Ty’Dre finds ‘Purpose’ in his first EP

Ty’Dre releases his first EP titled Purpose, a chilling 5-track project with powerful lyrics and light piano keys, chimes, and attention-grabbing heavy bass.
Ty’Dre has dropped numerous singles over the years, leaving fans anxiously waiting for a proper full-length project. Purpose was worth the wait, giving a taste of his versatile musicality.
“We Up” is definitely my favorite track of the whole project. Sonically, “We Up” is top notch. Every piano key that is struck is is very light, which is contradictory to the lyrics because the words contain pain. This beautiful paradox continues as the snappy beats, the heavy chimes, and the harsh bass comes on, gearing more towards a parallelism in the lyrics as Ty’Dre reveals the struggle in his story, as he tries to elevate his community by giving them game. Through the interesting mix of production and the lyrics, he is not afraid to mix the light and the dark sides.  
On “Clearer,” Ty’Dre shows us a more vulnerable and heartfelt side of songwriting while still maintaining impeccable delivery, flow, and rhymes. Being a love song, his poetic lyricism is delivered with pure conviction. The chimes, snappy beats, and the piano keys in the production create a deeper level of dimension to the overall sound.