Curbi caters to the festival circuit with ‘Seeing Is Believing’

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With June’s “The Drum” in the sonic rearview, Curbi is stepping out on Martin Garrix‘s STMPD Records in solo fashion—for the first time in label history. His solo debut on STMPD finds him tapping into his status as a triple threat, writing, recording, and even supplying the vocals for “Seeing Is Believing.”

‘’I wanted to go back to my roots making something melodic yet with an energetic festival touch…only this time experimenting with my own vocal and playing with a colorful touch! I’m very happy with the result,” Curbi said of the single, his sixth of the calendar year. To date, Curbi’s cast of 2021 collaborators has spanned Mike Cervello, PolyAnna, Moksi, Kyan Parker, and even Tchami, and after a recent tear punctuated by joint projects, it’s damn good to see Curbi back in the driver’s seat, singularly flexing his dance finesse.

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Cherry Audio Intros Memorymode, A Software Emulation Of The Moog Memorymoog

Cherry Audio Intros Memorymode, A Software Emulation Of The Moog Memorymoog
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Cherry Audio today introduced Memorymode, a new software synthesizer for Mac & Windows, based on one of the very best-sounding polyphonic analog synthesizers of the 80s – the Moog Memorymoog.

Memorymode was modeled upon a vintage Memorymoog that was originally owned by jazz legend Chick Corea. The developers say that Memorymode “expands upon the original, without compromising any of the sound or functionality that made it great”, adding new synthesis features, greater polyphony, adjustable ‘slop’, MPE support and more.

Cherry Audio has updated the original design with a variety of features:

  • Memorymode’s LFO, arpeggio, and delay effects all feature one-button tempo sync.
  • Filter and amplitude velocity sensitivity add a new layer of expressiveness.
  • A unique Drift parameter allows continuously-variable adjustment of tuning accuracy, from perfectly in tune, to aged and loose, or anywhere in between.
  • The ‘Modern’ button brings Memorymode into the present with fattened bass and sparkling highs.
  • Comprehensive MPE support is included for expressive controller performances.
  • Memorymode’s effects add the final polish to patches, including a stereo phaser, a stereo ensemble, a flexible tempo-synced echo and a reverb section.
  • The user interface has also been streamlined and simplified, trading the original instrument’s numeric-keypad-and-command-numbers with pop-up menus and an improved value display window.


  • Ladder filter with selectable 12- and 24-dB/octave slopes
  • “Authentically modeled” three oscillator voice architecture
  • Up to 16-voice polyphony
  • Over 600 presets, programmed by industry veterans
  • Expanded Voice Modulation section with up to six simultaneous destinations
  • Improved arpeggio section w/tempo sync
  • Drift control for increased analog realism
  • Tempo-syncable LFO
  • Detunable unison mode with up to 48 oscillators per key
  • Improved single-key chord memory mode
  • Modern button for beefy lows and crystalline highs
  • Highly optimized coding for high performance with ultra-low CPU load
  • Advanced one-click UI magnification
  • Comprehensive MPE support
  • Studio-quality phaser, ensemble, delay with tempo sync, and reverb effects
  • Full MIDI control and DAW automation for all controls

Pricing and Availability

Memorymode is available now with an intro price of $39, normally $59.

BOSS Intros EV-1-WL Wireless MIDI Expression Pedal

BOSS Intros EV-1-WL Wireless MIDI Expression Pedal
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BOSS has introduced the EV-1-WL, the world’s first MIDI expression pedal with Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

The EV-1-WL provides wireless MIDI foot control for BOSS products like the EURUS GS-1, Waza-Air, and Katana-Air, music apps on mobile devices and anything that can receive MIDI Control Change (CC) messages via Bluetooth MIDI. USB and MIDI TRS jacks are also available for wired control of music software and standard MIDI devices.

BOSS also provides a free EV-1-WL Editor app for iOS and Android mobile devices, users can fully customize the pedal for their needs over Bluetooth.

