Sarah Belle Reid On Mobile Sound Design With The ASM Hydrasynth Explorer

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In this video, electroacoustic composer & synthesist Sarah Belle Reid shares her thoughts on the new Hydrasynth Explorer.

Reid shares her perspective on the portability of the Hydrasynth Explorer and demonstrates how it can free you to do sound design anywhere you like. She also compares the Explorer against other versions of the Hydrasynth, discussing how the synth engine’s controls are adapted to the various form factors and the pros and cons of these differences.

Check out the video and share your thoughts on the new Hydrasynth Explorer in the comments!

Sequential OB-6 Patches for Ambient, Electronica & Techno – ‘Ergosphere’

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Limbic Bits has introduced Ergosphere, a new sound pack for the Sequential OB-6 synthesizer.

It features 90 Sequential OB-6 patches, with a broad selection of pads, basses and leads, along with more complex arpeggiator and effect sounds.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Rhe sound pack reflects the vast possibilities of the OB-6. Many patches make use of cross-modulation, sync, FM, or the decoupled second oscillator.

Ergosphere also covers a wide range of sounds: Vintage leads in the style of Boards of Canada can be found equally as dreamy pads, heavy basses, and complex drones. Plus, almost every preset comes with its own sequence. A great starting point for your own ideas.”

Ergosphere Sequential OB-6 Patches includes:

  • Pads: 31
  • Lead: 26
  • Bass: 16
  • Arp: 9
  • SFX & Drones: 8

Pricing and Availability

Ergosphere is available now for $24 USD.

Chet Porter celebrates simplicity on new Cherry Surf-assisted single, ‘Life’s So Good’

Chet Porter celebrates simplicity on new Cherry Surf-assisted single, ‘Life’s So Good’Chet Porter Moonrise Credit Josh Bernstein Copy 1

Life is good for Chet Porter. Giving all his money to the lemonade stand, with a cigarette in his hand, Porter is just enjoying his day-to-day, and he’s pressed the feeling to wax with his latest single.

“Life’s So Good” alongside Cherry Surf, brings to life the joyful feelings found in Porter’s lyrics, anchored to a positive, buoyant, and lighthearted disposition. The upbeat instrumentals sound better fit for summer, when the days are long and hot, and the nights proffer a certain kind of lightness.

The single follows Porter’s release alongside San Holo, “you’ve changed, i’ve changed,” which was released in May. He also performed at the inaugural Brownies & Lemonade Lake Havasu two-day takeover, Lake Brownies & Lemonade. Listen to Chet Porter’s latest below.

Featured image: Josh Bernstein

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French promoter La Toilette faces backlash following rave next to refugee camp

Paris-based promoter La Toilette has come under fire for putting on a rave in a car park next to a refugee camp that houses 225 residents, Electronic Beats reports.

The camp is run by the group United Migrants, who told Electronic Beats that they were contacted by La Toilette about putting on a party in the car park at around 4pm on Saturday, 4th September, eight hours before the start time of midnight. 

The promoters that spoke to United Migrants promised to donate to the organisation to help with the maintenance of the camp and said that they expected a maximum of 500 people to attend the party. The group claim, however, that La Toilette “broke every promise”. The promoters, they say, didn’t actually arrive on site until 3am, by which point 1,500 attendees, and the police, had already arrived.

A number of people who attended the event unaware of how close it was to a refugee camp, as well as others who became aware of what happened through posts online, have criticised La Toilette heavily on social media. One DJ, named Nymed, who was due to play at the event, wrote online: “It turned out that they chose a refugee camp to set up their event. (…) Being myself an immigrant, I cannot tolerate investing and even spoiling such precarious places intended for people who cross the world to survive.”

As criticism continued to roll in, La Toilette shared a statement on the evening of Monday, 6th September, but rather than apologise, they said that the party was being postponed to the following weekend. They also claimed that it was intended to support the United Migrants residence and that the manager of the refugee housing had welcomed the proposition.

A number of angry attendees have responded underneath the statement, with comments ranging from criticisms around the choice of location for the party to questions about where partygoers’ money had gone if the event did not indeed go ahead.

According to a member of collective Les Eveillés, which works to raise money for refugees, the refugees living in the camp at Vitry-sur-Seine are now at risk of being evicted, with a meeting having been called between the landlord, United Migrants and the local authorities.

“La Toilette ran out of options and rushed into this alternative without caring about the consequences,” she told Electronic Beats. “Now the building’s future is even more uncertain.”

