ARTY issues progressive house elegance with ‘Live For’

ARTY issues progressive house elegance with ‘Live For’Arty Youre Not Alone Dj Times Scaled 1

ARTY continues his streak of progressive aces with the release of “Live For” via Armada Music. The Russian producer follows his August and July outputs “Brighter Side” and “Fight For” as his latest vocally driven original ventilates uplifting house melodies and themes of inspiration and hope.

“Live For” features vocals from Griff Clawson with whom ARTY previously convened in 2020, on his remix of the singer-songwriter’s indie-pop track “Chasing Highs.” The resurgent progressive single invites listeners to surrender to the beatitude of life while indulging in ARTY’s mellow chord progression and harmonies. Hear “Live For” below.

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LCD Soundsystem announces 20-date residency at Brooklyn Steel

LCD Soundsystem announces 20-date residency at Brooklyn SteelLCD Soundsystem 42Rp

Three years after their last live performance, LCD Soundsystem announced a 20-date residency at New York’s Brooklyn Steel. The residency will begin on November 23 and last through December 21, and tickets for the residency performances are available here.

While Las Vegas and Ibiza residencies are staples for certain musical acts, New York venues more often shy away from this practice. However, LCD Soundsystem and Brooklyn Steel have done this before, but at a smaller scale, after the group announced a six-date residency at the then new venue in 2017. The group will return to live performances in a big way with the 20-date run, though the residency nights are their only confirmed shows as now.

LCD Soundsystem announces 20-date residency at Brooklyn SteelWdWGQB0j4Ew6kqBav3LpyiMbYGV59qCN2crUI6en

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Kanye West earns first diamond plaque thanks to 2007’s Daft Punk-inspired hit, ‘Stronger’

Kanye West earns first diamond plaque thanks to 2007’s Daft Punk-inspired hit, ‘Stronger’63F4841A CA35 4FA9 944B F2FCD2FBB069

First introduced in 1999, the coveted, elusive diamond plaque certification commemorates any record that reaches 10 million units sold. More a vestige of a past era, where physical album sales were all that existed is lieu of digital formats, legendary acts like Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, and Bruce Springsteen, were able to scoop up multiple diamond awards, while younger venerated acts like Backstreet Boys, Eminem, and even Adele, were able to secure at least one. Now, another has joined those ranks, as Kanye West nets his first RIAA diamond plague.

“Stronger” marked the second album single on West’s third studio album, the beloved smash-hit, Graduation. The Daft Punk-sampled record was certified triple platinum in 2008, just a year after its initial release. It climbed all the way to nine-times platinum in September of 2020; and now, as of October 6, 2021, the RIAA has certified “Stronger” a diamond-selling record. Having won the Grammy for “Best Rap Performance” in 2008, the Mike Dean-assisted Graduation cut is now the 59th song in recording history to be awarded a diamond plaque.

Relive the single’s timeless influence with the official music video, which features a cameo by some familiar Android beatmakers.

Featured image: Vanity Fair

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London Independent Label Market will return this winter

London Independent Label Market (ILM) is set to return this winter, celebrating a decade of pop up events aimed at DJs and vinyl collectors across the world.  

To mark the ten year milestone, ILM will hit Coal Drops Yard in King’s Cross on 27th November. DJ sets will be performed throughout the day, with an afterparty set for Spiritland once the stalls close. 

4AD, Bella Union, Late Night Tales, Erased Tapes, Black Beacon Sound, Brownswood, Claremont 56, Mute, PIAS, and Secretly are among the imprints confirmed. A full list can be found below. 

In addition to the London event, ILM will hit Manchester for the first time on 5th December as part of Tim Burgess’ Vinyl Adventures Record Fair. Live performances, interviews and talks will be held across the northern English city. Meanwhile, the market itself centres on The Royal Exchange.

Piccadilly Records, Mars Tapes, Vinyl Resting Place, Clampdown Records, Eastern Bloc Records, Vinyl Revival, and Bury-based Wax and Beans are the shops involved. 

“We’d been wanting to come to Manchester for a long time and for one reason or another had never quite found the right time or place to make it happen,” said ILM co-founder Joe Daniel. “When Tim asked us to be part of Vinyl Adventures we leapt at the chance, it’s a perfect fit.”

Beginning life in 2011 on Soho’s Berwick Street, ILM has now hosted 70 markets in locations including Berlin, Rome, Los Angeles, and Toronto. More than 600 independent record stores have been involved during that time. The first event in honour of the ten year anniversary was held in London in July. According to figures released around the same time, independent labels made up 25% of all UK vinyl sales in 2020

Indepent Label Market London Winter 2021 Labels





Africa Seven

Analogue Trash


Band On The Wall


Be With

Bella Union


Black Beacon Sound



Breakdown Press


Castles In Space

Cherry Red


Claremont 56

Cold Bow


Drag City, Inc.

