Dispatch is a global matrix, a modulation grid for Ableton Live

Sometimes, people build things in Max for Live more audacious than any host has on its own. Dispatch is a global modulation matrix. It attenuates, it inverts, it mixes, it submixes. It talks to modular gear. It blows Live wide open.

A reader actually picked this up earlier this month and describes Dispatch as “amazing.” (I concur. Mazed, a, I.)

It comes from developer Cong Burn, whose excellent Euclidean sequencer Strokes (and companion Weights) I covered in the free-wheeling days of February 2020. Weights already started to run with the idea of a complex modulation network, with the ability to set up four modulation buses, eight sources, signal shaping (slew limiters and delays), and even the ability to make an evolving feedback network when you combine Weights with Strokes.

Dispatch, though, goes way further – a full-blown CV-processing tool that can be a hub for all of Live. It works with Eurorack modular gear if you’ve got it, but with Live alone, it transforms the control of the normally grid-oriented Ableton software into a world of continuous signals. And check all the possibilities:

  • 3 built-in modulators
  • 20 modulation submixes
  • Use other modulation devices from Max for Live
  • Signal routing in and out for hardware CV (Eurorack or other analog gear – ooh, I am glad I have a DC-coupled MOTU M4 for doing this quickly)
  • Attenuate, invert, and mix into four submixes …. or 16 submixes of modulation from Grid view
  • Smooth and offset with still more CV
  • Turn signal into MIDI notes (and get super generative)
  • Store, recall, interpolate snapshots with Patterns system
  • XY pad – which also allows easy control of everything (KAOSS style!)

Dispatch – Global Modulation Matrix 1.0 [maxforlive.com]

Dispatch v1.0: Global modulation matrix for Ableton Live 10 & 11 [congburn.co.uk]

£20, a steal.

[embedded content]

Now, wait, combine this with our recent tutorial and you could not only use modulation sources but also mangle Live Clip launching, too. Basically, you’ve just re-patched Live into a completely different compositional environment.

As Keanu would surely say… whoa. (Okay, now that The Matrix came out before a lot of readers were born, I feel like I’m making a sort of ironic historical reference here. What’s this generation’s Keanu? Oh… still Keanu. Awesome. Keanu is forever. Later he can time-travel back with George Carlin in a rectangular box no one will be able to identify and I’m back off-topic / not topical / wrong decade. Someone re-patch the modulation matrix in my brain, please; it’s self-oscillating again.)

This one is on the top of my list to check out. (Just gave it a fast spin and it works brilliantly straight out of the gate.) Will the music I make with it be remotely listenable? Possibly not; I’m not sure I can handle this kind of power. But it sure looks like good, clean fun.


Skrillex and Noisia deliver bass-hallowing merger with josh pan and Dylan Brady, ‘Supersonic (My Existence)’

Skrillex and Noisia deliver bass-hallowing merger with josh pan and Dylan Brady, ‘Supersonic (My Existence)’Eaw0O1nsAAzJ56

Welcome back, Skrillex.

After more than a year’s waiting time, Skrillex has finally green lit his highly anticipated tie-up with Noisia, josh pan, and Dylan Brady, “Supersonic (My Existence).” Initially derived out of josh pan and Dylan Brady’s 2019 OWSLA released LP This Car Needs Some Wheels, the release—which had been branded a remix only up until the former’s Instagram update—was welcomed in during Noisia’s Northern Bass Festival in Christchurch, New Zealand right as the year struck midnight and follows the OWSLA label head’s previous double dose of comeback singles in May, “Too Bizarre” with Swae Lee and Siiickbrain as well as “Butterflies” with Four Tet and Starrah.

