First Listen: Origami Human stun with project’s junior single, ‘See You Later’

First Listen: Origami Human stun with project’s junior single, ‘See You Later’OH See You Later 2

Jack Koplin and Noah Arin of Origami Human are living proof that starting from scratch to reimagine a creative project can pay off in a big way—especially with the right vision. Since putting their prior success as NOKO in the rearview, Koplin and Arin have rightfully re-earned a place in the spotlight through two back-to-back singles that debuted on Spotify dance playlists such as Fresh Finds Basement and Indie Dancefloor, as well as Apple Music’s famed Future Sounds.

Now, the third time proves the charm, with Origami Human submitting “See You Later.” Laced with luminous melodies layered with Koplin’s own topline and euphoric, echoing leads, “See You Later” evokes Shallou, Gryffin, and Lane 8. Of the beach anthem newly in their arsenal, Origami Human said,

“‘See You Later; touches on the impermanence of relationships, not solely romantic, but rather our relationships with one another as humans. For better or worse, relationships often end only to later resurface, hence the tagline ending with ‘See you later, will I?’ With that in mind, we created the production to accent this idea, and to keep the listener uplifted and energized. We also wanted to release this song at a time where it finally feels like people are rekindling relationships they may have lost over the past year, and think this summer will have people reuniting again.”

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David Guetta, MORTEN, and John Martin defy the ‘Impossible’ on all-time future rave meeting

David Guetta, MORTEN, and John Martin defy the ‘Impossible’ on all-time future rave meetingDAVID GUETTA MORTEN At Ushuaia BIG 24 June 2019

David Guetta and MORTEN had already locked in another hair-raising extension of their future rave lineage when the former unloaded the ID previously fan-dubbed “Air” in his performance for Tomorrowland’s New Year’s Eve 2021. The instrumental version of Guetta and MORTEN’s 12th recorded meeting merited a seat at Dancing Astronaut‘s most-anticipated IDs of the year table, but an upgraded model that tacked on vocals from none other than John Martin was introduced to a Miami crowd in early May and made everyone’s hearts skip one or five beats accordingly. Now reuniting on Musical Freedom, David Guetta and MORTEN are ushering in another future rave chapter, officially branding the John Martin-backed version as “Impossible.”

In Dancing Astronaut‘s one-on-one conversation with Martin for our fifth episode of Supernovas, a series aimed at accentuating dance music’s singer-songwriters, he revealed that his contribution to the track actually came about fairly recently, disclosing that Guetta had unexpectedly contacted him and his VCATION counterpart Michel Zitron just two months ago to see if they could get hold of the golden touch that Guetta believed the ID to be missing through Martin and Zitron’s creative interplay. And, that’s exactly what Martin and Zitron would supply. Martin’s lyrical assistance inspiritingly speaks to the state of affairs amid the pandemic, with “Impossible” faultlessly chaining together the same inimitable, scalding future rave character that has shaken up the house landscape since 2019 with one of the most decorated and recognizable voices in all of dance music.

Featured image: Ushuaïa Ibizaa

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Faithless ‘Insomnia’ has been remixed by Maceo Plex: Listen

It’s the second official remix Maceo Plex has worked on for the iconic UK dance act

DJ Mag Staff

Friday, June 4, 2021 – 10:42

Maceo Plex has remixed Faithless’ ‘Insomnia’.

Last year, iconic UK dance act Faithless’ released their first album in 10 years, with the likes of Ellum Audio boss Maceo Plex and ALOK stepping up for official remixes.

Now, Maceo Plex has remixed Faithless’ stone-cold classic ‘Insomnia’, which has been doing the rounds unofficially on social media and in track indentification groups since ADE in 2019.

The techno reworks will be released as part of a two-part package — featuring an Epic and a Dub remix — and will be available via Ministry Of Sound on the 11th June.

Pre-order the EP here.

Electronic music history is rich with unforgettable and timeless classics. In our ‘The Story Of’ series, DJ Mag explores the tales behind some of the world’s favourite tracks, told by the people who made them. You can watch the story of how Faithless made one of the most iconic dance music tracks of all time — ‘Insomnia’ — here.

Calvin Harris, Tom Grennan stand behind summer 2021’s anthem—stream ‘By Your Side’

Calvin Harris, Tom Grennan stand behind summer 2021’s anthem—stream ‘By Your Side’Calvin Harris

“I’ve got a big banger!”

Calvin Harris didn’t exactly mince words in the concluding seconds of the 20-second sampler of “By Your Side,” shared to his Instagram page with rainbow-inflected visual pomp and circumstance on May 14. Bursting onto streaming platforms where, right now, it’s bucking with the “big summer energy buzz” that Harris touted in his initial tease, the Tom Grennan feature arises as the latest Calvin Harris project affiliate.

It’s an animated answer to Harris’ venture under his main project’s masthead, August 2020’s “Over Now” alongside The Weeknd. Opening with the metallic texture of guitar chords and Grennan’s throaty hook, “By Your Side” chugs forth to sun-sunsoaked breakdowns. What’s missing? Just a cold one in your hand.

Calvin Harris, we’d agree—you’ve got a big banger. Summer 2021’s anthem is streaming below.

Featured image: Hakkasan Las Vegas

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Registration Now Open For Knobcon 2021, Scheduled For September 10-12

Organizers have announced that registration is now open for Knobcon 2021, scheduled for Sept 10-12 in the Chicago area.