Dynamite Cuts


East London Printmakers

Erased Tapes

Far Out

Fierce Panda


First Word

Forever Living Original

Full Time Hobby

Gare du Nord

Happy Robots




Late Night Tales



Memphis Industries


Mexican Summer



Nothing Fancy


None More

On The Corner

One Little Independent





SA Recordings

Sad Club



Skep Wax


Sonic Cathedral


Speedy Wunderground


The Get Down


untitled (recs)

Velocity Press

Vintage League Music 

Tame Impala prep ‘Slow Rush’ deluxe edition led by new Lil Yachty remix

Tame Impala prep ‘Slow Rush’ deluxe edition led by new Lil Yachty remixTame Impala O2 2019 Emma Swann

With the deluxe edition of Tame Impala‘s Slow Rush set to arrive on February 18, 2022, the brainchild of Kevin Parker has teamed up with Lil Yachty for a remix of “Breathe Deeper.” Speaking on the collaboration, Lil Yachty said in a press release,

“It was so amazing to work with Kevin as I’ve been a big fan since high school so it was a pleasant surprise and honor to be a part of such an incredible song.”

Lil Yachty brings a funking groove, inspired by old-school R&B facets; his spin blending well with Tame Impala’s psychedelic signatures. The deluxe version of Slow Rush will arrive as a box set that includes remixes of various tracks, b-sides, extended versions, and more.

Featured image: Emma Swann

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Burning Man auctioning art, vehicles, and other effects to offset financial burdens

Burning Man auctioning art, vehicles, and other effects to offset financial burdensBurning Man

Burning Man is teaming up with Sotheby’s in order to auction off art, sculptures, and other works associated with the beloved desert festival. The auction aims to help raise funds in order for the non-profit event to remain afloat after having to cancel its 2020 and 2021 editions due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Bidding for items will continue until October 8, with artworks featured at the festival and experiences such as stilt walking lessons currently being offered. Sotheby’s is supporting the festival by waiving some of its fees in order to help out with the auction, and a number of artists have donated their work either for free, or for only a small portion of the proceeds. Fab 5 Freddy initially raised his concerns for Burning Man’s future to Sotheby’s CEO, Charles F. Stewart, which launched the idea to host an auction.

The festival is reported to have lost 90% of its annual revenue due to the cancelations. Donors in 2020 were able to allow the festival to maintain all of its year-round staff, and the auction hopes to be able to allow Burning Man to float on until they can return in 2022.

Via: Billboard

Featured image: Bob Wick

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We can be “Heroes,” with Tony Visconti, Erin Tonkon as tutors for Eventide Tverb plugin

We talk less about plug-ins as classics than we do hardware, but Tverb – replicating Tony Visconti’s “Heroes” setup but hugely versatile elsewhere – might just be that. And not one but two Bowie collaborators did how-to videos for Eventide recently.

Tverb has been out for some years, the result of a collaboration between Eventide and Tony Visconti himself. I have to admit my first impression of it was, Eventide wants to do what? Make a plug-in for, uh, the mic rig on one song? (Even a great song like “Heroes”? Even if it was recorded in Berlin?)

But it turns out to be a really evergreen effect, like having free reign in the legendary Meistersaal at Berlin’s Hansa Tonstudios. Rather than being a one-trick pony, it really is as close as you can get to studio rental in plug-in form. The presets alone represent a lot of the kind of work in miking (and re-miking) done by folks who blow budgets renting these sorts of studios. And while Hansa gets a send-up now in a bunch of convolution reverbs (cough), there’s something unique about having a plug-in that actually puts you on just one stage. Instead of cycling through a ton of impulse responses (do I want one of eighteen churches or the toilet at Ableton?) — you actually do what you’d do in the studio and move around mics and faders.

Mic placement, channel strips, tons of modeling of the analog components and recording gear, and you really get not just a tool to cop Visconti’s “Heroes” effect but to simulate actual mic work on a single, lovely soundstage.

That being said, as it happens – and this surely will shock a lot of you – I am not a Grammy Award-winning producer. I am what I believe various recording institutions would call “a terrible engineer who has no frakkin’ clue what they’re doing and will you leave those faders alone please?!

So yeah, Tony Visconti’s signature is on Eventide’s plug-in, but … I am not Tony Visconti. Nor am I the exceptional engineer Erin Tonkon, who Bowie hand-picked for Darkstar and who teaches at Tisch at NYU.

Now you get both Tony and Erin with instructional videos on using Tverb.

[embedded content]

This first video with Tony is what anyone with Tverb in their arsenal has been waiting from since the beginning. It’s Tony walking you through how he got the effect. (Tony is also a naturally superb speaker; while I was not learning how to be an audio engineer I was working in music notation and we did an event with ASCAP at one point.)

It’s honestly worth watching even if you don’t have Tverb, and absolutely worth checking out if you do or you’re in the market.

Erin is also great, and looks at some other scenarios with the plug-in you might not have considered:

[embedded content]

We live in really interesting times from an engineering perspective. You can take an instrument that meticulously models a very particular scenario – like this one soundstage, the modeled channel strips, and mic placement – and then apply that to some very unexpected in-the-box scenario. I always appreciate that sort of combination, because you can take something entirely synthetic and virtual like a synth patch, and mix it with something that models a very grounded real-world environment.

