EDC Las Vegas is officially on the horizon as Insomniac releases festival compilation

EDC Las Vegas is officially on the horizon as Insomniac releases festival compilationEebrlUaYAYqNE5

EDC Las Vegas returns on October 22, and Insomniac is celebrating with this year’s EDC compilation. Featuring contributions from Kaskade, Seven Lions, a new single from Blanke, and more, Insomniac Music Group Presents: EDC Las Vegas 2021 allows for fans to get grooving as they make their way to Las Vegas for EDC Week. Featuring 64 tracks, the compilation collects favorites from much of the EDC lineup.

Matroda, Bellecour and Neon Steve, Dustycloud, Vision, Sunny Lax, Adin, Casmalia, Atmozfears, and Audiofreq all released new singles to be featured on the compilation. Insomniac continues to amp fans up ahead of EDC and a grip of new music ahead of the festival is exactly what the doctor ordered.

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Disclosure issues a club-focused DJ-Kicks mix via !K7 Records

Disclosure issues a club-focused DJ-Kicks mix via !K7 RecordsRs 201638 R1240 FOB EDM A Griffin Lotz

Following their recent !K7 Records-backed single, “Observer Effect,” Disclosure‘s specially curated DJ-Kicks mix is now streaming everywhere. Featuring unreleased tunes by Harry Wolfman, Arfa x Joe, and Disclosure themselves, DJ Kicks: Disclosure is a 12-track triumph. Effortlessly fluid and untouchably groovy, the !K7 offering explores an array of house-sustained soundscapes.

“Most of the mix is presenting what you can do with house, and that’s basically our career,” Guy Lawrence conveyed in a recent statement, adding, “the mix should represent where we’re at now; and where we’re at now is clubby.” Riding a similar wave to the duo’s third studio offering, ENERGY, the Lawrence brothers hav described the new mix as a companion piece to their club-ready 2020 LP. Ride along on Disclosure’s ENERGY victory lap with the brand new DJ Kicks: Disclosure mix below.

Featured image: Griffin Lotz

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Dabin shares emotive third studio album, ‘Between Broken’

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Finally indulging fans with “Feel Like,” his final single in the lead up to his new album back in August, Dabin has brought forth his third studio LP, Between Broken in full. The 13-track endeavor is highly anticipated follow-up to his lauded sophomore album, Wild Youth.

Intricate while altogether cohesive, Between Broken offers an all-encompassing view of unconditional love, inclusive of the emotions that encapsulate heartbreak and loss. A tried and true hallmark of melodic bass, driving synthwork, and evocative themes, Dabin once again cements his place among today’s top-tier talents. Allowing listeners a glimpse into his creative state throughout the album, the 28-year-old producer explains,

“The concept behind ‘Between Broken’ alludes to the idea that we are all just this union of memories and experiences. And more often than not, it’s the negative experiences that shape our character and make us stronger. While it’s easy to let the weight of these negative experiences dictate our sense of self, I think it’s the moments in between these experiences, and how we overcome them, that define us and shape us into the people we are today.”

Beginning with the album’s titular track, the producer offers a stream of glittering sonic excursions, combined with powerful drum kicks and angular guitar before entering into his pre-album singles, “When This Is Over” featuring Nurko, and “Drown” alongside Mokita, as well as a batch of fresh originals beside William Black, MYRNE, Noelle Johnson, and more.

Finally able to continue on with his Into The Wild tour, which includes stops at EDC Las Vegas, Freaky Deaky, and Escape Halloween, following the pandemic’s forced hiatus, Dabin is poised to set forth on a new journey, leaving fans with the sentiment that “there is inherent value in between the broken moments of our lives and that’s what I wanted to explore in this album.”

Stream Between Broken below and grab some of the last tickets for Dabin’s tour here.

Featured image: Lost In Dreams/Instagram

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AREA21 formally brand debut album ‘Greatest Hits Vol. 1,’ share final preview ‘Own The Night’

AREA21 formally brand debut album ‘Greatest Hits Vol. 1,’ share final preview ‘Own The Night’Screen Shot 2021 10 16 At 1.50.28 PM

Just days after scoring their very own custom kit in FIFA 22, AREA21’s debut album finally bears both a name and artwork ahead of its November 12 arrival. Martin Garrix and Maejor had been slowly trickling out information surrounding their alias’ project since the former first disclosed its existence exactly one year ago during ADE’s virtual edition, with the two formally branding it Greatest Hits Vol. 1 and pairing the transmission with its sixth tracklist extension, “Own The Night.”

