Lobster Theremin starts LTDUBS subscription vinyl service

The service will offer fans limited edition records and more

Christian Eede

Tuesday, September 28, 2021 – 18:44

Lobster Theremin has launched a new subscription vinyl service, called LTDUBS.

Subscribers to the service will initially be given the opportunity to purchase a limited edition record, of which only 50 copies will be pressed. The label also says that the identity of the record’s producer and sound excerpts will not be shared until after the vinyl edition has sold out.

In addition to limited records, subscribers to LTDUBS will also have access to newsletters and various other exclusive label content. 

You can sign up to LTDUBS here.

In May, Tim Reaper released a record through Lobster Theremin, from which DJ Mag premiered the track ‘Whirlpools’.

Label head honcho Jimmy Asquith also spoke to DJ Mag earlier this year about how vinyl has survived during the coronavirus pandemic.

Beat Hotel Ibiza announces three-day music retreat and broadcast

The team behind the Beat Hotel have revealed plans for their first event in Ibiza, scheduled for October.

A Balearic Beat Hotel will take place across two beauty spots on the White Isle: sunset vantage point Hostal La Torre, and secluded beach cove Cala Gracioneta. It will take in three days of music, wellbeing events and talks.

Guest DJs will cover ambient music, jazz, downtempo and various Balearic-appropriate sounds, with the likes of Mafalda, Esa, Zakia, John Gomez, Ruf Dug, Jonny Nash and Jamie Tiller all down to play across three sunset sessions at Hostal La Torre. Ibiza legend DJ Alfredo will also join up with Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy for a four-hour b2b DJ set at Cala Gracioneta on the final night of the event.

Alongside the music, A Balearic Beat Hotel will offer a cultural programme involving various writers and wellbeing practitioners. As part of this offering, UK writer Joe Muggs will present his Ambient Salon concept, which will feature a discussion around the importance of belonging and place, paired with a drone and noise soundtrack.

Publisher White Rabbit will oversee an afternoon session of talks, which will involve DJ and author of the book ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life’ Bill Brewster speaking with Christian Len, author of 2020’s cultural history of Ibiza, ‘Balearic’, talking about immortalising dancefloor moments.

Much of the three days’ events will also be streamed online via the Beat Hotel’s broadcast partners. 

The inaugural A Balearic Beat Hotel takes place from 6th-8th October. Find more information here.

The event will take place as clubs on the White Isle prepare to officially reopen, with some restrictions still in place, from 8th October.

Read DJ Mag’s 2019 feature on A Balearic Beat Hotel guest Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy here.

Ableton Intros Live 11.1 Beta With Apple Silicon Support

Ableton Intros Live 11

Ableton today announced Live 11.1, now available as a beta release, an update that adds support for Apple Silicon Macs and a variety of other improvements.

Ableton Live 11.1 adds native support for Apple computers running on the M1 Silicon chip.

This release also comes with a wide variety of improvements, including an updated Shifter device, which adds a new mode for real-time monophonic pitch shifting, as well as delay, an envelope section, an LFO and glide functionality.

Two new Max for Live utilities, Align Delay and MIDI Shaper are also added. Align Delay allows artists to compensate for lag when sending signals throughout their system. MIDI Shaper generates modulation data that can bring more expression to MIDI performances.

Additional features include improvements to comping, updates to Clip handling, and more.

Live 11.1 is available now as a beta release – which means that it’s still in the development process and you could encounter bugs. Full details are available at the Ableton site.

Warning issued over dangerous pills after 20-year-old man dies and more taken ill at The Warehouse Project

Greater Manchester Police are investigating the death of a man who was taken ill at The Warehouse Project in the early hours of Saturday, 25th September. The death follows recent warnings about high-strength pills following hospitalisations and two deaths in English clubs in August.

Officers were called to Manchester Royal Infirmary following the man’s death, while five other people attending the venue were taken to hospital after taking a drug, thought to be ecstasy, police said. They are currently receiving treatment in hospital, with some believed to be friends of the man who died, and another, a woman, thought to be unconnected to the group.

While the cause of death, and the illness of the other people, remains unconfirmed, four people who were at the Metropolis event, at the Depot Mayfield venue, have been arrested on suspicion of supplying, and possession of, class A drugs.

“We are devastated and our condolences are with the individual’s family and friends,” said a representative from The Warehouse Project. “We are working closely with the Greater Manchester authorities to help with inquiries at this stage.”

Greater Manchester Police Det Insp Aaron Duggan said: “It is possible that there may be a particularly bad batch of drugs out there in the community and that is a concern to us. If you attended The Warehouse Project last night and are feeling unwell, I would ask you to go to hospital for a check-up as soon as possible.”

Giving more detail, Ch Supt Mark Roberts said the drugs taken by the six people were thought to have come from two sources.

“If people buy drugs in these circumstances, you really don’t know what you’re getting and it could be fatal the first time you take it,” Robert said. “I don’t think it’s worth the gamble and people need to be aware of the dangers.

“We have seen different drugs from different suppliers. One has sadly led to the death of someone – someone else has been seriously ill – so there is a really chance that if you take these drugs, you could become very ill or die.”

