The Velveteins drop their cozy, retro single “Cosmic Saturation”

Many bands are used to constantly having to travel for shows. There is something so adventurous and thrilling about going from place to place, but it can also be quite exhausting. The Velveteins unveil their fuzzy new single “Cosmic Saturation”.  The offering expresses that chaotic feeling of moving around and the many sights and sensations they experienced. Their warm vocals floating above soft vintage-sounding arrangements create the ultimate tranquil listen. Reminiscent of bands like Rainbow Babe and The Murlocs, the song is soaked in deep psychedelia.

 The Velveteins are indie rock talents with vibrant music laced in lush, ’60s-esque flair. After living for a year in a van by the beautiful Australian beaches, frontman Spencer Morphy was inspired to start a band. Returning to Canada, he joined forces with co-songwriter Addison Hiller in 2014. Later Dean Kheroufi and Danger Sedmak came aboard and they have been captivating fans ever since. Morphy shares of the tune, “’Cosmic Saturation’ was largely inspired by our lives at the time, being constantly traveling and the lifestyle we were living playing so many shows. Driving across the country from the east to west coast, watching the interstates fly by in the dawn.”

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