Philadelphia vocalist Moses Mosima wears his emotions on his sleeve in “Pretty” [Video]

If there’s one thing the new generation of burgeoning songwriters aren’t afraid to do, it’s talk about their mental health. Potentially helping millions along the way, the last decade has seen an influx of songwriters speaking candidly about things like depression, personality disorders and more, as opposed to only the highs in life. In doing this, the conversation about mental health has changed on the large scale, allowing for people to feel more comfortable discussing their mental states. One of the artists looking to add his commentary is Philadelphia native Moses Mosima, who checks in for the first time with his poignant new single, “Pretty.”

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Directed by Riley of HBC and Mosima himself, the video finds its footing in simplicity. Utilizing a wonderful one shot of Moses singing in the street with flowers as his microphone, they do a brilliant job of conveying the genuine tone set by the record. Produced by the Philly native himself, the record is a lyrically driven tale about learning to love yourself in the face of self-destructive tendencies. “Unashamed and unbroken about who it is I see, loving me is harder at times than it’s supposed to be,” croons Moses in one of the verses, establishing the conflicting nature of trying to love yourself when it’s not so easy. 

With the release of his project, Cul-de-sac, on the horizon, now would be a good time to get hip to Moses Mosima. Take a peek at the video for “Pretty” above.

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Crystal Skies collaborates with Fairlane on latest single for Insomniac Records’s Lost In Dreams

Emotive melodic bass duo Crystal Skies make their return to Insomniac Records’s burgeoning young label Lost In Dreams alongside multi-instrumental electronic act Fairlane.  The collaboration “All To You”sees Micah Martin grace the track with his anthemic vocals and is available today on all streaming services.

Smooth guitar strums and live percussive elements brimming with Fairlane’s sonic signature pave way for Micah Martin’s vocal lead preceding a suspenseful build that ultimately explodes into a breakdown of expansive, euphoric bass music.

“All To You” marks Crystal Skies sophomore release on the Lost In Dreams label, riding on the heels of the notably successful “Crazy While We’re Young”, the act continues to grow and diversify in each release. Their establishment with Lost In Dreams is sure to result in many releases to come and will see them play the label’s inaugural festival in Las Vegas this September.

Drawing his inspiration from the emotional era of rock music, and applying an innovative electronic twist, Fairlane’s collaborative effort with Crystal Skies adds dimension and character that only organic and live instrumentals can produce. “‘All To You’ is a song about gratitude”, Fairlane shares.  “Sometimes in life you’ll meet other individuals who have the power to save you/pull you out of a bad place. We wanted to keep this track centred around the message Micah Martin was trying to deliver, but open it up to an energetic climax in the drop, and I think we accomplished that perfectly.”

Elaborating on his vocal contribution to the track, Micah Martin shares “This song is about how someone can show you a level of love and kindness that changes who you are as a person. Everyone needs someone to hold close and tell them that they’re worth it.”Emotive and powerful, as is the ethos of Lost In Dreams, Micah makes an impact through his anthemic vocal range and lyricism. As Micah Martin works diligently on his pop-leaning debut studio album slated for release next year, his cuts with Trevor Daniel, Imanbek and Don Diablo, including both the “Travis Barker Alt Version” and the original for “Kill Me Better”, position him as one to watch both in his dance features and original works.

Insomniac’s Lost In Dreams label is the new home of melodic bass and euphoric electronic music. With a festival debut on the books for September 4th in Las Vegas, NV, fans can expect to see Crystal Skies grace the stage alongside top acts of the genre Seven Lions, Autograf, SG Lewis, Nurko alongside label mainstays Kaivon, Highlnd, Rival, Friendsone and Danny Olson.

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Sky Society bestows listeners with new single “Holy Time”  featuring vocalist Ehiorobo

DJ, producer and former record shop owner Sky Society welcomes new single and music video for “Holy Time” featuring the hauntingly sensual vocals of Monstercat singer Ehiorobo. “Holy Time” is the first single off of Sky Society’s forthcoming EP Heart Beats: The Love Loops” Vol.2, which will drop in late July via his Higher Frequency Recordings label.

