DJ Mag Top 100 DJs 2021 winner announced next week

The dates have been revealed for 2021’s DJ Mag Top 100 DJs & Alternative Top 100 DJs results announcement.

The winners of this year’s Top 100 DJs poll, powered by Beatport, will be unveiled on Wednesday 13th October via a full social media countdown across DJ Mag’s Instagram and Twitter pages, a live countdown on, plus a very special live-streamed awards ceremony, presented by AMF.

Alongside the crowning of the World’s No.1 DJ, the awards ceremony will feature performances from Afrojack, Alan Walker, Armin Van Buuren, Avalan, Don Diablo, MORTEN, Mariana Bo, W&W and more. Watch the event on AMF.TV, or purchase remaining tickets for the event here.

The Top 100 DJs announcement will be followed on Wednesday 27th October with the online countdown of the Alternative Top 100 DJs, a sister poll that uses Top 100 DJs voting data alongside insights from Beatport to recognise the achievements of house and techno DJs. 

The awards show and performances will be streamed on DJ Mag and AMF’s Facebook and YouTube channels from 18:30 to 00:00 on Wednesday 13th October.

Stingray is rebooting electro, in an even more fresh and futuristic form

DJ Stingray 313’s latest sounds are powered by science, brightly colored synthetic synthesized wavelengths beamed from the future. So don’t sleep.

Forget about generation or age or past accomplishmentss. What has impressed me about Stingray like some of the best of his Detroit colleagues is his natural appetite for the new – out on the (now Berlin) scene, in his DJ sets, and in his productions. (Oh yeah, I guess that thing about constantly swimming sharks is also true, speaking of science.)

That makes these tracks not only refreshing to listen to, but a challenge to producers – to channel that same sharp focus and angle your brain deeply into beginners’ mind.

‘Construction Materials From Organic Waste’ is essential – weird, ominous, a progression of slap-in-the-face percussive surfaces:

Without being overly designed or overly layered, each twist and turn offers a jolt.

It’s hard to put into words, which is why it’s also excellent that Ingram teams up with Iranian-Canadian animator Bahar Noorizadeh. That artist is able to keep up with the acidic shifting sonic timbres by dragging us through some beautifully apocalyptic waste areas of ever-morphing 3D detritus, in the video debut for FACT:

[embedded content]

As FACT describes it:

Casting the collapse of Detroit’s automobile industry as contemporary mythology, Noorizadeh explores the car as an unreliable narrator, a fly-on-the-wall of Detroit’s past, a first-hand witness of its’ fall and an unwitting thief of the city’s, and every city’s, uncertain future. “Wretched and utopian, the individual in charge of speed and scale, destiny and destination,” she continues. “The Teslaist dreams of conquest and connectivity expressed in CO2, or in effervescent sweat.” The synthetic textures of her glitched-out visual play out like the A.I. fever dream of a driverless car, as corrupted memories of automated factories spark up against snatches of archive footage of Detroit’s ravers, fragments of the city’s past sliced up as food for some unseen neural net.

We’re very much not supposed to reduce Detroit to ruin porn, but the duo here resynthesize that destruction into something hard to resist. Let’s put it this way – if this work seems optimistic, maybe that’s because it makes such an excellent argument to turn to Stingray and Noorizadeh over faceless machine learning algorithms for guidance.

And as Noorizadeh says, there is a chance to find an escape to something green:

“The derelict factory then is amplified in sound-waves,” writes Noorizadeh. “And now, the new heirs to those techno-hallucinatory assemblages: microorganisms, infectious agents, sunken meadows of seaweed. Oceans rise over mountains of carbon black tires. The car turned techno turns green: The earth wants to become earth again.”

It all fits this moment in Berlin, too, as Detroit artists relocate here and Musk opens his Gigafactory.

Even without knowing Sherard Ingram’s bio, this feels like Drexciya: The Next Generation – now with a faster warp power plant. He wasn’t getting when he told Mixmag in 2017, “I’m trying to not only stay relevant, but define what relevant is.” I mean, yeah – this has the fundamental foundations of electro in the way he helped clarify, but everything has been invigorated with new texture and power.

Maestro Stingray. Photo: George Nebieridze, courtesy the artist.

It also seems like Micron Audio is set to launch into orbit. Stingray’s own imprint has been around in some form since 2011, but this new 12″ – streamable now and shipping physically mid-month – charts new courses for electronic sounds generally. We can also evidently look forward to a reissue of 2012’s seminal outing F.T.N.W.O.

