New Tomita Album, Rising Planet: Tomita’s Greatest Works of Space Music, Now Available

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The music of Isao Tomita (1932 – 2016), like the music of many electronic music pioneers, has been hard to find on streaming services. Though he released more than a dozen albums, few of them are currently available.

A new album, Rising Planet – Tomita’s Greatest Works of Space Music, doesn’t fix that, but it at least makes some of his best tracks available to a new generation. The album brings together tracks from seven albums that were released on the Nippon Columbia DENON label in the last five years of Tomita’s life.

Here’s what the label has to say about the release:

What runs through all the tracks collected here is ‘space’.

This is a collection of best tracks by a superstar synthesizer artist who continued to embrace and depict his ‘longing for space’ until the end of his life.

Flying Lotus, who professes to be influenced by Tomita’s music and revealed that he was inspired by Tomita’s music even for his latest album “YASUKE”, which attracts both music fans and anime fans, has commented on his great predecessor.

“The sound of Tomita has been part of me for many years, I’ve used it in many different scenarios especially sleeping, the music of Tomita has shown me colorful visions and lucid dreams. These classical compositions are redefined and reimagined with such amazing sonics that, to me, are some of the most interesting sounds I’ve ever heard.

Tomita was ahead of his time and I’m so glad that there’s a new generation of listeners interested in his magic.”

Track List:

1. Mars

2. Itokawa and Hayabusa

3. Whistle and Chime – The Art of Sound Creation

4. 1ere Arabesque

5. Clair de Lune

6. Nuages

7. Rising Sun

8. The Sea Named “Solaris”

9. The Unanswered Question

10. Night on the Galactic Railroad

11. Rising of the Planet 9

Rising Planet: Tomita’s Greatest Works of Space Music is available now in digital/streaming formats.

New Music From Lisa Bella Donna – Mourning Light

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Behind The Sky has announced its 17th release, a new live album by ‘sonic sorceress’ Lisa Bella Donna.

Because of the album’s 78 minute length, it will also be the label’s first CD release.

Here’s what Bella Donna has to say about the new album:

“Mourning Light is a live performance, in collaboration with my dear friend and visual artist, Alicia Jean Vanderelli. In February 2021 she contacted me about a collaboration between the two of us at her sprawling beautiful art gallery. I would orchestra music and fill the room with sound, she would paint a 20 foot self constructed plastic room from the inside out.

Initially, we were just going to do the piece together / alone. Then we considered two shows with very limited audiences. This was such an imperative because it allowed us as performers the opportunity to experience the circulation that only comes when connecting to an audience in real time. It was the first, live public performance either of us had done since Covid19 & lockdown. Needless to say, it was an intensely cathartic and poignant journey throughout each performance. This recording captures the second & final performance of the night.”

The album was recorded and mixed to Tascam DA20 2-channel digital audio tape.

It’s available to pre-order at Bandamp. You can preview the album now via the embed below:

Audacity Gets Updated Privacy Policy To Address Spyware Concerns

The Audacity Team has announced that they’ve updated the Privacy Policy for Audacity to address spyware concerns raised by previous updates.

They note:

“We are introducing a revised privacy policy to address the concerns raised with the previous privacy policy published earlier in July.

The original policy, which was drafted in anticipation of the release of Audacity 3.0.3, received a large amount of media attention due to the inclusion of a few key provisions that appeared to some to violate promises we had previously made. We want to address the issues that were raised, give assurances about our intentions, and provide verifiable proof of what information is actually sent from Audacity.

The new privacy policy uses clearer language that we hope will explain our intentions more accurately this time. We are deeply sorry for the significant lapse in communication caused by the original privacy policy document.”

The team has also removed provisions that banned users under the age of 13 from using Audacity.

Here’s a summary of the main changes in the updated Audacity Privacy Policy:

  • Phrasing has been adjusted to remove ambiguity or aid in transparency, in particular that we do not collect any additional information for law enforcement or any other purpose
  • We have explained the purpose of the two networking features, error reporting and update checking
  • We have removed the provision that discourages children under 13 years old from using Audacity
  • We have taken steps to ensure that we never store a full IP address (we now truncate it before hashing or discard it entirely) and have reflected this change in the privacy policy document
  • We have made some changes to how we process error reports to ensure that we never store any potentially identifiable information

For Audacity users that have remaining concerns about the application’s status, a ‘fork’ of the audio editor has been created, Tenacity. Developers that want to contribute can see project info at Github.

