EPIZODE Albania shares full line-up for 2021 festival

The festival will take place later this month.

DJ Mag Staff

Friday, September 10, 2021 – 12:39

EPIZODE Albania has shared the full line-up for its 2021 festival.

Taking place at Rana e Hedhun beach in Shëngjin, Albania from 23rd – 26th September, the European edition of EPIZODE will welcome a host of house and techno standouts across its inaugural weekend on the continent.

Performances across the weekend will come from the likes of Solid Grooves co-founder Michael Bibi, Marco Carola and Nastia, with minimal selectors Dan Andrei, Margaret Dygas, Praslea and Voigt.Mas also joining the line-up.

Among the other artists confirmed for EPIZODE Albania are Swiss duo Adriatique, Dubfire, Guti and Janeret, alongside Hector, Lee Burridge and youANDme.

You can check out the full line-up below, and get tickets for the event here.

Gryffin bids farewell to summer on elevating sendoff with LOVA, ‘Piece Of Me’

Gryffin bids farewell to summer on elevating sendoff with LOVA, ‘Piece Of Me’241261960 396806298497152 2933264612013090692 N

Barely a month removed from his Ubbi Dubbi-closing number with Boy Matthews, Gryffin has already returned to continue stacking up his summer release scorecard. Those standing before him at either his Palm Tree Festival and Beyond Wonderland outings at the end of August were acquainted with yet another mouthwatering ID, and as summer rounds its final turn, Gryffin has matched up with LOVA to render his fourth original package of 2021, “Piece Of Me.”

Gryffin tilted into the stretch of warm weather with his airing of “Best Is Yet To Come” with Kyle Reynolds and it was only fitting he sent it off with a proper seasonal farewell. It’s a global consensus at this point that Gryffin has yet to put forth anything less than stellar, and that push lengthens on “Piece Of Me,” with Gryffin revisiting his own tonic fingerprint on house—somewhat reminiscent of classics like “Baggage” or his “Don’t Leave” spin—and contracting LOVA to prompt a fiery, empowering topline that makes for the ultimate end-of-summer ballad. While everyone will just have to wait and see what larger effort Gryffin may have bubbling under the surface, he explained that the single was developed out of a desire to flip the script on the pandemic blues, stating,

“‘Piece of Me’ is a song that I probably had the most fun recording during this past year. When the world turned upside down, and all my shows and traveling stopped, I was yearning for some energy and bounce back into my life, and this record gave me that jolt of excitement I needed. We wanted to create a fun, upbeat, self-confidence anthem, and we’re so happy with how this record turned out.”

Featured image: Lost In Dreams/Instagram

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AE Modular Synth Explorer Ultimate A Full-Featured Modular For Learning Synthesis

AE Modular Synth Explorer Ultimate A Full-Featured Modular For Learning Synthesis

Ahead of Superbooth 2021, Tangible Waves has introduced the AE Modular Synth Explorer Ultimate,  a fully-featured modular synthesizer, designed primarily for educational purposes.

The AE Modular format is a new modular format that’s designed to be relatively inexpensive. While it’s Eurorack-like, it uses rubber-stamped faceplates and patch-wires for patching, eliminating much of the cost of manufacturing modules. As a result, most AE modules are priced aroundn 20-40 Euro.

The AE Modular Synth Explorer Ultimate system includes the following modules:

  • MASTER I/O (power, MIDI, CV/Gate, Audio in/out)
  • 2OSC/d (two oscillators with sawtooth and square waveforms)
  • DRUMKIT 010 (lofi drum samples)
  • 2LFO (two low frequency oscillators with various waveforms)
  • 2ENV (two attack/decay envelopes with looping function)
  • WASPFILTER (an iconic filter with a lot of character)
  • SVFILTER (a state variable filter which can go into self oscillation)
  • 2VCA (two voltage controlled amplifiers)
  • BRAEDBOARD (a blank canvas for circuit experiments)
  • 2S&H (dual sample and hold)
  • 2ATT/CV (dual attenuator and CV generator)
  • MM-DIV (multi mode clock divider)
  • SEQ8 (8 step CV and Gate sequencer with different run modes)
  • QUANTIZER (4 channel CV quantizer with many different scale modes)
  • METER (oscilloscope, frequency spectrum, tuner, voltmeter)
  • GRAINS (fully programmable module based on the Arduino)
  • MIXER 4-4 (two 4 channel mixers)
  • DELAY (analogue delay)
  • HPAMP (headphone amplifier with dual outputs and volume control)

Pricing and Availability

The system is available now for €770.00. Discounted pricing is available for schools and educators.