When stacking it up against Skrillex’s prior two outings, “Supersonic (My Existence)” plods back towards Los Angeles legend’s production foundation towards darkened, heavy bass music. The now remix-turned-original slides in at a half-time D’n’B tempo as both Skrillex and Noisia fill out the original vocal cut with vehement layers of sub-bass, convulsing drum patterns, and gated synths clashed in between josh pan’s spine-chilling lyrics. Nothing short of a monstrous mega-collaboration, “Supersonic (My Existence)” threads a new experimental approach in Skrillex’s comeback campaign.

Featured image: Rukes

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Daniel Miller & Gareth Jones Announce Debut Album As Sunroof – Electronic Music Improvisations Volume 1

[embedded content]

Daniel Miller (The Normal, Mute Records) and Gareth Jones (producer, engineer and artist) have released their first album as Sunroof, after collaborating for 40 years.

Miller asked Jones to work with him in late 1982 on what became Depeche Mode’s Construction Time Again. After the band had gone home for the day, they would stay on to work on their own sessions, a practice that continued and, by the mid-nineties Sunroof had emerged as remix project, reworking the likes of Can, MGMT, To Rococo Rot, Kreidler and Goldfrapp. Sunroof also appeared on a compilation paying tribute to Neu!.

In 2019, Jones asked Miller,  “Are we actually going to make a record together before we die?”

The following day, they got started by setting some rules for the project:

“We decided to get together to do a bunch of improvisations,” explains Jones. “We said we’d work in a number of different physical spaces, but always together, in the same room. We were keen to do shorter pieces because we were both very inspired by Chris Carter and Martin Gore’s electronic music projects, where the pieces were very concise and compact.”

What they accumulated during the course of those 2019 sessions was a suite of evolving, restless pieces, each one containing layers of pulsing, atmospheric sounds.

The pieces on Electronic Music Improvisations Volume 1 have a timelessness, evoking the classic sound of some of the earliest electronic experiments, but they also sound resolutely modern.

It’s available now in digital, vinyl & CD formats. You can preview it below:

Peggy Gou reemerges with ’90s-influenced house offering—stream ‘Nabi’

Peggy Gou reemerges with ’90s-influenced house offering—stream ‘Nabi’Peggy Gou Photo By Han Myung Gu Getty Images For Mulberry

DJ Peggy Gou has led quite the influential career since playing her first gig at Cirque Le Soir, Soho and releasing her first track “Hungboo” in 2014. Now, the Berlin-based South Korean producer breaks a two-year hiatus with her latest single “Nabi,” featuring OHHYUK from the South Korean rock band Hyukoh. Gou deems “Nabi” a “nice summer song,” further expressing in a release,

“We’ve all been through so much over the last year and it’s about facing up to the problems and negativity in our lives and learning how to deal with it. It’s also about acceptance—accepting that it’s OK to feel this way. When people hear ‘Nabi,’ they’ll hopefully feel the same sense of healing—that feeling that everything’s going to be OK—that I feel when I listen to the songs that inspired it.”

The Korean word for “butterfly,” “Nabi” marks Gou’s first release since 2019’s “Starry Night,” the year that Gou founded and began distributing through her own label, Gudu Records. In April of 2020, the techno-house talent performed on Boiler Room’s 21st edition of its “Streaming From Isolation” series. With little activity since then, it is thrilling to see the influential artist’s new wave of music materialize; Gou also mentioned that there would be a follow-up single dropping this summer. In an Instagram post, Gou stated that “dance tracks are on the way too,” likely with higher tempos to contrast the more serene atmosphere of “Nabi.”

Featured image: Han Myung-Gu

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Insomniac’s Secret Project schedules first international foray at this year’s ADE

Insomniac’s Secret Project schedules first international foray at this year’s ADESercet Projet Festival 2021 Credit Ivan Menese Dancing Astronaut

Insomniac‘s Secret Project is going global. This October, the underground electronic and techno-themed party sets its sights on Europe, throwing its inaugural international event at the world-renowned Amsterdam Dance Event.