Bass Physics delivers mellow new single ‘Our Mind’

Bass Physics delivers mellow new single ‘Our Mind’Bass Physics

Bass Physics has released his newest single titled, “Our Memory.” Incorporating a vibrant, buzzing future-bass framework, the track’s mellow melody invites a light, relaxed shoulder shimmy across a tight three-minute run. Coming together as a pleasing blend of sonic elements, Bass Physics delivers creating an altogether peaceful instrumental on “Our Memory.”

The new track comes from Bass Physics’ upcoming full-length release, Disillusion. The LP will mark Bass Physic’s first since becoming a solo project. While a release date for the full project has yet to be announced, fans can be held over by its first two singles, “Every Lonely Day” and “Our Memory” hot off the press below.

Featured image: Shutterfinger

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ISOxo re-ups at Sable Valley with hard-hitting ‘Aarena’

ISOxo re-ups at Sable Valley with hard-hitting ‘Aarena’Iso 1

In the bass and trap spaces, ISOxo is quickly bubbling to the top of the list of emerging acts to keep an eye on. Following his link up with RL Grime, “Stinger”, the Dancing Astronaut Artist to Watch in 2021 inductee is back to releasing on Grime’s fledging Sable Valley imprint. This time he’s releasing in solo fashion with what is sure to be another festival set ignitor in “Aarena”.

Featuring a familiar sample from Natasha Bedingfield’s “Pocket Full of Sunshine”, ISOxo takes us away on a wild ride through the low end of the spectrum. Fans have been clamoring for the previously unnamed ID’s release since the San Diego-native used it to close out his “KIDSGONEMAD” set from RL Grime’s Halloween IX virtual festival last fall.

“Aarena” marks ISOxo’s second release of 2021, and it is his first solo release of 2021, signaling to a steep upward trajectory for one of RL Grime’s brightest mentees. Listen to “Aarena” below.

Featured image: Tylor Vi

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Electronic musician and Editions Mego founder, Peter Rehberg, dies, aged 53

Electronic musician and Editions Mego founder, Peter Rehberg, has died, aged 53.

The news was shared via social media today (23rd) by one of the artist’s collaborators, François J. Bonnet, AKA Kassel Jaeger, the founder of French label INA-GRM.

“I am heartbroken,” Bonnet wrote, “Peter is gone, suddenly. Just like that. He hated goodbyes, effusions. Out of reserve. Out of sensitivity. He was one of the most kind, loyal and reliable people I have ever known. I feel privileged to have known him, to have collaborated with him and to have been his friend.”

The British-Austrian artist first began releasing music in the mid-90s under the alias Pita, championing experimental and ambient electronics, and in 1999, he received the Prix Ars Electronica Distinction Award for Digital Musics.

Throughout his career, Rehberg collaborated with musicians such as Stephen O’Malley, the guitarist in the avant-metal band Sunn O))), as well as forming an electronic trio with Jim O’Rourke and Christian Fennesz.

Following the shutdown of Ramon Bauer, Peter Meininger and Andreas Pieper’s Mego imprint, where Rehberg had worked as label manager for a decade, the artist launched his own imprint, Editions Mego. Since its founding in 2006, the label has released records from artists like Bruce Gilbert, Emeralds, Oneohtrix Point Never and Kevin Drumm.

You can read some of the tributes to Rehberg below. 

David Guetta revives Jack Back moniker for new single ‘I’ve Been Missing You’

David Guetta revives Jack Back moniker for new single ‘I’ve Been Missing You’David Guetta 3

David Guetta has revived his house alias, Jack Back for an infectious new single, “I’ve Been Missing You.” Teaming up with Guz and Ferreck Dawn, the single weaves in a vintage house sound, creating a bouncy, piano-laden progression that’s designed to turn dance floors into saunas this summer.

As Jack Back, Guetta released the single “Head & Heart” in August of 2020. While time tends to lapse between Jack Back releases, Guetta has remained busy over the past year. On July 20, he and MORTEN created a future rave mix exclusively for Dancing Astronaut. Guetta also recently teamed up with Galantis and Little Mix for “Heartbreak Anthem.”

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ZHU offers a ‘summer anthem for the kids’—stream ‘Monster’

ZHU offers a ‘summer anthem for the kids’—stream ‘Monster’Zhu Credit Rukes

ZHU’s latest collaboration with multi-platinum singer/songwriter, John The Blind, is a distinct shift from the enigmatic virtuoso’s signature sound. Dispatched via Astralwerks, “Monster” marks ZHU’s follow-up to his critically acclaimed junior LP, DREAMLAND 2021. Although perhaps not reflected in the title, “Monster” is a both bright and celebratory single, with ZHU explaining,

“I wanted to create a summer anthem for the kids who are finally able to go out.”

