History of Polish techno parades explored in new book

A new book has been published about techno parades and dance music subcultures in the Polish city of Łódź.

‘Technowulkan – Freedom Parades In Łódź’, the work of Polish writer Bartłomiej Kluska, explores how Łódź became a hub for dance music sub-genres such as drum & bass and happy hardcore during the 1990s, through the lens of the annual Freedom Parade (Parada Wolności).

Taking place from 1996 to 2002, the parade attracted around 25,000 dancers each year before it was eventually banned by right-wing mayor Jerzy Kropiwnicki, who is now a member of Poland’s Law and Justice party, shortly after he was voted into office.

Spanning 120 pages, the book explores the parade’s history, and legacy, via interviews with key figures involved in the event, such as DJs and associated promoters. Kluska also includes some of his own memories from the parade, and weaves in various press cuttings from the time. 

You can purchase a copy of ‘Technowulkan – Freedom Parades In Łódź’ from a Polish outlet here.

Read DJ Mag’s 2019 piece on how Poland’s radical DIY club scene has more recently become an international rave haven, here.

Charlotte de Witte announces 10-hour set at all-night KNTXT arena event

Charlotte de Witte has confirmed plans to play a 10-hour all-night set early next year.

Scheduled for 5th February, the KNTXT event will mark de Witte’s biggest ever arena show and will take place at Flanders Expo in her hometown of Ghent, Belgium. 

Speaking about the party, de Witte said: “One of the few things that kept me sane during the past 18 months was keeping up to date with new music that got released. It gave me purpose in a time where all certainties were lost.

“My music collection has been expanding over the borders of peak-time techno and I’m beyond excited to take you on a 10-hour trip through my musical past, present and future. And honestly, what better place to do this than in my hometown, Ghent? The place where it all started for me 12 years ago. This will undoubtedly be a night to never forget.”

The ticket pre-sale will begin at 6pm CEST tonight (25th October), and you can sign up here until 2pm CEST. The general ticket sale will follow tomorrow (26th October) from 10am CEST. 

The show will follow on from the recent release of de Witte’s latest EP, ‘Asura’. She also released an update of ’90s trance classic ‘The Age Of Love’, produced with Enrico Sanguiliano, in August.

Watch a short promo video for de Witte’s all-night set below.

[embedded content]

Watch wild demos made in cables.gl, free visual programming tool – plus fresh tutorials

The folks at cables.gl have evidently been busy, as they’ve got eye-searing new demos to share. And if you wish that were your next music video, you’re in luck, as they posted some tutorials on advanced topics for beginners, too. Best of all, everything is free, and runs right in your browser.

cables.gl is a dataflow environment for visuals, meaning just like vvvv and TouchDesigner and the like, you create sophisticated eye candy just by patching cables together. This doesn’t even have to compete with those tools; as it even complements them well. Since it’s able to embed its output in the browser, it’s essential for creating Web-compatible output without rendering video. And a lot of what you learn in cables.gl about textures and geometry applies well to those other tools, too; it’s not a bad place to get started. It’s all possible because browsers now provide APIs to powerful features of your graphics cards. (This might also not be a bad way of benchmarking the graphics abilities of the new stuff from Apple.)

It’s in a public beta – just register for it – and the developers say it will remain free to use (including sharing your work) forever, which sounds good.

First, let’s sit back and just get inspired. There are some gorgeous audiovisual demos from mfx to get us started (among other examples on their YouTube channel) – though this being cables.gl, you can get even nicer results running in your browser directly.

Completely digging this one from this month – a good apocalyptic time was had by all (“shown first at Deadline 2021 Berlin”):

[embedded content]

A hyperactive techno AV – warning for those with epilepsy:

[embedded content]

And this quite nice work with a simulated display:

first shown at outline 2021 a demo by unclex, ronny, pandur and zomb watch in realtime:

[embedded content]

So whether or not that’s your style, you at least see the capabilities of the engine.

Now onto the useful stuff, because if you’re wondering how to get compelling results and you are new to this, it’s time to dig into some geometry and textures. I love what they’re doing with tutorials, in that it’s covering some elegant techniques for basics in a way that will be useful to intermediate users of this and other platforms, but also is friendly to those of us just starting out. There are more on the channel as you dig, but these ones are some cool places to begin.

