Manecolabs Holistic Delay For Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

Manecolabs has introduced Holistic Delay, a new Eurorack effects module, featuring three delay lines.


  • Three delay lines
  • Two parallel plus third in series
  • Three multi waveform lfo’s
  • Distortion block as final stage
  • CV input for modulating each delay line externally
  • Up to 600 ms on each delay
  • Input gain for versatile input compatibiity.

Pricing and Availability

Holistic Delay is available now for $269 USD.

Nord Drum Patch Editor Now Available

[embedded content]

Developer Momo Müller has introduced third-party MIDI Editors for the Nord Drum drum synthesizers, including one for the Nord Drum 2 and one for the Nord Drum 3P.

With the Nord Drum Editor, you have direct access to all parameters and can save them as a Sound Data File and load them back into the Nord Drum at any time.

In the VST Version, you can also record the controller movements and integrate the Nord Drum Synth into your DAW Project.


  • Use your Nord Drum as a sound module in your DAW
  • Complex sound changes can be made easily and quickly.
  • Direct access to the sound parameters
  • All controllers can be automated.
  • X-Y modulation of all parameters
  • The Editor settings can be stored in a Sound Bank and loaded again.
  • With the „Random“ function new sounds can be generated quickly for each drum part.
  • Drum Kits can be put together and saved.

Pricing and Availability

The Editor is available for PC as VST / Standalone 32/64 bit and for MAC as VST / AU / Standalone 64 bit and MAC-M1 for 6,90€  / $ 7,90.

Secret Friend For The Elektron DIgitone

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As part of an “Eternal quest for turning the Digitone into the drum machine of my dreams”, Ylva has introduced Secret Friend, a Max For Live drum pattern generator.

Secret Friend can generate bass drum / snare / hi hat, tom and clap patterns for the Elektron Digitone. It can also rhythmically sequence the Digitone FX.

It can be paired with Ylva’s Temporarium Secretarium Digitone drum patch generator to generate drum kits, patterns & drum parts quickly. It will also work with other MIDI-capable devices.

Here’s a live set by Ylva, LYV 2, featuring the combination:

[embedded content]

Pricing and Availability

Secret Friend is included as part of the €7 LYV 2 download on Bandcamp, which includes the audio from the performance above, the Secret Friend Max For Live device (requires Live 10 or higher and Max For Live), and the full Digitone live set project.

Idris Elba drops his latest club anthem ‘Fudge’

Idris Elba drops his latest club anthem ‘Fudge’Idris Elba

Idris Elba is back releasing via 7Wallace for yet another club anthem. Featuring Eliza Legzdina on vocals, Elba’s latest “Fudge” utilizes a booming kick drum to set the boisterous and cocky tone prevalent throughout. The single also arrives with an equally ostentatious music video, showcasing Legzdina and Elba each getting a bit “Boasty.”

7Wallace has been Elba’s label of choice lately, already home to several of his 2021 releases. Additionally, the renaissance man has released on several notable labels recently, including his February collaboration with Inner City released via Defected Records. Coming off a hot 2020, 7Wallace has had a slow start to this year’s campaign, but with another Elba release it seems the label might start building momentum throughout the summer.

Featured image: Hi Ibiza

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Becky Hill, David Guetta tag team on a single to ‘Remember’

Becky Hill, David Guetta tag team on a single to ‘Remember’Becky Hill

UK artist Becky Hill has once again demonstrated her dance vocal prowess, this time alongside Mr. David Guetta on “Remember,” which a pre-album single to be featured on the “Lose Control” singer’s forthcoming but still nameless LP. In a recent statement, Hill expressed,

“My whole career has built up to this moment! I have a sure-fire single with David Guetta, and an album I’ve spent my whole adult life making finally coming out.”

Guetta reciprocated Hill’s enthusiasm, saying,

“In my opinion, Becky is becoming one of the very rare queens of dance music. She has an incredible voice and it felt so good to go back to house music for this record.”

Hill rose to prominence on the first season of The Voice UK with Jessie J as her mentor. She’s since been climbing the ranks as one of the electronic music industry’s most prominent vocalists. Stream her latest single “Remember” below.

Featured image: Dimitri Hakke/Redferns

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Chris Varvaro taps into the meditative side of his artistry on debut EP, ‘Waking Up’

Chris Varvaro taps into the meditative side of his artistry on debut EP, ‘Waking Up’Chris Varvaro 1

After a 2020 colored by three catalog-aggrandizing cuts—”Meant That,” “Intoxicated,” and “Wicked Intentions“—Chris Varvaro‘s #pursound is stretching across six inclusions, neatly tied together on his debut EP, Waking Up. The six-pack of instrumentals has a This Never Happened meets Anjunabeats appeal to it, and imprint devotees—as well as organic house enthusiasts—should consider this their cue to dive into Varvaro’s first release of the new calendar year.

Waking Up, Varvaro says, was creatively influenced by the motifs of “wellness and holistic healing,” adding,

“I want people to be able to listen to this and find healing, calmness, and zen. I want people to be able to learn about themselves and not be afraid to express their true identities. Throughout the pandemic, I took a lot of time to get to know myself as a person and as an artist. I took time away from music and focused on myself and my family. I utilized tools such as meditation to learn about myself and keep myself centered. I want people to be able to listen to this EP and feel safe and open to exploring themselves and their minds while also feeling a sense of comfort.  I really hope my listeners have as meaningful of a listening experience as it was a creative experience for me in the studio!”

Though Waking Up is arguably as lush as some past Varvaro staples such as “Meant That,” the EP deviates from the higher-octane and often progressive house-leaning constructions that he evinced on other one-offs like “Intoxicating.” Waking Up underscores a contemplative, thematically motivated side of Varvaro’s creative artistry, with the EP serving as a warm welcome back to the producer, previously featured in Volume 23 of Dancing Astronaut‘s 5 Under 15K series. Stream Varvaro’s Waking Up EP below.

Featured image: Michael Todaro

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Martron takes trap into his corner on ‘Let U Go’

Martron takes trap into his corner on ‘Let U Go’Martron

After dipping his toes in the deep house pool in late April on “Let U Go,” Martron counters with his second original of the calendar year, “Vibe.” A comparatively lower-tempo, glitchier approach to the sound that Martron has steadily set in place since 2018’s “Waves,” “Vibe” opens the door to trap, percussion, and hardstyle inflection, a triplet that underscores the experimentalism that has colored Martron’s trips to the studio of late. Punctuated by pops of bass, “Vibe” is a self-possessed punch of energy that recalls the spirit of the producer’s entry to 2021, his remix of Theuz’s “Pãramramram.” Hear Martron take his third lap around the year’s release ring below.

Featured image: Martron/Facebook

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Berlin Synth Super Store SchneidersLaden Open Again

Berlin synth super store SchneidersLaden has announced that it has opened its showroom again.

“My beloved specialty store will now reopen again for our beloved customers after this long abstinence,” says HerrSchneider. “From next Monday, June 21st – beginning of summer – we will be back for you.”

Appointments are now required to ensure that only a few people are in the store at the same time and that the staff has time for your questions.

See the SchneidersLaden site for hours, contact info and other information.