The EV-1-WL can communicate wirelessly with a standard 5-pin MIDI device that has the Roland WM-1 Wireless MIDI Adaptor installed. The EV-1-WL can also pair via Bluetooth with Mac computers, smartphones, and tablets to interface with music apps that support remote operation with MIDI CC messages. The wireless connection brings easy real-time control to all types of applications, from guitar amp simulators and effects to virtual instruments and music production software.

Over USB, the EV-1-WL functions as a plug-and-play MIDI controller for music software on Mac and Windows computers. The class-compliant interface means there are no drivers to install—just connect to the computer with a USB cable and configure the software as needed for external MIDI input.

It can also be used with BOSS pedals equipped with TRS MIDI, including 200 series effects and the RC-5 and RC-500 Loop Stations. And with the BOSS BMIDI-5-35 adaptor cable, the EV-1-WL can connect to any device that has a standard 5-pin MIDI input jack.

Using the EV-1-WL Editor app, custom MIDI CC numbers and value ranges can be assigned to the EV-1-WL’s pedal, toe switch, and optional external footswitches. The Bluetooth, USB, and TRS MIDI outputs support simultaneous operation, and users can create independent control settings for each.

It’s also possible to set the switches for momentary or latching operation, adjust the pedal’s response curve, and more.

Pricing and Availability

The EV-1-WL Wireless MIDI Expression Pedal will be available in the U.S. in October 2021 for $149.99 USD.

Maneco Labs Intros Grone Expander Eurorack Drone Machine

Maneco Labs Intros Grone Expander Eurorack Drone Machine
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Uruguay-based Maneco Labs recently introduced the Grone Expander, a 4-voice touch-controlled drone machine in Eurorack format.

It’s based on two oscillators from their Grone Drone Synth – one wavetable oscillator and one PWM sawtooth/noise oscillator. The oscillator mix is processed through a modulated delay section, with two multi waveforms LFOs and the final output has an overdrive “grit” control.

The developers say that the module can be used on its own or “run through Grone filter and Clouds for a rich soundscape experience”.


  • 4 voice touch controlled drone module
  • 2 Drone oscillators same as Grone
  • 2 wavetable oscillators
  • 2 multi waveform lfo’s
  • Modulated delay section
  • Dirt stage at output
  • Can be used stand alone or processed through grone external input

Pricing and Availability

The Grone Expander is available now for $465 USD.

Hackney venue EartH calls for local support for late licence application

Hackney venue EartH is calling for support for its later license application to Hackney Council.

The venue has until Friday, 16th July to collect letters in support of their application to give to Hackney Council. “If you’re a local resident, business or have a strong link to Hackney, it would mean the world to us if you could take five minutes to write one,” the venue’s owners said.

In the venue’s application, the owners are requesting an extra two hours trading on Friday and Saturday nights, from 2am to 4am, which they say will be critical to the financial viability of the space as it emerges out of an extended period of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“As a social enterprise our mission is to present some of the best artists from around the world, but also to be a platform for new local artists coming up and a hub for music education in the borough,” a note shared by the venue’s owners said. “We are determined that these imperatives do not fall away and extra hours of trading will help us to secure this important work.”

In order to be valid, the owners say, letters must be relevant to the Licensing Objectives: Prevention of Crime and Disorder; Prevention of Public Nuisance; Public Safety; and Protection of Children From Harm.

Find out more about EartH via the venue’s website.

Read DJ Mag’s piece on how the reopening of clubs from 19th July might play out here.

Insomniac shares full lineup for Nocturnal Wonderland’s 2021 return with deadmau5, Seven Lions, Malaa, and more

Insomniac shares full lineup for Nocturnal Wonderland’s 2021 return with deadmau5, Seven Lions, Malaa, and moreDeadmau5 Dayofthedeadmau5 Leah Sems

Although the Nocturnal Wonderland’s virtual event last year kept fans craving for live sets at bay, nothing can beat seeing Glen Helen Regional Park come to life with dance music, swaths of excited ravers, and Insomniac’s untouchable production value, giant electric caterpillars and all.

