John Robinson shares magnificent new album ‘King JR’

Underground hip-hop veteran John Robinson has shared a magnificent new album entitled King JR. Over top of quirky, nostalgic production from Blu, the rapper delivers intricate verses that are endlessly interesting.

King JR kicks off with the eclectic “Medicine”, which features textured horns and deeply groovy bass. This track makes for a good introduction to Robinson’s easy-going yet complex rhymes, as he comes through with some quintessential verses. He follows this track up with the surreal “Mic Talk”, which is centred around winding horns and glitchy percussion. The free-form style of this song is intriguing and entertaining, introducing the improvisational feel that makes up most of the remainder of the album.

The mysterious, dense “Young Black and Gifted” makes for an album highlight, providing a refreshing instrumental by Blu that bristles with originality and authenticity. The otherworldly energy of this song makes one want to keep replaying this song again and again to absorb its layers and imagery. Furthermore, Robinson’s politically inclined lyricism is poignant and honest as ever on this track, adding to the song’s thought-provoking nature. Another album highlight is the uplifting “Motherland”, which contains warm organs that ring out over organic sounding percussion. Robinson presents vivid, poetic verses here, making for an enlivening listen.

The energy is upped for the head-banging “Heavy Ghetto”, featuring Eloh Kush and album producer Blu. This instrumental from Blu contains glitchy brass and epic organs, swirling together in a psychedelic concoction overtop raw drums. This track is followed by the industrial-tinged “Kingdom of Heaven” featuring Scienze, which contains bleak guitars that ring out overtop dusty drums. Finally, “Martin & Malcolm” makes for a smokey, elegant closer, featuring reminiscent keys and distorted percussion. Robinson comes through with some sharply crafted, vivid verses to close out the record in an inspiring fashion.

Overall, King JR is a refreshing, complex release from John Robinson and producer Blu that is an artistic achievement. The duo come through with a series of songs that are consistently intricate and interesting, providing a unique sound that keeps one glued to the speakers throughout. Hopefully more is soon to come from this talented pairing, as this proves to be a strong release front to back.

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Matt FX releases two clubby tracks just in time for summer

DJ, producer, music supervisor, chef, and TV host Matt FX is a true jack of all trades. He’s received praise for his soundtrack for the hit Comedy Central show Broad City and multiple television appearances, he’s also co-founded an underground test kitchen, Dubplate NYC. Matt is always finding new outlets and styles to channel his creativity. Today, he shows fans of what more he can do with the release of the two singles, “A Love Beginning” and “Pero No Te Quiero.”

“A Love Beginning” sounds like it’ll be a slower, melancholy track with gloomy keys surrounded by soft ooohs. However, it picks up into a cool, summery banger with consistently funky 808 beats and Melika’s rich vocals. The layering of the saxophone gives the track and extra groove and vibrancy.

That vibrancy carries into “Pero No Te Quiero”, even more hypnotizing than the last. It definitely has a 90s club vibe flare. The synths, the circling hook, and breathy vocals are enough to send you into a strobe-light, neon trance that will get you eager for summer nights. As party and club life are beginning to resurrect, be sure to put these tracks on your playlists.

Matt shares, “The music is inspired by these little moments of hope, pain and wonder that you go through in specific circumstances. In a funny way, I feel like both songs sort of apply to this idea of seeing someone special across a room and immediately having all these thoughts race through your head.”

Matt FX still has more to come, with W+L out now Wolf + Lamb Records.

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Behringer ‘Brains’ Coming June 15th (Teaser)

Behringer ‘Brains’ Coming June 15th (Teaser)
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Behringer today shared a teaser for ‘Brains‘, something new to be released on June 15, 2021.

They haven’t shared any details, but the video appears to show a new hardware device – maybe a MIDI/CV sequencer that can act as the ‘brain’ of your rig or a groovebox sequencer?

Share your thoughts in the comments!

DARKMINDS excites with spirited new album ‘Good News’

Dynamic duo DARKMINDS drops their latest pop/hip-hop soaked release Good News. The nine-track album takes bold beats and vibrant vocals to create a fresh and energetic sound.

