The LinnDrum Drum Machine

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In his latest video, Alex Ball takes a look at the classic LinnDrum drum machine, arguably the most influential drum machine ever.

While the LinnDrum is, in many ways, limited by today’s standards, it’s got classic sounds, great I/O options and has been used iconically on tons of tracks.


0:00 Intro Jam
0:43 Backstory
1:40 Face Review
2:32 How it works
5:49 Connectivity
7:55 Legacy
9:16 Outro Jam

Skrillex plots October appearance at Avant Gardner, his first solo show in New York City since 2017

Skrillex plots October appearance at Avant Gardner, his first solo show in New York City since 2017ZfCdNeRukMm2E4lzR9WULCW4VDfeSF1dsy6mD6w ODc

It’s been more than four years since Skrillex last appeared in New York City by himself when he closed out Webster Hall before the venue shuttered for two years due to ownership changes and renovations. After sharing the stage with Boys Noize to cap off Electric Zoo’s 2019 edition as Dog Blood, Skrillex is now making his awaited New York City homecoming with an out-of-the-blue show announce at Avant Gardner.

Set to take place inside the Brooklyn venue’s Great Hall on Wednesday, October 27, Skrillex’s return to the Big Apple also doubles as one of his very first shows since the pandemic following his back-to-back-to-back with Four Tet and Jamie XX in London. With both Wax Motif and Noodz piling onto an already historic billing, the Avant Gardner-hosted event will undoubtedly be one of New York’s most can’t-miss shows of the fall season.

Tickets for Skrillex’s night in Brooklyn go on sale Friday, October 15 at 12pm ET, with presale sign up available here.

Featured image: Scotty Hawk

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Waiting for new Macs? You might mark your calendar for Apple Event, October 18

“Unleashed” is the theme emblazoned on invites to Apple’s next big event. So new Macs – presumably with high-performance Apple Silicon – seem a safe bet. Well, either that or it’s the exciting announcement of iPhones for Dogs.

I know a lot of folks in music and visuals are eagerly anticipating new Apple Silicon Macs and waiting to upgrade. The reality is, the existing M1-based Macs are already really, really fast. They’re speedy for at least basic video editing (and I mean basic at really high resolutions, at least before you add tons of effects). They’re fantastically fast for audio – some even running under Rosetta 2, though stability there can be a mixed bag. Not only Apple’s own massive Logic and MainStage suites are native, of course, but also stuff like Ableton Live (in beta) and a growing array of plug-ins.

But good as the M1 is, you’d still want to wait through at least Monday the 18th. Look at it this way – the last big Mac-focused event covering the M1 launch was roughly a year ago, also in fall. (The spring event added iMacs and a pretty new form factor, but the same chips.)

WWDC covered iOS and macOS in June.

September was about news for iPhone, iPad, and Watch.

Last fall iPhone was followed by Mac.

Yeah, it’s due. It’s time. We know that what we have in the Mac mini for instance is a really old form factor (love it as I do). We know that while the M1 is really powerful, it’s still consumer-focused when it comes to the amount of graphics processing cores and a 16GB RAM limitation – the graphics (and machine learning) side being a big deal for people doing visuals and digital art, memory being a really, really big deal for people trying to load things like large sample libraries.

Just remember, when that doesn’t happen and we do get iPhones for Dogs, I did also predict this. And really, I think maybe your dog was lying around with you during lockdowns and put on some weight because you were stressed, and wants to take advantage of new Apple Fitness+ Canine Subscriptions or catch up on special pet-themed TV programming and…

Sorry, I’ve been doing Apple events for a while.

I still think it should be called the M2, not the M1X, but that’s just my own opinion. See you Monday morning, Apple heads.

10 AM California time.


Stephan Bodzin releases new album ‘Boavista’: Listen

It was completed while the German producer was living Brazil earlier this year

Brian Coney

Tuesday, October 12, 2021 – 13:23

Stephan Bodzin has unveiled his third album.

