Bonobo teasing forthcoming project with mysterious billboards across the world

Bonobo teasing forthcoming project with mysterious billboards across the worldBonobo By Dan Medhurst

It looks as though Bonobo is teasing a new project, though for now details remain scarce. After updating his website and plastering posters in 12 locations around the world, fans are beginning to suspect he has something new (and big) underway.

Taking to Instagram earlier this week to tease a new track, the snippet features a short, looping clip of the grooving new material. The post encourages fans to click over to Bonobo’s website, which floats through images with titles such as “Rosewood,” “Shadows,” “Tides,” “Closer,” “Day By Day,” “Otomo,” “Counterpart,” “Age of Phase,” “Polyghost,” “From You,” “Elysian,” and “Sapien.”

Clicking in each image shows a corresponding billboard in different cities, with “Rosewood” landing in London and offering a limited 12″ white label, “Shadows” offering the same product but showing a billboard in Sydney, and Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, Berlin, New York, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Lisbon, Moscow, and Warsaw all doing the same.

Whatever Bonobo’s next project is—perhaps a new album in the works—it follows his 2020 collaborative EP with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Heartbreak / 6000 Ft. With more news about Bonobo’s upcoming project soon, fans should be sure to keep an eye out.

Featured image: Dan Medhurst

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ASM Hydrasynth Deluxe Review – “It’s A Whopper!”

[embedded content]

In his latest Sonic Lab review, host Nick Batt shares his thoughts on the new ASM Hydrasynth Deluxe – a flagship polysynth that offers deep synthesis capabilities and arguably the most advanced expressive control of any keyboard synthesizer currently available.

The Hydrasynth Deluxe essentially offers two of the synth engines from the original Hydrasynth, which you can use for additional polyphony, splits and layers. Patches are 100% compatible with the existing Hydrasynths.

The Hydrasynth Deluxe also features a 73-note Polytouch keybed, offering polyphonic aftertouch and a 4-octave ribbon controller. ASM says that this gives the new synth a level of “expression and control that is not equaled in any other hardware synthesizer on the market… Today or ever.”

Polyphonic aftertouch is a capability that gives you continuous expressive control over every single note you play, where most keyboards are limited to capturing initial velocity sensitivity.

Video Summary:

“We take a look at the new Ashun Sound Machines Hydrasynth Deluxe. The new model, announced just before Superbooth 21, doubles the voice count – either 16 voices in single sound mode or two complete 8 voice Hydrasynth Engines for split or layer. Each layer has a dedicated stereo audio output pair, and the Polytouch polyphonic after touch keybed gets enlarged to 73 keys.

Its a whopper.”

Pricing and Availability

The ASM Hydrasynth Deluxe is available now with a street price of around $1799.

Berna 3 Turns Your Computer Into A 1950’s Electronic Music Studio

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Berna 3, a virtual studio described as a ‘love letter’ to mid-century electronic music studios, is now available for macOS. A Windows release is scheduled for release later this month.

Here’s what the developer has to say about it:

“Berna is an experience, a world of instruments that transport you to the age of the pioneers of electronic music.

Use 12 Function generators, 6 filters, 8 modulators, plus oscilloscope, four tracks tape recorder, two track tape recorder and four independent tape loops and effects with warm analog sound.

The user of Berna 3 has the opportunity to build their own compositions starting from the instruments and practices that defined electronic music at its origins.”

Pricing and Availability

Berna 3 is available now for macOS for 25.00€. The Windows version is expected later this month.

VASSY shares hypnotic “Don’t Wanna Be Right” with Vinny Vibe

VASSY returns with “Don’t Wanna Be Right,” with Vinny Vibe. On the track, she brings to life her iconic vocal work, combined with her pop-dance ethos that has helped her to hone a unique and vibrant sound. 

VASSY’s hypnotic melodies alongside her memorable lyrics create a soulful bed of music that carries throughout the song. “Don’t Wanna Be Right,” is layered with epic synths, driving beats and an unforgettable punch that hits within every chorus. The track is the follow up to her Spring 2021 banger “CHASE” featuring Bonka which hit #1 and spent 13 consecutive weeks on Billboard’s Dance/Mix Show Airplay charts. 

“Don’t Wanna Be Right” beats executed by New England producer Vinny Vibe, a sleek and nostalgic delivering a match made in heaven. With a pop-laced dance vibe, “Don’t Wanna Be Right” is both passionate and seductive which will have you dancing wherever you go.

 Connect with VASSY: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

Altered States dispatches third label release—stream Pacifix’s ‘Break’

Altered States dispatches third label release—stream Pacifix’s ‘Break’242669278 1243129459492136 7944643328659844056 N 3

After launching their new record label, Altered States, this March with the release of their Catching Z’s mixtape, Zeds Dead return to showcase their growing collection of emerging talent. Kicking off a new series of singles, the label honchos bring in Seattle-based producer Pacifix for atmospheric new single, “Break.”

The track finds itself settling neatly into the dreamy realms that have made up Zeds Dead’s Catching Z’s series over the past few years, with Pacifix offering his own soothing take on breakbeats. Floating vocals capture the listener’s ears, while higher melodies contrast with the deeper tone of the track’s instrumentals. Pacifix states,

“I wanted to do something different, but still accessible and true to me. Life can be emotional, this is an emotional song. I hope it has a positive impact on those who listen.”

Arriving directly after the Catching Z’s remix package, “Break” is early proof that Zeds Dead’s new Deadbeats offshoot may be one-to-watch.