For instance, let’s start with using your GPU to work with transforms on vertices – you can do a lot of fancy-looking animations efficiently and quickly this way:

[embedded content]

And speaking of building up animations quickly, check this excellent patch for working with vertex displacement (really nice stuff, and like I said, you can learn here and then apply to other tools):

[embedded content]

There’s a powerful new tool for working with matcaps, short for “material captures.” These basically bundle together particular texture and lighting behaviors in a way that encapsulates complex, natural ways certain stuff looks in the real world. They’re also used by Unreal Engine, making this again a nice browser-based companion for other tools. The video starts at the beginning, both explaining what this is about and how to use them in this free tool:

[embedded content]

And there’s this wonderful tutorial, recently posted, on copying textures:

[embedded content]

Also, they have this essential video on working with importing assets, so you can work with objects and scenes made by you (or collaborators) in Blender, Cinema 4D, or your tool of choice. (Or you can do what I’ve been doing lately, and grab some messy-in-a-cool-way scenes from the iPhone’s depth-sensing camera):

[embedded content]

Bonus – Blender users, more on matcaps (not in cables.gl, but you can apply the two):

[embedded content]

And, uh, pillage places like this for more matcaps.

Check out the full cables.gl channel and site for more, obviously including some beginner tutorials I’ve skipped over here:

cables.gl @ YouTube


Otik announces new EP, ‘Soulo’, on 3024

The release marks the UK producer’s debut on Martyn’s label

Christian Eede

Monday, October 25, 2021 – 19:12

London-based, Bristol-born producer Otik is releasing an EP through Martyn’s label 3024.

The four-track ‘Soulo’ EP marks the artist’s debut on the label, and sees him explore various tempos and sounds, drawing from UK techno, grime, jungle, dancehall and much more.

The EP will be released on 19th November. You can listen to the title track ahead of the full release below.

Otik’s debut on 3024 follows on from a series of compilation releases from the label this year, which saw Martyn put out new music from artists he’s been mentoring during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Find out more about Martyn and 3024’s mentoring programme via DJ Mag’s recent feature.

Watch Lil Nas X make a surprise appearance during Diplo’s EDC performance

Watch Lil Nas X make a surprise appearance during Diplo’s EDC performanceBilly Ray Cyrus Lil Nas Diplo Old Town Road

Electric Daisy Carnival finally made its return to Las Vegas following numerous pandemic-related delays over the last year. While some things change, mainly swapping the summer swelter for an October run this year, others, thankfully never do. The usual swell of talent took over the Speedway for a blockbuster weekend of performances and special guest appearances, marking some of the most notable moments of the year, and while EDC’s comeback certainly held a special atmosphere with everyone finally back together again, the event was largely business as usual bringing a larger-than-life production to reality, jam-packed with highlights all weekend. One such high note was Diplo‘s cosmicMEADOW performance on Saturday night (October 23), when he invited Lil Nas X on stage to rekindle a live “Old Town Road” reunion.

The 22-year-old hitmaker performed a medley of charters including his record-breaking debut single, the Jack Harlow-assisted “Industry Baby” and pearl clutchers’ nightmare, “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).” No stranger to the well-placed surprise guest appearance, Diplo has brought out the likes of Justin Bieber, Keisza, Diddy, and many more over the years, adding a raucous surprise performance by Lil Nas X to those ranks as EDC makes a memorable return to Las Vegas. Watch a recap below.

Featured image: Frazer Harrison

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Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’ trailer features a clip from London’s renowned Printworks

Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’ trailer features a clip from London’s renowned PrintworksPrintworks London Bicep Live PC Printworks

The latest rendition of DC’s Dark Knight to hit screens will come by way of Matt Reeves’ The Batman. The film’s highly anticipated trailer landed recently, featuring a clip from one of the world’s most in-demand nightclubs, Printworks. The scene showcases the usual 5,000-person crowd in the renowned venue, located in southeast London’s Surrey Quay.

Reports of a “bat signal” projecting over Canada Water surfaced early last year, prior to photos of The Batman star Robert Pattinson on location emerged via London news outlets shortly thereafter. After being postponed due to the pandemic, the film is slated to premiere March 4, 2022. Until then, catch the trailer for the latest Batman excursion below.

Featured image: Printworks

H/T: Mixmag

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Moodymann soundtracks Bottega Veneta fashion show in Detroit

Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta staged a fashion show at the Michigan Building Theater in Detroit last week, featuring a soundtrack specially provided by Moodymann.

The designer’s creative director Daniel Lee has long held a fascination with cars and techno and later fell in love with Detroit after a layover in the city. It was that experience that resulted in Bottega Veneta’s Salon O3 show taking place at the Michigan Building Theater, which was designed to look like a carpark for the event.

Moodymann’s score for the show, which lasted 15 minutes, appeared to include entirely new material from the Detroit legend, with the full runway experience having been livestreamed online.

The fashion house also got a number of other local dance music heroes involved, with Carl Craig designing a light and sound installation for the afterparty, and vinyl records from Waajeed‘s Underground Music Academy being made available from a pop-up Bottega shop in a former firehouse. 

Earlier this year, Moodymann appeared as an in-game character in GTA Online.

