Shingo Nakamura marks Monstercat Silk’s debut LP release with ‘Glow’

Shingo Nakamura marks Monstercat Silk’s debut LP release with ‘Glow’Shingo Nakumra Press 2

In February, 2021, Monstercat made headlines by acquiring LA-based label Silk Music, a longstanding imprint dedicated to chilled progressive releases. To help announce the merger, the newly-minted Monstercat Silk also shared its first release, “Glow” by Japanese progressive veteran Shingo Nakamura. Now four months later, Monstercat Silk is releasing the first full LP of its young lifespan, once again thanks to Nakamura:

It took about five years to complete the album and that time was very difficult for me, especially with the recent pandemic. But I was able to endure because I love making music. As the word “glow” implies, I think the songs are designed to gently illuminate and encourage the listener.”Shingo Nakamura

Glow is Shingo Nakamura’s third studio album. Across the record’s 11 tracks, Nakamura traverses a broad scope of progressive styles, deploying everything from deep club influences to airy acoustic breakdowns. Glow also arrives with a second disc dedicated to nine extended mixes. All in all, the record is a statement release from Monstercat Silk, and a powerful reminder of Nakamura’s talent.

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FAC Drumkit For iOS Now Available

FAC Drumkit For iOS Now Available
[embedded content]

Developer Fred Anton Corvest (FAC) has introduced FAC Drumkit for iOS (Universal), an AuV3 drum synth and sample player.

FAC Drumkit combines samples and synthesis to give you a wide range of drum sounds. The synthesizer section generally creates the body of the sound, and the sampler the unique character.


  • 16 Voices Drum Synthesizer and Stereo Sample Player (1 Synth/Sampler per voice)
  • 2 oscillators (16 Waveforms) per voice with filters and phase modulation
  • 1 sample player per voice with sample position, filters, phase and stereo control
  • Advanced Pitch and Amp envelopes with multi control points and delay
  • Envelope templates, modifiers and copy/paste
  • Mixer page: 16 voices (Multi Output)
  • Drum PAD page: voices triggered by drum pad (MIDI OUT and Velocity Sensitive)
  • Includes classic drum machines built in presets for inspiration
  • iOS AuV3 – Multi Output (If Supported By HOST) – Universal (iPad/iPhone)

Overview playlist:

[embedded content]

Pricing and Availability

FAC Drumkit is available now for $13.99 USD.

Bobby Sessions turns dreams to realities on debut album “Manifest”

For Bobby Sessions, Manifest is more than just an album. Released on June 11th via High Standardz/Def Jam Recordings, his debut album plays like a self-help guide to life. Moving away from his RVLTN album trilogy that lasted from 2018 to 2020, Manifest brings Sessions back to himself. The 12-track LP explores more than just financial wealth, but the importance of emotional and spiritual wealth as well – a true manifest to reaching one’s higher self. Produced by his two producers AJ Ruined My Record and J.Scales, the album boast soulful samples with guest features from Rick Ross, Benny the Butcher, Lecrae, and HollyHood Bay Bay. Taking risk after risk in his career, Sessions has been afforded unimaginable opportunities including writing credits on the Megan Thee Stallions infectious, chart-topping single “Savage”. Turning his dreams into realities, his relentless dedication has brought him to this moment. 

Turning his dreams into reality, Manifest kicks of with the soul-packed “Penthouse Prayers”. Over gritty instrumentation, he reflects back on his road to success. “God I pray for more health, more peace, more wealth, more prosperity”, the spiritual MC lays down a prayer that we all could benefit from. Rick Ross polishes off the intro with some smooth and luxurious bars. Pushing his ideas of manifestation into more of a philosophy for his music, the Pleasant Grove native continues to touch on the tools for self-actualization. On “Celebration of Your Higher Self”, while battling his own troubles, he encourages listeners to look within themselves to find their true worth over funky drums and guitar chord progressions. While Sessions tackles many self-improving ideas under the guise of manifesting, his love for himself is what shines the most on the album. On the closeout track “Young Legend”, he affirms himself as a “young legend, young god, young goat”. Overflowing with growth, love, and appreciation for those around him, Manifest is the ultimate philosophical guide to happiness and success in this lifetime. 

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Spotify launches Clubhouse rival, Greenroom

The streaming giant acquired live audio platform Locker Room back in March

Declan McGlynn

Wednesday, June 16, 2021 – 17:03

Spotify has launched a new Clubhouse competitor service called Spotify Greenroom. The new service mimics Clubhouse’s functionality of live audio discussion ‘rooms’, allowing listeners to ask questions live to any host or guests, or take part in the discussion. Spotify says Greenroom is “built for artists and creators to enhance fan relationships.”

The news comes off the back of Spotify’s acquisition of Locker Room in March 2021, a live audio app focussing primarily on sports. Greenroom is a separate download to the main Spotify app, but users can use their existing Spotify login to get involved and you don’t need Spotify Premium to use it. The app is available for both iOS and Android, and unlike Clubhouse, isn’t invite-only. Spotify says they intend for the platform to grow with more curated content spanning music, culture and entertainment. 

