D’Arcy comes clean about her “Bad Habit”

If you like Billie Eilish or Lorde, you’re bound to like NYC-based indie act D’Arcy. Coming in with her dark and alternative pop sounds, she’s making her presence known and offering a unique take on the genre that’s setting her apart from the aforementioned artists. Today, she shares “Bad Habit”—a gripping track both sonically and lyrically from start to finish.

“Bad Habit” is a collection of quick and consistent 808s score the dramatic track. Along with fitting perfectly with D’Arcy’s raspy and heavy vocals, the minimal brooding production allows for her lyricism to shine overall. The angelic background vocals add a nice contrast and fit perfectly with the themes of light and dark throughout the song.

One can respect D’Arcy’s complete honesty when she openly shares, “Bad Habit centers on a struggle with addiction and the road to recovery. The song is imbued with self-awareness about the reality of addiction – “cards on the table I’m unstable, this is fatal, I won’t hate you if you decide to leave.”

Listen to “Bad Habit”, out now via DRØME.

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Kweku Saunderson & Dai Burger – I Miss the Club

Kweku Saunderson & Dai Burger – I Miss the ClubKweku Saunderson

We all miss the clubs. But not for long.

Kweku Saunderson & Dai Burger just dropped the undisputed back in action anthem. “I Miss the Club” is everything you want to hear the second you hit the dancefloor at your favorite haunt.  This stripped down, no frills house banger finds Saunderson bringing the acid house heat while Dai speaks for all of us in her delightful riffs. This one has classic 90s rave vibes, a simple beat and the perfect top line to send you off into a late night and early morning. “I Miss the Club” is an ode to the nightlife we missed over the last year and a half — and all the mischief we’ll be getting in to now that the worst is behind us.

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1000 Modules Now Available On Cherry Audio’s Voltage Modular Platform

[embedded content]

Cherry Audio has announced that 1000 modules are now available for their Voltage Modular software modular synthesizer platform.

Voltage Modular is a virtual Eurorack system. The platform is developed by Cherry Audio, but there are modules for the platform from dozens of developers.

Key features include: 64-bit double precision math for high-quality audio; unlimited cables per jack, for endless modulation possibilities; unlimited variations available per patch; integrated Recording section and more.

We talked with Cherry Audio’s Mitchell Sigman when they introduced the synth at the 2018 NAMM Show:

[embedded content]

Pricing and Availability

Voltage Modular is available as a free download with a basic collection of modules. Additional modules and bundles are available, with several currently on sale to celebrate the 1000 module milestone.

Mourning the loss of Elbee Bad and Rodney Bakerr, House music innovators

In an era of loss and grieving, we continue losing unsung heroes before their time. That included most recently not just one but two House music legends – Elbee Bad and Rodney Baker.

It’s well worth not only marking their passing, but reflecting on why artists are not more sung in their lifetime, and whether the music community can do more to come to the aid of the artists whose music we enjoy – especially, it seems, people of color and Black artists. That conversation for me at least comes up again and again – loss is part of life, but we seem to be losing too many too soon.

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Rodney Baker

Rodney Bakerr (or his original name, Rodney Baker, minus the extra ‘r’) has always deserved to be better known. One of the most prolific contributors to Chicago House, both as record producer and as the founder of Rockin’ House Records, he also played an instrumental role in the rise of Roland’s machines.

TB-303, TR-808, TR-909 – if you use these machines today, you’ve partly got Rodney to thank. That included now only championing the rise of Acid House on the 303, but also composing the original house music patterns for the TR series.

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

It’s actually a bit hard to overstate the influence of that – it etched those soulful patterns into the DNA of drum machine music to follow. (That is, drum machines do have a soul, and Rodney Baker is one of the ghosts in the machines.)

According to Rockin’ House Records, these documents published in the Roland Rhythm Guide book and Roland Users Group magazine and commissioned by then Roland USA president Tom Beckman were the first transcription and dissemination of the Chicago House patterns.

TR-626 patterns published as “Rockin’ the House with Roland.”

Check out a two-part article in German on that commission:

(The Alfred-published Drum Machine Rhythm Dictionary mentions styles known at the time – “Latin” and “Jazz” and presumably House falls under “Special Dances,” plus how to program like Phil Collins and Van Halen.)

