Free The Night campaign launched for Northern Irish night-time economy

A new campaign has been launched to support the Northern Irish night-time economy.

Launched today (17th June) Free The Night was created to push for a safe, progressive and culturally rich environment in the country. Headed by volunteers including founder and DJ Sunil Sharpe and renowned DJ Holly Lester, the non-profit organisation says it is committed to ensuring “a safe, progressive and culturally rich environment for nightlife in Northern Ireland.”

With opening times in Northern Ireland being the most restrictive across the UK and Europe (pubs, bars and nightclubs have licenses to serve alcohol until 11pm, 12am or 1am respectively) Free The Night was born from opposition to the restrictive proposed amendments to the country’s Licensing and Registration of Clubs (Amendment) Bill.

The licensing amendments are passing through the Northern IRish Assembly to a “final consideration stage” this Monday. Free The Night’s full objections to the proposals are here.

The launch of Free The Night comes following the Music Venue Trust’s warning that grassroots venues will face closure as a result of the delay on the proposed 21st June reopening date in the UK. As well as extending entertainment licensing and improving licensing structures, Free The Night is calling for the removal of licensing restrictions that negatively impact the growth of the night-time economy and a safe environment for all members of society in towns and cities at night, among other demands.

“We have waited 25 long years for some progression with licensing laws here in NI – the recent proposals just aren’t good enough,” says Lester. “Given what has happened during the last fifteen months, these reviews should have been seen as an opportunity to help the entertainment and creative sector bounce back. Instead, we remain firmly behind the rest of the UK when it comes to progression and modernisation of the night-time economy.”

“We want to highlight the cultural value of these sectors and provide a better infrastructure long-term for those who work in the night-time economy,” Lester continues. “We are tired of worrying about the career impacts that come with choosing to live in Northern Ireland and of losing our friends and colleagues to other more progressive cities. It’s time for some change.”

Speaking about the country’s licensing laws, London-based Belfast duo Bicep said: “Having lived in London for 10 years, we’ve had a chance to experience 24-hour nightlife which we feel has been a massive improvement on what we experienced growing up in NI. It personally seems crazy to eject the entire city at the same time causing mass bottlenecking of everything from taxis to emergency services.”

Support Free The Night here. If you would like to become a volunteer, email [email protected]

CME Pro Intros WIDI Bud Pro, A ‘Bluetooth MIDI Super-Dongle’

CME Pro has introduced WIDI Bud Pro, a new wireless interface that they describe as “a tiny, high performance Bluetooth MIDI super-dongle”.

Plug WIDI Bud Pro into the USB port of your computer or compatible device, and it can deliver low latency (as low as 3ms) Bluetooth MIDI.


  • Pair your operating system automatically with any Bluetooth MIDI device or any piece of MIDI hardware that has Bluetooth MIDI via other WIDI devices.
  • Wireless MIDI with a range of 20m (65ft) without obstacles.
  • Automatic pairing connecting standard Bluetooth MIDI controllers and WIDI devices.
  • With the WIDI App for Android and iOS, you can virtually manage more complex Bluetooth MIDI groups. You can add up to five (5) WIDI devices per wireless group. And you can run multiple groups simultaneously.
  • With 100% MIDI compatibility
  • WIDI Bud Pro offers full bi-directional transmission and reception of any MIDI message. MIDI 2.0 ready 2-way performance and transmit all MIDI notes, CC, MIDI clock, long SysEx and MPE over air.
  • Reduce interference with WIDI’s Smart Connectivity Algorithms and Adaptive Frequency Hopping.
  • Limit the amount of cables on your desk and on stage and unify your entire MIDI setup with advanced WIDI technology, without the need of a battery as it is powered by standard 5v USB.

Pricing and Availability:

WIDI Bud Pro is now available as pre-order for $34.50 USD (normally of $69). It is expected to ship in August 2021.

New documentary on the Birmingham grime scene, 0121, to be released this month

A new documentary on Birmingham’s grime scene is set to be released later this month.