Read DJ Mag’s recent feature on Moodymann’s classic 1997 LP, ‘Silentintroduction’, here.

New club, Rash, opens in Brooklyn

The venue opened this past weekend with a bill that included SHYBOI and more

Christian Eede

Monday, October 25, 2021 – 15:46

A new club has opened in Brooklyn, called Rash.

Following a number of soft opening events over the course of October, the venue officially launched on Friday, 22nd October with a bill that included Discwoman’s SHYBOI, as well as Ren G and Yay Spray. It will be open seven days a week, with Jasmine Infiniti’s New World Dysorder collective having already been involved in one event since the initial soft opening.

Rash can be found at 941 Willoughby in the Bushwick area, and is located close to the strip that is home to a number of Brooklyn’s other best venues, such as Bossa Nova Civic Club and Mood Ring. 

You can keep tabs on what’s coming up at Rash by following the club’s Instagram page.

As of this past August, nightclubs are fully open again in New York City, though attendees are required to show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination in order to gain entry to events.

The Knocks announce third studio album, welcoming new season with, ‘River’

The Knocks announce third studio album, welcoming new season with, ‘River’The Knocks Press 2020 Credit Joe Perri

The Knocks have had a busy summer to say the least. Filled with remixes, original cuts, collaborations, and touring alongside Louis The Child, the duo has consciously and seamlessly glided into autumn with their latest original output, “River” with Parson James.

Capturing the stems for the track back in 2020 while quarantined in the woods, the two initially used a more mellow sample before adding their characteristically energetic kicks and joining James’ silken vocals, calling the track “an ode to the end of the summer and the hopefulness for what’s ahead.”

“River” is the first album single for the group’s forthcoming third studio album and their first LP since 2018’s New York Narcotic. Stay tuned for more pre-album singles and stream “River” below.

Featured image: Joe Perri

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Berna is now on Windows, too, so your Mac or PC can be a historical experimental sound lab

Now your Windows PC can also enter the exciting world of sound synthesis of the 1950s. Here’s news on Berna3 for Windows, plus some tutorial content to get you up to speed.

Berna3 from Giorgio Sancristoforo is something truly special – a full music-making environment that recreates the look, sound, and workflow of the equipment used composers like Berio and Stockhausen. Down to the look of individual knobs and (now) the sound of particular gear, it allows a modern computer to do things that previously were known only to users of the RAI Italian National Radio and Television studio and the WDR’s Elektronische Musik Studio of Cologne in Germany.

Early versions were already significant enough that they were adopted in university courses, but your interest need not be only academic. Just hooking up an oscillator is a pleasure now, thanks to extravagant work Giorgio did on sound modeling and graphics. It’s sonically inspiring, partly because of the unique and possibly unfamiliar ways you get to work. And the results are a must for anyone interested in synthesis – even digital software or Eurorack – as you see the roots of modulation and patching.

It’s the musical equivalent of getting a time machine and going back to hang out with some $#&*( Pterodactyls flying around and T. Rex stomping through the jungle. Academically, compositionally, it’s essential, yes. In practice, the weirdness is a thrill.

I took us on a tour of the equipment there in the last installment of coverage on Berna:

Berna3 does Windows

Now, you get Windows support, too. And they’ve done some work to make this feel Windows-native. There’s full support for inter-app audio and MIDI, too, as well as the usual MIDI and TouchOSC virtual driver and all of that.

Just one trick by way of warning – the installer will give you an option for installing two different Virtual C++ runtimes. If you have a fair bit of software on your machine, you can probably safely uncheck these; I’d even go as far as leaving them unchecked first. (You can double-check by going to Settings > Apps & Features and look for the prerequisites.) I blindly checked them and the installer got in a loop where it would keep restarting, then try to reinstall each Virtual C++ again, and ask to repair/or uninstall but wouldn’t complete. Giorgio explained to me not to do that (oops), I unchecked them, ran the installer, and had Berna3 working perfectly.

Windows! Click to embiggen, though note I captured this on my low-density display.

PS – my question about how to do window position management is relevant here, too. These windows don’t work with Windows 10’s tiling, though it wouldn’t make sense anyway (the pop-ups aren’t big enough to want to tile to one of the default positions); I have to look at other options. If you find a good solution, let me know in comments.

Also great – buy once, but run on both platforms. That’s ideal for me, as I definitely juggle a Mac and a PC (enough so that I often forget which I’m on at the moment).

And still 25 EUR. Wow. Just if you do use Windows, hit the Windows buy link so they know how many of you there are:



One more reminder that Giorgio has done a complete video walkthrough – relevant on both Mac and Windows platforms.

[embedded content]

Brilliant stuff. This winter will be full of 1950s patching; I can tell already.