Premiere: Hex Cougar, Heimanu unchain titanic ‘Halloween IX’ inclusion on Sable Valley, ‘Ghost’

Premiere: Hex Cougar, Heimanu unchain titanic ‘Halloween IX’ inclusion on Sable Valley, ‘Ghost’241014866 3015418375393231 7606358345629758948 N

Halloween IX” forcefully opened the ID floodgates nearly a full calendar ago, but Hex Cougar and Heimanu have patiently prevailed in standing behind one of the most requested members of RL Grime’s ninth holiday celebration from October of 2020. “Ghost” hasn’t remotely fallen out of the public eye in the time since, with the single loudly presenting itself to the in-person masses during RL Grime and Baauer’s HÆRNY unveiling at HARD Summer, and trap’s holy grail of the past year has finally been called up to the Sable Valley initiation podium.

Hex Cougar let it be known that “Ghost” would have its moment sometime in the month of September, and when it was nowhere to be found in Sable Valley Summer Vol. 2, the only thing left to assume was that it had deservedly warranted a standalone delivery. The only two words that RL Grime could’ve tagged “Ghost” as were “HUUUUUUUUGE TUNE,” with Hex Cougar and Heimanu converging somewhere under the middle of the NuRave and trap umbrellas to ignite the Halloween theatrics early with a cinematic, hair-raising gold mine of Sable Valley supremacy that will have every crowd on the label’s Community Outreach tour enduringly chanting “you’re the fire inside.” Hex Cougar and Heimanu revealed that they’d been scheming a tie-up for a while, explaining how their highly coveted meeting actually came to be,

“Before we started working on Ghost, Heimanu and I had already been in touch for a minute. I was a big fan of his work and saw a lot of similarities between our musical styles and vision. I sent over an initial rough idea for Ghost (which wasn’t even named that back then), and within a few days, he sent a more fleshed out project back to be that absolutely blew my mind. From there, we traded the track back and forth a few more times until arriving at what you hear now. I’m super proud of this track, I think it merges our styles in the most explosive, emotional way possible.” – Hex Cougar

“I’ve been looking up to Hex for years now, and he has been a massive inspiration to me. He has a lot of time for underground producers, and that’s something that I will never forget. He was a very early supporter of my work, and the fact that he happened to be an idol of mine made it all pretty crazy. And now, to have a release with him on a label like Sable Valley is absolutely insane. Tell that to me a few years ago, and my mind would probably have exploded. I couldn’t be happier with this track!” – Heimanu

“Ghost” is out everywhere via Sable Valley on September 10, but can be streamed in full one day early, exclusively on Dancing Astronaut.

Featured image: Sammy Dean

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Plug your line inputs into Eurorack, mix, add FX – Bastl’s BUDDY is here

The minds at Bastl Instruments are already launching their September issue module – a “friendly stereo mixer” with line level ins, preamp, and mixing.

Keep reading for the demo video, as there are some lovely musical ideas, too.

So, you’ve got a Eurorack modular system, and you want to turn it into an effects unit / aux send mixer? Or you want to mixdown your modules into stereo? Or you want to take your modular and use it with external gear for processing? Or you have some line input gear and you want to make sure the level is right?

My Buddy.

This is for all those things. On its surface, it’s just a bunch of jacks and some knobs, but it can adapt to different usage styles. It works for folks who make the modular the center of your rig – whether it’s mixing down all the other modules or acting as hub for other gear. And it also works if you think of a modular (maybe a smaller suitcase rig) as some outboard spice to add to other stuff.

The trick here is that Bastl took two line-level preamps, plus the boost op-amp used on the Dude, and put them in a convenient module. You can also nicely overdrive clean stereo signals, meaning your modular is also some handy, ready-to-use dirt.