The classically-educated German techno producer self-released ‘Boavista’ via his own imprint Herzblut Recordings on 8th October. It marks the follow-up to 2015’s ‘Powers of Ten’.

Whittled down from 25 tracks from his archives, the album’s 17 tracks were finished while Bodzin was living in Brazil earlier this year.

Featuring lead single ‘Afterlife’, Bodzin said he aimed for the album “to paint musical pictures that conjure up very real emotions in the listener.” Stream the album, and check out its artwork and tracklisting, below.

Last month
, Bodzin broke down his tech setup and approach to performance for DJ Mag.

Blackbox 2.0 is here for 1010music’s excellent sampler – the stable build

Tap tempo? Advanced granular controls? Deep delay? 4-band parametric EQ? All the deep features crammed into the beautifully compact Blackbox sampler features have now moved from beta to stable, and 1.9 to 2.0. Here’s a look.

So if you missed it, yeah, the feature set here for the 1010music Blackbox we covered last month, completely with some beautiful chilled-out sounds from our resident 1010music fan, Andreas. (Go ahead and cue up that music – I’ll wait.)

But now, firmware 2.0 is here. It is basically the same upgrade, feature for feature, as 1.9. But whereas 1.9 was a beta build, 2.0 is the stable firmware – so with tons of fixes.

[embedded content]

If you didn’t want to deal with the bugs, or just missed last month’s update, now’s the time to grab them.

And if you’re been considering the Blackbox, here’s the full feature list for you. You can find that + instructions + discussion on the Blackbox forum site, but you will need to register your account first. (You don’t need to own the hardware to browse, but you do need to register first, before the link works.)

Tap Tempo. Be sure to look for the small tempo button in the upper left of the SONG page. Press this button at least three times to change the current tempo
LFO per voice with the option for beat sync. This applies to sample, clip, granular, and slicer modes
4-band Parametric EQ on the master output. Press the FX button twice to find it.
Modulation of the envelope Attack, Decay, and Release, including control via MIDI CC
Resonance control on the filter, including the ability to modulate it
Enhanced Delay algorithm with integrated band-pass filter and the ability to play just a single echo
More advanced granular controls, including density, scatter, and pan spread
MIDI-only sequences. Choose MIDI as the cell type in the upper left and the sequence will not play internal pads.
MIDI-based recording of cells. Be sure to switch MIDI Rec to ON in the TOOLS/Rec page.

Here’s that MIDI layout, too:

Notes 68-83: Record pads 1-16. The pad needs to be empty in order for recording to happen.
Notes 84-99: Clear pads 1-16
Note 100: Select the previous pad
Note 101: Select the next pad
Note 102: Play the currently selected pad
Note 103: Record the currently selected pad assuming it is empty
Note 104: Clear the currently selected pad

blackbox 2.0 – 1010music Forums [free registration + login required] with PDF update guide

I mean, it just looks great – it really feels like an indie rival to Elektron’s Digitakt, if in a smaller form factor. I think ultimately you’ll choose based on personality (including each box’s own sonic character) and workflow.

Here’s what Andreas has to say about it, now as he works with that 2.0 final build:

It’s a fantastic update. It’s fundamentally changed how I work with the Blackbox. While it introduces a lot of new things, now that I’ve made some music with this update for awhile, there are three main things that stand out for me – first, the LFO’s. Their implementation is brilliant and flexible, where each samples has a master LFO setting which can then be applied with percentage nuance to most, if not all, parameters in the sample. Essentially, this gives you the option to modulate multiple parameters per sample, and each sample also controlled by its own LFO waveform and trigger parameter. That’s like modular mind blowing stuff.

Then, there’s the master EQ which now allows you with four bands to hone your mix into something that can compete with any digital competitor. It’s a fantastic way to get the mix ready for the club or just prepare it for final mastering, if you want to make sure it’s as clean as can be on its own, before you take it to a more high end context.

And finally the updated interface. Workflow’s faster, more smooth and just generally feels bit more mature, due to the new controls.

