Collective is teaming up with Ninja Tune in a new partnership that will see Ninja Tune releasing, promoting, and distributing Foreign Family’s catalog. Foreign Family will be able to expand its label via the new partnership, and sees the continued collaboration between the two labels.

Ninja Tune and Foreign Family have been in partnership for several years, with Ninja Tune helping to release ODESZA’s lauded 2017 release, A Moment Apart. Speaking on the new partnership, ODESZA’s Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight said,

“Historically, Ninja Tune has been at the forefront of a variety of incredibly impactful and new trends and genres in music – an impact and legacy we hope to also have. And at the core, the people that comprise Ninja Tune are, simply put, creatives, innovators and music craves. And we feel an affinity with that.”

Foreign Family Collective recently released a compilation album, Rave.wavs featuring contributions from the likes of Jai Wolf, Chrome Sparks, Kasbo, Phantoms, Medasin, and many more. With Foreign Family’s new partnership with Ninja Tune, fans are likely to have lots to look forward to in the coming months.

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‘LUNO’ is the evolution of Blood Cultures’ sound and identity

After following the lead-up to the newest Blood Cultures project LUNO, it was natural to get excited as a longtime fan of the New Jersey experimental artist.  With each single released, there was a conscious shift of sound, but also of identity.  Far from being a static performer, Blood Cultures’ shift from complete anonymity to a story of heritage as a Pakistani-American has been a beautiful thing to watch come to life over the last several months.  Finally convalescing into an extremely topical narrative that gives the backbone to their new project, LUNO is a feast for the eyes and ears with multiple music videos providing additional storytelling to a knowingly impactful project.

LUNO is different in many ways to prior projects Happy Birthday and Oh Uncertainty! A Universe Despairs.  Focusing more on the darkness stemming from self-acceptance, there is a more positive undercurrent in the project than the last several projects by the act.  Don’t be mistaken though, there are still plenty of delightfully disturbing and experimental trademark set pieces consisting of rambunctious synth stabs and face-melting sub-bass.  Lead single “Beneath the Moon & Me” is a classic offering, showcasing the duality of our personality with beautiful piano breaks amongst a sea of rattling synth bass.  “Keeps Bringing Me Back” is an unnervingly Jungian track that does what Blood Cultures has become known for; explore uncomfortable truths buried deep within our psyche while still allowing us to hum along with them while they do it.  

With four new tracks amongst four previously released singles, “Cabin Fever Freestyle” is one of the handful of newly released tracks on the project and it really shines as a standout on LUNO with delicious indie-pop stylings that focus on the project’s themes of self-acceptance.  “Graveyard Vibes” is an aptly titled creep-fest that will make a fine addition to your next Halloween party playlist.  “Deep Sea Diver” is a ballad that hits all the right notes and delivers what feels like a surprisingly Summery track for the frequently quasi-morose performer.  Rounding out the new tracks on the project, “Andromeda” is a melancholic and contemplative bop that again stretches the sonic boundaries of what Blood Cultures has become known for, further affirming the fact that the genre-bending artist can never be boxed in to one sound or idea.  

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If anything is readily apparent from LUNO, it’s that Blood Cultures are still a master of their craft.  Whether generating calm and inspired indie-pop or thoroughly jarring experimental soundscapes, the deft hand of the Pakistani-American act guides the listener through a more firmly realized narrative landscape than ever before.  

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Coachella has announced dates for 2022 festival

Coachella has announced dates for its 2022 festivals, with the beloved event set to run across the weekends of 15th – 17th and 22nd – 24th April next year, at Empire Polo Ground, Indio, California. 

Variety broke the news yesterday following an announcement by promoter Goldenvoice. This is now the fourth time the event has been rescheduled as a result of COVID-19.

“Our desert homecoming is officially set for April 2022,” the Goldenvoice statement reads. “Our advance sale begins this Friday, June 4th at 10AM PT. More time to plan and more time to pay for your passes over time with our flexible payment plan options.” 

Coachella usually confirms its line-up closer to the time, long after each weekend’s 125,000 tickets have sold out. As such, headliners and other acts for 2022 are expected to be revealed in the new year.

Calvin Harris, Run the Jewels, Thom Yorke, Disclosure and FKA Twigs were all due to play in 2020. Although eventually cancelled due to coronavirus, the bill was criticised for the low number of female headliners. Last year, a new GV Black team was introduced to the organisation, to “expand representation of the Black community”. In March 2020, the festival’s 20th anniversary documentary, ‘Coachella: 20 Years in the Desert’, premiered on YouTube, and the video streaming giant has now been confirmed as an official partner for the next instalments.