The inspiration for “Holy Time” was conceived by honoring the union of the Divine Masucline & Feminine Energies coming together as one, opening the portal to creativity and guiding the vessel through its daily rituals. Visualized in the ceremonious music video that accompanies the track, a unity of auras is transcribed through the healing sounds and Ehiorobo’s vocal timbres that guide the body’s movement. 

Santosintention is felt both in the delivery and fine crafting of the song’s production that breathes influences of electronic, R&B, and soulful dub music. The mending of Ehiorobo’s deep vocal samples over the song’s pulsating bass and minimal sounding synths make space for the delicate percussion, creating an ephemeral sonic journey to embody the Santos’ colored mantra — “This sacred union within ourselves & with others gives birth to new life, manifesting the experiences that we seek to encounter,” Sky Society shares on the track.

Sky Society is the vessel guided by DJ/producer Juany Santos. “The concept was channeled back in 2013 when I was building the foundation for something bigger than myself. It was an ode to the power of music, past, present & future,” Santossays. The name Sky Society is an ode to Santos’ zodiac sign, Aquarius, and his natural connection to the cosmos and fascination with what goes on in the vast galaxies above us. 

Sky Society has performed at Chicago’s North Coast Music Festival and opened for heavy-hitters including Sugar Hill Gang, RJD2, Star Slinger, Escort, Sweater Beats, Flamingosis, Nosaj Thing and more. From 2016 to 2020, Santos owned and operated his own record shop and small music venue called Moira Lazarus in Lancaster, PA. After four years Santos outgrew the space, and has since focused on launching his own label Higher Frequency Recordings as a platform for himself and others to press quality music on vinyl, passing the torch and preserving the culture. 

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Milly Roze finds true herself in the “Garden” [Video]

Nashville raised singer-songwriter and producer Milly Roze‘s new release “Garden” serves as a precursor of many things to come from the emerging artiste. The short song is the perfect introduction to her as a multi-talented act who writes, produces, and mixes her own music in her home studio. “Garden” is as eclectic as they come and exudes an anthemic and soul-lifting energy filled with Roze’s commanding vocal runs and evocative lyrics that center on rebirth and self-empowerment. Roze’s angelic vocals float effortlessly over the cinematic backdrop and slowly draw the listener into her world as she blossoms into her final form. 

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For the visuals, director Alison Geodde takes charge and helps bring Roze’s rebirth to life. Geodde makes use of performance shots, moody lighting, and a set-piece that captures the artist’s transformation. It’s a very deliberate and straight to the point hence closing any other form of interpretation from viewers. 

“Garden” is the intro track to her forthcoming EP.

Milly Roze is a Nashville-raised musician with Korean, African American, and American heritage. She started studying the piano at 5 years old and from vocal training she also went to production/sound engineering school to augment her musical skills.

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Juelz starts an ‘Inferno’ with latest pre-EP single

Juelz starts an ‘Inferno’ with latest pre-EP singleJuelz Insta

Sable Valley mainstay Juelz has hit the ground running yet again with “Inferno,” his latest pre-EP single. Following “Enter the World” with fellow emerging entity JAWNS, the bass maestro has consistently doled out one heater after another, and “Enter the World” falls right in line with this pattern.

“Inferno” brings forth a nostalgic, ’90s-reminiscent vocal sample and builds up to a trap-infused beat surrounded by intricate chops and a reverberating bassline. Famed for his work on “Formula” alongside RL Grime in 2019, the Canadian producer is only beginning to be recognized one of bass music’s boldest purveyors.

Stream “Inferno” below and stay tuned for Juelz’s forthcoming EP.

Featured image: Juelz/Instagram

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Audien’s latest Armada Music output leaves us feeling anything but ‘Blue’

Audien’s latest Armada Music output leaves us feeling anything but ‘Blue’195414205 1184650605336085 2976841562789120875 N 1

Audien’s union with Armada Music continues to blossom as he releases his second solo single in as many months on Armin van Buuren-backed label. Following “Learn To Love Again,” the Los Angeles-based producer has burst back onto the scene after a relatively quiet 2020 that saw him release just one single, “Craving” with ARTY, on the heels of a massive 2019 that saw the release of his debut album, Escapism. The progressive house mainstay continues to deliver the nostalgic sound fans know and love on “Blue.”