‘Risky Roadz 0121’ was created by one of the scene’s original documentarians, Roony “Risky Roadz” Keefe. A co-production between Keefe, and Two Yanks and a Brit UK, the film focuses on the Midlands scene, with a particular focus on Birmingham and some of the city’s best-known grime names, including Lady Leshurr, Jaykae and Mist.

According to its producers, the film acts “as a parable, celebrating how digital entrepreneurship, fiercely loyal community and sheer grit can create an industry and take a culture from the smallest and sometimes roughest of beginnings to the global stage.”  It will be exclusively available via Amazon Music and Amazon Prime on 25th June.

Keefe, who has created videos including Skepta’s ‘Man’ and ‘It Ain’t Safe’, said: “UK music and culture are at the top of their game right now, with our sound topping the charts and stealing hearts. For me to use the Risky Roadz name again for a documentary it had to be a story worth telling: the Birmingham grime scene and the infrastructure that’s made it, is just that. When grime was quiet in London, Birmingham was still going strong. We’ve all come so far, myself included, and to really appreciate the journey you have to look at places that don’t always get the credit they deserve.”

“Birmingham is one of these places and a place special to grime and myself,” Roony continues. “The DIY ethos lives strong here and Risky Roadz 0121 will show you everything you need to know about the independent mentality. You have an idea you want to make happen? Make it happen. The only person stopping you is yourself, so dream big.”

Accompanying the release of the documentary will be a series of Amazon Originals tracks, featuring exclusive material from Mya Remi, Tempa, K2 and more.

A new grime and hip-hop conference is set to take place in Glasgow this summer.

New Drum Machine For iOS, Hammerhead, Has Old-School Heritage

Developer Bram Bos has introduced Hammerhead for iOS – a modern version of his 25 year-old Hammerhead Rhythm Station application.

Here’s what Bos has to say about it:

“The little shark is back. After 25 years, the new Hammerhead is a fresh, mobile reinterpretation of the classic software drum computer that started it all. Hammerhead is still simple, fun and playful. It still feels like a little 90s groovebox. Except this time it fits in your pocket, it integrates in your plugin ecosystem and comes with a lot more creative possibilities…”


  • Dozens of classic sounds and loops ‘from the good old days’
  • Import your own WAVs
  • Built-in simple drum synth for designing your own percussive sounds
  • Supports polyrhythms and polymeters
  • Runs standalone, or as an AUv3 (Audio Unit) plugin in any host
  • Universal app (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), fully responsive design
  • Trigger sounds – or entire patterns – using MIDI
  • Separate outputs for each channel (in hosts which support multi-out AUv3)
  • MIDI output from the AUv3 (in hosts which support MIDI AUv3)

Here’s a video demo, via DJ Puzzle:

[embedded content]

Pricing and Availability:

Hammerhead is available now for $7.99 USD.

Paris club Djoon is crowdfunding for its reopening

Paris club Djoon has launched a crowdfunding campaign to aid its planned reopening.

Like many venues, the house club – which launched back in 2003 – has financially struggled as a result of being closed for the last 15 months. The venue incurred €80,000 in losses in 2020, which has continued to rise in the first half of this year.

With an initial target set at €25,000, the #keepdjoondancing campaign is primarily concerned with raising enough money for the venue “to face the urgency of the losses accumulated since the beginning of this crisis.”

As part of their crowdfunding statement, the venue’s owners said: “For the past 18 years, Djoon has been defending its vision of music, nightlife and club culture with the help of its tight knit community of dancers, clubbers, artists & music lovers. Always striving to be open minded and forward thinking while honoring the roots of the music we love.”

“We know it’s a difficult time for many, but if the culture we love & defend is also yours, please consider donating to help us continue this adventure where we left off 15 months ago. Show your support by wearing the colors with some of the limited edition merch items our artists have been hard at work on.”

Rewards for contributing to the campaign include a Keep Djoon Livestream support ticket, tote bags, vinyl, and various other merch packs. Support the venue here.

Last summer, a 10,000-person rave in France was locked down by authorities.