Photo: La Toilette, Paris, September 2020, by Themis Belkhadra

Eric Prydz, deadmau5, David Guetta, Carl Cox, and Martin Garrix top the bill on MDLBEAST SOUNDSTORM’s 2021 lineup

Eric Prydz, deadmau5, David Guetta, Carl Cox, and Martin Garrix top the bill on MDLBEAST SOUNDSTORM’s 2021 lineupScreen Shot 2021 09 13 At 1.18.07 PM

Saudi Arabia’s MDLBEAST is rounding up a mighty grip of talent for 2021’s four-day SOUNDSTORM event. Leading this year’s lineup with a collection of marquee electronic acts, David Guetta, deadmau5, Martin Garrix, Eric Prydz, Nina Kraviz, DJ Snake, Amelie Lens, Adam Beyer, and Carl Cox are all set to perform in Riyadh across December 16 – 19. More accurately, the aforementioned cast of superstars represent the tip of the iceberg for what SOUNDSTORM has in store this year. The festival is promising more than 150 acts, collecting an international roster of performers that include some of the most in-demand dance acts in the world.

Additional lineup support includes Malaa, a Major Lazer Soundsystem appearance, Nora En Pure, Camelphat, Lee Burridge, Tiësto, Salvatore Ganacci, Tale of Us, Alesso, Maceo Plex, Bob Moses, Charlotte de Witte, Loco Dice, and so many more. Offering an exceptionally well-rounded blend of acts, this year’s SOUNDSTORM will have a little bit of everything to satisfy a variety of electronic cravings.

A second lineup announcement is expected to follow. To learn more about MDLBEAST SOUNDSTORM ticket package, visit the festival’s website.

Featured image: MDLBEAST

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ZHU welcomes you to ‘Dreamland’ in new Amazon Music documentary

ZHU welcomes you to ‘Dreamland’ in new Amazon Music documentaryZhu Jeffkravitz

In many ways, ZHU‘s rise was unlike many others that reached superstardom popularity in the dance space. Weaving an emphasis on fashion into his aesthetic, ZHU gave a new definition to what it means to be a dance music artist and a brand. In his new Amazon Music documentary, Welcome to Dreamland, the multifaceted producer guides fans through his artistic vision and how he planned to make a splash with his latest project.

Welcome to Dreamland begins by introducing the COVID-19 pandemic. ZHU details how staying locked inside affected him, pushing back his plans for shows and leaving him alone in his house, just as it did everyone else. He opened the documentary by admitting,

“When COVID hit, I never thought ever that concerts could be taken away like that. I’ve almost forgotten a little bit that feeling, that rush, that calmness.”

But live music was able to return. And ZHU sold out six shows at Red Rocks as soon as it did—a record for the venue. The enigmatic beatsmith explained that as soon as the restrictions lifted, he was determined to be on the move and go somewhere. He performed livestreams around the world, creating elaborate sets, decked out with neon lights, polished by his dark, fashionable aesthetic. The documentary also sees ZHU explain why he opted to be a more mysterious figure in the dance scene prior to revealing his identity, hoping he could focus more on the music than his own backstory.

ZHU released the single “Z-train” earlier this summer, the track first teased during his lockdown set aboard a moving train that chugged its way through Montana. The artist sat down with Dancing Astronaut in October 2020, expressing that he wanted to deliver forward-thinking livestreams that pushed artistic boundaries. “Creativity comes out of circumstantial things,” he explained.

Now, with an Amazon Music-backed documentary feature, ZHU’s nearly matchless knack for creativity is on full display in Welcome to Dreamland. Watch below.

Featured image: Jeff Kravitz

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No Mana’s ‘Electromag’ compilation has finally arrived

No Mana’s ‘Electromag’ compilation has finally arrivedNo Mana

The Electromag compilation initially started off as a joke that was never meant to see the light of day. No Mana, EDDIE, and Bentley Dean had been sitting around poking fun at electro-house when the concept came to be. “Now, I think the joke has gone a little too far; but we’ll go the extra mile,” said No Mana in a press release.

The extra mile brings forth tracks from Wolfgang Gartner, EDDIE and Bad Disk, Fox Hunt, Moki, Bentley Dean, James Egbert, and more. Electromag throws listeners back into the mid-2000s, during the era of YouTube rips from the budding platform and back when MySpace was the “next big thing.” Each track finds a slightly more modernized edge, but it truly maintains the “retro” aesthetic of the mid-2000s.

