RetroVision reaches full-circle moment on awaited STMPD RCRDS entry, ‘In the Place’

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Diamonds” might’ve stolen the STMPD RCRDS spotlight on October 8, but another ID that Martin Garrix welcomed in the heart of Austria has now also been set free. Quickly linked back to none other than RetroVision following Garrix’s Electric Love set, “In the Place” has arrived as the Frenchman’s first-ever trip through STMPD RCRDS.

First previewed on his Instagram in June, “In the Place” is about as golden of a label entrance as possibly imaginable for RetroVision. After unofficially reworking a pair of Garrix originals—”In The Name Of Love” and “Drown“—over the years, RetroVision’s STMPD RCRDS arrival epitomizes what a full-circle moment really means. Setting out to engineer something that would aptly line up with his return to the stage after two years, RetroVision channels a darker, bass-house centered angle on “In the Place” compared to his future house credits, leaving zero room for doubt on why Garrix deemed it a tracklist fixture moving forward.

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Ambient Music For Piano & Elektron Octatrack

Ambient Music For Piano & Elektron Octatrack
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This live performance by Luca Longobardi shows one of the reasons why many people that figure out the Elektron Octatrack love it.

While the Octatrack may be marketed with glitch techno demos, it’s an extremely deep and flexible piece of gear that can be used for a wide range of purposes. Here, Longobardi uses the Octatrack as a live looping multi-effects machine to process and accompany the piano performance – resulting in a performance that may bring to mind the work of Harold Budd or Nils Frahm.

Here’s what Longobardi shared about the technical details: “Basically, it continuously records and play what I play, effecting the recorded material with random reverse, glitchy delay and reverb effects (thank you LFOs and Trig Conditions!).”

Roland Jupiter-X Synth Jam

Roland Jupiter-X Synth Jam
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Sunday Synth Jam: This live performance by gattobus, Stargazing, showcases the Roland Jupiter-X synthesizer.

The performance uses a single 4-part scene, with no overdubs. The performance makes use of the Jupiter-X I-Arpeggio on two of the parts. Roland says that the I-Arpeggio analyzes your keyboard performance an chooses the ‘optimal arpeggio pattern’ in real time.

Technical details:

One synth Jam. JUPITER-X only, no overdubs. Chasebliss Audio CXM 1978 external FX reverb (25% wet).

VoIS Modular Vocoder & Fixed Filter Bank For Eurorack Synthesizers

VoIS Modular Vocoder & Fixed Filter Bank For Eurorack Synthesizers
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The VoIS Modular is a 15-channel vocoder & Fixed Filter Bank in Eurorack format.

The fixed-filter bank is adjustable via the 15 channel filters, pitch shift and spectral tilt.


  • 15 adjustable filters
  • Slew control
  • Silence bridging
  • Pitch shift
  • Spectral tilt
  • Voiced/Unvoiced detection
  • Freeze
  • Noise type
  • Band-pass/low-pass selection for lowest channel
  • Fixed-filter bank, adjustable via the 15 channel filters, pitch shift and spectral tilt
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Pricing and Availability

The VoIS Modular will be available fully assembled and with DIY options. Details on pricing and availability are expected to be announced later this month.

Clubs in Italy reopen at half capacity indoors, 75% outdoors

Italy’s progressive easing of COVID-19 restrictions sees nightclubs and bars in the country take a further step back towards normality from this week.

From today (11th October), clubs will be allowed to operate at a capacity of 50% for indoor events, while outdoor events will be able to go ahead at 75% of normal capacity.

The easing of restrictions on clubs in the country is in line with a return for a number of cultural and leisure activities, which also now allows cinemas, theatres and concert venues to fill all of their seats, scrapping the current limit of 50%. 

All of these new measures only apply, however, to holders of the Green Pass, the digital or paper certificate that shows people have been vaccinated, tested negative or recently recovered from COVID-19.

Restrictions have been eased with the help of the Italian Government’s panel of public health advisers. “Finally all cultural events are coming back to life,” Culture Minister Dario Franceschini said on Twitter.

Italy has seen more than 131,000 COVID-related deaths since its outbreak emerged in February last year, and it quickly became one of the worst affected countries in Europe.

Infections, hospitalisations and fatalities have all eased in recent months as the country’s vaccination programme has gathered pace. Around 75% of the country’s 60-million population have had at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, while 69% are fully vaccinated.

Speaking to AP, Francesco Orcese, who DJs as Richey V and owns Italy’s Void techno club, said he moved “from anguish and depression to actual rage, feeling like an inmate who doesn’t know his release date,” when lockdowns continued to be extended in Italy. Alternating lockdowns and curfews “completely killed the night,” he added.

Nightlife events were blamed for a spike in coronavirus cases in Italy in August 2020, when restrictions were first eased. Clubs were ordered to close their doors once again as a result of the rise.