Tomorrowland denied permit for 2021 iteration, may be forced to bank on digital Around The World affair

Tomorrowland denied permit for 2021 iteration, may be forced to bank on digital Around The World affairTomorrowland 1

As dance floors across the globe continue to reopen and event lineups quickly slide back into the collective line of sight, we’re abruptly reminded that the impacts of the pandemic are not completely in the rearview mirror just yet as Tomorrowland announces the cancellation of their 2021 run. Originally slated for a summer comeback in July, the event already took preventative measures by moving deeper into the summer, and pushing back to the weekends of August 27 – 29 and September 3 -5. Then, when the Belgian government gave the go-ahead of a 75,000-person gathering earlier this month, it seemed Tomorrowland’s comeback was all but ensured. Now, it appears 2021 simply was not in the cards, though, the cancellation news does come as a relative surprise.

The mayors of Boom and Rumst held a joint press conference wherein they described the reasoning behind the ban this year as being too great a public health and safety risk, citing police preparedness, and more specifically, the lack of a ministerial decree officially allowing such large-scale events to take place. Tomorrowland organizers accepted the blow, calling it a “giant disaster” in a statement given to Dutch newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws,

“Giant disaster! As Tomorrowland, we want to organize a safe festival first and foremost and we have stated several times that we will always continue to evaluate and anticipate the epidemiological situation. The mayor of Boom and his counsel have indicated to us that we can go to the Council of State against this decision.”

While an appeal is still possible, for the time being it appears Tomorrowland 2021 will not be allowed to go on as planned. Though, it seems the festival did hedge its bets earlier this year with the announcement of a second annual digital event, Around The World, which was named Dancing Astronaut‘s top virtual event of the year in 2020.


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New Behringer LmDrum Drum Machine Not A Knockoff, It Just Looks Like One

Behringer today shared a teaser for its upcoming LmDrum Hybrid 8/12-bit Sampling Drum Machine.

The original LinnDrum

And, while the LmDrum case design and name make it look like a knockoff of the classic Linn Electronics LinnDrum, Behringer’s latest drum machine is an original design that supports sampling and on-board sample editing.

The company shared few details about the LmDrum in their announcement:

“We love to share with you the progress of our first sampling drum machine. We’re super excited that the unit has passed all audio tests today and much of the user interface development is now also completed. Man, this thing grooves;-)

However, this is still a prototype and a long way from production.

Rest assured that our drum machine development team is working overtime to complete this exciting instrument as quickly as possible in order to get it into your drumming hands.”

While details are still to be announced, it looks like Behringer’s original plans for a LinnDrum knockoff – announced in 2017 – have evolved substantially. This makes sense, because the heart of the LinnDrum is its samples, which can’t be reused without permission. And making a sample-based drum machine with only 15 samples, like the LinnDrum, made sense 40 years ago, but would be unnecessarily limiting today.

It seems likely that the LmDrum will ship with some LinnDrum ‘sound-alike’ samples and reproduce them through cloned circuits, for people who just want a ‘cheap LinnDrum’.

But it looks like the LmDrum will be much more interesting than that – letting you create custom drum kits from a library of samples and sample your own sounds via the audio input on the back:

It’s unfortunate that the Behringer LmDrum is being positioned by the company as a LinnDrum knockoff, with a knockoff name and knockoff styling, instead of as an original design. Because the LmDrum is not a LinnDrum, it’s not going to have the LinnDrum sounds and making it look like a LinnDrum just highlights the fact that Behringer doesn’t think they can sell this drum machine on its own merits.

This is going to be the most interesting and capable drum machine that Behringer has ever created. Behringer would get a lot less push-back from musicians if the company positioned this as an affordable, modern drum machine, instead of as a knockoff of a 40-year old classic.