For tickets and more information, head to Coachella online.

KAR33M and Idris Lawal break the “Shackles”

Afro-soul artist KAR33M teams up with Idris Lawal  for a reflective duet titled “Shackles.” The song details the journey of the protagonist who goes on a soul-searching mission into the unknown while trying to effect change in society but the result is quite tragic. Bolstered by the moody and sublime production by Delaad and Ramoon, both singers approach the subject matter from varying degrees. Idris Lawal kickstarts the track with his unique drawl and gives listeners a vivid account of the unfortunate events happening to the protagonist, this is followed by KAR33M’s third and first person narrative. In case the message gets lost, the setting of the tale is an unknown location in Nigeria, but the context could be applied anywhere else.

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“Shackles” is quite a trip of a record and blends the undeniable groove of Afropop and experimental soul/jazz in a seamless fashion. The duo also represents their African roots by using Nigerian pidgin and some Yoruba to emphasize certain parts of the song. “Shackles” is KAR33M’s follow-up single to his previous release “NASO.” Before this, he put out the neo-soul EP titled WHOAMI? An EP about Black Identity, love, and existentialism.  Today, he creates Afro-Soul music that reflects the current state of his world and the perspectives of members of the Black diaspora. 

Listen to “Shackles” on all DSPs here.

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Connect with  Idris Lawal : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Website | Instagram

2000 capacity Ibiza club pilot event to take place this month

A 2000 capacity club pilot event will take place in Ibiza later this month after local government approved a proposal from the island’s nightlife association. 

José Luis Benítez, manager of the Eivissa Leisure Assocation, has confirmed the test gathering will be held on either Friday 25th June or Friday 2nd July 2021, at an as-yet-unannounced outdoor space. Speaking to radio network La Cadena SER, he expressed confidence the project “will be a complete success”, explaining he was “very satisfied” following a meeting with authorities. 

A maximum of 2000 people will be able to attend, or 50 per cent of the venue’s capacity. Just 500 will be allowed on the dance floor at any time, where mask wearing is compulsory. A 12AM curfew will be in place, in keeping with Ibiza’s standard regulations on outdoor parties, and QR codes will be used for entry. 

Prior to arrival, all ticket holders will need to obtain digital certification to prove they have received either one dose of COVID-19 vaccination, or a negative antigen test result. Once inside, drinks are set to be restricted to designated seating areas. If the event is successful, and safety precautions prove adequate, Benítez believes Ibiza’s outdoor clubs could return two weeks after the trial. It is hoped this will coincide with the rollout of a new health passport scheme

As of last week, Ibiza and neighbouring Formentera had 77 active cases of COVID-19, with the islands’ respective 14-day cumulative total down to 22 and 14 per 100,000. There had also been no deaths recorded from coronavirus in more than six weeks. Even so, some restrictions remain tight. Shops are fully open, with bars and restaurants functioning at full outdoor capacity to a maxiumum of 250 persons. An enforced curfew of 11.30PM local time is in place. 

By comparison, inside capacity for bars and restaurants is capped at either 30 or 50%, depending on whether there is also an outside area available, with a limit of 150 persons. All indoor spaces must close by 6PM. For both indoor and outdoor sites, no more than four people can sit at a table. Nightclubs remain shuttered. 

News of the test event follows recent positive results from trials elsewhere in Europe. Late-March saw a 5,000 strong crowd attend a concert in Barcelona, with “no sign” of COVID-19 infections increasing in the aftermath. Test events in England last month yielded similar results. Nevertheless, concerns over the so-called Indian variant of the virus have already led to Scotland slowing its plans to reopen, with many scientists urging similar action for other parts of the UK.

Legendary London record store De Underground gets heritage plaque for contributions to ‘UK hardcore, jungle and drum & bass music’

London’s legendary De Underground record store has received a heritage plaque for contributions to ‘UK hardcore, jungle and drum & bass music’. The signs, in this case issued by London Borough of Newham Heritage Project, are used to identify sites of cultural importance across Britain. 

The shop operated from 1991 to 1996 in the east of the UK capital, at 18 Sebert Road, Forest Gate. Owned by Mike De Underground, Cool Hand Flex, Uncle 22 and Randall, it quickly became a hotspot for 160BPM+ beats. A-Sides, MC Fats, Wacko and Marly Marl were also considered part of the wider ‘family’, with a long list of visiting dignitaries from the scene regularly stopping by. The address was home to a recording studio, laying claim to landmark releases such as ‘We Are IE’, ‘Melody Madness’ and ‘Six Million Ways To Die’. 

