Kayzo forges bass and pop-punk blend on new single ‘Poison’ with Paris Shadows

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Kayzo continues to break genre barriers as his latest collaboration “Poison” with Paris Shadows lands on his own label Welcome Records. The Texas-born DJ has continued to add to a stocky list of pop-punk collaborators having intertwined with the likes of Frank Zummo, Papa Roach, Kyle Pavone, Matty Mullins, Alex Gaskarth, and more as “Poison” follows up on Kayzo’s menacing remix of Illenium‘s collaboration with iann dior, “First Time.”

“Poison” bridges mood and emotion as Kayzo and Paris Shadows showcase their influences of hard rock, dubstep, and emo-rap into their joint downtempo track. The soaring combination of Paris Shadows’ resonating post-grunge vocals and Kayzo’s distorted guitar melodies come together for an artful blend of crossover appeals, making for one of Kayzo’s strongest genre-blurring tracks to date.

Featured image: Ultra Music Festival Korea

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Flux Pavilion prepares for eight-stop US fall tour

Flux Pavilion prepares for eight-stop US fall tourFlu Pavilion Bass Canyon 2019 Rukes

After waiting six years for the release of his sophomore album .wav, fans of Flux Pavilion are overjoyed to hear the electronic authority will be hitting the road this September for a long-awaited album tour. Launching the tour September 9 at Chicago’s Concord Music Hall, Flux will work his way around the country to six disclosed locations including Washington DC’s Echostage, and The Vanguard in Florida. Keeping fans on their toes, the tour will also stop at two more secret locations around the US that have yet to be revealed.

Since his early 2000s dubstep persuasion, leading up to his 2015 debut LP, Tesla, Flux has continually warped his sound into fresh, unique spaces across bass music’s ever-flourishing branches in a way that, by 2021, reflects acute wisdom from a veteran production force. Flux’s .wav album brought forth a different kind of listening experience, harnessing intricate sonic landscapes and a narrative undertone that straps the listener in from front to back.

This upcoming tour is primed to be quite an adventure, with Flux finally back where he belongs—behind the decks and at the center of the party. Get your tickets here and stay tuned for the unveiling of the last two stops on the road.

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Diplo repurposes ‘Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing)’ into a tech-house anthem

Diplo repurposes ‘Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing)’ into a tech-house anthemDiplo1 Rukes

An ode to suspended dance floor action, Fred again.. and The Blessed Madonna’s “Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing)” is certainly a timely gem; however, Diplo has renewed the woeful collaboration to highlight its optimistic appeal.

Diplo’s rework sounds like it was designed to be tailor-made for underground DJ sets. After over a year without sanctioned access to dance floors, the Major Lazer spearhead’s latest offering is one to revel in. Ultimately, what makes the progressive bass drop so striking is Diplo’s nearly inexplicable cross-genre mastery, but the overall timeliness of the remix just adds an intangibly sweet element to the delivery.

As mask mandates lift, lineups drop, and many of the most bleak elements of 2020 begin to wane away, cue this one up on your newest playlist and bask in the excitement of dance floor reunions aplenty in 2021.

Featured image: Rukes

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STAR SEED release debut EP ‘Innerspace’ on Ophelia Records

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Experimental electronic-pop duo STAR SEED have reaffirmed their rising status with an electrifying debut EP, Innerspace, released via Ophelia Records. The new EP lands after STAR SEED debuted on the label’s sophomore Advent compilation. Formed in 2020 and making its presence known with their debut single “Escape,” the newly formed duo has been incredibly active in 2021 with seven previous releases ahead of Innerspace including its single “Ultraviolet” with Tsu Nami in the run-up to the eight-track debut EP. Not to be defined by one genre, the pair brings its own unique sound to listeners and dabbles in everything from house to trap to psytrance.

STAR SEED were also recently featured in Ophelia Records’ mix series, Odyssey, which allows artists to put together hour-long mixes that highlight their sound and other musical interests. See STAR SEED perform at Lost In Dreams in September. Listen to Innerspace below.

Featured image: starseedsound/Instagram

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Lollapalooza offers more than 1,000 free tickets to vaccinated Chicago residents

Lollapalooza offers more than 1,000 free tickets to vaccinated Chicago residentsLollapalooza

As a part of the Protect Chicago Music Series, the City of Chicago has unveiled its latest plan to shift out of the pandemic and back into normalcy. In addition to a concert on July 1 featuring The SaveMoney Army—comprised of Vic Mensa, Chance The Rapper, Joey Purp and more Chi-Town natives—the Windy City will also be offering 1,200 free Lollapalooza tickets to vaccinated residents. CDPH Commissioner Allison Arwady, went on record stating,

“As Chicago prepares to reopen, we have to remember that the COVID-19 pandemic is not over, and getting vaccinated is the best way for the city to continue to move forward.” She continues, “We’re excited about these two opportunities to help those who may be on the fence about getting vaccinated to protect themselves, their family and their community.”