With four stages of music scheduled across two days of parties, Secret Project’s European debut promises the rich lineups and elegant aesthetics that the US events giant has built its name on. Taking place at Amsterdam’s Hembrugterrein venue, Secret Project’s debut ADE event represents a global melting pot of the underground’s finest, amassing the talents of Jeff Mills, Honey Dijon, Sven Väth, and Ben Böhmer among a lineup that confidently runs dozens of DJs deep. Commenting on Secret Project’s first international event, Insomniac Events CEO, Pasquale Rotella states,

“I feel blessed to be able to bring Secret Project to Amsterdam. It’s a beautiful city that I respect as it’s been the center of dance music for many years. We’ve successfully produced Secret Project in Miami and Los Angeles, and I can’t wait to produce our first addition overseas.”

Secret Project’s ADE festival is scheduled for October 16, with sign ups for pre-sale tickets available here. View the event’s full lineup below, and follow Dancing Astronaut for additionnal coverage of this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event.

Insomniac’s Secret Project schedules first international foray at this year’s ADESecret Project Ade Dancing Astronaut

Featured image: Ivan Menese

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The Steoples announce upcoming album with a gorgeous new single

For fellow travelers in the music world on a perpetual quest to find the most fresh and unique sounds, listening to The Steoples will be more than worth your time. The Los Angeles duo of GB and Yeofi, who describe their sound as “avant-soul,” have a fascinating catalogue of thoughtful, groovy, and wholly original music, and they have announced a new album with the release of the project’s title track “Wide Through the Eyes of No One.” The full LP is due out on August 6 via Stones Throw.

[embedded content]

The single offers another example of The Steoples’ outside-the-box approach with a mesmerizing, almost meditative production that is accentuated with some heavenly repeating horn lines. Floating over the top of the swirling musical stew are the breezy vocal lines that explore ideas around identity and transcendence. With the title referring to “presence in the unconditional mind,” the heady words pair well with the song’s lush instrumentals. “Wide Through the Eyes of No One” exhibits The Steoples’ deft skill in blending earnest, meaningful lyrical themes with soulful vocal delivery and of course, abundantly imaginative music. These elements should make the forthcoming LP one to remember.

Connect with The Steoples: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp | Spotify | Apple Music

Daytimers and Stamp The Wax to release new compilation in aid of COVID relief in India

London collective Daytimers have teamed up with Stamp The Wax to release a compilation to aid the ongoing COVID-19 relief efforts in India.

The compilation is made up of tracks from artists of South Asian heritage, and all proceeds from the sale of the release will be distributed between several trusted charities working to help those currently in need in India. 

Among the artists who’ve contributed tracks to the release are Manara, Nikki Nair, Ayesha, Kindness, Arjun Vagale and Pooja B.

A statement attributed to Daytimers said: “In the midst of the grave ongoing situation in India, the ability to bring together artists from the diaspora and the continent to contribute to the relief effort has been one of the many affirming moments for the collective.

“Since the formation of the collective in the first lockdown, these moments, like our first compilation, the 24 Hour Livestream in Solidarity with Our Farmers & our first live event fundraiser, have come together purely from the communal energy and support from our members, those that paved the way for us & this new generation of talented creatives. A spirit of mutual respect, love, and support has been present from all involved, from those starting out on their creative journey, to the trailblazers like Manara, Jyoty, Raveena, Joy Crookes, Ahadadream, Anu, Amad.Studio, Raji Rags, Nabihah Iqbal & so many more we have had the honour of working with.”  

Profits will be distributed evenly, through Mumbai-based music and culture agency Wavlngth’s fundraiser, to Hemkunt Foundation (an NGO helping hospitals save lives by donating oxygen cylinders and setting up free oxygen drive-throughs and oxygen centres), Goonj (an organisation distributing rations and medical kits), and Citta India (a mental health NGO providing free counselling for COVID patients).

The full compilation will be released on June 18th. You can pre-order the release, and preview three tracks from it, via Bandcamp.

The release follows on from a charity event that Daytimers organised at London’s Colour Factory last month.

