Hagan announces new EP, ‘Forward Focus’, on One Level

The four-tracker follows recent releases on Gobstopper and Future Bounce

Christian Eede

Tuesday, August 31, 2021 – 18:21

Hagan has shared details of his next EP, which will kickstart new London label One Level.

Titled ‘Forward Focus’, the four-track release follows on from recent EPs by the producer for Gobstopper and Jamz Supernova’s Future Bounce label. 

The new release is said to see the British-Ghanaian producer explore “new sounds beyond the Afro-centric club and funky rhythms of his work to date”, and takes in influences from across various parts of the world. 

You can listen to the EP’s opening track, ‘Osh’, below, which draws on both South African house music, as well as Brazilian percussion.

One Level will release ‘Forward Focus’ on 8th October.

Check out Hagan’s contribution to DJ Mag’s ongoing Recognise mix series, originally published in June, here.

Bonnaroo 2021 cancelled due to inclement weather in Hurricane Ida fallout

Bonnaroo 2021 cancelled due to inclement weather in Hurricane Ida falloutBonnaroo

Hurricane Ida has rained on Bonnaroo’s parade, making the festival impossible in 2021 and forcing event organizers to cancel this year’s comeback edition. Following last year’s cancellation due to COVID-19 lockdowns, this summer will mark the second year in a row the beloved Manchester, Tennessee festival is forced to forgo hosting an event. While forecasts suggest the weather may clear before the festival’s September 2 – 5 run, the volume of rainfall experienced in the area has rendered ground operations ahead of the event impossible to manage. In an attempt to deal with worsening ground saturation and flooding, organizers tried to scale back camping accommodations, though that proved to be a final hail Mary effort before Bonnaroo officially had to call it a day.

See the festival’s full statement below.

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Chores enlist Elaskia for ‘Let Go’

Chores enlist Elaskia for ‘Let Go’44143046 2338126849549303 4180086000392863744 N Chores Facebook

Hailing from New Zealand, electro-pop duo Chores recently enlisted the help of Australian vocalist Elaskia on their latest single, “Let Go.” The Mammal Sounds outfit designed “Let Go” to be an uplifting, reassuring follow-up to their debut EP, Working From Home. In a recent statement, Chores explained,

“This song is about getting a second chance at something; feeling like you didn’t give something your all because you’re scared to fail is definitely not as bad as the feeling of regret when you don’t. That’s what this song focuses on-not holding anything back anymore and not being afraid of what the outcome is.”

Distinguished by anthemic, brass-led drop sections, “Let Go” is certainly emblematic of Chores’ intended message. Stream it below.

Featured image: Chores/Facebook

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Louis Futon announces sophomore album alongside uplifting single, ‘Ron Burgundy’

Louis Futon announces sophomore album alongside uplifting single, ‘Ron Burgundy’Futon

Louis Futon has just revealed his sophomore LP Couchsurfing is in the works, sharing lead single “Ron Burgundy” to kick off the album’s rollout. Since the success of his debut album Way Back When, Futon has been steadily emitting soulful tunes and “Ron Burgundy” proves to be no different, signaling to a forthcoming album that’s likely to be an idiosyncratic blend of enlivening textures and production work.

Originally toying with samples of tracks from the 1980’s, Futon opted to called upon friends Hailey Niswanger and Ariel Shrum for their fanciful trumpet, flute and saxophone capabilities and thus “Ron Burgundy” was born. The final product is riddled with cheerful melodies, syncopated drum kicks, and a high-spirited energy that primes fans for a tasty collection of new works from Futon underway. Sharing his experience producing the track, Futon explains,

“‘Ron Burgundy’ is a track that sounds so uplifting and happy that it’s almost comical. The flute in the song reminded me of the scene from Anchorman when Ron Burgundy whips out his flute in a jazz club and starts ripping it.”

Joining the release is an equally fun music video alongside Shrum and Niswanger. Abstract and full of color, the video perfectly aligns with the merriment of the song, providing further evidence that this first single is a clear look into what Futon has in store for fans with Couchsurfing.