Can’t Say No” acted as the compilation’s lead single, and sits as the EP’s first track. It’s a fitting placement for a song that introduces how Electromag intends to honor electro-house. Tracks such as Bad Disk’s “Over & Over & Over Again” carry forth a more club-esque atmosphere while continuing to honor the genre at hand, while singles like Wolfgang Gartner’s “The Original” pay homage to the genre in a perfect way.

Featuring tracks from No Mana, Tommy Trash, James Egbert, 80M, Bad Disk, KEETZ, ELAC, Sysdemes, Bentley Dean, Uppermost, Fox Hunt, Moki, EDDIE, and Wolfgang Gartner, Electromag is a must-listen for those looking for a nostalgic fix from a decade past.

Featured image: J. Rich Photo

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Apple Music utilizes Shazam for track identification for DJ mixes, triggers more compensation for artists

Apple Music utilizes Shazam for track identification for DJ mixes, triggers more compensation for artistsCarl Co Megastructure Ultra 2018

For years dance music devotees have been streaming mixes from their favorite DJ sets via platforms such as Soundcloud, YouTube, Audius, and others, while seeking out larger platforms like Apple Music and Spotify for their favorite artists’ standalone tracks, EPs and albums. Now, Apple Music has risen up to yet another tier, using 2019’s iOS 14 Shazam identification advancement to contract and elevate specific songs, artists, event promoters, labels, and more from DJ mixes and sets.

The launch of this feature has several implications, not only for the consumer but for the broader industry. Most notably, music creators and distributors will now be compensated for their featured music within mixes. This new technology will also allow streamers to skip certain tracks within the mix, listen with lossless audio, and save them to their individual libraries. Not only that, but it will finally allow listeners to see which festival and which DJ the mix is from.

With Apple Music’s involvement casting an overwhelming 300 million streams of DJ mixes alone, the service has seen its previous engagement triple from just the year prior. With Apple mixes already spreading like wildfire from the likes of Tiësto, Carl Cox, and Charlotte De Witte.

Apple Music notes that they are working alongside producers and DJs and there are plenty more mixes in the works, following this year’s Black Music Month series. While we have yet to see user-generated mixes and content on Apple, of which dance music fans have honed so well on platforms like Soundcloud and Mixcloud, this news is certainly a step in the right direction for creators and artists, big and small.

Featured image: Ultra

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Swedish House Mafia and The Weeknd tease collaboration

Swedish House Mafia and The Weeknd appear to be teasing a new collaboration.

The Weeknd recently took to his Instagram account to post two snippets of new music, tagging the Swedish trio into the posts.

The short clips feature the lyrics, “Like a moth to a flame”, with a message also flashing up on the screen, which reads “to be continued”. You can see the posts below. 

News of the potential collaboration follows on from The Weeknd recently picking out tracks by other artists on his Apple Music 1 radio show, Memento Mori, with a focus on those who’d inspired his next album. Swedish House Mafia were among those artists, with music by Kanye West, Britney Spears, Nas and more also featuring.

The new album appears to still be in production, though The Weeknd has teased that it should be finished by the end of the month.

Swedish House Mafia were among the artists who performed at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards this past weekend.

Last month, the trio confirmed they were preparing to release their first new album in nine years, ‘Paradise Again‘, which is set to arrive before the end of 2021.

Vaccine passport plans for England scrapped by government

Vaccine passport plans for England have been scrapped by the government.

Just one week after the UK government announced that it would be pressing on with plans to introduce vaccination passports for entry to clubs and other large-scale events, UK health secretary Sajid David has confirmed that the passport scheme would no longer be introduced.

Speaking with the BBC on Sunday (12th), David said that he was “pleased” to announce that the goverment would not be moving forward with the passport plans, and that he personally had “never liked the idea” of asking for “papers”. He added that vaccination passports would be kept in “reserve” as a “potential option”. 

Plans to introduce vaccine passports as a requirement for entry to clubs in England were originally announced in July, with the UK Government saying that the requirement would come in place once everybody who was 18 and over had been given a chance to have both doses of a COVID-19 vaccine. 

The news has been welcomed by various industry bodies, including the Nighttime Industries Association (NTIA), who previously said that vaccine passports for UK clubs would be an “unworkable option”.

Last week, Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed that vaccine passports will be required for entry to nightclubs and many large events from later this month.

Elsewhere, New York clubs have required at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine for entry since 16th August 2021, with rules set to be enforced as of today (13th September).