A number of artists of Indian heritage also joined together recently to release ‘We Are The People’, another compilation raising money for India’s COVID-19 relief effort.

Skrillex shares new single, ‘Supersonic (My Existence)’: Listen

The track features Noisia, josh pan and 100 Gecs’ Dylan Brady

Eoin Murray

Thursday, June 10, 2021 – 16:24

Skrillex has shared a new single, ‘Supersonic (My Existence)’. You can check it out below. 

The track features vocals from josh pan, guest production from Noisia and additional contributions from 100 Gecs’ Dylan Brady. 

It’s the latest in a string of new singles from Skrillex who, after over a year of teasers, released ‘Butterflies’ (with Four Tet and Starrah) and ‘Too Bizarre’ (with Swae Lee and Siiickbrain) last month. 

Listen to ‘Supersonic (My Existence)’ below. 

[embedded content]

Relentless Beats brings summer swelter to Arizona with Tiësto, REZZ, Excision, Zeds Dead, and more with new concert series [Contests]

Relentless Beats brings summer swelter to Arizona with Tiësto, REZZ, Excision, Zeds Dead, and more with new concert series [Contests]193635303 10160935553982678 385160601455068625 N

Dancefloors across the US are beginning to reopen, and currently Phoenix, Arizona is emerging as one of the country’s most in-demand hot spots for dance and electronic events happening this summer. Kicking off over Memorial Day Weekend with a two-night run by Fisher and Chris Lake, followed closely by a deadmau5: Unplugged billing and Tiësto‘s Back In Business. Phoenix is proving to be the place to be as the summer swelter heats up and Relentless Beats shares the rest of this summer’s highly anticipated bookings.

Relentless Beats’ summer concert series promises to host a stacked roster of shows, with Excision bringing a heavy dose of low-end over a two-night slot with Wooli, SVDDEN DEATH, Riot Ten, Sullivan King, Kompany, and more on June 18 and 19, as well as REZZ‘s debut AREZZONA event on July 3. What’s more—Zeds Dead‘s famed Deadbeats showcase will roll into town on July 10 with support from Rusko, Subtronics, LICK, and others, followed by Louis The Child‘s Euphoria Tour two weeks later with additional support from Jai Wolf, K Flay, and ilo ilo.

Best of all, Dancing Astronaut has partnered with Relentless Beats for two different ticket giveaways. Enter below for your chance to win tickets to either the Excision or AREZZONA shows, and the Deadbeats and Louis The Child dates. For more information on purchasing tickets, or to view the full lineups by show, click here.

Relentless Beats brings summer swelter to Arizona with Tiësto, REZZ, Excision, Zeds Dead, and more with new concert series [Contests]3oucn7
Relentless Beats brings summer swelter to Arizona with Tiësto, REZZ, Excision, Zeds Dead, and more with new concert series [Contests]3oucnw

Featured image: Luis Colato

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KG drops new single, ‘Mantra’, with Taliwhoah: Listen

The track sees the pair fuse Afrobeats with house and R&B

Christian Eede

Thursday, June 10, 2021 – 16:00

KG has teamed up with London-born, LA-based singer Taliwhoah on a new track, ‘Mantra’.

The track is third to be unveiled from KG’s forthcoming EP, ‘Sensei II’. It sees the pair fuse the Afrobeats and rhythmic house of much of KG’s work with Taliwhoah’s R&B vocals. 

Speaking about the track, KG said: “In this song, Taliwhoah affirms that she is intentional with who she loves, she feels real things. This track has future house/R&B remnants – we wanted to make this a euphoric roller for the listener to vibe to, to relate to. It is a love song.”

‘Sensei II’ will be released by Black Acre on June 25th. It features guest contributions from Aymos, Toya Delazy and Mista Silva, alongside Taliwhoah. 

You can listen to ‘Mantra’ below.

Revisit KG’s mix for DJ Mag’s Radio 1 Dance residency, from January, here.

[embedded content]