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Gesaffelstein rakes in multiple production credits on Kanye West’s ‘Donda’

Gesaffelstein rakes in multiple production credits on Kanye West’s ‘Donda’E2zup NWQAo U0 Gesaff Julian Bagsel

After a characteristically dramatic rollout, Kanye West‘s tenth studio album, Donda has been officially released in all of its controversial glory. With creative assistance from The Weeknd, Young Thug, Playboi Carti, Kid Cudi, and a reunion with JAY-Z, among others, Kanye’s new 27-track album renders no shortage of A-list talent.

Alongside a similarly stacked cast of production talent that includes 88Keys, Mike Dean, Boi-1da, and Swizz Beatz, French visionary, Gesaffelstein, is credited on multiple tracks on the record. In 2013, the Lyon-native worked directly with Kanye on Yeezus, notably on the tracks “Send It Up” and “Black Skinhead.”

Nearly a decade after their first pairing, Gesaffelstein and Kanye West’s broodingly dark, complex signatures comes together once again on “No Child Left Behind,” “Jesus Lord,” and “Jesus Lord pt. 2,” respectively.

Stream Donda in its entirety below.

Featured image: Julian Bajsel

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Over 10,000 people expected to attend unofficial Burning Man festival this weekend

While this year’s Burning Man festival might be officially cancelled, that isn’t stopping some ardent partygoers from heading out to the event’s usual Northern Nevada site this weekend for an unofficial and unauthorised celebration in its place.

Officials at the Bureau of Land Management – which controls Black Rock Desert, where Burning Man usually takes place the week – estimate that around 10,000 people could head to the site this week for a non-ticketed event that’s widely being referred to as “Free Burn” and “Renegade Burn”, as well as other various non-official titles.

Lands managed by the Black Rock Field Office (BRFO) are available for the public to use year-round, with a 14-day limit to recreational use and camping, meaning that such an event can likely go ahead.

However, the Bureau of Land Management has put a number of temporary restrictions in place, which will remain until 31st October. Those restrictions include a ban on the ignition of fires other than a campfire, as well as bans on the burning of structures, building of structures, and possession and/or use of lasers. 

As most Burning Man attendees will know, these restrictions will mean that this year’s unofficial event will be very different to usual editions of the festival, which usually involve plenty of fire and lasers, as well as the building of intricate stage structures and much more. Burning Man usually also has an airstrip for on-site arrivals, which will not be allowed this year either.

Heather O’Hanlon, Public affairs specialist at Winnemucca District Office Bureau of Land Management, said that people had already begun arriving at the Black Rock Desert site as early as 20th August, but while around 10,000 people are expected, the number could ultimately fall significantly short of that due to poor air quality in the area following a series of fires.

Wth Burning Man’s organisers having confirmed plans to call off this year’s official event in April of this year, a virtual edition was announced in its place, which is currently running until 7th September.

Organisers hope to fully return in 2022, with the last edition of Burning Man having taken place in 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on event plans across the world.

Insomniac declares EDC Las Vegas 2022 dates, opens pre-sale

Insomniac declares EDC Las Vegas 2022 dates, opens pre-sale213857737 496250018343057 2425977825795206514 N

Following the COVID-19-related cancellation of Electric Daisy Carnival’s 2020 iteration and multiple postponements of its 2021 installment, in 2022, EDC Las Vegas will resume its spring programming, returning to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway from May 20 – 22, 2022.

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for joining us under the electric sky in 2021. I know it’s been a rough couple of years getting to this point, but I’m excited to know we’ll all be reunited once again on the dance floor & celebrating 25 years of EDC in October!” Pasquale Rotella said. “In appreciation for sticking with us on this journey, I wanted to do something special if you’re able to join us at EDC Las Vegas 2022 as well.”

Passes to EDC Las Vegas 2022 are currently available for purchase for individuals who received an access code to buy passes. Those who buy passes to EDC Las Vegas 2022 will be given one “Insomniac Token” good for free entry to one day of any of Insomniac’s 2022 festivals. This ever-growing list includes circuit staples such as HARD Summer, Nocturnal Wonderland, Beyond Wonderland, EDC Orlando, and more. A general EDC Las Vegas 2022 pre-sale will also take place on August 31 and can be accessed here. Meanwhile, EDC Las Vegas 2021 is soon approaching and will be held from October 22 – 24.