Featured image: @alayynay/Instagram

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Get a rush of ‘Dopamine’ in Elephante’s third album single

Get a rush of ‘Dopamine’ in Elephante’s third album singleElephante Press Shot

Elephante ramps up the anticipation of his forthcoming sophomore album with the release of its third single, “Dopamine.” Succeeding previously released tracks, “Holy Ghosts” and “High Water,” the newest album showcase returns to the producer’s melodic roots. Featuring anthemic vocals and reverberating instrumentation, “Dopamine” takes listeners into an upbeat production that unravels into a dazzling drop, driven by intensity and a kaleidoscope of arpeggiators.

Elephante speaks about the single in an official release, sharing,

“‘Dopamine’ is about desire, about scratching the itch. It’s about wanting to experience the world at its fullest—driving 150 mph down the highway, chasing your lover across the dance floor, taking that last shot that you know you probably shouldn’t—whatever it takes to make you feel something.”

Elephante tipped fans off to his album’s completion earlier this week. As of now, the diverse production from the already released tracks point to his increasing exploration of sound. The artist has also started incorporating his own vocals into his releases in 2021, strengthening the personal connection between his artistry and music.

Elephante’s sophomore album Heavy Glow will be released on October 22 via 88rising.

Featured image: Nicole Lemberg

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Cocaine, MDMA found in river at Glastonbury festival grounds

Cocaine, MDMA found in river at Glastonbury festival groundsGlastonbury Cr Charlie Raven

High levels of cocaine and MDMA have been found in Whitelake River, which runs through the Glastonbury festival site. The analysis measures the number of illicit drugs found after the festival last occurred in 2019, with scientists theorizing that the drug levels come from festival goers who urinated in the river.

Publishing the study this month, researchers from Bangor University in Wales found that the “MDMA was found at environmentally damaging levels in the local aquatic ecosystem.” The study encourages the public not to urinate in the river so as to prevent the damaging levels of drugs, which also led to disrupting the lifecycle of the European eel.

Researchers also found that the traces of MDMA were 104 times greater downstream than upstream during the week after the festival, while cocaine levels were 40 times higher. Speaking on the findings, Dan Aberg, a scientist who had been part of the Bangor University team, said,

“Illicit drug contamination from public urination happens at every music festival. Unfortunately, Glastonburybury Festival’s close proximity to a river results in any drugs released by festival attendees having little time to degrade in the soil before entering the fragile freshwater ecosystem.”

A Glastonbury festival spokesperson also spoke up on the matter, saying the festival encourages attendees not to publicly urinate on the grounds.

“Peeing on the land is something we continue to strongly discourage at future festivals. We also do not condone the use of illegal drugs at Glastonbury.”

Glastonbury’s 2020 and 2021 editions were both canceled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, however, the festival hopes to be able to return next year in 2022.

Via: ScienceDirect

Featured image: Charlie Raven

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Experience Peggy Gou, The Martinez Brothers, SG Lewis, and more at new house and techno getaway, Framework Cabo

Experience Peggy Gou, The Martinez Brothers, SG Lewis, and more at new house and techno getaway, Framework CaboPeggy Gou Photo By Han Myung Gu Getty Images For Mulberry

Techno lovers have a destination getaway to look forward to thanks to Pollen Presents and Framework coming together to unveil Framework Cabo. The event will bring together techno and house artists for a four-day event featuring performances by Peggy Gou, SG Lewis, The Martinez Brothers, Artbat, and more.

Beyond just top-notch clubbing, the event is promising pool parties, morning yoga, and beach activities making Framework Cabo a well-rounded vacation-style experience. Taking place at ME Cabo from December 9 – 13, the lineup also boasts Dixon, DJ Harvey, WhoMadeWho, DJ Ariel, and more. This is the first travel experience put on by Framework, who is behind Art of the Wild at Wynn Las Vegas, Sound in Los Angeles, and more.

Packages include a four-night hotel stay along with add-on experiences available including boat parties, adventure excursions, whale watching, and more. For those who want more information about the event and tickets, learn more here.

Experience Peggy Gou, The Martinez Brothers, SG Lewis, and more at new house and techno getaway, Framework Cabo5ac2a7f7 64fc 5036 Effb 65db2f852fcb.png?w=564&dpr=2

Featured Image: Han Myung

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Said The Sky taps pop-punk outfit The Maine for ‘Go On Then, Love’

Said The Sky taps pop-punk outfit The Maine for ‘Go On Then, Love’Said The Sky Instagram E1633146845386

Collaborating with one of his all-time favorite bands, Said The Sky teams up with pop-punk sensation The Maine on his latest output, “Go On Then, Love,” following closely behind his heart-wrenching August release, “Treading Water.”

The melodic scene-maker’s most recent excursion features a more uplifting refrain alongside The Maine’s elevating vocals for what fans are calling reminiscent of summer 2016. Building up to a rhythmically-driven, climactic instrumental guitar and drum break, the track calls forth the emotive producer’s ability to bring forth an innately sentimental sonic experience.

Releasing “Go On Then, Love” in tandem with the track’s own music video as the third and final video in his latest trilogy, Said The Sky captures the essence of a relationship and the trials that come along with it. The producer commented on the most recent video on Instagram earlier this week stating,

“‘Go On Then, Love’ is the third and final video in this trilogy, and before the video is released, I need to warn you that this is not a love story. Life is complicated, people are flawed, and relationships are hard af. That’s what I wanted this series to show.. Real, authentic, flawed people like you and I.”

Watch the music video for “Go On Then, Love” below.

Featured image: Said The Sky/Instagram

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