I’ve been so productive with this kit now, I’m close to wrapping up my third EP with this one. It’s tempting to do the full master on the Blackbox just because I can. I won’t, but I probably could 🙂 

But it is great to me that we have these new-generation takes on the sampler workflow. Now, if you were a big fan of something more like the Roland SP-404, this is not an SP-404 story, but… if you were to wait around for such a thing, presumably eventually one might appear. And you know which site to bookmark if you were to look for that story, I’m sure. Hypothetically speaking.

Bonus – yeah, it really does run the game Doom, even though that was announced on April Fools’ Day. We saw it running at Superbooth.

[embedded content]

So, Elektron, if you really want to win me over, make a machine that also plays Marathon (or specifically the open-source Aleph One build). This comment will likely make sense to all of one or two readers, but – hi there. You’re worth it.

For Elektron’s engineers, though, I’ll attempt to translate that to Swedish: Elektron, lägg till Marathon i din maskin.

Iconic film soundtracks to get vinyl release on new Late Night Tales compilation, At The Movies

Themes from various iconic film soundtracks will feature in a new installment of Late Night Tales.

Set for release on 5th November, ‘Late Night Tales: At The Movies’ is a 24-track compilation of music from seminal films including The Shining, Taxi Driver, A Clockwork Orange, Blade Runner, and Kill Bill.

Among the legendary composers to feature include Wendy Carlos/Mark Ayres (Ode to Joy from A Clockwork Orange), John Barry (Midnight Cowboy), Philip Glass (Powaqqatsi), John Carpenter/Mark Ayres (Halloween main theme), Vangelis’s Tears in Rain (Blade Runner) and Giorgio Moroder (Chase from Midnight Express).

Check out the full tracklist and cover art below.

Pre-order the album on 2 x LP here.

Last month, it was revealed that Don Letts, AKA The Rebel Dread, has mixed the next installment in the Late Night Tales series.


Side A

1. Columbia Symphony Orchestra / Bernstein — Rhapsody In Blue (Excerpt) (Manhattan)
2. Rr Orchestra — Sarabande (Barry Lyndon)
3. John Barry — Midnight Cowboy (Midnight Cowboy)
4. Pascal Rogé — Gnossiennes #3 (Henry & June)
5. Michael Andrews Ft Gary Jules — Mad World (Donnie Darko)
6. Arthur Fiedler / Boston Pops Orchestra — March Of The Siamese Children (The King & I)
7. Nick Ingman / Orchestra London Sinfonietta — Adagio For Strings (Platoon)

Side B

1. John Williams — Cavatina (The Deer Hunter)
2. Philip Glass — Powaqqatsi (Powaqqatsi)
3. Michael Kamen — The Office (Brazil)
4. Bernard Herrmann — Outer Space (The Day The Earth Stood Still)
5. Ray Noble & His Orchestra — Midnight, The Stars And You (The Shining)
6. Thomas Newman — Horse (Jarhead)
7. Wendy Carlos / Mark Ayres — Ode To Joy (A Clockwork Orange)

Side C

1. Deodato — Also Sprach Zarathustra (Being There)
2. Thomas Newman / Hollywood Studio Symphony — Brooks Was Here (The Shawshank Redemption)
3. Mike Oldfield — Tubular Bells (Excerpt) (The Exorcist)
4. Hotei — Battle Without Honor Or Humanity (Kill Bill: Vol 1)
5. John Carpenter / Mark Ayres — Halloween Main Theme (Halloween)
6. Bernard Herrmann — Main Title (Taxi Driver)

Side D

1. Giorgio Moroder — Chase (Midnight Express)
2. Isaac Hayes — Theme From “Shaft” (Shaft)
3. Lalo Schifrin — Bullitt Main Title (Bullitt)
4. Vangelis — Tears In Rain (Blade Runner)

Experimental setup facilitates listening to records with your teeth

Experimental setup facilitates listening to records with your teethVinyl Records Ian Laker For Getty Images