As usual, the lineup boasts performances from electronic music’s most in-demand talents, including 12th Planet, deadmau5, Flux Pavilion, and AC Slater, as well as up-and-comers including JEANIE, Eli & Fur, HVDES, and Lucii. With more artists still to be announced, along with a renewed sense of excitement for the return of live events this summer, Nocturnal Wonderland is gearing up to be one for the books. The festival is slated for September 18 and 19, with tickets and camping passes going on sale here starting Friday, July 16. With more artists still to be announced, along with a renewed sense of excitement for the return of live events this summer, Nocturnal Wonderland is gearing up to be one for the books.

See the full talent roster below.

Insomniac shares full lineup for Nocturnal Wonderland’s 2021 return with deadmau5, Seven Lions, Malaa, and moreNocturnal Wonderland 2021 Lineup

Featured image: Leah Sems

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Premiere: STAR SEED flash ‘Shades of Blue’ in self-released single featuring Danni Scape

Premiere: STAR SEED flash ‘Shades of Blue’ in self-released single featuring Danni ScapeStarseed 026 1

STAR SEED are the gift that keeps on giving. Continuing a hot release run that includes their debut EP, INNERSPACE released via Ophelia Records as well as a pair of singles, “U & I” and “Chasing Stars”, the Cincinnati duo is back with a new self-released single titled, “Shades of Blue.” Featuring Danni Scape’s vocals, “Shades of Blue” is yet another in a long line of quality releases from STAR SEED since their inception in September, 2020.

Elaborating on the new single, the pair told Dancing Astronaut,

Noah:  “’Shades of Blue’ is one of my personal favorite songs that we have written. Drew sent me the intro and verse sections of the song one day and I felt very inspired and ended up staying up all night creating the drops and structuring out the entire song.”

Drew: “I started this song one night and sent Noah an mp3 of the verses and chorus over iMessage to see if he liked it. I went to bed and woke up the next morning and Noah had built the rest of the song out using the low-quality audio I sent. After that we worked with Danni Scape and her team to build out the lyrical mood and ended up with something that we really love.”

STAR SEED will be releasing “Shades of Blue” across all streaming platforms on July 16. The up-and-coming producers have also partnered with Mint Songs to offer the new single as a non-fungible token (NFT). Stream “Shades of Blue” below.

Featured image: Erin Norwark, Ashton Rogers

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Kasbo renews ‘The Making of a Paracosm’ with official remix EP

Kasbo renews ‘The Making of a Paracosm’ with official remix EPKasbo 3 Miles Chrisinger

Swedish producer Kasbo’s lauded sophomore LP, The Making of a Paracosm, recently received a partial, yet equally striking, makeover from some of dance music’s finest. The original project dropped in October of 2020, and it snagged the a top five position atop Dancing Astronaut’s Top 20 Electronic Albums of 2020. Characterized by its visceral reflection of the producer’s personal life, The Making of a Paracosm‘s critically acclaimed legacy continues with Foreign Family Collective‘s release of its official remix EP, The Making of a Paracosm (Remixes Vol. 1).

Earlier this summer, Kasbo commissioned Manila Killa for an atmospheric rebranding of his Vancouver Sleep Clinic-assisted “Lune.” Fast forward a bit, and the fully materialized remix EP consists of five total reworks. The supplemental project opens with future-house remix of the LP’s penultimate track, “Show You,” courtesy of Duskus, followed by contributions from Mindchatter, BOIII, and a joint remix of “Blur” from Just A Gent and Rando. Stream The Making of a Paracosm (Remixes Vol. 1) below.

Featured image: Miles Chrisinger

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Logic1000 drops two new singles, ‘Safe In My Arms/YourLove’: Listen

Logic1000 has released two new singles, ‘Safe In My Arms’ and ‘YourLove’.

Both out today as a digital only release, they follow on from the release earlier this year of the Aussie producer’s ‘You’ve Got The Whole Night To Go’ EP.

Speaking about the tracks, the producer, real name Samantha Poulter, said: “When I started working on this record, I had initially planned to make something slamming – some peak time summer anthems. But through the process of making them, I found a different side of my production – the tracks ended up a lot deeper than I intended, and I’m happy for it.