To leave you with a signature DJ set, Stingray’s outing was an unmistakable bright spot in this dark locked-down winter – and takes us back to that beloved Tresor basement. (Tresor isn’t reopened yet, but Stingray did help relaunch Berghain, fittingly.)

[embedded content]

It’s also worth revisiting his 2017 mix, also out on the same imprint (called – and I like this name a lot for some reason – the KERN Mix):

Find Micron and the artist here:

Watch Snoop Dogg and Shaq perform ‘Nuthin’ But A ‘G’ Thang’ live in Las Vegas

The basketball legend filled in on Dr. Dre’s verse

Christian Eede

Wednesday, October 6, 2021 – 13:13

Snoop Dogg was joined on stage by basketball star Shaquille O’Neal this past weekend to perform ‘Nuthin’ But A ‘G’ Thang’.

The performance, which saw Shaq fill in on Dr. Dre’s verse from the 1992 track, happened during a fundraiser event in Las Vegas, which was hosted by the basketball legend.

Before Shaq took to the stage, Snoop said to the audience: “I wanna bring out somebody that means a lot to me. One of my dear friends who I feel like we got in at the same time.

“We been doing the same things lately and he’s the man of the night. So if you don’t mind, we gon’ do something special for y’all. Never before, never seen, Snoop Dogg and Shaq. Let’s go.”

You can see video of the performance below.

It was recently revealed that Snoop Dogg would be contributing to the soundtrack for ‘The Addams Family 2’, the animated film for which he’s also voicing the character Cousin It.

In June, he joined Def Jam in the role of Executive Creative and Strategic Consultant.

[embedded content]

Oramics announces new charity compilation for Poland-Belarus border crisis

Polish collective Oramics are releasing a charity compilation in response to the refugee crisis at the Polish-Belarusian border.

‘Cut The Wire’, which will be released on 11th October, takes in 21 tracks by Polish and international artists. Among the Polish artists contributing music to the release are Oramics collective member Avtomat, Semprey and IKARVS, while music by Loraine James and Octo Octa also features.

Proceeds from all sales of the compilation will go to Fundacja Ocalenie (Rescue Foundation), an organisation helping migrants at the Polish-Belarusian border.

The worsening humanitarian crisis at the border is seeing people from the Middle East, South Asia, and Northern and Central Africa crossing the external European Union border in the hope of finding refuge.

Explaining the situation, a note shared by Oramics reads: “Polish border troops are facilitating a process which is both nationally and internationally recognised as illegal, the so-called pushbacks. This brutal practice pushes the refugees from Polish territory back under the gunpoint of Belarusian border patrol who then use the same tactic and push the people back onto the Polish side. Consequently, the exhausted migrants are repeatedly chased away from one side to the other.

“Polish border patrol keeps ignoring the refugees’ repeated declarations telling them that they want to seek international protection in Poland. It breaches the law, according to which the border patrol should accept the application for protection and start adequate procedures and not keep these people outdoors for weeks. The temperatures in Eastern Poland are dropping day by day, which will cause more deaths by hypothermia, starvation, and exhaustion.”

A number of deaths from hypothermia have been reported at the border in recent weeks. 

You can purchase the compilation here.

Burning Man is selling art, sculptures, mutant vehicles, more following financial blows

Burning Man has partnered with auction house Sotheby’s to sell art, sculptures and other ephemera associated with the desert festival.

As Billboard reports, the auction comes as the not-for-profit event aims to stay afloat amid two years of cancelled festivals due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Dubbed ‘Boundless Space: The Possibilities Of Burning Man’, it features more than 100 works by artists both in and outside of the Burning Man community, with a special focus on BIPOC artists.

The items are open for bidding until 8th October and include paintings, sculptures, NFTs and mutant vehicles, as well as experiences like stilt walking lessons. Prices for some items are currently reaching into the tens of thousands of dollars.

The auction came about after ’80s hip hop legend and Burning Man board member Fab Five Freddy told Charles F. Stewart, CEO of Sotheby’s, that Burning Man needed to raise money due to losses incurred during the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, Sotheby’s has waived some of its fees on the auction, and some artists have donated work for free or agreed to receive only part of the proceeds.

It’s hoped that the auction will keep Burning Man afloat until it plans to start selling tickets for its 2022 edition in January. 

Burning Man CEO Marian Goodell told Billboard: “We’re going to have to start selling tickets otherwise we don’t have enough money. We have money to get to the end of year barely. The auction is going to be important.”

Having generated almost $43 million from its 2019 event, Burning Man organisers say that they lost 90% of the event’s annual revenue from its cancellation the following year. As a result, they put a call out to donors in September 2020, which has largely kept the company afloat until now and ensured that no staff were made redundant.