Insomniac declares EDC Las Vegas 2022 dates, opens pre-saleInsomniac

Featured image: EDC Las Vegas/Instagram

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Watch a new documentary on the ‘90s warehouse rave scene in Newcastle

The film charts the scene in and around the area’s Ouseburn Valley

Christian Eede

Tuesday, August 31, 2021 – 16:12

A new film about the ’90s rave scene in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne has been released.

‘The Kick, The Snare, The Hat & A Clap’ is an independent film by Susie Davies that looks back to the ’90s free party and warehouse scene in the city, with a particular focus on the events that took place on Ouseburn Valley, an area on the eastern part of the city that has seen significant change and gentrification since the turn of the 21st century.

The story of the ’90s parties, and the change that has happened in the area since, is told via a series of interviews from those who experienced it all first-hand, including ravers, soundsystem engineers and warehouse breakers. 

You can watch the full film below.

It follows on from another film, unveiled by the BBC last week, which focused on Scotland’s rave scene.

Check out DJ Mag’s round-up of new music documentaries available to watch online here

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Anz announces new EP, ‘All Hours’, on Ninja Tune

Anz has signed to Ninja Tune for the release of her next EP, ‘All Hours’.

The EP’s six tracks weave in influences of electro, breakbeat, UK garage and jungle, with each track flowing from one to the next, “sort of like a mini ‘Spring/Summer Dubs’,” Anz says, referring to her annual mix series of all-original productions.

Speaking further about the EP, Anz says: “‘All Hours’ was built to be a soundtrack for 24 hours, from sunrise to the next. Dance music for people who are up all hours – through the day to the club and onwards, each track leaves traces in the one that follows.”

Ahead of the full release, Anz has shared lead track ‘You Could Be’, which features vocals from London soul singer George Riley. You can listen to the track below.

‘You Could Be’ originated in 2016, with Anz spending a number of years searching for the right vocalist to appear on the track. After connecting with Riley on social media earlier this year, over a mutual appreciation of each other’s music, Riley laid down vocals for the song.

“It’s important to me that everything I do is organic and authentic… after so many years sitting on this track and so many almost-there studio attempts, working with George was unbelievably straightforward and lovely – it felt really real and true,” Anz said.

‘All Hours’ is out digitally on Ninja Tune on 15th October. A vinyl release will follow in November.

The new EP follows on from the release last week of ‘Spring/Summer Dubs 2021’, the third instalment in Anz’s annual mix series of her own new tunes and demos.

She also launched her own label, OTMI, with a two-track release earlier this year

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Spencer Brown and Qrion’s ‘Rainy April’ finally sees the light of day

Spencer Brown and Qrion’s ‘Rainy April’ finally sees the light of daySpencer Brown Qrion

The official release of Spencer Brown and Qrion‘s “Rainy April” has been three years in the making, with the entrancing single finally gaining a full release via Anjunadeep. The artists connected in Brown’s studio after meeting at a party in April of 2018, and the session kickstarted years of producing together. “Rainy April” is the first track the duo worked together on, even preceding their 2019 collaborative EP, Sapporo.

Brown discusses his ongoing collaborative work with Qrion in an official release, sharing,

“After meeting Qrion at a party, we realized we were a fan of each others’ music and that we lived nearby in San Francisco. In April of 2018, Momiji came to my house and we wrote ‘Rainy April’ in one sitting. The studio session sparked chemistry between us and was the first of many collaborations. We work very naturally and efficiently together and play off each others’ strengths. We kept the track as a secret weapon in our sets for three years, but in 2021 the track felt oddly fresh. We are very excited for the world to hear it.”

“Rainy Day” was first heard three years ago in Spencer Brown’s set at Above & Beyond‘s Group Therapy 300 event in Hong Kong, and then played a year later at Qrion’s performance for Group Therapy 350 in Prague. The buzzing new single will now finally see the light of day, taking it back to the genesis of a fruitful creative partnership that has ben years in the making.

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