So it’s also worth checking out this slightly older video on using Tverb with synths. That is something I’ve worked with a lot.

[embedded content]

But I bring up all of this partly because it isn’t a new plug-in. There’s a real benefit to going deep with a few tools, even in software, and learning them over a long period of time, rather than just swapping out new toys all the time. And Eventide’s plug-ins fit that bill for me, with a handful of other developers (Soundtoys and Arturia, plus Universal Audio when I’ve got UAD hardware handy, sure wind up coming up a lot, along with some newer stuff).

Now speaking of evergreen, what I really want to see is an Apple Silicon-native version of this plug-in, though meanwhile, the 64-bit version runs okay in Rosetta and I use the Windows version constantly.

But those software upgrades aside, upgrading your brain, ear, and skills like this is always the best.

I know, I know. We’re nothing, and nothing will help us. But you can grab Hansa, just for one day. (I’m sorry.)

Steve Aoki launches tech-house alias, Ninja Attack

The project launches with ‘Aurora’

Martin Guttridge-Hewitt

Thursday, October 7, 2021 – 14:13

Steve Aoki has launched a tech-house alias, Ninja Attack, with a chugging debut, ‘Aurora’. 

Short and dark, running at just 2minutes and 38-seconds long, it follows on from his far-reaching album, ‘Neon Future IV’, and lands via MDLBEAST Records. The track will also feature on a forthcoming imprint compilation, ‘SOUNDSTORM VOL.1’. 

News of the release follows a slew of announcements from Aoki. Just last month he unveiled a new fashion collaboration between his own Dim Mak and Marvel Entertainment. And just days before his joint single with trance deity Armin van Buuren, ‘Music Means Love Forever’, dropped. 

Take a listen to the first taste of Ninja Attack below.

[embedded content]

New Music From Tangerine Dream – ‘Raum’

[embedded content]

Tangerine Dream shared this music video for Raum, taken from the upcoming EP, Probe 6-8.

Probe 6-8 is scheduled for release 26th November 2021 on Kscope/Eastgate Music. The EP is a preview to a March ’22 album release, which will be the group’s second studio album after the death of founder Edgar Froese.

‘Raum’ translates roughly into ‘space’ or ‘realm’.

The album features the lineup of Thorsten Quaeschning, Hoshiko Yamane and Paul Frick, who created the album based on a combination of “classic studio productions and late night real time compositions”.  The trio say that they composed and produced the EP with full access to Edgar Froese’s Cubase arrangements and Otari Tape Archive, with recordings from 1977 – 2013.

The music video to ‘Raum’ was shot on a Canon Super-8 camera, during the band’s recording sessions, at their Berlin studio space and the surrounding neighborhood, in 2020 and early 2021. The choice of shooting on film was an homage to Edgar Froese’s vintage Super-8 videos.

Video by Felix and Julian Moser.

Music composed, produced and performed by Thorsten Quaeschning, Hoshiko Yamane, Paul Frick, Edgar Froese.

Helena Hauff, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Julianna Barwick, Laraaji, more contribute to new Coldcut ambient compilation

A new Coldcut ambient compilation featuring a host of impressive production names will arrive on 19th November via the iconic duo’s Ahead of Our Time imprint, their original label which was relaunched in 2016 as a Ninja Tune imprint. 

The credits, which span 30 tracks on the digital edition and 17 on the vinyl, feature a slew of highly respected studio heads. These include Ryuichi Sakamoto, Helena Hauff, Julianna Barwick, Laraaji, Sigur Rós, Imogen Heap, Suzanne Ciani, Steve Roach, ANNA, and Skee Mask.

Coldcut have also contributed a track to the release, ‘The Fire Burns Out’. The pair have also mixed the entire collection alongside Mixmaster Morris, with ‘@0 Mix’ appearing on both digital and CD versions. 50% of net receipts will be donated to three charities — CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), Mind, and Black Minds Matter. 

“‘@0’refers to that liminal state experienced many times where my mental and emotional stability was not solid and it felt like teetering on a zero axis about to fall into depression, or more rarely, mania. I found that ambient music, by making no psychic demands, often opened some space and with its soft fascination, subtly raised the energy, helping to avoid that downward spiral and navigate slowly up and out. @0 is a balance point,” said Coldcut’s Matt Black. 

A series of three EPs will also form part of the project. ‘EP1’, which is out now, features Ciani’s ‘Morning Spring’ and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s ‘Mt. Baker’. The second comes with Roach’s ‘The Drift Home’, and ‘Beethoven 250’ from A Winged History For The Sullen. A final instalment sees a new live recording of Sakamoto’s 1999 epic, ‘Aqua’, share space with ‘And She Same Home’ by James Heather. 

The announcement comes towards the end of a particularly strong year for Ninja Tune. Last month the label presented the debut album from acclaimed South Korean music maker 박혜진 Park Hye Jin, which itself came just after the first LP by The Bug in seven years. The camp has also hosted well received outings from India Jordan, DJ Seinfeld, and TSHA over the course of 2021.