San Holo releases emotionally drenched sophomore album ‘bb u ok?’

San Holo releases emotionally drenched sophomore album ‘bb u ok?’Www.youredm.com457san Holo Phoeni Lights 2019 Rukes

San Holo has released his emotive sophomore album titled, bb u ok?, via his own label, bitbird. The expansive 20-track LP is comprised of the Dutch producer’s “most personal work” to date as it follows up on his 2018 debut album1. San Holo’s latest includes previously released album singles, “you’ve changed, i’ve changed” with Chet Porter, “IT HURTS!,” “MY FAULT,” “black and white,” and “find your way” with Bipolar Sunshine, and features the likes of Weezer, The Nicholas, American Football, Mija, and Mr. Carmack. Offering some transparency into the album’s production process, San Holo shared,

“I tend to look at the music I put out as different chapters in my life … I wrote ‘bb u ok?’ during a new chapter of my life…I was learning how to deal with what happens ‘after love.’ I flew to LA and just started writing and writing, trying to express everything I had been feeling for the last few months. The change in scenery definitely helped, going back to LA [like I did for album1] brought back some good memories of that previous chapter.”

From start to finish, bb u ok? seamlessly transmits listeners into a space of emotional self-expression and positive sanctuary, as the bitbird label head encourages fans to connect with their deeper feelings over the course of the project. The LP is polished with contemporary musical influences including indie-electronic, ambient, lo-fi, and future-bass. The collection as a whole spotlights San Holo’s signature guitar progressions, spectral synth leads, and unfiltered lyricism. bb u ok? is a graceful journey through the Dutch producer’s discerning process of falling in and out of love, as San Holo picks up the pieces through 20 heart-felt tracks, offering a musical expression that breaks down his feelings in the most raw and authentic manner.

Stream bb u ok? below.

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