Let’s run the specs:

Channels A and B:
— DC coupled
— 100k input impedance
— gain ×2 / +6dB,
— left input normalized to right channel

Channels C and D:
— AC coupled
— 10k input impedance
— gain ×10 / +20dB
— stereo TRS 3.5mm jack input or 2× mono TS 3.5mm
— solder jumpers to convert to DC coupled
— solder jumpers to normalize left input to right channel

Soft Zenner clipping at 10vpp on mixdown stages

NE5532 op-amp for low-noise pre-amp

1k output impedance

Chaining back jumpers L/R inputs and L/R outputs:
— Only when Buddy outputs are not patched, the mixdown
is sent to the output chain jumpers (patch configurable

Product page

€142.60 from

It’s Bastl, so of course, even this fairly utilitarian module gets an adorable promo video.

[embedded content]

Keep going for some very nice music, too… in stereo. Oh, and there is one of those affordable Zoom multi-effects pedals in the video, too. So this isn’t just for those of you who are independently wealthy; it could also be a high-quality core of a very affordable, compact device.

Check, too, the ultra-compact rig with Polyend, Mutable Instruments, OP-Z, and that delicious Roland D-05.

Hey, Vaclav, hope we all get to jam soon.

Now, great as that marketing video was, my 1980s self couldn’t help but think of… this song:

[embedded content]

In the interest of not being culturally centered on the 1980s USA, though, let’s also give GFRIEND their “My Buddy” performance … “nanana nanana nanana nananana“:

[embedded content]

And if even that is not your speed, well, G-Unit also heard that damn earworm doll ad for boys:

[embedded content]

ASM Intros Hydrasynth Explorer, The First Minisynth With Polyphonic Aftertouch

[embedded content]

ASM has introduced the Hydrasynth Explorer, a compact version of their innovative Hydrasynth keyboard.

The Hydrasynth Explorer is arguably the most powerful minisynth ever, featuring a very flexible synth architecture, battery-powered operation, a new ASM PolyTouch mid-sized keybed with polyphonic aftertouch, CV/Gate connectivity and more.

It features the same sound engine as the original Hydrasynth, with an advanced wavetable synthesis engine, 3 Oscillators, dual Wave Mutators and 2 filters that can be configured in series or parallel.

Here’s a performance video by Dominic Au:

[embedded content]

In the performance demo, all sounds are generated by the Hydrasynth Explorer.

Patches in chronological order:

Juno60 Brass GD
GlassHartCR78 PS
Industrialism DA
Big Snare MP
BladeTitles PS
Haty KFP
Juno60 SquArp GD
Uncertn Futur CM
Violent AdjentDA
CS80 Darkness RA
LidoMono PS
Arpeology RA
Squeeze Lead AR
VHS Dreams MP
90124 SCD
PW Slow Brass AR
Wavescan GD
Pipeline DA
LukesLazr PS
Claudia Love DA
BeatPPL Bass KFP
Space Flight TM
ProSource GD
Ohhh GD
Mouge Police RA
VCO OctaveSaw RA
Kinda Hot DA
SndsLikeSkit DA
Kotover KFP
BrassAmerican RA
Suitcase MK2 RA
Sproingg PS
94 Zap! RJ
The Hi-Garden MF
Wet My Frog DA
Jaunty Chapeau
Arcade FP
Hydra Hat GD

See the ASM site for details.

ASM Hydrasynth Deluxe A Flagship Synthesizer With 16 Voices, Polyphonic Aftertouch

Ashun Sound Machines today introduced the Hydrasynth Deluxe, a flagship version of their innovative Hydrasynth.

The Hydrasynth Deluxe is their flagship Hydrasynth, offering dual sound engines that you can use for additional polyphony, splits and layers. The sound engines are the same as existing Hydrasynths, and patches are 100% compatible with the existing Hydrasynths.

Each of the two sound engines features 3 Oscillators, dual Wave Mutators and 2 filters, that can be configured in series or parallel. Both of the sound engines has its own separate balanced analog audio outputs.

The Hydrasynth Deluxe also features a 73-note Polytouch keybed, offering polyphonic aftertouch and a 4-octave ribbon controller. ASM says that this gives the new synth a level of “expression and control that is not equaled in any other hardware synthesizer on the market… Today or ever.”

Here’s the official intro from ASM CEO Glen Darcey:

[embedded content]

See the ASM site for details.

