Free Sequential Pro 3 Update Expands Its Sound Palette

Sequential today released a free update to their Pro 3 monophonic synthesizer that adds a set of 32 new wavetables, significantly expanding its sound palette.

As a hybrid instrument, the Pro 3 features two VCOs plus a third, digital wavetable oscillator. The new wavetables are derived from an eclectic collection of sources, including the Fairlight IIx, a vintage Sequential Circuits TOM drum machine, dual TAU 20-stage phasers, a boutique Frequency Shifter, an Equinox EQ Phaser and classic 90’s-era Turbosynth sound design software. Also included are a selection of heavily processed acoustic instruments, such as Chapman Stick and human voice.

To showcase the new wavetables, Sequential is also providing a new bank of 128 sounds that put the wavetables to use. Each sound in the set includes extensive modulation routings, effects setups and its own sequence to demonstrate the sound in context.

“Our whole concept behind the Pro 3 was to make it the deepest, best-sounding, most endlessly creative mono synth you’ll ever own,” says Sequential founder Dave Smith: “With new wavetables, new sound banks, and new software features like Patch Morphing, we’re not only keeping it fresh, we’re keeping firmly at the leading edge of hybrid synths.”

Audio Demos:

Sequential shared demos by Peter Dyer and Drew Neumann. All sounds are recorded directly from the Pro 3 using the new Add-On wavetables and Add-On Program Bank created by Drew Neumann:

Pricing and Availability

The new wavetables and sound bank are available for download free of charge on Sequential’s website.

The Sequential Pro 3 is available in two versions, the standard edition for $1,500, and the Pro 3 SE, with a tilting control panel and walnut trim for $2,099.

Frankie Knuckles’ record collection goes on display in New York’s Gagosian Gallery

Frankie Knuckles’ record collection has gone on display at a New York gallery

Ahead of the release of four unreleased remixes from the late house pioneer on 9th July, the Gagosian gallery and Chicago artist Theaster Gates have teamed up to present an installation featuring 5,000 records from his personal collection. 

Among the highlights in the collection – which is part of a group exhibition called Social Works – is an early promotional copy of ‘The Whistle Song’ and a pressing of 1995 release ‘Hard & Soul’ featuring a personal note by New York DJ and producer Danny Tenaglia.

In 2017, The Frankie Knuckles Foundation shared a video teaser of the legendary DJ and producer’s record collection, which was housed inside Stony Island Arts Bank in Knuckles’ hometown of Chicago for four years. The foundation was set up to protect Knuckles’ legacy and raise money and advocate for a variety of causes that were close to the legendary selector’s heart, including music in school, LGBTQ youth homelessness, diabetes research, and more.

Knuckles, born Francis Warren Nicholls, Jr., died in 2014 due to complications from diabetes. 

Speaking to Antwaun Sargent as part of the Social Works supplement, his close friend Ron Trent said, “Frankie’s music, his art, his style, everything, it talked to me. I was able to take that and then, through my own filter, develop my craft. The seeds that he planted sonically, through his emotions, everything else, they are why we – students of his, people that went to go hear him, people coming up under him – are following along this unseen spiritual thread he helped weave into the industry.”

“His approach, his psyche, his emotions, and his energy are still here,” Trent continued. “As we know through science, energy doesn’t dissipate, it just changes form. It’s still floating around, you know. That’s why we’re having the conversation today.”

Check out highlights from the installation via Gagosian.


Illenium, Alison Wonderland, Excision and more announced for HiJinx NYE festival

Illenium, Alison Wonderland, Excision and more announced for HiJinx NYE festivalHijyn Festival Andrea Johnson

This New Year’s Eve weekend, HiJinx will be returning to the Pennsylvania Convention Center for a two-day festival. The lineup features artists across electronic genre lines, including headliners Alison Wonderland, Excision, GRiZ, Illenium, Jauz b2b Kayzo, and Louis The Child. Other highlights include performances from Said The Sky, Wooli, LSDREAM, and Wreckno.

HiJinx 2021 is only the young festival’s third iteration, and its first since 2019 when Skrillex performed the midnight set. Compared to the previous HiJinx, 2021’s event features less bass and dubstep artists, although the lineup provides plenty for head-bangers to look forward to. Additionally, the event adds to the growing list of New Year’s Eve festivals across the country, including Lights All Night in Dallas. Tickets for HiJinx go on sale Friday July 9 on their website.

Illenium, Alison Wonderland, Excision and more announced for HiJinx NYE festivalHijyn

Featured image: HiJinx/Instagram

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Paul van Dyk has remixed Energy 52’s ‘Cafe Del Mar’

Paul van Dyk has will release two remixes later this month.