In response to last weekend’s events, harm reduction initiative The Loop shared an infographic with details of the substances found in ‘Louis Vuitton’ pills, which were reportedly bought in Manchester. This warning follows on from another shared earlier in September by The Loop, which found that various sets of identical-looking ecstasy pills in circulation, and tested at Manchester’s Parklife festival, actually contained different substances.

The Loop also put out an alert about blue Tesla-emblazoned pills last month, with two drug-related deaths of young people having happened after being taken ill at clubs in London and Bristol in July. (It’s not yet been reported exactly what caused those deaths.) 

For more, read DJ Mag’s recent feature on why the discussion around drug harm minimisation is more important than ever, here.

BOMBAYS courts a sensual brand of house on ‘HYPNOTIQUE’

BOMBAYS courts a sensual brand of house on ‘HYPNOTIQUE’195177319 539265653756308 8466417340568052389 N

Unremittingly house-minded, BOMBAYS continues his 2021 tear with “HYPNOTIQUE,” released via Uprise Music. The sultry stint, led by a vocal sample that sensually instructs streamers to “move with me,” deals in hip-shaking beat work suited for a dusky club setting. It’s an entrancing extension of the filmy appeal of BOMBAYS’ recent additions to his catalog such as June’s ZHU-evoking “BASTILLE.”

“HYPNOTIQUE” materializes as BOMBAYS’ fifth original of the calendar year, with the rising underground tastemaker having opened his 2021 season of work with “ALLURE” in mid-March. In the five months that have followed, BOMBAYS has steadily and steamily reasserted his name as one well worth considering in artists to watch in 2022 roundups, and “HYPNOTIQUE” is a compelling case for inclusion.

Featured image: @chey.shoots/Instagram

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Premiere: Maliboux hits a sonic bullseye with supercharged ‘Way 2 Sexy’ flip

Premiere: Maliboux hits a sonic bullseye with supercharged ‘Way 2 Sexy’ flip128272787 210227420659910 1061334479244519620 N

Inventions are intended to solve a problem. For Maliboux, that was an absence of “Way 2 Sexy” flips to intersperse in his series of upcoming sets.

“I have a bunch of shows coming up in October and I was looking for edits/remixes of ‘Way 2 Sexy’ to play in my sets. After doing some digging on SoundCloud, I came up empty-handed,” the “Freakshow” producer told Dancing Astronaut.

And with that, identifying a “Way 2 Sexy” conversion fit for showtime became not a matter of sourcing, but rather one of creating. “I decided I would just make my own!” Maliboux said.

The solution is supercharged, adding sonic va-va-voom to the Certified Lover Boy staple. A soon-to-be crowd favorite currently loading, Maliboux’s revamped version remains faithful to his intention to “keep the integrity of the original” while giving it a “fun, bouncy, lighthearted twist—something [he] could play at a college party or festival.”

Since Maliboux tweeted a teaser of the take on September 15, the audio snippet has rightfully turned heads, winning the attention of fans seeking its formal release date, as well as Zedd, who, with an enthusiastic “PLS SEND ME,” signaled that the vivacious spin is likely to surface in his own impending sets.

As has been the case with Maliboux’s music, the “Way 2 Sexy (Maliboux Flip)” is a sonic bullseye that underscores his aim as ever-sharp, ever-on-target. Stream the “Way 2 Sexy” alteration sure to command the electronic circuit in full below, exclusively via Dancing Astronaut.

Featured image: Ricky Lawrence

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A new book about ’90s dancehall is released next month

‘Run The Riddim’ tells the story of the genre’s development through some of the decade’s most seminal riddims

Christian Eede

Tuesday, September 28, 2021 – 15:53

A new book about ’90s dancehall is to be released next month.

‘Run The Riddim: The Untold Story Of ’90s Dancehall To The World’ sees London-based writer Marvin Sparks, who is of Jamaican heritage, look at the origins, and the highs and lows, of the genre through his own experiences, as well as through some of the decade’s most essential dancehall riddims. 

His observations, and the book as a whole, have been pieced together from interviews with more than 30 DJs, producers and other figures from the dancehall scene.

‘Run The Riddim’ is being pressed in limited amounts, and will be available to purchase for just 90 days. You can pre-order the book here ahead of its release on 11th October.

Tomorrowland reveals first wave of Tomorrowland Winter lineup, eyes three weekends for Tomorrowland 2022

Tomorrowland reveals first wave of Tomorrowland Winter lineup, eyes three weekends for Tomorrowland 2022Ej0K3HjsAIn06A

There’s a lot going on in the Tomorrowland universe.

As planning for 2022 in-person festivals continues, Tomorrowland Winter—to be held from March 19 – 26, 2022, in Alpe D’Huez, France—has named the first round of artists to take to the icy stage next year. Among them are Armin van Buuren, Afrojack, Yves V, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Martin Solveig, Kungs, Adriatique, Kölsch, Lost Frequencies, Ofenbach, Quintino, and Paul Kalkbrenner.