The City of Chicago is also turning four vaccination sites into a Lollapalooza experience, each including music from local DJs, custom Lollapalooza giveaways, and passes to a different day of the music festival. A link to passes will be released on Sunday, June 27 on the city’s website and social media platforms. Those who are already vaccinated are also eligible for the free tickets. Passes will be available for pickup on Saturday, July 10 at The House of Blues, in addition to a performance from a to-be-announced Lollapalooza artist. In order to receive the passes, attendees must bring their CDC vaccination card and matching photo ID.

The four-day music festival will be held July 29 to August 1 in Grant Park and will feature headlining performances from the likes of Tyler, The Creator, Illenium, and Megan Thee Stallion, to name a few.

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Yung Bae invites Channel Tres for new single ‘Wonder’

Yung Bae invites Channel Tres for new single ‘Wonder’Yung Bae Credit Jet Ortiz Luis

Disco has always weaved its way in and out of popular culture since its introduction in the 1960s. Beginning as a counterculture to the rock music that dominated throughout the time, Black, Hispanic, Latino Americans, Italian Americans, and gay men championed the genre, twirling nights away across neon-clad dance floors. Permeating into today’s sounds, Yung Bae offers a new disco-drenched take with the likes of Channel Tres in tow.

Yung Bae and Channel Tres‘ new single, “Wonder,” breathes fresh air into the charm of 1970s disco. Fit with cinematic instrumentals and velvet vocals, “Wonder” acts as a track removed from time. In a year that has seen many commercially viable albums influenced by disco, including Dua Lipa‘s Future Nostalgia and Thundercat‘s It Is What It Is, “Wonder” propels the revival even further forward. The modern influences only add to the track, and are included with a light touch, allowing “Wonder” to maintain an atmosphere of evergreen timelessness.

Channel Tres recently joined Polo & Pan for their track “Tunnel” and he also recently collaborated with Flight Facilities on “Lights Up.” The artist had also been tapped by Grimes back in January to remix her Miss Anthropocene single “Delete Forever” for Miss Anthropocene Rave Edition.

Featured image: Jet Ortiz-Luis

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Human Traffic 2 production team are looking for investors to make film happen

Justin Kerrigan, the film’s director, previously said that “Human Traffic wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for independent finance”

DJ Mag Staff

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 – 10:53

The team behind Human Traffic 2 are calling for private investors to fund the film’s production. 

The sequel to the 1999 cult classic Human Traffic was initially teased in 2016, when film production company Parallax East revealed that the story would be set in Cardiff and Ibiza. 

Now, the production team have taken to Facebook to ask for private investors to fund the sequel. Director Justin Kerrigan previously told mixmag that “The first film wasn’t funded by the British film industry at the time. It was funded by a private investor. Human Traffic wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for independent finance.”

“We now have letters of commitment from private investors for £250,000 for the production of ‘Human Traffic 2’. (£1M budget),” the post states, “But we still have a way to go with only 8 months left on the Option Agreement for the Rights.

“We are offering 30% returns on all private investments by way of contract. We have an offer of UK/EIRE theatrical distribution, a letter of commitment from Danny Dyer’s agent and an original script written by Justin Kerrigan. The first film was only made possible by private investment; If you want to invest in Human Traffic 2 and be on the producing team please contact: justindeekerrigan@gmail.com”

Check out the post below.

monome, the grid that launched them all, gets “new and the same” edition; preorder now

There’s a new monome, same as the old monome, pre-ordering this summer: “we’ve redesigned the grid, again. but this time almost everything is new, even though we added nothing.”

Yes, monome, the grid hardware that transformed computer music making more than any device, has turned 15. (CDM is, uh, the older sibling at 17.)

It’s hard to imagine the world without monome. Its square 8×8 grid, light-up button toggles, the concept of abstracting software control in a bi-directional relationship with software, a community of performance patches for different uses – this begat Novation Launchpad, Akai APC, Ableton Push, arguably things like Native Instruments Maschine, and a whole way of approaching the computer as musical (or visual) instrument. And still after all of that, monome maintains its own unique ethos and community that continues to lead in new directions.

Click to embiggen. Courtesy monome.

Maybe this new monome, then, is best described as a ground-up redesign that retains the same minimalist form. After all, some of the monome’s stubborn restrictions – small-quantity production, black-and-white binary lights, on/off function with no velocity – also give it its character as an instrument. You might not even like that, but that’s the point – even if you never play one. (Think a bassoonist not particularly liking playing a harp.)

It’s also vital to retain the protocol, so all the patches still work. One key advantage of monome is, it is essentially ageless and never obsolete.

So what you get instead is a better keypad and detection, improved production, better lighting, and USB-C. Sounds great.

Plus it’s now less expensive and more efficient. Meet monome new and the same. Creator tehn (Brian Crabtree) explains:

the redesigned keypad is produced by a massachusetts keyboard company. the size is the same, the feel is slightly snappier yet easier to press. the detection mechanics are improved. the aluminum enclosure has been optimized both to use less material and machine time. overall the grid is slightly thinner and certainly lighter. the circuit uses fewer components and consumes less power. the light is clear and neutral. usb c means easy connection without orientation and also is more sturdy.

these improvements have allowed us to radically drop the price while still producing in small batches using trusted local suppliers.