In May, the Connecticut-born talent released a remix of End of the World’s “Dropout Boulevard” that debuted on Porter Robinson’s Secret Sky virtual festival during the Japanese band’s performance. Audien also put out Audien Presents: 20 Years Of Anjunabeats in March. To date, Audien has dropped hints that a big year might be afoot, and his past few releases have confirmed just that.

Featured image: Audien/Instagram

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Habstrakt heads to Deadbeats for high-octane single, ‘The Sound’

Habstrakt heads to Deadbeats for high-octane single, ‘The Sound’121212683 1198553587192926 4653831032199521624 N

Habstrakt has brought his latest single “The Sound” to Deadbeats. Marking Habstrakt’s debut Deadbeats outing, the action-packed track directly succeeds his April 16 effort, “Ice Cold,” with Dancing Astronaut‘s June Supernova, KARRA. The high-octane cut joins the three projects in Habstrakt’s rearview: “Ice Cold,” Gotta Be (Remixes), and his remix of Nitepunk‘s “Flow,” further stocking his arsenal of originals awaiting live deployment in the months to come.

Featured image: Matt Cary

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Get your ‘Thrills’ from Wax Motif and Jaxon Rose’s latest

Get your ‘Thrills’ from Wax Motif and Jaxon Rose’s latestWa Motif 1

Wax Motif and Jaxon Rose bring the “Thrills” to the electronic release ring for a Divided Souls single that merges the former’s inimitable production touch with Jaxon Rose’s-Weeknd-esque vocals. “Thrills” marks Wax Motif’s second single of the year, following his collaboration with Phlegmatic Dogs, “Need You.” Wax Motif is also gearing up for his forthcoming album, Hard Street, which saw its first single, “All Black Everything,” released late last year.

Featured image: Leonardo Kaczmarek

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Magna Carda bask in the good memories on “Do It Again”

“Do It Again” is the newest release from Austin-based alternative hip-hop duo Magna Carda. Made up of MC-producer duo Megz Kelli and Dougie Do who fuse neo/soul, hip-hop, and live instrumentation into their musical arsenal to deliver a refreshing and unfiltered display of their art. “Do It Again” sure packs a punch with its jazz-influenced production ripe with pulsating basslines, smooth keys, guitars, and airy horns to complete the job.

Lead emcee Megz Kelli comes through strong with a strong personality as she flows effortlessly over the lush backdrop laid before her. Armed with a commanding vocal presence and knack for switching between bravado bars and insightful thoughts, she gives listeners quite a range of emotions on the track. At some point, she is somber and reflective and at other points, she is in her bag kicking up dust with reckless abandon.

Magna Carda started their musical journey together in 2016 in the city of Austin and they haven’t looked back since. They currently have 3 LPs and an EP in their discography. “Do It Again” is taken from their project To The Good People.

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David Boyd makes the challenging decision to “Stay or Walk Away” [Video]

We all know what it is like to come to a crossroads in our lives. There is usually that point of no return. It is a place where we can either live with pure authenticity or continue with our façade. David Boyd’s new single “Stay or Walk Away” explores that landmark moment. With jangly guitars and daring, danceable rhythms, the tune surges with palpable static energy. The accompanying lyric video possesses that same intoxicating electric quality. Opening with a female’s rich, red lips, the intro is as bold as the song itself. From the fuzzy effects to flashing sunsets there is a deep intensity highlighted throughout.

[embedded content]

The Denmark native is most recognized for his punk pop band New Politics. Growing up his dad listened to rock, but his mom played pop, which led him to the vibrant mix of the two he showcases today. Though things for the band took a backseat once the pandemic hit, he still continued elevating his craft and his solo project was born. This fiery offering is the first piece off his upcoming album. We look forward to hearing more from the tenacious talent.

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