Gorgon City share breathtaking Cercle performance of soaring new progressive track ‘Skywalk’

Gorgon City share breathtaking Cercle performance of soaring new progressive track ‘Skywalk’E R93twWQAQKIcT

Gorgon City have released their immersive new single titled “Skywalk” via Cercle Records. As part of Cercle‘s new Cercle Stories series, the London duo partnered with visionary artist Michael Murphy and Samsung to perform their new progressive house single atop a circular, suspended installation at the Biokovo Skywalk in Croatia, made up of 11 state-of-the-art NeoQLED TVs.

“Skywalk” lands on the heels of the duo’s techno rework of PAX’s “Cosmic Kiss” from August, as well as Gorgon City’s lauded third released studio album, Olympia from earlier this summer. The new single’s ambient textures and sweeping grooves hypnotically synchronize with the breathtaking backdrop of the track’s namesake viewpoint. The five minute performance can streamed below, marking Cercle’s first foray into 8K video production.

Featured image: Cercle

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Erica Synths Perkons HD-01 & Reptile Stand (Sneak Preview)

Erica Synths Perkons HD-01 & Reptile Stand (Sneak Preview)

Ahead of Superbooth 2021, Erica Synths shared a sneak preview of the Perkons HD-01 (?) and Reptile gear stand.

The Erica Synths Perkons HD-01 appears to be a drum machine with 6 channels of drum synthesis and a 16-stage step sequencer. No details have been announced.

The Reptile is described as a unique product stand made for Erica Synths products. No announcement has been made, so it’s not clear if this will be a new product category for the company.

Check out the photos and share your thoughts in the comments!

Damon Sharpe looks to ‘Paint The Sky’ with his new single

Damon Sharpe looks to ‘Paint The Sky’ with his new singleDamon Sharpe

Damon Sharpe has released his newest single, “Paint The Sky” featuring Polina Grace. Highlighting melodic instrumentals and an elevated, percussive beat, the Grammy award-winning artist hopes that the track can inspire joy and a positive influence. Speaking on the track in a press release, Sharpe said

“‘Paint The Sky’ is a feel good anthem that speaks to diversity and inclusion and not only to living in the moment but leaving a legacy behind for future generations. I’m very proud of the positive message that I’m hoping to resonate with the world. Polina Grace brought the song to life with her soulful and emotive vocals.”

The new track lands by way of Armin van Buuren’s enduring Dutch powerhouse, Armanda Music. For those looking for an uplifting listen, stream Damon Sharpe’s new single “Paint The Sky” below.

Featured image: Matt Doheny

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Vengaboys share ‘90s throwback video for Charli XCX ‘1999’ cover: Watch

The Vengaboys have released a cover of Charli XCX and Troye Sivan’s 2019 single, ‘1999’, and shared a nostalgic ‘90s throwback video to boot. 

The Dutch group, who rose to fame in the late ‘90s thanks to singles such as  ‘We Like To Party (The Vengabus)’, ‘Boom Boom Boom Boom’ and ‘We’re Going To Ibiza’, sprinkle their trademark Eurodance vibe onto a faithful rendition of the original track. 

The accompanying video portrays the group superimposed on classic images, videos and album covers from the era, including Top Of The Pops, Friends, Spice Girls, Daft Punk and, of course, their own work. 

Speaking about the cover, the Vengaboys’ Sailor Robin said: “We never stopped spreading love and fun. But this new century is not exactly cooperative. We feel a responsibility to bring the good times back!”

“For us, the 90’s never stopped anyway,” added the group’s Cowboy Donny. 

Check out The Vengaboys ‘1999 (I Wanna Go Back)’ below.

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Roland launch new jacket to celebrate 909 day

The new apparel is a collab with BPM Supreme

Declan McGlynn

Friday, September 10, 2021 – 10:55

Roland has launched a new apparel series including a 909 bomber jacket to celebrate 909 day – Sept 9th. The new accessories include hats, t-shirts, hoodies, hats and specially designed headphones in collaboration with V-MODA. 

All items feature the classic 909 colour scheme of orange, grey and black – sporting a retro vibe, just like the previous apparel release around their equally legendary 808

The jacket is the main event, coming in at $499, whereas the other items like t-shirts for $35 and snapback caps for $40 are more affordable. 

BPM Supreme CEO Angel Castillo said: “We are honoured and excited to reveal this collection of merchandise. Working alongside Roland, one of the most iconic and respected music companies in the world, and Roland Lifestyle, we were able to create a truly unique collection that combines inspiration from Roland’s roots in music culture with our passion for the DJ and music industry,”

Check out the full range here.