Commencing with the invigorating “Everything”, this unique tune highlights colorful bouncing beats and fierce vocals. It is the perfect pick-me-up and opens the offering with a bang. The title-track “Good News” is a laid-back, feel-good single. Singing, “ there’s a summer sweetness when we kiss/I can taste the lemonade on your lips,” it evokes sunny vibes and is here just in time for the season. Ending with upbeat “Ready Let’s Go” this powerful anthem guaranteed to pump you up. The strong song leaves listeners with the mindset they can conquer anything. 

DARKMINDS is the collaboration between C4 (Trey Songz, Kelly Rowland,) and Daniel Ellsworth (Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes, Chaos Emeralds). Known for masterful music that fuses pop, hip-hop, soul, rock, and r&b, their distinct style sets them apart from the crowd. Ellsworth shares, “We didn’t set out to have DARKMINDS sound like any one thing. We both draw from our different influences and backgrounds and try to find the ways that those overlap and collide. These two albums are a result of those collisions.”

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Eric Prydz is teasing the release of fan-favourite, ‘All Night’: Watch

The producer shared another long-awaited ID, ‘Nopus’, in October last year

DJ Mag Staff

Friday, June 11, 2021 – 11:38

Eric Prydz is teasing the release of another fan-favourite.

Following the drop of ‘Nopus’ — which had been doing the rounds in ID groups for half a decade prior to its release last year — the PRYDA label boss has teased the release of ‘All Night’.

‘All Night’ is another track that’s been online in various formats since 2018, and has been produced under Prydz’s Tonja Holma alias. Sharing a short video to Twitter, the producer said he was “getting things done”.

Elsewhere, Prydz recently announced a Los Angeles show for August 2021, adding a new date to a US schedule that already includes four events across two weekends in New York. 

Check out the clip from Prydz below. 

Charli pays tribute to men in her new single “Boys”

Los Angeles based electro-pop artist Charli is turning up the summer heat with her intoxicating new dance single “Boys.” Best known for her catchy, empowering tunes about triumphing life’s challenges, her latest single offers a slightly different message, calling for a big celebration in honor of – you guessed it, men!

“Boys” sounds refreshingly earnest as it is seductive, with provocative vocal melodies woven into a deeper message of understanding, acceptance, and heartfelt appreciation. Charli confides, “the song is an ode to every man because they are truly beautiful, and we often forget to tell them that we love them. Most of the time, we are saying this to women and I think it’s important to not forget the men too.” The song starts off in Charli’s signature style, dropping a club-ready beat with straight-to-the-point lyrics. The first verse immediately puts you on the dance floor, complete with sultry, whispering vocals and well-executed buildups. The hook is confident and sassy, making you want to let your hair down and go with the groove. Overall, Charli’s timing couldn’t be more perfect for this lush and flavorful summer banger that delivers a feel-good vibe during a time when people need it most.

Originally from France, Los Angeles based emerging pop artist Charli is beginning to make waves in the music scene. With a background in both music and theatre, she brings elements from both disciplines to everything she creates.  Most recently, her first short film The Time Left received several awards such as Best Actress and Best Musical Film in Silk Road Festival and Best Original song at the Indie Short Festival in Los Angeles. Currently, Charli is preparing for her European Dreamsea music tour in July.

Check out Charli’s  “Boys” and here’s a toast to all the fabulous men in our lives!

Carl Cox shares remix of disco classic, ‘Can’t Fake The Feeling’ by Geraldine Hunt: Listen

Oh yes, oh yes!

Eoin Murray

Friday, June 11, 2021 – 16:10

Carl Cox has remixed Geraldine Hunt’s disco classic, ‘Can’t Fake The Feeling’. Check it out below. 

Ramping up the 1980 track’s tempo, Cox modifies the irresistible groove of the original, turning it into a summer festival dancefloor banger, tailor-made for peak-time. 