Ever wondered what your favorite records would sound like reverberating through your jaw, teeth, and head? Odds are you’ve heard of the Tooth Tunes Toothbrush, which began marketing to young children around 2007. Now, the “Tooth Phonograph,” as science educator Sam Haynor coins it, offers eccentric consumers a head-turning new way to listen to music. Costing an approximated 50 cents, the DIY listening method requires a record, cardboard, a pencil, a needle, rubber bands, a thin dowel, masking tape, and, optionally, ear plugs. With full operational instructions here, Haynor says of his avant-garde idea,

“Now you can hear Miles Davis with your molars and The Cure with your canines. With only a few basic supplies, you can tap into the physical grooves of records as they vibrate your jaw, playing music and resonating inside your head. Never before have record stores and dentistry been so tightly linked. Toothfully, you just have to try it.”

H/T: DJ Mag

Featured image: Ian Laker/Getty Images

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Elderbrook finalizes highly anticipated ‘Innerlight EP’ [Stream]

Elderbrook finalizes highly anticipated ‘Innerlight EP’ [Stream]Https Specials Imageserve 1130181341

After the title track of Elderbrook’s Inner Light generated north of 5.5 million streams on Spotify, the English producer’s four-track EP has landed, unifying all four tracklistings. The first Bob Moses-assisted single hit digital streaming shelves back in July, and was followed by the official music video‘s release in mid-August.

In addition to “Inner Light,” Elderbrook shares “I’ll Find My Way To You” with Emmitt Fenn, “Broken Mirror,” and “Dominoes” featuring Louis The Child. Distributed via the German-British imprint Parlophone Records, Innerlight EP is now streaming everywhere. Browse Elderbrook’s upcoming tour dates here, and take a listen to the new project below.

Featured image: Chris Saucedo

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Charlotte de Witte traverses to underground roots on high-tempo EP, ‘Asura’

Charlotte de Witte traverses to underground roots on high-tempo EP, ‘Asura’Charlotte De Witte

Charlotte de Witte has returned to unleash her sweltering three-track EP Asura on her very own label KNTXT. Following her August released remix of Age Of Love‘s 1990 trance classic “The Age Of Love” with Enrico Sangiuliano, the Belgian techno superstar’s newest offering travels back in time for some welcoming inspiration from her underground roots. On the EP, de Witte shares,

 “with [the] Asura EP I’m trying to give you a little insight into my musical influences by going back to my roots. We’re speaking about a young Charlotte who, about 12/13 years ago, got indulged in the world of electronic music by going to her first underground clubs and raves. From electro and techno to acid core and hardcore to psytrance. This EP flirts with the soundscapes of the latter.”

De Witte’s EP features a compact selection of high-octane tracks, all of which made their appearance in her September BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix. She released her previous EP Formula earlier this year in April when she also performed her fourth New Form mix at Italy’s Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello racetrack.

Stream Asura below.

Featured image: Louis Derigon Photography

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3LAU releases world’s first fan-owned song, ‘Worst Case’ with CXLOE

3LAU releases world’s first fan-owned song, ‘Worst Case’ with CXLOE3laulive

With over a decade worth of production experience under his belt, 3LAU sets out to embark on a lucrative and disruptive endeavor within the music industry. Recently unveiling his newest company Royal—an NFT-based platform where artists are able to combine monetary efforts directly with fans for the first time—3LAU has now released the first fan-owned song in history, “Worst Case.”

Following the astronomic success of his pioneering NFT album Ultraviolet, 3LAU has seen first-hand what the world of blockchain can do for the industry, and sought out to capitalize on it. Royal empowers fans to purchase tokens that hold ownership of a track’s royalties, offering 50% to the artist and 50% to their fans. For his latest track, the platform offers 50% of the song to the top 333 members who win early access to own forever.

Tapping star vocalist CXLOE, “Worst Case” offers an uptempo groove with lyrics that juxtapose the track’s uplifting melodic atmosphere. With fine-tuned production, 3LAU has given listeners both a world-class offering and glimpse into the digital future.

Stream “Worst Case” below and stay tuned for the upcoming Royal drop here.

Featured image: 3LAU/Instagram

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