We have to start off by stating the obvious that attaching a numeral to the 12-track LP optimistically alludes towards Greatest Hits Vol. 1 being the first of many AREA21 projects to come. Presumably the terminal preview before AREA21’s spaceship reaches its final destination in November and confirmed not to be the “21” ID from Garrix’s Spring Awakening set, AREA21’s latest tosses a third hat into the production mix, with STMPD RCRDS resident Todd Helder joining Garrix and Maejor after the three had previously hinted at a collaboration. “Own The Night” is without question the darkest-sounding member of Greatest Hits Vol. 1 yet, with Helder’s influence being outwardly noticeable from the get go as the trio dices elements from older alias cuts like “We Did It” and “Spaceships” with the unbridled originality soaked throughout the LP thus far.

Watch another award-worthy animation from Titmouse for AREA21’s sixth single below.

Featured image: AREA21/Instagram

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Streaming Saturday: Catch flash crash, full of live coding stars, and Scanner on Bandcamp

Staying in today and wish the electronic music could come to you? It’s your lucky day.

First up, the flash crash series continues today Saturday the 16th – full of live coding and out-there electronics, starting from 13:00 LA time. (That means it’s afternoon/evening east coast, starting 16:00, 22:00 Berlin, or those of you out east can start your Sunday morning this way – 05:00 start Tokyo time.)

And there’s a Halloween-ish theme for this edition. The lineup is, unfortunately, all in an image file (cough, accessibility, y’all!). But you get the likes of karol, Tom Hall, ezra buchla, Chromatouch, simco… and plenty of others.

Tyler Etters (releasing music as LA’s intertext, blogging at northern info) writes us with more.

There’s no ulterior motive, no monetization, no patreon, no accounts for people to follow and like and subscribe. It’s about giving artists a place to perform and audiences a place to experience. Each event has felt like a genuine “happening” or gathering in a really intimate and connected way.

There’s an ethos behind it:
We are…
… a celebration of livecoding.
… root(-kit)ed in the global livecoding scene.
… anchored by the rallying cry “show us your screens!”
… a recursive live stream && artist community.
… celebrating crashes && mistakes.
… everywhere && everywhen.
… everycolor && everygender.
… inventing && destroying microgenres daily.
… pushing the boundaries of music && technology.
… never ending && already over.
… inviting you.


Sounds good to me. They’ve opened up on live coding – Tyler says the first one was limited to teletype, the monome module, before the second edition added stuff like Orca. Find it:



And follow the Twitch account for the lines community (that’s the forum with all the, uh, letters L in the title). That’ll give you the live stream:


Twitch I have to say has worked nicely as a live music platform just because of the streaming fidelity and community platform features.

Scanner on Bandcamp this weekend

London’s Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner is a legend and a favorite – and now you don’t have to worry about being in the right town to see him, because he’s doing a live show from his studio. It’ll cost you 5 GBP, but hey, this could be a promising model – it means underground Bandcamp artists can start to transmit music from their studio and ideally earn enough money and fan base to self-organize tours, too.

The model here makes loads of sense – you don’t have to be live, which is much, much better on a) a planet that is round with b) species who have to sleep some of the time.


Another show live and direct from the Scanner Studio in the UK to the world. As ever, it will be completely impressed and feature all new music. Afterwards I will remain online to chat with you and answer questions and probably tell some stories ? The performance will remain available for 48 hours afterwards so you can watch it back or catch up with it in case it’s in the wrong time zone for you. Looking forward to playing for you all very soon!

If you do tune in, let us know how your experience is as a listener – and I’m keen to hear other folks trying out Bandcamp’s new streaming functionality, knowing how much overlap there is between CDM readers and Bandcamp fans.

Vive le Underground! (Uh, vive le “souterrain”?) Keep creating, stay caring, see you on the Internet.