Michi doesn’t need any bad energy in new single, “Talk Big”

LA-based alt-R&B artist Michi is back with a new single, “Talk Big”—a chill track about reclaiming one’s power and keeping people in check.

If it’s not the juicy bass line that gets you hooked in, it should be the spacey and alien-like background vocals. That’s where Michi’s voice, raspy and sensual, comes as the kicker. The chorus jumps up with fluctuating synths against an R&B melody. Growing up Latina with musical influences all around and inspired by Motown and Soul rhythms, one can definitely hear those qualities in Michi’s own music.

Lyrically, the track acts as a total blow-off to egotistical people everywhere. Michi knows that no one needs that type of energy in their life when she says, “having this platform now, the song serves as a cathartic release and a way to call out that guy whose head is up his own ass. Some people can just be trash, and ‘Talk Big’ is my moment to check them in the most cheeky way possible.”

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Thando1988 – Don’t Want Love

Thando1988 – Don’t Want LoveThando1998 Dontwantlove

Thando1988 returns with another feel good house gem that will certainly add even more heat to the already balmy summer in New York. The last time we featured Thando1988, he stunned us with a dancehall ready release that was uniquely his own. His latest single follows suit. An effortless blend of club ready dance, “Don’t Want Love” is funky in all the right ways — an impossibly catchy hook, 90s inspired synths, and swinging guitar riffs that are impossible to ignore. The NY native intimately knows his club music and it shows. His productions consistently shine with an appreciation of the sounds of a past with an added modern polish that makes everything he releases fresh and fun.

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As the world reopens, Childish Major proclaims ‘Thank You, God. For It All’ in new album

The all-around, musician, producer, engineer, and artist, Childish Major is back with a new project, Thank You, God. For It All. This latest project has him reuniting with long-time collaborator and friend, mixtape legend, Don Cannon as executive producer. The EP consists of 18 minutes of top-down convertible classic hip-hop meets modern trap production with featured verses from TDE’s ScHoolboy Q Atlanta’s-own, Yung Baby Tate.

Carolina-bred Swiss army knife, Major, just celebrated his 30th birthday on the fourth of July. As the fireworks across the country rang off, the artist already had plans in motion to begin rolling out music that he’s been refining his mini-project during the wake of the global pandemic and national political and social unrest.  

Just two days after Major’s birthday, he released the EP’s standout single, “F Yah Job”. Major describes the summer as a Friday afternoon when you “clocked out, like don’t call me.” The summer vibe single has already surpassed 460,000 streams on Spotify and 195,000 views on Youtube. 

[embedded content]

According to Major, Cannon sparked many of the ideas for the project to get the ball rolling. “As the relationship grows, I’m super appreciative of for one who he (Cannon) is as a person, but also who he is as a lover of music.”, shares Major.” (He’s) somebody who has a platform and uses his platform to put things that he believes will push the culture forward.”

He and his engineer went up and recorded music in North Carolina with J.Cole, who himself was preparing to have an unavoidable presence this summer. Cole shared material from The Off-Season and also some other unreleased music with them while they were in studio. They completed the songs in North Carolina and came back and began putting the finishing touches on it. 

On the tail-end of the EP comes the single “Disrespectful” with a verse from hip-hop heavy-hitter ScHoolboy Q. With knocking kicks and eerie background whispers in the production, the two artists demolish the beat with catchy flows and merciless rhyme schemes. ScHoolboy Q and Childish Major only just recently met through one of Q’s former clique members, Black Hippy. Happy rapped on a remix of Major’s breakout song “UOENO” back in 2013.

Thank You, God. For It All is also backed by a 3-part video documentary directed by media journalist Yoh, and features Don Cannon, J. Cole, Buddy, and many others. In the series, fans are privy to behind-the-scenes in-studio shots, showing conversations with Cannon and many others.

Major says he will also be looking to tour right away and will share more details on that soon. Thank You, God. For It All is available to purchase or listen to on all streaming DSPs right now.