Behringer Mix-Sequencer Module 1050 Now Available

Behringer today announced the immediate availability of their the Mix-Sequencer Module 1050, a Euro-format knockoff of the ARP 2500 1050.

With the release of the 1050, Behringer says that they have completed their planned line of modules based on the ARP 2500.

Here’s their official video intro:

[embedded content]



  • Fitted with dual 4-input mixers with electronically gated inputs, 8-step sequencer counter, and clock.
  • Each of the 8 audio inputs has its own attenuator and each dual output is fitted with a master gain control.
  • The 1050 can also be used as an 8-input mixer with 2 adjustable outputs or as 2 separate 4-input mixers.
  • The illuminated pushbuttons allow for selecting and indicating which inputs are gated.
  • The 1050 can either be clocked externally or internally controlled when connected to the 1027 Clocked Sequential Control Module.

Pricing and Availability

Behringer says that the 1050 is in stock and immediately shipping from their factory, priced at $149 USD.

Roland Intros 909-Themed Jacket, Hats, Hoodies & More

As part of its 909 Day celebration, Roland has introduced a special edition TR-909 Jacket, along with 909-themed hats, t-shirts and hoodies.

Pricing & Availability

The 909 Day 2021 TR-909 Jacket and Roland X BPM Supreme apparel collection are available now, with the following pricing:

  • Roland TR-909 Jacket: $499.09
  • Roland 909 X BPM Pullover Hoodie: $69.95
  • Roland 909 X BPM T-Shirt: $32.95
  • Roland 909 X BPM Snapback Hat: $40

If you’re willing to void your warranty, you can make Erica’s Pico DSP run some epic effects

Erica Synths’ Pico DSP is already a tiny wonder – a 120EUR, tiny 3HP module with deep custom effects. But the folks at Xodes will let you go even further – at your own risk.

Here’s the idea: the Pico DSP is great as it is. But what if it could be expanded to use other effects – the way the Tiptop Audio Z-DSP can use expansions?

The PICODSP Black Card Interface does just that for the Pico DSP. (There’s a version for the pricier Black Hole module from Erica, too, but you uh … might want to have a go on the cheaper, smaller one first.)

[embedded content]

The good news: if all goes well, you get all the original functionality of your Erica module (including its algorithms), plus the ability to use stuff for Tiptop’s open source, cartridge-based system. Imagine a tiny, tiny cart slot for effects, which works with Halls of Valhalla, Mariana Trench, and Dragonfly Delay.

The bad news: you might send your module to the real Valhalla if you screw this up, and yes, there’s some delicate desoldering of surface mount parts.

As Xodes put it, “Only the person performing the modification can be held responsible in case of trouble.” I think those words are already pre-engraved on my tombstone, actually.

The still more good news, though – if you do have an MK1 Black Hole from Erica, you can plug straight into the expansion ROM connector already on the device and you don’t have to modify anything – nice. See the solder-free BCI-BHDSP MK1 backpack for that.

Our friends over at Gearnews get the scoop on this. Actually, link to them, so I’m not held responsible when people destroy their modules.

XO Devices puts Halls of Valhalla onto the Erica Synths Pico DSP [Gearnews]

Find all the products here:

There are plenty of people who are handy enough with surface mount soldering to pull this off, so I imagine there could be a nice little cottage business for modding. In fact, someone who’s really ambitious might just want to carpetbag some mods next week at Superbooth. (Find Erica and hide under their table with your soldering station, perhaps? Someone can pass you no-alcohol beers to keep your hands steady.)

I expect cranking this will help your SMT work.

[embedded content]

I’m a solder n00b, so I’ll just work on this while loading up some MeeBlip InDesign and Illustrator files. Sigh.

Gospel vocalist Carl Bean, famous for gay pride anthem ‘I Was Born This Way’, dies, aged 77

Carl Bean, the US gospel artist who sang the gay pride anthem ‘I Was Born This Way’, has died, aged 77.

A statement shared by the Unity Fellowship Church Movement, a church for Black LGBTQ+ worshippers which Bean founded, said he “made transition into eternal life” following a lengthy illness.