The release comes as Unidisc, the original cut’s label, celebrates its 40th anniversary with a number of club remixes. Claptone has delivered a rework of the Trans-X classic ‘Living On Video’, Jacques Greene has given his own take on the Lime favourite ‘Babe We’re Gonna Love Tonight’ and Alan Fitzpatrick has reimagined ‘Let The Music Play’ by Shannon. Purple Disco Machine will also contribute to the series. 

Listen to Geraldine Hunt ‘Can’t Fake The Feeling (Carl Cox Remix)’ below, or find it on other streaming services here.  

Ciel and Dan Only release debut EP as Cloudsteppers

Toronto based artists Ciel and Dan Only have joined forces in the form of Cloudsteppers. A fresh debut released via X-KALAY, The Limit delivers four drum-heavy cuts that will elevate you to a higher place. As melodically-inclined producers, the duo decided to step away from their usual sound and focus on the drums and fx — the result being one of the most exciting releases of 2021.

Title track “The Limit” flicks between moody jungle, heavy breakbeats and techno flavours to create an immediate standout. An undeniable dancefloor destroyer, this one has the rave written all over it— we can only imagine how good it’s going to sound in a grotty basement. Six and a half minutes of 160 madness. Stripping things right back, “Slinky Bork” offers a bouncy UK tech-house cut, highly reminiscent of the Wiggle/Euka House era. Painting a cosmic soundscape from start to finish, “Slinky Bork” is going to sound just as good in 15 years’ time.

The B-side kicks off with “Diva Loops”, a playful cut that covers every end of the spectrum. Clattering drums, choppy vocals and subtly strong bass break out into a chirpy melody, offering a chilled moment before diving straight back into the heavy stuff. Incredibly fun and a hint subaquatic, it’s one to be enjoyed in the sun. “Trigger Happy” rounds off the EP with a 4×4 club cut that screams festival anthem. It’s lively, brimming with punchy rhythms and never lacking in dreamy moments. A delightful way to bring things to a close, we can only hope there’s more where this came from.

The Limit can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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GRiZ paints listeners a ‘Tie-Dye Sky’ [Stream]

GRiZ paints listeners a ‘Tie-Dye Sky’ [Stream]GRIZ 1

A colorful embodiment of GRiZ’s signature funk-filled sounds, “Tie-Dye Sky” signals his fifth single of 2021 so far, following four high-energy one-offs, Vibe Check,” “Ease Your Mind” with Ganja White Night, “Bring Me Back” with Elohim, and “Astro Funk.”

Spun for the summer, “Tie-Dye Sky” is a tribute to dubstep’s roots threaded with GRiZ’s own idiosyncratic touches. Articulating what his latest single symbolizes from his own point of view, GRiZ said,

“To me this track is like staring up at the sky and watching it explode into a kaleidoscope of colors.”

His recent string of singles will feed his sold-out, inaugural Space Camp event in Virginia, to feature performances from CloZee, Liquid Stranger, Lucii, Dancing Astronaut’s Breakout Artist of 2020 Moore Kismet, and more. He will also be hitting the road this summer, first heading off to Wilmington, North Carolina for his GRiZMAS In July double-header, followed by his three-night Another World stint in Denver in October.

Featured image: Electric Forest

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BXKS drops debut mixtape, ‘Full Time Daydreamer’

There’s also a new music video from the rapper

DJ Mag Staff

Friday, June 11, 2021 – 12:31

BXKS has shared her debut mixtape.

The UK rapper, who hails from Northampton via Luton, has shared her eight-track mixtape ‘Full Time Daydreamer’ — “an accomplished, expansive, cosmic, shiny slice of what she labels ‘alternative grime’”.

The tracks on the “playful playlist” have been produced TK and P-rallel, and includes recent singles from the rapper including ‘Packed In’, ‘Work Like ft. KISH!’ and her most recent offering ‘Menace’.

Alongside the mixtape, BXKS has also teamed up with director Sheenah Brobbey to create a music video for her track ‘Must Feel’, creating a “dystopian ghost in the shell inspired world” where social media users are trapped inside glass boxes.

Listen to the full mixtape here, and watch the video for ‘Must Feel’ below.

[embedded content]

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