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AI Synthesis Intros Low Pass Gate Eurorack Module

AI Synthesis Intros Low Pass Gate Eurorack Module
[embedded content]

AI Synthesis has released the AI017 Low Pass Gate , with both pre-built and DIY options available.

The AI017 Low Pass Gate Eurorack Module can be used as a Voltage Controlled Filter, Voltage controlled Amplifier, or both. The AI017 is an updated variation of the classic Buchla 200 Series Low Pass Gate, updated with a tunable resonance circuit, and a Depth control. Vactrols are used for control voltage, allowing for classic “ringing” and “bongo” effects.

The Depth control compensates the vactrols inability to drop lower than ~100 ohms, which can allow audio bleed on traditional Low Pass Gates. The effect can be switched on or off, as depth will attenuate the classic ringing and bongo effect. This gives the user an easy way to go from a “vintage” Low Pass Gate to a “modern” Low Pass Gate with a flick of the switch. A rear trimmer allows for the tuning of the resonance.

AI Synthesis also let us know that its modules are now available with a new Black panel option. The Black versions of the modules have Black and Gold panels, Black knobs, and Black switch caps.

Pricing and Availability

The AI Synthesis AI017 Low Pass Gate is available as both a DIY project and pre-built, with pricing ranging from $15 t0 $105 USD.

Premiere: Nitti Gritti puts the HARD in HARD Summer with exclusive new playlist

Premiere: Nitti Gritti puts the HARD in HARD Summer with exclusive new playlist198113364 2641973946095701 3838969298838757667 N

Just ahead of the return of HARD Summer, this time at a new Souther California location, Nitti Gritti is getting festival goers primed and ready with an exclusive HARD Summer playlist on Dancing Astronaut. One of Insomniac’s flagship festival properties, concert goers are teeming with excitement ahead of the event’s highly anticipated return. Nitti Gritti’s playlist features plenty of fan-favorites from over the years and comes on the heels of his two newest cuts, “Im Feelin Good” and “Guest List” both featuring shndō and CHASE PAVES, released in advance of his HARD Summer back-to-back set with Wuki.

The 2021 edition of HARD Summer will take place at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino. The move takes the festival to an Insomniac staple venue where the organizer’s Park N’ Rave series during the pandemic took place and where they have staged Beyond Wonderland SoCal, Escape Halloween, and Day Trip in the past. HARD Summer features a stacked lineup including DJ Snake and Malaa going back-to-back, RL Grime and Baauer sharing the decks, REZZ, Dillon Francis, 2 Chainz, and more.

Featured image: Acre Media

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Free Moog Sub 37 Patch Library

Free Moog Sub 37 Patch Library
[embedded content]

Brazilian synthesist Marcus Padrini has shared a free collection of patches for the Moog Sub 37 synthesizer.

Here’s what he has to say about his free Sub 37 patch library:

“Almost 6 years after creating and sharing my first patches for the Moog Sub 37, I thought it was about time to share more timbres created for that amazing synth.

So here is the video featuring the new free patches, with and without FX. Some are versions of very famous patches from my favorite bands (mainly progressive rock) and others are original patches created for synth jams or just to explore the Sub 37 capabilities.

One good and educational thing about sharing Sub 37 patches is the possibility to open the patches with the Sub 37 editor, which has a great UI, and check how everything was programmed. The 3D Space patch is a good example for that: load of modulations going on.”


In the video, the first version for each patch is without any effect. The second version includes a selection of chorus, reverb and delay effects from a Zoom MS70CDR.