5Mag.net, easily Chicago’s deepest electronic music outlet, has a must-read obituary by essential scribe Terry Matthew:

But also don’t miss Terry’s interview with Rodney from 2015:

See also the official label site:


Elbee Bad, Prince of Dance

It’s honestly hard to believe that we started the week with news of losing Chicago’s Rodney Bakerr and finished with the passing of Berlin resident Elbee Bad. Elbee had been a fixture around Berlin and we will deeply miss him. Here he is DJing from last summer:

[embedded content]

Found having died quietly in his sleep just this week, this news is especially strange as earlier this spring the death of Elbee Bad was announced in an apparent retirement of his artist moniker, but with the artist (aka Lamont Booker) still alive. (The actual story was, maybe, a switch of moniker from LB Bad to LB GooD.) That makes this “obituary” from the time commenting after the fact – once he was known to still be among the living – all the more poignant. What this article says about death, and about valuing artists more when they’re dead than when they are alive, takes on the feeling of an indictment of all of us. From Open House Conspiracy:

Again for those of you reading German, there is an essential read from Groove today by Alexis Waltz:

For English, RA has compiled a lot of remembrances by friends.

But maybe best to let the artist tell the story:

[embedded content]

Elbee was as significant in New York House as Rodney Bakerr was Chicago, a DJ since DJing was born in the 70s, and released on Nu Groove in NYC as well as defining Berlin ex-pat House life. (See also aliases LB Bad and The Prince of House.)

It might not be an exaggeration to say Elbee Bad is a big part of why a lot of us Americans are here in Berlin, with him having paved the way moving in 1993 and playing a Hard Wax-booked party at long-defunct Mitte mainstay Planet.

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

And, well, this is DJing as real instrumental art form – free and powerful –

[embedded content]

Plenty more on his channel.

I know folks can’t stay with us forever. But I feel ashamed that so much of what we’re saying is obituary and that we aren’t doing enough while people are with us. So keep playing, keep caring, and let’s please make the next chapter in music more about living.

And I hope you’re taking care of yourselves, too.

Photo at top: L.B. GooD.

Spanish nightlife to return on a regional basis

Nightclubs in Spain have been allowed to reopen on a regional basis following a vote by the country’s Interterritorial Health Council earlier this week.

Under the new rules, clubs in regions with a 14-day COVID-19 infection rate of 50 cases per 100,000 or lower will now be allowed to remain open until 3am. Some restrictions will remain in place however: indoor areas will operate at 50% capacity and clubgoers must wear masks and limit their groups to six. Possible restrictions on dancing have not been made clear yet.

The new measures, which have now been written into law, will remain in place until 70% of the Spanish population has been fully vaccinated. All over-50s must have also been vaccinated before measures are further relaxed. The country is expected to reach its aim on both by mid-August. 

“A gradual and progressive return to normality is needed. Lessons must be learned,” Spain’s health minister, Carolina Darias, is quoted as saying.

A 2000-capacity pilot club event is to take place on the Balearic island of Ibiza later this month before further reopening is considered.

Read DJ Mag’s feature about how club workers are feeling in the run-up to the return of events here.

Kae Sera takes a modern twist on the past with “Dames Jean”

Emerging East London based singer Kae Sera originally comes from Liverpool, the home of The Beatles. So, it seems a little hard for her not to be inspired to start a musical career. It’s these vintage soundscapes that have influenced Sera’s own sound, a 50s/60s electro-pop sound. Today, she shares her debut single, “Dames Jean”, demonstrating her elegance in sonic storytelling.

For the most part, “Dames Jean” is a beautiful atmospheric electronic pop ensemble. The 50’s inspiration comes through Sera’s honeyed vocals and comfortable melody. The dreamy effect is created by layered percussion and spongey guitar plucks with hushed background vocals to top it off. It all makes for a very glossy, loungesque track.

The song also fits well with Pride Month as she explains, “This track was written when I was exploring the idea of gender and identity. As part of the LGBT community myself, I turned James Dean into a Dame because I wanted to nod to the frame of mind I was in during a relationship, when all was unclear. […] Making this track gave me the ability to express my emotions and reflect on memories to make better life decisions.”

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blackwave. masterfully articulate juxtaposition on the soulfully grooving “recluse” [Video]

Belgium might not be where you’d expect to hear some of the most simultaneously envelope-pushing and respectfully timeless R&B, and soulful hip-hop, but that’s where the duo of Antwerp-based rapper Jay Atohoun and singer-producer Willem Ardui, otherwise known as blackwave. call home.

Coming from disparate musical backgrounds, a chance encounter gigging in Brussels brought them together and their immediate creative synergy clearly prospered through their differing approaches, and thus have been making great strides since their debut in 2017. Now four years on, and millions of hits later, they’re still making big moves, and their year kicks off in a big way with the effervescent, yet contemplative cut, “recluse.”

[embedded content]

The juxtaposition embarks from the word go with a moody and warped texture wrapping around a thumping beat which then swiftly unfurls into an opening chorus, with it’s upbeat delivery, slick falsetto and playful lyricism addressing the necessary value of love to offset life’s sorrows; a message in which the visual masterfully executes. “While the process of making ‘recluse’ started about two years ago, the content of it is as relevant as ever to us,” share the duo in a statement. “It encompasses a lot. Among other things it’s about feeling isolated, it’s about love and loss, it’s about looking inward and trying to understand yourself.”

