Single Ruin shares the brooding new single, “Careful Now”

Despite not being on the scene for long, Brighton-based artist Single Ruin shares their fourth single “Careful Now”. It’s a whirlwind of brooding sonics that build and rouse the senses whilst snarling synths and electronic pulses take charge and storm the narrative. 

Written about relationships clashing, “the song is about asking someone seemingly close to you if they care about you at all,” they tell us, the monsterous soundscape paving its way into an ongoing murky water of pulsating bass patterns and incredibly tense sounds. “Careful Now” grounds itself on being the moody older sibling, providing mystery and intrigue around its directions by holding on to the rises and falls of sonic teasing. This would be the perfect hype song for anyone who needs an adrenaline boost as it simmers on an explosion without ever hitting that high. Clawing into a hefty bass line, “Careful Now” maintains its intensity throughout, promising to stay to at a level without overspilling its dynamism into something hectic. A beautiful mess, if you like. 

“I wanted the song to have a sonic edginess about it to convey a tension in the question the song is asking”, he tells us. Well, job done, I’d say.

Single Ruin’s forthcoming EP Unique is out this July.

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