Following the release of his ambient album, ‘Escape Reality’, last year, and the subsequent Guiding Light LP, the trance legend has remixed Energy 52’s ultimate Ibiza track, ‘Cafe Del Mar’, for a new EP.

Marking the first new release on Superstition Records in almost two decades, the new remix package from Paul van Dyk will be released on the 23rd July, and will be comprised of an ‘XOXO’ mix and a ‘Shine’ mix.

According to a press release, “the XOXO remix slows the tempo slightly and employs crisp percussion and deep, pulsing bass while still maintaining the out-and-out exhilaration of that epic breakdown, while for the trancepurists the Shine remix delivers the atmosphere of the late ’90s alongside the sharp production aesthetics of the modern day”.

Back in 2018, Italian duo Tale Of Us gave ‘Café Del Mar’ a glorious melodic makeover to mark the 25th anniversary of the track’s release.

Since the early ’90s, when pioneers like Ferry Corsten, Paul Van Dyk, and Jam & Spoon crafted some of the earliest and best-loved trance records, the genre has gone through huge swings in popularity. Today, the sound is as strong as ever, as artists like Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, and plenty of newcomers fly the flag for trance the world over. To find out why the genre has endured for so long, DJ Mag spoke to some of its greatest producers – and some of their answers may surprise you.

Pcaul Van Dyk’s Cafe Del Mar remixes mark thfit new release

Berlin gets new open-air, lakeside music venue, Plötze

A new lakeside venue is set to open in Berlin.

Based in Wedding, a locality in the central borough of Mitte, Plötze is an open-air venue promising a sandy dance floor, a customised reggae soundsystem, and the opportunity for attendees to take a dip in the nearby Plötzensee lake.

Launching on Saturday, 10th July with sets by the likes of Giammarco Orsini and Vlada, the venue will also host Pornceptual on 18th July, and kickstarts its own series, Likeminded By The Lake, on 24th July with a set by The 7th Plain, AKA Luke Slater.

In order to attend the venue, attendees must bring a negative COVID-19 test or proof of vaccination and wear a mask when not sitting down, among other regulations. Keep up to date with the venue via their website and Instagram page.

The venue launch comes following Berlin easing coronavirus restrictions in nightclubs last month. 

Earlier this year, the Berlin Club Commission (BCC) unveiled a six-point plan to reopen the city’s venues, which included a run of pilot events with rapid COVID-19 testing, as well as a central information hub for clubs that will share hygiene concept recommendations and current regulations.

In other Berlin clubbing news, Berghain will reopen its garden area this weekend.

New 1000-capacity outdoor club, Centrale93, opens in Paris

A new outdoor club has opened in Paris.

Opening its doors on Saturday, 3rd July, the 1,000-capacity Centrale93 is the brainchild of Paris nightclub Chapelle XIV and Yoyaku, a label, record store and booking agency based in the city.

The launch of the venue comes a month on from Paris club Djoon launching a crowdfunder to aid its planned reopening. Described as an “ephemeral place of arts and life”, it is located in the Saint-Denis area of the city and is part of a drive to rehabilitating brownfields, or an area in a city that was previously used for industrial purposes.

Artists lined up to perform at Centrale93 include Ricardo Villalobos, Move D, rRoxymore, Deena Abdelwahed and more.

“In March 2020, our biggest event was supposed to take place, featuring our entire Yoyaku roster as well as Ricardo Villalobos,” promoter Benjamin Belaga told RA. “It was one of the first events in Europe to be rescheduled because of the pandemic. We have since then been searching for an outdoor venue, to reschedule this party.

“By chance, this wasteland in Saint-Denis, bordering Paris, was suited to hold musical events. We have the chance to take it over for the upcoming months, and we plan to make the most out of it!”

Last summer, a 10,000-person rave in France was locked down by authorities.

Premiere: Pauline Herr disperses final pre-‘CONTRADICTIONS’ EP single, ‘Dodgeball’

Premiere: Pauline Herr disperses final pre-‘CONTRADICTIONS’ EP single, ‘Dodgeball’Pauline Herr

Two self-produced EPs, one year’s time. Safe to say, it’s been an industrious year for Pauline Herr, who, after becoming the first female artist to issue a self-produced EP via Trap Nation’s Lowly Palace in May 2020 (see ghost), is preparing her six-song sophomore project, CONTRADICTIONS, for its July 30 arrival via Seeking Blue Records. The songstress, notable for singing, producing, and mixing her productions, brings CONTRADICTIONS’ pre-release phase of the rollout to a mid-tempo close with the final pre-EP single, “Dodgeball.” 

Despite the track’s titular reference to a recreational past time that, by mere mention, evokes nostalgia and a touch of whimsy, lyrically, “Dodgeball” courts a subject more serious than its name might suggest. Herr said of “Dodgeball’s” conceptual basis,

“The name ‘Dodgeball’ comes from the first few lyrics that go, ‘when we were younger, I would always want you on my team.’ I remember always hoping I’d get some quality time with my crush during gym class when we’d be split up into teams, and I think that situation kind of embodies the story I’m trying to tell with these lyrics-really just wanting to be noticed by someone you’re crushing on.