After more than a year of events being cancelled, Knobcon 2021 promises live performances, synthesis seminars, DIY projects, a synth banquet, a trade show and more.

Here’s what the organizers have to have to say about their plans:

“We are delighted to announce that Knobcon Number Nine will be held September 10-12, 2021. Your health and safety are important to us, and we will be following required guidelines in September. Knobcon is looking for additional Event Sponsors and Exhibitors to make this in-person event unforgettable.

After a long year of restrictions, let’s get together and nerd-out about synthesizers, pro audio, and electronic music!”

Held just outside Chicago, Ill., at the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, the entire event takes place under one roof.

Pricing and Availability

Knobcon 2021 registration is now open, with tickets prices at $50 through July 1, 2021. This ticket covers the 3-day event. The Saturday night Synth Banquet is optional and is an additional $55. Tickets purchased for the 2020 date will be honored for the new 2021 date.

Boy North pines for a sweeter future on ‘Dream Of A Better Tomorrow’

Boy North pines for a sweeter future on ‘Dream Of A Better Tomorrow’Boy North Pc OJ Media

Boy North has a “Dream of a Better Tomorrow.” Featuring soft vocal echoes and soothing tones, the EP-preceding single trails the Scot’s “Need You By My Side” and “We All Stood Still,” released in April and May, respectively.

Quiet instrumentals add to the cut’s calming character, which is well-suited to a long, winding drive or a relaxing afternoon spent in the company of friends. Boy North reflected,

“The third release of this EP speaks for itself, A time where we were all so uncertain about where the next day would take us, Hoping that with every sun rise we would be that little bit closer to normality, A very reminiscent time of how great things were and how much we took them for granted, but silently praying that we will once again have those memories to create in the near future, A time where we all would ‘Dream Of A Better Tomorrow.’”

Featured image: OJ Media

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Dragonette, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Cat Dealers, and Bruno Martini make a ‘Summer Thing’

Dragonette, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Cat Dealers, and Bruno Martini make a ‘Summer Thing’Sunnery James Ryan Marciano

Dragonette, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Cat Dealers, and Bruno Martini are lining up behind a sonic piece of summertime, aptly titled “Summer Thing.” Two constituents of the all-star “Summer Thing” production cast, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, attributed their initial interest in contributing to the track to its positivity in an official release. Written and produced during the pandemic with the hopes of uplifting streamers, “Summer Thing” does just that, making a sanguine splash on streaming platforms.

The two Armada Music fan favorites weren’t the only “Summer Thing” collaborators to talk the making of the single. Brazilian duo Cat Dealers discussed the serendipitous circumstances that corralled the creators, remarking,

“From the moment we got the demo and the vocals for ‘Summer Thing,’ we fell in love with it. This track has a funny story to it too! We—Cat Dealers, Bruno Martini and Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano—are represented by the same manager, so he decided to send the demo separately to all of us knowing that we’d all love the track. Turns out we did love it, but no one was aware at that point that we all wanted to work on it too! When we found out, we decided to collaborate and work together on the track, so his plan actually worked out pretty well.

We’ve been huge fans of Martina from Dragonette ever since ‘Hello’ and of Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano too, way before Cat Dealers even existed. It’s also a pleasure to work with Bruno Martini again, with whom we produced ‘Gone Too Long.’ We’re super happy with the final result. It’s a very summery track that brings lot of positive vibes, which is something the world really needs right now.”

“Summer Thing” is out now via Armada Music.

Featured image: Alive Coverage

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It’s no ‘Miraje’—Le Youth is back on Anjunabeats

It’s no ‘Miraje’—Le Youth is back on Anjunabeats28947094 2024932620854396 1737200379043838784 O

Exerting his stature in the progressive scene, Le Youth has returned to Anjunabeats to release his latest single, “Miraje.” The one-off follows the Los Angeles-based producer’s recent remix of “Hide and Seek,” disseminated via Atlantic Records in early May.

“Miraje” is a tribute to the time that Le Youth spent in the desert over the past year. Blurring the boundaries between deep and progressive, “Miraje” translates Le Youth’s sound through both a standard and an extended mixes. adds to his active string of releases of this year all while running his own brand and label imprint, PRGRSSN. The Toldeo-born producer shared,

“I’m always so happy to be releasing on Anjunabeats. The last records ‘Arizona’ and ‘Gemini’ [released in August 2020] were written on the road and released in lockdown. ‘Miraje’ feels particularly special as whilst it was written in lockdown, it was as the world was getting ready to open up again. It’s full of hope.”

Stream “Miraje” below.

Featured image: Exchange LA

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SAYMYNAME, Henry Fong tear off the roof with ‘Ragga Rave’

SAYMYNAME, Henry Fong tear off the roof with ‘Ragga Rave’Smn Henry Fong2021 0416 232213 2876 AMV 1 1

SAYMYNAME and Henry Fong are bringing the party right to your doorstep with the club-ready “Ragga Rave,” released via Ultra Records. The boundary-breaking cut is filled with convoluted rhythms and frenetic bassline action that first aired in Fong’s New Waves Vol. 1 mix in February 2020. In the time since, the long sought-after ID unsurprisingly surfaced in a heap of in-person and digital stints.

For a first-time tie-up, SAYMYNAME and Fong’s “Ragga Rave” designates itself a festival go-to for audiences to whom intense energy appeals. Stream “Ragga Rave” below.

Featured image: Henry Fong/Facebook

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