Despite the 2021 edition of Burning Man being cancelled earlier this year, more than 10,000 people still headed out to the festival’s usual base in Black Rock Desert, Nevada, for an unofficial event in September.

A musical based on Burning Man was also released to streaming audiences this past summer.

Tomorrowland One World Radio announces weekly TV show

Tomorrowland One World Radio is launching a weekly TV show on Clubbing TV.

Airing each Saturday, the show will compile one hour of some of the biggest Tomorrowland hits, played at the summer, winter and digital editions of the famed festival.

The next episode, which will air on 9th October at 9pm CET, will include tracks by the likes of Paul Van Dyk, Tiësto, David Guetta and Joris Voorn, among others.

Speaking about the link-up, Clubbing TV CEO Stephane Schweizer said: “We are not only very proud but super excited to have Tomorrowland One World Radio on Clubbing TV. The show is fitting perfectly in our diversified playlist as One World Radio is representing all genres of the electronic music scene, so Clubbing TV is. The team behind the project has managed to put in images of The Sound of Tomorrowland in an amazing way and we cannot wait to share this with our viewers every week.”

Tomorrowland’s One World Radio celebrated two years since its launch in February of this year, airing sets from Armin van Buuren, Afrojack and more.

It was recently revealed that Tomorrowland organisers are hoping to stage a three-weekend event in the summer of 2022, to make up for the cancelled editions of the last two years as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sugar Bytes Intros Nest Rules-Based Modular Sequencer For Mac & Windows

[embedded content]

Sugar Bytes has introduced Nest, a rules-based modular sequencer for maOS & Windows.

Nest is described as “a modular system which gravitates around the creation of MIDI”. It offers all kinds of modules to generate and process triggers and numbers.

Nest is equipped with recreations of classical, transistor-based integrated circuits like Shift Registers or Multiplexers, plus programming tools like the if/else and math modules. Also a writable Sequencer and flexible Arpeggiator are available.

Nest can be used with internal sound generators, VSTs and hardware gear.

Here’s the official playlist of intro videos for Nest:

[embedded content]

Audio Demos:


  • Build your own sequencer
  • More than 20 different modules
  • Generate 8 MIDI voices and assign to 4 targets
  • Host up to 4 VST2 plug-ins
  • Use internal synths and drums
  • Recall 12 scenes via MIDI
  • Send to 16 MDI channels
  • Plus MIDI CCs and automation
  • Multi audio outs (5 stereo)
  • Flexible scale system

Pricing and Availability:

Nest is available now for $99 USD.

ISLA Instruments S2400 Firmware Update First Look

[embedded content]

ISLA Instruments shared this in-depth look at the latest firmware for their S2400 sampling workstation.

They say that the update features user-requested changes to improve the workflow, along with a variety of bug fixes.

MOE Analog Chorus 60 Clones Classic Roland Juno-60 Circuitry

[embedded content]

Made On Earth (MOE) has announced pre-orders for the MOE Analog Chorus 60, described as “a perfect clone of the original Juno-60 chorus circuit.”

Here’s what they have to say about it:

It uses 2x “xvive mn3009” and the original Panasonic “2x mn3101” chips (rare parts!), original transistors 2SC1815, 2SA1015 and 2SK30A-GR with the exact same circuit.

Instead of the two buttons with only three rate modes, we added a knob to smoothly control the rate of the chorus, depth of the modulation and the stereo width. (the rate of the original modes is clearly printed around the rate knob for easy recreation of the original rates)

We also added ext lfo/cv input to apply other modulation sources and input gain to accommodate any type of instruments (guitars or synthesizers).

Housing in a high quality aluminum case with durable UV printing and high quality “Alpha” potentiometers.

[embedded content]

Pricing and Availability:

The MOE Analog Chorus 60 is available now for 1,700.00 ? (about $525).

Steve Aoki lifts the curtain on Ninja Attack alias with ‘Aurora’

Steve Aoki lifts the curtain on Ninja Attack alias with ‘Aurora’Steve Aoki Rawhide 210702 012

Steve Aoki is channeling his darker side with the launch of his newest side project, Ninja Attack, formally debuting with Aurora.” Announced as a techno and house project, “Aurora” channels hard-style undertones and serves as a moodier display of Aoki’s artistry.

Aoki is known for venturing into many different musical territories, having released everything from pop to rap to rock crossovers, and “Aurora” is another example of him pushing the boundaries on his productions. Of note, “Aurora” showcases a new creative direction for Aoki while materializing as a rare release outside of Dim Mak. “Aurora” is out now via MDLBEAST Records.

Featured image:

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