Find out more about Spotify Greenroom here.

Miko discusses his loneliness on the grungy new cut “Every Night”

Montreal-based artist Miko shares his new grunge-infused single “Every Night”. Laced with a ’90s hue and blended with pop undertones, the single is a reflection of feeling lonely when the world is at a standstill – something we all know all too well. 

With a foundation of guitar twangs unearthing a distinct blend of indie-come-pop-punk-sounding melodies, there’s an attitudinal element to the track that makes it feel like a conversation between the artist and listener. “I wrote “Every Night” at the beginning of the pandemic, back in 2020,” Miko says. “I was living at my dad’s apartment at the time and would typically lock myself in for 12 hours straight in the studio, spend the night there and come back home right before sunrise. Sleep, wake up and go again. Same shit, different day. This is when I realized how small and insignificant my life is, in the best way possible”.

Built with poetic grit, “Every Night” reflects a gratefulness of existence and being able to experience life despite all its obstacles. Miko has created a single that takes pleasure in the mundanities yet yearns for interaction. With his inherent introspective music making people feel a lot of things, it’s evident that Miko’s artistry is going to collate a huge fanbase. “Every Night” is a relatable tune that quickly becomes an earworm.

Connect with Miko: Spotify  Twitter  |  Instagram

Nile Rogers is launching a roller-disco in LA, The DiscOasis

Nile Rodgers is launching a roller-disco, dubbed The DiscOasis, on 16th July 2021 at the iconic South Coast Botanic Garden in Los Angeles.

The legendary artist’s resume namechecks reactivated seminal outfit Chic (who were recently confirmed for the reopening of The Warehouse Project in Manchester, UK), alongside work with Daft Punk, Sister Sledge and Avicii, among many others. A Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame-r, he is now behind music curation for the open-air skate session, which will continue at the Palos Verdes Hills location until Labor Day, 1st September. At the time of writing, no guest appearances have been confirmed. 

“The DiscOasis is a dream come true for me. People know and love to dance to my songs, what they may not know is that I’ve been a skater all my life and I love to roller disco! I can remember the first time I ever walked into a disco and saw people from every walk of life put their troubles, prejudices and differences aside in the name of love and dance. It was the perfect place and we look to create that same spirit,” said Rogers. 

The artist’s own We Are Family Foundation will benefit from ticket sales, a not-for-profit committed to creating a global family with cultural diversity at its heart through support for various programmes and young people who are positively changing the world. The DiscOasis is run by Constellation Immersive, an organisation that specialises in storytelling experiences. Read up on why Nile Rodgers is ‘the height of Chic‘ in our extended feature on the guitarist, producer, singer, songwriter and arranger. 

New Love Crowd makes Bob Dylan’s “Lay Lady Lay” pop in new cover

New Love Crowd is the music project of Travis Swinford. Already with a sound reminiscent of the ’60s and ’70s, NLC has just released a pop cover of Bob Dylan’s hit “Lay Lady Lay.”

[embedded content]

Bob Dylan’s version is still a classic with his crooning vocals and languid acoustic guitar. However, New Love Crowd steers away from the folksy/country style, adding his own pop flare. While Swinford keeps the same tone and flow of the original, he incorporates bright keys and a crisp guitar. The vocals, probably just as distinguished as Dylan’s, are echoed, giving it a pulsing and springy vibe.

Swinford’s personality really shines in the music video, which is shot like an old home video. In it, he messes around, playing both the male and female characters of the track.  

Listen to “Lady Lady Lady” out now on Earth Libraries.

Connect with New Love Crowd: Facebook | Website | Instagram

Exclusive: Groove Cruise calls undiscovered DJs forward for philanthropically focused Cruisin’ For Kindness contest

Exclusive: Groove Cruise calls undiscovered DJs forward for philanthropically focused Cruisin’ For Kindness contestScreen Shot 2021 06 15 At 10.16.19 PM

In celebration of 18 years of Groove Cruise, the floating festival is unveiling plans for its annual Cruisin’ For Kindness competition, a Groove Cruise staple that underscores up-and-coming talent—with a philanthropic focus. This year, the brand will raise funds for The Whet Foundation, a 501C3 nonprofit organization based in Florida that not only provides disaster relief but also creates opportunities and experiences for underprivileged children in South Florida, the Caribbean, and Mexico.

Groove Cruise will collect donations to The Whet Foundation across Cruisin’ For Kindness’ second phase. In the first phase, undiscovered DJs seeking to play a set at the event’s Day Life-hosted stage can submit an audio/video mix for consideration. The mix submission period runs from June 16 – August 15 of 2021; all mixes can be submitted here.

Selected participants will be invited to phase two, during which they will be given a set time for their respective entry mixes to be played live on Groove Cruise’s Twitch channel. As the mixes are streaming, contestants can live vote and donate to the Whet Foundation’s Labadee Destination Donation charity relief trip to score additional points (one dollar = one point). An artist panel will determine the winner and the runner up among the top three point scorers.