I wrote this song about a year ago when I caught myself reflecting on my high school crush. I decided to put some feelings that I had felt for a while about a weird situation into words, even though my feelings for that person had long passed. I felt an urge to write a song about the lingering wounds that always seemed to open back up again whenever this person-who-shall-not-be-named would show up in my life again some way or another. I always wondered if he’d been clueless to my feelings or just wasn’t as interested in me as he had been in the past. It’s quite the sticky situation that I’ll probably bring up to him one day and laugh about but it haunted me for a long time.”

“Dodgeball” will formally release on July 9, but can be streamed in full one day early, only on Dancing Astronaut.

Featured image: Pauline Herr/Facebook

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Japan officially leads in 3D trompe-l’œil cat projections

Yes, yes, Olympics, all that. At least Shinjuku is establishing just the leadership we would expect in making enormous projected cats peer out from buildings in eerily realistic ways.

Here’s a glimpse:

[embedded content]

There is also a live-stream version – ooh, this makes me miss Tokyo and the outside world even more:

[embedded content]

Given Tokyo’s new state of emergency, we may have to go virtual-virtual / meta-meta here. But if you can read Japanese, there is a detailed project site:

And yes, it is VISIONCAT!

The grand opening broadcast starts on Monday the 12th, and evidently involves the cat doing cat things from 7am in the morning until 1am at night. But it has already drawn crowds and international media attention.

It’s a high-traffic area – 3-23-18 Shinjuku, right at the entrance of the JR Shinjuku stop (as you can see in the video) and Kabukicho. They’ve got 4K LED displays curving across a space over 500 meters wide – one big cat, in other words. Yunika Vision built the project, which runs across a multi-story event space, too (hopefully one allowing pets), with Cross Shinjuku Vision providing streaming. And since it is Japan, of course, it also comes with loud stereo sound.

I also appreciate that there’s a cat cafe and a pet shop next door, coincidentally, it seems:


Anyway, Create Digital Motion fans – can you top this giant cat? Let’s see your work. Hit us up.

Premiere: Honey & Badger green lights superheated Secret Room 2 ID, ‘Rampage’

Premiere: Honey & Badger green lights superheated Secret Room 2 ID, ‘Rampage’90851707 806702759839282 3156383083716935680 N

One ID stood above everything else when DJ Snake and Malaa dipped into their classified Secret Room site for round two this past February, forcing us to immediately send a tweet out about just how good it was. It didn’t take long at all for Honey & Badger’s name to subsequently get attached as its founder, and the now-solo Belgian act has finally been given the green light nearly five months later to deliver one of the most-talked-about IDs within house music and beyond this year, “Rampage.”

Joining both Kohmi and Malaa as the only names thus far to be written off the unreleased section of the Secret Room 2 tracklist, Honey & Badger guaranteed that his third appearance of 2021 was going to count. We made it known the moment we heard it, but Honey & Badger’s high-quality reading of “Rampage” plainly corroborates our one-line description of it as “absolute fire,” with the original being suited up in a farsighted, reviving bass house attire and continuing to document Honey & Badger’s potent grip on this coming generation of house music. Honey & Badger took a moment to reflect on the year-plus road to this release and how it was actually mere moments from being indefinitely locked away, explaining,

“I started working on Rampage a bit more than a year ago, during the first lockdown. I came across those vocals while digging through samples and I instantly know I had to do something with them but I couldn’t figure out what exactly. The project was sitting on my computer and I almost gave up on the track until Habstrakt told me it had some potential. With his help, I forced myself to finish it, sent it to Malaa & Snake and… voilà!”

“Rampage” is out everywhere via Bass House Music on July 9, but can be streamed in full one day early, exclusively on Dancing Astronaut.

Featured image: shotbywozniak

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James Vickery, SG Lewis make magic on sultry sophomore meeting, ‘Finally’

James Vickery, SG Lewis make magic on sultry sophomore meeting, ‘Finally’SG Lewis

Dim the lights, set flame to a candle; Let it flicker, shadows dancing on the wall. It’s the sort of ambiance best suited for James Vickery and SG Lewis‘ “Finally,” a slow burn and viscous sonic pour that comes courtesy of TH3RD BRAIN to script “JV” and SG’s sophomore meeting. The R&B asset and the times conceptualist first aligned their names in the song credits on October 2019’s “Pressure,” and as “Finally” asserts with its downtempo allure, the synergy of their first single was no fluke. Stream the JV and SG co-penned production below.

Featured image: Chris Taylor

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