New Buchla Music Easel Makes ‘Soft Debut’ at Knobcon, Superbooth

At Knobcon 2021 and Superbooth 2021, Buchla USA is making the ‘soft debut’ of their new Music Easel.

The original Buchla Music Easel was introduced in 1972 as a portable ‘suitcase modular’. It was made up of two main units: the 218 Touch Keyboard Controller; and the 208 Stored Program Sound Source. The system has a unique card slot that lets you slide in hardware preset cards.

With the previous iteration of the Music Easel (and of Buchla), the iProgram card was introduced, which repurposed the slot to allow for patch memory and even wireless control.

The updated Buchla Music Easel expands on the original, with space on the left side for a new module that adds additional connectivity options, utilities and more.

Buchla is also considering making the 10-space case available separately.

Pricing and Availability

Buchla says that official details will be announced in a month or so, after they finalize a few things.

Photos via Marc Doty.

Modbap Modular Osiris Wavetable Oscillator Debuts At Knobcon 2021

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At Knobcon 2021, Modbap Modular’s Corry Banks introduced Osiris, a 12hp bi-fidelity wavetable oscillator for Eurorack systems.

The Osiris features:

  • 6+ timbre modes, including FM and phase modulation;
  • an independent sub-oscillator;
  • LoFi processing;
  • extensive CV modulation capabilities;
  • a pitch quantizer;
  • 4 banks of 32×32 wavetables each;
  • the ability to load user wavetables via Micro SD cards; and
  • an open-source wavetable editor (OsirisEdit), a fork of Synth Tech’s Wave Edit.

The module is a collaboration with Ess Mattisson of Fors.

Timbre Modes include:

  • Unison – Layers a second oscillator that detunes from slight beatings up to an octave.
  • Bend – Compresses the waveform to a thinner shape
  • Fold – Introduces symmetric 2-stage wave folding by first mirroring the waveform and then folding it
  • Sync – Repeats the cycle count of the waveform within a Hanning window, making the edges soft
  • Noise– Adds window-synced noise to the waveform phase
  • FM x 1 – Applies phase modulation to the oscillator using the same waveform
  • FM x ….8 – The FM scans through a ratio of 1 up to a ratio of 8 smoothly, with mixed stages in between

Pricing and Availability

The Modbap Modular Osiris is expected to be available October 1, 2021, priced at $359 USD.

VCV Rack 2 Coming Soon, Here’s A Preview

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Open-source virtual modular synthesizer VCV Rack is about to get a major update.

The developer shared this sneak preview for VCV Rack 2, the biggest update yet for the popular modular synth platform for Linux, macOS & Windows.

The update promises an updated user interface, a Dark Mode for ‘patching at night’, workflow improvements to streamline browsing for modules and patching, and a VST plugin version.

Pricing and Availability

VCV Rack 2 is scheduled for release in November, with additional details still to be announced.