What does the grand prize winner walk away with? In addition to the honors, the victor earns a slot at Groove Cruise Orlando’s Day Life stage, stateroom accommodations for two complete with $600 of coverage in travel expenses, Day Life artist-fan activity with host Alyx Ander, a featured mix on Day Life’s weekly Sirius XM Chill episode, and an artist spotlight on Dancing Astronaut, Groove Cruise’ Cruisin For Kindness official media partner. Rounding it all out, the title-taking mix will also be featured on the Groove Cruise Radio Podcast.

Groove Cruise Orlando 2022 will host more than 96 hours of non-stop dance music proffered by 60-plus artists including Gorgon City, Jeffrey Sutorius, Dancing Astronaut Artist to Watch in 2021 John Summit, MitiS, Walker & Royce, Trivecta, Amidy, and many, many more. Groove Cruise will sail aboard Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas from Port Canaveral’s Space Coast to Labadee’s Private Paradise from January 20 – 24, 2022. Additional information and tickets are available here.

Exclusive: Groove Cruise calls undiscovered DJs forward for philanthropically focused Cruisin’ For Kindness contestScreen Shot 2021 06 15 At 10.02.50 PM
Exclusive: Groove Cruise calls undiscovered DJs forward for philanthropically focused Cruisin’ For Kindness contestScreen Shot 2021 06 15 At 10.16.27 PM

Featured image: Groove Cruise

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Dr. Dre is opening a high school in Los Angeles

Dr. Dre is opening a new high school in Los Angeles alongside record executive Jimmy Iovine. 

The educational facility will be situated in south L.A., and is the product of a new partnership between the Beats co-founders and the Los Angeles Unified School District. 

Simply known as ‘Regional High School #1’ until an official name is chosen, it will sit within the Audubon Middle School campus and offer capacity for 124 students when it opens in autumn 2022. There is scope to expand this to 250 pupils in the future. 

According to a press release from Los Angeles Unified School District, lessons will focus on “multidisciplinary, hands-on learning, with a strong emphasis on real-world projects with top companies and non-profits”. The approach will mirror that of the University of Southern California (USC) Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy, which “combines design, business and technology with hands-on, real-world learning to help develop young leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs”.

“Students will be exposed to new career paths and opportunities as well as increased access to top college programs through a first-class college preparatory curriculum, and enhanced learning programs that focus on critical thinking and analysis,” the statement adds on the new school. 

“We want to give the next generation of students access to a proven, revolutionary learning experience that will not only prepare them for the jobs of today, but equip them to reimagine and shape the jobs, technologies and creative enterprises of the future,” Iovine told reporters at a press conference on Monday 14th June, as reported by Billboard. “We’ve already succeeded in higher ed, now we’re bringing it to high school.” 

“I think it’s going to be something extremely different. I’m still trying to learn myself and understand the politics and the hurdles that we have to get over to help,” said Dre. “All we’re here to do is help the kids. We’re here strictly for the kids and trying to give them a future and something promising that maybe wasn’t available before then, so that is our intent.”

Death Row Records, the seminal label launched by Dre, Suge Knight, The D.O.C., and Dick Griffey, marks its 30th anniversary this year. Celebrations include a reissue of the soundtrack to ‘Above The Rim’ on cassette. In March it was reported that the brand was being sold for $600million as part the wider sale of parent company Entertainment One. In 2019, Forbes magazine revealed Dre was the highest-paid musician of that decade.

ENTITY’s “Play Me (Don’t)” is tantalizing dark pop

NYC-based dark electro pop artist ENTITY is best known for her twirling, haunting songs that are filled with the electricity of a hard hitting dancefloor. Her latest single “Play Me (Don’t)” is ENTITY’s is off of her forthcoming EP Visions in Black. ENTITY’s music explores concepts centered around relationship turmoil, unresolved grief, and acceptance.

“Play Me (Don’t)” is the story of a torrid love affair, one in which two ex-lovers try to reunite but ultimately fall apart.  ENTITY confides, “Play Me (Don’t) was the second song that I wrote and it basically screams ‘Don’t do this again to me! Don’t lead me on and think we are going to fall back in love and spend the rest of our lives together.’ That was definitely a pattern that her and I went through back in our relationship, so this song was very much an expression of that anxiety.” The track is an enthralling kaleidoscope of sound, featuring hints of pop, rock and electronic music artfully blended together. Her soaring ethereal vocals overhang dungeon-infused synths and layered EDM beats culminating into a chaotic explosion of sound that is angsty and pleading, yet irresistible. 

ENTITY is Natalie Diaz, a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist producer and DJ. Inspired by the struggle to find an enduring love and coping with the lingering heartache that can last after a break-up, ENTITY’s promising new debut EP is as sonically fresh as it is thematically relatable. With more music to come, we can’t wait to hear more of what’s in store for this inspiring storyteller and artist.

Dive into the dark, sonic bliss of ENTITY’s “Play Me (Don’t)” now.

Connect with ENTITY:  Twitter | Instagram