Oxfloyd delves into taking loved ones for granted on “Empty”

Rising artist OXFLOYD drops anthemic single “Empty,” offering up his signature blend of rock and hip-hop led by his deep voice and emotive rhymes. With an atmospheric soundscape built on distorted guitars and pounding beats, the track is a hypnotic production woven with dark yet honest lyricism.

Tinged with post-breakup nostalgia, the track which draws on personal experiences weaves a relatable narrative of taking loved ones for granted. On the layered production oozing an earworm melody, the 20-year-old strips back all emotional complexities as he laments appreciating someone only after losing them. Intimate but with the ability to connect to people rooted in the rising act’s classic rock-and-roll influences, “Empty,” is as gritty, real and emotional as his previous releases.

Offering a sound that is diverse and ever-changing, OXFLOYD has never allowed himself to be confined with the boundaries of the rock-tinged genre he prefers, instead infusing his music with stories and experiences that bring it to life. Crafting worlds that are meant to make feel even as they dance their thoughts away, his artistry is one that taps into his love for various musical genres

With a passion for eclectic collections of music drawn from a childhood with musician parents, the Greece-born act has showcased a distinct sound right from his debut single “Falling,” and follow-up “Save Me.” Now with his newest foray he makes it clear that the catchy yet vulnerable musicality he has developed has been refined to capture listeners within the very first notes.

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