Tom Sweep – Sub 37 version for this classic Rush patch
Aquatarkus 1 – Based on timbres from live ELP recordings
Aquatarkus 2 – Based on the original recording
Hoedown – Sub 37 version of this classic ELP intro
Lead Duo – exploring the duophonic side
3D Space – different modulations for a more rhythmic tone
Blade intro – Sub 37 version of the classic by Vangelis
Delle Fate – based on the beautiful Italian prog band lead
From the beginning – Modular adaptation to Sub 37 of the ELP classic
Ice – inspired by the lead from the classic Camel band
ResoDistort – drive, paraphony and resonance for this ideal tone for diverse solos.
Rick in the 70s – daring to create a version of Wakeman’s classic, using the 6db filter slope
Lady Fantasy – classic arpeggio by Camel
Random Increment – fun with the sequencer
S&H Sequence – Sequence with Modulations and Sample & Hold

The Moog Sub 37 patch library is available now as a free download (.zip).

Electronic music pays sweeping homage to Annie Mac as her legendary BBC run comes to a close

Electronic music pays sweeping homage to Annie Mac as her legendary BBC run comes to a closeAnnie Mac

Annie Mac‘s BBC Radio 1 show has been at the forefront of not only the UK and Ireland’s electronic scene since her first radio program in 2004, but her infectious presence on the airwaves has fueled dance music’s global ascension to the mainstream over the course of her legendary run. Over the past 17 years, Annie MacManus has risen through the ranks and cemented an inimitable legacy that helped jumpstart countless careers in dance music. In April, Mac revealed that she would be stepping back from her show in order to focus on other projects.

In celebration of Mac’s final show on July 30, electronic artists from across the spectrum, from A-Trak to Fatboy Slim, Disclosure, and so many more in between, have bid their farewells to the iconic radio selector. See some of the heartwarming tributes below:

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How To Play The Theremin, With Carolina Eyck

How To Play The Theremin, With Carolina Eyck
[embedded content]

Thereminist Carolina Eyck has shared a great series of video tutorials, embedded above, on how to play the theremin.

Each of the short videos covers a specific topic, like how to play a major scale on the theremin, understanding the pitch field of a theremin, hand positions, finger technique and more.

The videos are available via Eyck’s Youtube channel, and additional content is available via her Patreon channel.

Audio Housing Intros Compact 88 Studio Desk

Audio Housing Intros Compact 88 Studio Desk

Audio Housing recently expanded their line of studio desks with the Compact 88, a studio workstation desk that offers the same mid-century design-inspired style as their Compact One desk, but tailored to fit 88 keys keyboards and synthesizers.

The Compact 88 has three levels of workspace, featuring dual pull-out trays with magnetic breaks, integrated cable management and Finnish birch plywood construction.

The lower tray can accommodate MIDI keyboards and controllers, synthesizers or digital stage pianos measuring up to 140 cm wide, 40 cm deep and 16 cm high (55.2 x 15.8 x 6.3 inches).

In addition to the original vintage brown color, two new finishes are available for both the Compact One and Compact 88 desks; a minimal whitewash and a warm natural birch.

Pricing and Availability

The Compact 88 is now available for 799€ / 849€ (excluding VAT & shipping).

Cadillac Muzik takes us to the future with new single, “SpaceCowboy”

Texas-based artist Cadillac Muzik drops a single called “SpaceCowboy” — an intriguing track filled with psychedelic beats and impressive wordplay. 
Cadillac Muzik is undeniably a versatile artist, spending a majority of the beginning of his career creating alternative and southern soulful hip-hop. Recently, he has been experimenting with new sounds, mixing genres, as is displayed in his new single “SpaceCowboy,” which feels otherworldly.
As soon as you put this track on, the trippy sounds take us to a time machine into the future. The choice of production by Moonshyne Brown, with instruments such as the drums, the piano keys, and the trumpet mixed together, are the perfect blend, further adding flavor to the lo-fi sounds and snappy beats. Cadillac Muzik’s delivery is exceptionally smooth, feeling extremely liberating. The rhyming words hit the soul, adding an intriguing aspect, blending perfectly with the background sounds. The repetition of the words “SpaceCowBoy” definitely cause this track to be extremely memorable. Press play and listen to something refreshingly different.