In addition to the new plaque, as part of May’s Newham Heritage Month, Rendezvous Projects — also responsible for Sweet Harmony, which charts pirate radio stations in nearby Waltham Forest — produced ‘Crate Digging: The Influence of De Underground Records’. An hour-long podcast, it features interviews with 18 people who were involved at the time, alongside snippets of iconic tunes. You can listen to this below. 

“Massive respect and thanks to all involved with De Underground, it’s been a privilege and delighted to see @newhamlondon and @newhamheritagemonth recognising your contribution to British culture, our lives are richer for it,” read an Instagram post by Rendezvous Projects, showing the blue plaque being presented. 

Audio excerpts have also been placed around Sebert Road, playable via QR codes on placards attached to streetlights. The intention is to help share and preserve the shop’s legacy, which has never been formally documented before, and spotlight the contribution of this Black, working class crew to a UK dance music phenomenon. 

Image: (C) Peter Marshall

Corsynth Intros West Coast Timbre For Moog Format Modular Synths

Corsynth has introduced the West Coast Timbre, a new module that brings a taste of ‘West Coast Synthesis‘ to Moog format modular synthesizers.

The West Coast Timbre is a dual wavefolder module, letting you create complex sounds from simple sine or triangle waves. The C113 West Coast Timbre features two different wavefolder circuits, based on two classic West coast modular synths, Buchla and Serge.

And, thanks to the module’s VCA, a full-featured voice can be created with a minimal number of modules, like a VCO, an envelope and the C113.

Here’s what Corsynth has to say about the module:

A wavefolder is a non-linear waveshaping circuit that allows to create rich harmonic waveforms. It’s a distortion circuit that folds back the signal when it reaches a certain level. Wavefolding can be seen as the opposite of filtering. Instead removing harmonic content to the incoming signal, a wavefolder adds harmonics to the original signal creating a more complex waveform. For this reason wavefolders work best with waveforms with low harmonic content like sine waves or triangle waves.

Wavefolders, together with Low-pass gates, are one of the main building blocks of West Coast Synthesis.


  • Two selectable wavefolder circuits.
  • Manually and CV controlled folding amount
  • Manually and CV controlled symmetry for non symmetrical folding.
  • Two audio inputs, one of them attenuated.
  • Two audio outputs, one of them controlled by a VCA

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

The Corsynth C113 West Coast Timbre is available now for 220€ + VAT.

Watch Run-DMC’s Rev Run rap ‘It’s Tricky’ at a fan from his car

He shared a clip of the moment via Instagram

Christian Eede

Tuesday, June 1, 2021 – 15:55

Run-DMC’s Rev Run, AKA Joseph Simmons, has shared an amusing clip of himself rapping classic track ‘It’s Tricky’ while pulled up next to a fan in traffic.

Simmons shared the clip via Instagram, with the caption: “Lol. Made his day. Lol. Made my DAY.”

In a moment of seemingly pure coincidence, the rapper had pulled up next to a car playing the 1987 track. After leaning out of the window of his car to hear the track, he raps along before driving off. You can watch the clip below.

‘It’s Tricky’ originally appeared on Run-DMC’s third album ‘Raising Hell’, and was the fourth tracks to be released as a single from that record. 

In April, Run-DMC released some limited edition vinyl artwork as a NFT.

Black Corporation’s new synth is a clone of the Jupiter-8

The Japanese company’s latest is a remake of a classic

Declan McGlynn

Tuesday, June 1, 2021 – 10:26

Black Corporation is re-making a classic polysynth in the form of a new hardware device, the ISE-NIN. Based on Roland’s classic polysynth the Jupiter-8, the new synth is a rackmount unit with an almost identical layout to Roland’s revered poly, with an extra screen and some modern features like MPE and micro-tuning. No specs have been released for the new synth, which was posted on Black Corporation’s Instagram account on Monday May 31st, it seems to feature most of the same features with two oscillators, two envelopes, arpeggio, LFO and VCO modulation section. 

Previous Black Corporation synths include a clone of Yamaha’s classic CS-80 called Deckard’s Dream, a reference to the Blade Runner soundtrack that featured the synth heavily. According to the company’s Instagram, its users include Flying Lotus, Trent Reznor and Ricardo Villalobos.

No price has been indicated for the ISE-NIN, although pre-orders are due to start on Black Corporation’s website this week.