Maintaining the salubrious rhythm for the lower energy verses, Jay’s smooth and melodious flow pursues the thought-provoking tone, which is almost masked by his bordering on tongue-in-cheek diction. Willem’s silky harmonies glide in to provide an impeccable bridge back into the addictive chorus, backed by a shimmering, anticpation-building instrumentation. “recluse” then takes us through the motions a handful more times, with each passage they compound both the groove and your emotional investment and it’s at this point that the true value of this track becomes clear, it pulls you in with it’s tasty and immediate groove, but when coupled with the poignant and articulate lyricism, it could uplift even the lowest of spirits.

Continuing in the same statement to touch on the aforementioned visual message, they conclude that “the video by Michiel Venmans and Jaan Stevens represents everything we reflect on in the song in a perfect way. You can interpret it in various ways, and we don’t want to fill in the meaning of it too much, but what they captured with these visuals is that feeling of isolation, the uncertainty of what is going to happen, the intricacies and difficulties of love, the recognizable feeling of being too much in your own head…”

A truly stellar return from the clearly inspired duo, and there’s no doubt plenty more from them landing in the months to come.

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Jonny West finds beauty in pain with “Homicide” [Video]

Even after a relationship is shattered there is still a beauty that remains. Though someone is no longer in your life, the good that came out of that partnership can still remain. Jonny West captures this sentiment in his emotive single “Homicide”. The track stuns with lush, sweeping vocals gliding atop gentle arrangements. As he delicately sings, “call your friends and confide, you ended us by homicide and they’ll help you bury me out back,” you can feel his aching hurt with each note. The desert visuals are the ideal backdrop, ending with  stepping into a deep, black hole, he is buried by heartbreak.

[embedded content]

West’s introspective offerings deal with mental struggles and the loss of love, making his releases so passionate and poignant. “Homicide” possesses that same moving and mesmerizing quality. The lyrics display a fierce devotion among friends. So much so that they would even help you do the darkest of deeds. The singer admits, “There’s something beautiful to me about the kind of loyalty it would take in friends who would even have your back if you needed to dispose of a dead body. However, there’s also a sense of accountability when you let those friends in on the fact that a person you once brought around to put on display has now become a liability due to the decision you made with their heart.”

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Don Diablo set to address United Nations alongside His Holiness Pope Francis

Don Diablo is set to address United Nations alongside His Holiness Pope Francis, and other world leaders, activists and celebrities.

As part of the forthcoming United Nations Virtual Launch Gala to welcome the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, Hexagon label boss, DJ and producer, Don Diablo, will premiere a brand new single featuring Ty Dolla $ign, before introducing his #STREAMTOREGREEN initiative alongside Justdiggit. 

Following inspiring messages and greetings from the likes of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, and a welcome message from His Holiness Pope Francis, Don Diablo will break down Justdiggit’s plans to “inspire and educate smallholder farmers with simple techniques that will enable them to regreen their land.”

For every 25 streams of ‘Too Much To Ask’, the #STREAMTOREGREEN campaign will enable Justdiggit to regreen 1 square metre of land.

You can watch the broadcast from 3PM today here.

Earlier this year, Don Diablo announced the first-ever full-concert NFT.

EMELINE blossoms in “flowers & sex”

Transformative pop singer/songwriter EMELINE has unleashed a powerful electronic infused pop anthem produced by the music duo SMLE.  Entitled “flowers & sex” the track narrates owning and embracing ones own sexuality and asking for what you want in a sexual relationship.  Featuring intimate and warmly atmospheric vocals with an undeniably addictive hook that culminates into a fierce EDM drop, “flowers & sex” is seductive, confident and perfect in synergy. The song is the ultimate soundtrack to 2021’s “hot girl summer.”

EMELINE’s leaked demo of “flowers & sex” on TikTok has been viewed millions of times. EMELINE confides, “This song is my moment to ask for what I want and need, unapologetically. I am living inside my power and embracing that I deserve to be celebrated. What can I say, flowers and sex are a girl’s best friend.” 

After performing in 2017 for the Boston Women’s March, EMELINE threw herself into writing and recording alt pop tracks with a message.  Releases such as “Hush” aimed to encourage women and girls to fight for what they believe in and not be silenced, while the dark and moody “6 foot deep” is about finding strength in overcoming toxicity specifically from an unhealthy relationship. In “flowers & sex” we can hear EMELINE finally be able to truly embrace her confident self while speaking candidly about what she desires. 

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