In addition to a fresh single, ZHU announced four concert dates for fall 2021, two nights at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, October 10 and 11, and two nights at Avant Gardner in Brooklyn, November 24 and 26. Coming off a sold out, six-night run at Red Rocks last May, ZHU now seeks to share his renowned live appeal with audiences in California and New York. If unable to attend, fans can witness the DREAMLAND producer’s live set at CRSSD Festival in San Diego, Electric Daisy Carnival, and Outside Lands. See ZHU’s upcoming tour dates below, purchase tickets to his freshly announced dates in LA and Brooklyn here, and stream “Monster” below.

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John Summit, Vintage Culture re-up Sofi Tukker’s ‘Drinkee’ with burning tech-house spin

John Summit, Vintage Culture re-up Sofi Tukker’s ‘Drinkee’ with burning tech-house spin216543129 1009722373131503 8599501801917333259 N

John Summit hit the nail on the head when branding his co-remix alongside Vintage Culture for Sofi Tukker’s Grammy-nominated 2016 original “Drinkee” as “the biggest track of [his] sets this summer,” despite having “Make Me Feel,” “Better Than This,” and “Witch Doctor” accredited to his name. Both Dancing Astronaut’s Artist to Watch in 2021 as well as the Brazilian all-star have both readily bloomed into two of the most in-demand names throughout house music’s ever-widening landscape, and while they’ve already claimed shared possession of this year’s summer house crown, neither are letting up in the slightest as the season reaches its peak tide.

When John Summit, Vintage Culture, and Sofi Tukker all joined together to offer the rework atop Day Trip’s aptly labeled Deep End stage during July 4th weekend, the elated crowd that stood before them knew exactly what they were getting themselves into. Holding onto Sofi’s Portuguese-directed vocals, the duo’s “Drinkee” update livens up the toned-down, tropical single from more than five years ago, bringing out a burning tech-house fever that only will empower Summit and Culture’s version to find its way into more DJ sets upon it’s awaited untethering.

Featured image: Ivan Meneses

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Weekend mood – Gabber Modus Operandi

Just going to leave it here for Friday. Everyone in Indonesia is in our thoughts at the moment. Gabber Modus Operandi just soundtrack the kind of fierce resistance the world needs right now.

GMO’s multimedia concoctions were to me one of the highlights of the pandemic period – material so eye-popping that even streaming over YouTube gave the same feeling of seeing the crew live. As the pandemic outpaces vaccine access in so many places, Indonesia especially badly impacted, we may need this kind of energy to keep loud on streams in the coming months.

Anyway, I have more projects to share from our friends in Indonesia and other updates – and there’s always more to say about Gabber Modus Operandi – but meanwhile I felt I was ready for a rewatch of some of this.

The full AV show here is an epic collaboration – Gabber Modus Operandi x Rimbawan Gerilya x Siko Setyan – for MBELEDOSSS!

[embedded content]

… a 45 minute-long 3D animation video mixtape from Indonesian duo Gabber Modus Operandi, animator Rimbawan Gerilya and choreographer Siko Setyanto. The full AV mixtape, soundtracked by GMO’s singular brand of hard, fast dance music, tells an intergalactic rave story through an early ’00s video game aesthetic. Here, Fact presents an supercut of the AV mixtape, soundtracked by GMO’s track ‘Melayu Boleh Neraka’, which is previously unreleased but features in the full performance.

Executive producer: PK Entertainment
Producers: Ican Harem, Kasimyn, Rimbawan Gerilya
Directors: Ican Harem, Kasimyn, Rimbawan Gerilya
3D animator: Rimbawan Gerilya
Dance choreography: Siko Setyanto
Music: Gabber Modus Operandi
Editor: Rimbawan Gerilya

A first version of the video was created for Jakarta’s PK Entertainment and their Re:IMAGINE Festival 2020

From their MUTEK SF apperance:

[embedded content]

Gabber Modus Operandi is an electronic duo from Denpasar, Indonesia whose experimentation is doused with jathilan, dangdut koplo, ebeg dance, gabber, Chicago footwork, grindcore, and noise music.

Incubated in the underground Drum N Bass scene that accommodates creative freedom visual artist, Rimbawan Gerilya, initially explored the breadth of live visual performance as a regular feature of his local club culture. Created specifically for NEXUS, his collaboration with Gabber Modus Operandi embarked upon even more experimental terrains.

See you tomorrow; we’ll be streaming ourselves from Berlin and worldwide with Patch and A MAZE.; I’ll post about that in the morning.