Amid the Tomorrowland Winter planning comes the news that the brand is also eyeing a third consecutive weekend of Tomorrowland 2022 programming. At present, July 22 – 24 and July 29 – 31 are the two consecutive weekends confirmed for the Boom, Belgium festival. However, Tomorrowland is currently seeking to temporarily expand the festival by hosting the event from July 15 – 17 as well, in a bid to recoupe approximately $30 million in existing and anticipated losses, according to Billboard.

“We really have to do this to cushion the financial hangover,” Tomorrowland spokesperson Debby Wilmsen told Het Laatste Nieuws. “Before COVID-19, there were no plans to start organizing three weekends.”

The request must be accepted by the Boom and Rumst municipalities and the Antwerp province. As officials ruminate on the decision, those hoping to attend Tomorrowland Winter can secure their tickets to the event here.

Via: Het Laatste Nieuws

Featured image: Tomorrowland Winter

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Modular synthesis gets reimagined as puzzle game with The Signal State

Patching modular synthesis now has its own game, complete with realistic modules and actual signal routing logic puzzles. Meet indie title The Signal State, just released on Steam.

[embedded content]

And wow – this isn’t just a logic puzzler that’s a little bit inspired by a virtual Eurorack synth setup. It is what looks like a full-functioning modular rig, complete with an impressive set of modules and pretty panel graphics, ready to put your patching skills to the test. Like, you could actually learn some modulation tricks with this thing. You’ll have to decide whether you use this to practice before modular synthesis, or patch your modular synths, then play this to unwind, or lose track of all reality and just patch things on your screen all day with no sense of the outside world.

Speaking of the outside world, there is a setting for the title:

“Set in a post-apocalyptic future, The Signal State puts your logic skills to the test with complex puzzles inspired by modular synthesizers. Repair machines, rebuild an abandoned farm, and be part of a revolution that will change the fate of agriculture once and for all.”

Okay, so in other words, it’s basically just Superbooth 2031.

Once inside, you begin to solve problems with logic gates and LFOs and VCAs and… you know, your standard modular synth modules. There’s a clever little read-out showing signal over time that almost makes me think you could use this in an electronic music teaching situation.

And the game itself, with some slight steampunk-post-apocalyptic/Half Life makeover, basically looks like VCV Rack. It even has the Notes module from Rack, so it clearly took some inspiration.

It has the expected lineage in real modular. None other than Italian UI and graphic designer Papernoise did the UI for this – the same designer who worked on modules for Mutable Instruments, Hexinverter, WMD, etc. I think we’ll need a studio edition that lets us use these normally.

Of course, this is the obsessive software-modular must-have, especially because it comes with some excellent Steam Achievements. Compete for:

  • “Conditional Logic is overrated anyway”: Solve Radio Amplification Circuit without using any logic modules.
  • Hofstadter’s Law: Solve Drone Pathfinder without using any Signal Delays.
  • Extreme Efficiency: Solve Optimized Signal Repeater in an extremely efficient manner.

… and some easier-looking ones. (Use just 1 VCA?)

So far, the gaming press likes it, which itself impresses me. I’ll have to give it a proper try. It’s the first title out from this developer. There’s a free demo, too.

Great stuff is promised soon. This is not an Early Access title — it is a full release — but they do have some more in the works:

Experiment in sandbox mode: A free-for-all playground without any constraint. Let your imagination go wild.

Create your own puzzles: Try out our puzzle designer or access other players’ creations via Steam Workshop.

Good. I was afraid we’d have to spend some awake time not thinking about synthesizers. Solved! Plus now I can definitely write off the Steam Deck hardware.

The Signal State @ Steam, US$19.99, multilanguage support and a Discord chat

And some of you are evidently already getting carried away – sandbox or no:

It’s fun watching the experts experience modular as a game:

[embedded content]

But maybe far more interesting is actually watching the mainstream gaming press try to make sense of this. (What is this weird, archaic way of working with hardware, anyway?) I mean, it’d be like discovering that Super Mario Bros. is actually how plumbing works. (Well, maybe when I do it, but like professionally.)

Turn your voice into MIDI with Dubler 2

The new update to the award-winning software adds new features and scales

Declan McGlynn

Tuesday, September 28, 2021 – 11:56

Software company Vochlea has released Dubler 2, the next version of the award-winning voice-to-MIDI standalone app that lets you realistically convert your voice to MIDI notes and drum patterns in real-time. Used by artists like Novelist and Portrait XO, the new version lets you use any microphone you wish, and can be calibrated to recognise your voice more accurately. 

Once your voice is configured there are tonnes of different features you can trigger including standard MIDI notes, chords and scales, drums for beatboxing and other more unique features like pitch bend which follows your voice, voice timbre mapped to three different CC outputs for creative modulation and velocity and envelope mapping. It’s possible to still use the official Dubler mic, but you can use any input you want, through any soundcard. 

If you’re not the world’s best keys player, or if you want to quickly lay down ideas without plugging in your MIDI controllers, Dubler 2 is a great way to create a new interface that isn’t restricted by skill level or instrumentation. You can download the 7-day trial here and watch the video below to learn more.

[embedded content]