I’m sure we’ll have more to say about the anniversary.

This industry of musical instruments is not always sunshine and light. So monome is a reminder of instruments with values, of instrument making as art. That claim might have been overblown at the beginning of the monome project, but perseverance earns it.

It could be US$550 well spent for those in need, if you have the resources to invest and can get in on this order – the rest of summer is still open.

And to any naysayers who suggest writers like myself only say kind words about advertisers – monome doesn’t advertise. It doesn’t have to.


Let’s hope the next 15 years bring some other ideas like this.


PS – been working on apps for monome (grid or norns or whatever) lately? Let us know what you’ve been making; we’d love to see it. See yesterday’s story, for one monome norns-based example. (And it’s got a grid with velocity, if that’s what you prefer – open designs, your choice! We’re musicians, after all. Nobody tells us what to do.)

Chicago’s Lollapalooza festival will offer free tickets to 1,200 vaccinated locals

The festival will run vaccination sites in the city from June 26th

Christian Eede

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 – 15:42

Chicago’s Lollapalooza festival is offering 1,200 free tickets to those who get vaccinated in the city in the coming weeks.

The initiative has been set up to help boost vaccine uptake in the city as the US emerges from widespread lockdowns as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The festival is scheduled to go ahead from July 29th to August 1st, after almost all coronavirus restrictions are lifted in Chicago.

The festival will offer single day passes to 1,200 attendees, with four vaccination stations set up across the city on June 26th. People can choose which vaccination station to attend, based on which day they’d like a ticket for. 

All four vaccination sites will host DJ performances on June 26th, and merchandise will also be given away to people while they wait to get vaccinated. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has dubbed the sign-up date ‘Lolla Day’.

Vaccination is only open to Chicago residents. You can find more information on the initiative here.

Read DJ Mag’s recent feature on how North American clubs and festivals are approaching their return to staging events here.

One artist is making insane, impossible, hilarious KORG volca mock-ups

None of this is legal or licensed… or real. Some of it is straight-up impossible. But this fanciful library of fictional KORG volca series mods is ridiculous enough that you may find yourself wanting some.

It’s the latest testament to how much people love the small, rectangular, battery-powered volca series. Despite one very noisy brand trying to monopolize affordability, it was really KORG who ushered in the current wave of inexpensive analog hardware synths, after a period when the breed had all but disappeared outside DIY/hobbyist circles. That started with the monotron and monotribe, but the volca series captured hearts through the sheer variety of models, lots of new designs, and compact, playable form factors. The appetite for new volcas also seems to persist because KORG tried lots of new ideas. It’s a reminder that we aren’t limited to the designs of the past.

Well, so while we’re at it, why not cease to be limited by … uh, anything at all? At least in Photoshop-land.

On volca keys mods alone, Henri went a bit… mad. A bit.

A&D Henri Kalenius has been posting regularly to the massive (unofficial) volca group on Facebook. It’s basically a fan art series, but it’s… awesome.

Honestly – trust me, once you get started down this clickhole, you will keep … going my God … it’s full of KORGs … (cue Ligeti and wait to completely lose your mind and any notion of past, present, and future)

That’ll be following Instagram:


And the Facebook page:


Doomscrolling is done. Volcascrolling is in. There are conceptual volcas. Made-up nonsense volcas. Licensed volcas. Accessories (some of them even a bit practical, believe it or not). But while you really need to see them all, here are a few of my favorites.

Come on Barbie, let’s go … Frequency Modulate!

Furry Wookie volcas? (This is I believe correct Wookie language, no?)

Cornerstand is actually a build-able, very clever volca console. Sexy.

The Minecraft model hilariously has cube knobs. No, they’re not an especially good idea, certainly not spaced like this but… we’re here for the insane brainstorming, aren’t we? Actually, maybe we could psych that company I didn’t mention earlier into replacing their knobs with them.

IKEA volca. IKEA has famously partnered with Teenage Engineering, but not ona synth … yet.

Um, laserbow. So we have seen laser harps around these parts now and again but… well, wow, yes.

Mastermind is an interesting concept he came up with earlier this year, which actually does resemble some 80s consoles around music making. (I’m thinking specifically of the Philips PMC 100 portable.)

With the same notion to adapting volcas to production and arrangement, meet the volcamiga, though it mainly just adds to how much I already covet the Polyend Tracker. The balls (lower right)… (seriously, prepare to burn an afternoon on all the details in these images…)

McModular. Oh, I did actually read all the small print. This will be one fairly expensive Happy Meal, which I have to read as a challenge to make a synth out of some Happy Meal toys, somehow.

It’s utterly silly, but I have a feeling people would buy KORG volcas in Tetris shapes if they were available.

And as the grand finale for now, how about a Walkman that is also a volca?

If I can track down the artist for some other feedback, I will. Meanwhile, go bury yourselves in what is clearly the world’s wildest conceptual synth artist right now.

And, you know, KORG, feel free to headhunt this person and turn our world completely upside down.

Too good for our world.