“Archbishop Bean worked tirelessly for the liberation of the underserved and for LGBTQ people of faith and in doing so, helped many around the world find their way back to spirituality and religion,” the statement said.

Bean was born in Baltimore in 1944 and raised by his godparents after his mother died during an abortion. He alleged that his uncle sexually abused him as a child, and that he was rejected by his family for being gay, saying to Vice in 2016: “I felt like, now I’ma be kicked out because I’m a queer. I attempted suicide and landed in the mental health ward of a big hospital.”

He moved to New York City at the age of 16 to escape his troubled upbringing, and pursue a career as a gospel singer. Having worked with gospel bandleader Alex Bradford there for some years, he eventually settled in Los Angeles, which has remained his base since. 

It was in Los Angeles that Bean formed the group Carl Bean and Universal Love, and eventually began to receive attention from Motown Records. After signing with the label, Bean recorded ‘I Was Born This Way’, a disco track written by Chris Spierer and Bunny Jones, and first performed by the artist Valentino. Bean popularised the track, with its gay pride message (“I’m happy, I’m carefree and I’m gay / I was born this way”) making it a long-standing anthem within the LGBTQ+ Pride movement and also providing the inspiration for Lady Gaga’s 2011 smash ‘Born This Way’.

Following the success of the track, Bean began to reconnect more strongly with the Christian faith he had since he was a child, eventually becoming ordained as a minister in 1982. That same year, he founded the Unity Fellowship of Christ Church, which sought to provide a space and network for Black LGBTQ+ Christians. It has since expanded to cover almost 20 affiliated churches across the US and Caribbean.

In 2010, Bean published a memoir, named, naturally, after his Motown hit ‘I Was Born This Way’.

[embedded content]

Watch a full Eric Prydz DJ set under his Cirez D alias

It was captured at Chicago’s ARC Music Festival

Christian Eede

Thursday, September 9, 2021 – 14:48

A full recording of a DJ set by Eric Prydz, under his techno alias Cirez D, has been shared online by one fan who recently caught him performing at Chicago’s ARC Music Festival.

The near-90-minute performance on ARC’s Expansions Stage took place this past weekend, over the Labor Day weekend in the US, with the festival taking place this year for the first time at Chicago’s Union Park.

Prydz, playing across the weekend both under his main alias and as Cirez D, was joined on the line-up by the likes of Camelphat, Fisher and the Martinez Brothers.

In addition to performing at the main festival, Prydz also hosted a Pryda afterparty at Chicago venue Radius, which was also captured on video. You can watch videos from both sets below.

In July, Eric Prydz released the track ‘All Night’ under another of his aliases, Tonja Holma.

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

Claptone adds Seal to ‘Closer’ cast of collaborators with ‘Just A Ghost’

Claptone adds Seal to ‘Closer’ cast of collaborators with ‘Just A Ghost’CLAPTONE 2018 0928 234958 4325 ALIVECOVERAGE JCM

Out of Claptone‘s Closer treasure trove comes “Just A Ghost,” the LP’s latest single that situates a Seal-supplied topline atop a mid-tempo foundation that takes slightly more of a commercial house approach than much of the Fantast album maker’s catalog. It’s unusual to find Seal in the electronic context, conferring must-stream status to “Just A Ghost,” which not only follows the masked beatsmith’s August edit of Faithless‘ “Innadadance,” but also marks Seal’s first original material in six years’ time, according to Claptone.

“The deep sensuality in Seal’s voice has always kept me under its spell, and of course, the mystique around his persona,” Claptone stated. “No doubt the stars aligned when Seal and I were working on ‘Just A Ghost’—his first original material in six years. By introducing him to the deep, emotive, and powerful sound of Claptone, my aim was to lead him back to his very own roots, to an electronic club infused but soulful sound. And I needed to do that without sacrificing the strong musical identity he built for himself over the past decades.”

Claptone’s third studio album, Closer, will land on November 12 via Different Recordings /PIAS. The 14-track body of work, which will include some previously released singles such as the James Vincent McMorrow-assisted “Wake Up,” features an eclectic list of collaborators including Barry Manilow.

Featured image: Julian Cassady Photography

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