What do you think of the Behringer LmDrum? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Pendulum share new single, ‘Louder Than Words’ with Hybrid Minds, capping first body of work in a decade

Pendulum share new single, ‘Louder Than Words’ with Hybrid Minds, capping first body of work in a decadePendulum Ultra 2016 Philippe Wuyts Dnb

Pendulum continue their comeback campaign with a brand new, highly anticipated single alongside UK electronic outfit, Hybrid Minds, called “Louder Than Words.” Fans have been salivating over the track since its live debut in October of 2020, which found the Austrialian drum ‘n’ bass veterans unveiling the project during a performance at Spitbank Fort in the middle of the English Channel. Now, the new collaborative cut caps off the group’s first complete body of work; a four-track EP titled, Elemental—the band’s first in the 11 years since their IMMERSION LP landed.

Elemental includes previously released works “Driver,” “Nothing For Free,” and “Come Alive,” with the final component of the EP, “Louder Than Words” now finally available by way of a premiere with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe. Complete with Rob Swire’s vocals and galvanizing percussion arrangements, the track bears all the hallmarks of a Pendulum hit, with Hybrid Minds adding their own artful flair to the mix.

With the razor-sharp production wit of Hybrid Minds and Pendulum’s time-tested mastery of the genre, drum ‘n’ bass proves to be as alive and well as ever on “Louder Than Words.” Listen below.

Featured image: Philippe Wuyts

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Lane 8, Dom Dolla, Bob Moses, San Holo, and more lead 2021 Splash House lineups

Lane 8, Dom Dolla, Bob Moses, San Holo, and more lead 2021 Splash House lineupsSplash House Credit Infamous Pr

Back for its eight iteration, Splash House is returning to Palm Springs for two weekends in August. Weekend one (August 13 – 15) sets the bar high with performances from Dom Dolla, TOKiMONSTA, Whethan, Mark Knight, CRi, Shiba San, Get Real, and a DJ set from Tycho. Additionally, Lane 8, Green Velvet, and Mason Maynard are slated for after-hours sets at the Palm Springs Air Museum.

Weekend two (August 20 – 22) keeps the standard high with CamelPhat, Gorgon City, Bob Moses, Yotto, The Brothers Macklovitch, San Holo, Surf Mesa, Sonny Fodera, and DJ sets from SG Lewis and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. MK, Cloonee, and an unannounced special guest are given the privilege of performing the after-hours sets at the Air Museum.

Splash House 2021 takes place at three Palm Springs resorts—Renaissance, Margaritaville, and Saguaro. Hotel packages that bundle Splash House festival passes with hotel reservations at one of the three host resorts are available. Ticket sales begin at 3:00 p.m. ET / 12:00 p.m. PT on June 17 at Splash House’s website.

Lane 8, Dom Dolla, Bob Moses, San Holo, and more lead 2021 Splash House lineupsSplash House Weekend 1
Lane 8, Dom Dolla, Bob Moses, San Holo, and more lead 2021 Splash House lineupsSplash House Weekend 2 1

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Ryan Wright gives the middle finger in new sugared-coated single

Virginia-based singer-songwriter Ryan Wright has just dropped her bright, fun new single “Happy Birthday (Go Fuck Yourself).” This witty new track is all things ‘F you’, giving us a whole vibe of sass through a sweet, sugar-dipped aura. Her tongue-in-cheek lyrics talk about the everyday experiences of dealing with a toxic male, as she gives us her innermost feelings and thoughts about the unfortunate situation. Taking a Taylor Swift stance, the young glitter bomb of talent is sure to put you in your place with this hot new tune.

The synth-filled, pop single carries fresh energy, showcasing Wright’s skills artistically. With pulsing, gritty bass synths and a beat that shapeshifts amongst the soundscape, the intimate vocals will cradle your ears in a cloud-soft tone. The fun single has a moment of reality in the middle eight with minor tones ending in a very funny and sassy way. “You’re the worst babe, here’s your card go burn in hell,” she sings, making it clear where she stands with the protagonist of her single.

Wright confides, “My songs are essentially my bottled-up emotions all being poured out in a way that makes them sound surreal. I wanted to make these very relatable experiences sound unfamiliar and strange–almost like listening to a soundtrack from an alternate reality.” Paving the way for a new sound of 80s inspired soft, synth-pop, there is much to look forward to from Wright.

Connect with Ryan Wright: Facebook | Instagram