“They give me the feeling of warmth and nostalgia. This is a mood I was excited to land on, and I’m looking forward to exploring it further. This is house music for the morning. Not the morning at the end of the night, but the morning at the start of the day. ‘Safe In My Arms’ feels like it’s waking up, and ‘YourLove’ takes that energy and runs with it.”

You can listen to both tracks below.

Logic1000 was listed as one of our artists to watch for 2021 at the start of this year.

Swedish House Mafia announce debut album ‘Paradise Again,’ cap near-decade release hiatus with ‘It Gets Better’ [Stream]

Swedish House Mafia announce debut album ‘Paradise Again,’ cap near-decade release hiatus with ‘It Gets Better’ [Stream]DzY1KSbQAE6JAr

It happened. Swedish House Mafia released new music.

Seeing those words actually written out is legitimately surreal, considering no one was sure this day would ever come after they went their separate ways in 2013. After nine painstakingly long years—including what feels like an eternity since their Ultra 2018 reformationAxwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Steve Angello have arisen (for good this time), and they didn’t come empty handed, ceding their first piece of new music since 2012’s Grammy-nominated classic, “Don’t You Worry Child” with John Martin.

But it’s not just new music, it’s the first single from their debut album, which will appear as part of a new label deal through Republic Records. In an arrival date described as “late 2021,” Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Steve Angello will turn in Paradise Again, the trio’s first full-length, original-only project (excluding Until One and Until Now) that will include their first productions since 2012’s era-defining staple and Grammy-nominated classic, “Don’t You Worry Child” with John Martin.

“It Gets Better”—the ID that Swedish House Mafia re-welcomed themselves back into the public eye with during their first reunion show inside Stockholm’s Tele2 arena—has been set free, albeit completely unexpectedly and in an entirely different form than the 2019 version that we’d initially come to know and love.

Before we talk speak any further on the track itself, though, let’s map out how we even got to this point in the last week.

If it feels like this all came together in the blink of an eye, it’s because it did. Speculative chaos ensued on July 9 when a first suspicious poster—which waved nothing beyond Swedish House Mafia’s unmistakable three dots and a date of July 16—was spotted in Melbourne, Australia. But as Axwell began to doll out some indirect confirmation via his Instagram, and more posters began to pop up just a few days later in their hometown of Stockholm, followed by New York City, the realization that Swedish House Mafia were genuinely about to fill their near-decade release void started to gain serious momentum. It wasn’t until later that same day when all skepticism seemed to come to an immediate standstill, when the trio’s logo appeared on a billboard in the heart of Times Square, attached with a Spotify logo at the top and a July 15 due date (for timezone reasons) at the bottom, all but formally icing the fact that a new release was happening, regardless if anyone was ready for it or not.

Besides “Underneath It All” with Mike Posner, no argument can justify that Swedish House Mafia had a more sought-after reunion ID than “It Gets Better.” But after more than two years of it sitting untouched in the ID vault, the Swedes concluded that “It Gets Better” deserved a top-to-bottom makeover to keep things interesting—as they’ve always done and will continue to do. Still preserving the sample of Divas of Color’s 1994 single “One More Time,” “It Gets Better” went through a “severely long” creative process, according to Axwell. “It Gets Better” is evidently far cry from anything they built in the early 2010s, but Swedish House Mafia didn’t falter in being able to wind their brand of house music up into the 2020s.

Although we might’ve jokingly tossed Swedish House Mafia’s hat into both Dancing Astronaut‘s most-anticipated projects of 2021 ring and most-anticipated IDs of 2021 checklist, there was always going to be that 1% sliver of hope sitting in the back of our minds, because in reality it could’ve paid off at any instant that they deemed fit, although an asterisks will have to be placed next to “It Gets Better” being written off the ID list. There’s no definitive confirmation on where the trio is off to from this exact moment, but the one thing we do know is: the boys are back.

Via: Billboard

Featured image: Alive Coverage

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