deadmau5 enlists Foster The People for new single, ‘Hyperlandia’

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Fans of deadmau5 and Foster The People get the best of both worlds thanks to their collaboration on a brand new single by the name of “Hyperlandia.” Featuring Mark Foster’s echoing vocals and extraterrestrial instrumentals that push fans into space-like atmospheres, the track brings about early-2010’s nostalgia with a modern edge.

“Give me your best night/We’re only here for a day so don’t tell me you’re lame/And just melt into my arms while we disappear/In the darkness,” Foster sings, his vocals floating around the instrumentals. Hear two sonic worlds collide below.

Featured image: Leah Sems

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Qrion unveils brilliant debut album, ‘I Hope It Lasts Forever’

Qrion unveils brilliant debut album, ‘I Hope It Lasts Forever’Qrion Insta Cr Jeremy Verone

After announcing the advent of her debut LP in September, Qrion has now bestowed fans with I Hope It Lasts Forever. The project was led by a slew of pre-album singles such as “Your Love,” “11-11,” and most recently, “Proud,” which showed Qrion as she continued to earn her electronic stripes as she further solidified her place on Dancing Astronaut’s list of Artists to Watch in 2021.

Finding herself in San Fransisco during the pandemic while her family was abroad back in her hometown of Japan, Qrion—known offstage as Momiji Tsuruda—faced inward, turning to memories from her childhood rather than finding inspiration for her music from the outside world, as she usually does.

The album hinges on soft, subtle, ambient excursions, flowing with ethereal synth work that is joined by bright kicks and fluid vocal samples. Qrion shared her intentions for the album, stating, “My hope is that my music and this album will also become part of other people’s memories—something that people can carry with them into the future.”

Qrion is no stranger to industry support, having caught the attention of esteemed imprints such as Last Night on Earth, Mad Decent and This Never Happened. Previously touring with dance music icons like Porter Robinson, deadmau5, Above & Beyond, and more, Qrion now takes center stage, embarking on her first headline tour around North America.

Stream I Hope It Lasts Forever below.

Featured image: Jeremy Verone

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Chris Lake shares five tech-house favorites on ‘Black Book ID’s: Chapter 2’

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Last spring, Chris Lake issued a compilation album via his famed tech-house imprint, Black Book Records, that was designed to showcase a few of the label’s favorite IDs. Fast forward to fall 2021, and Lake and company have materialized a follow-up collection, Black Book ID’s: Chapter 2.

Now streaming everywhere, the rhythmic featurette sheds light on five new tracks from various artists. While sonically consistent, Chapter 2 of the compilation series unmasks several unique artists in the tech-house space. Expect future innovative works from the artists behind Black Book ID’s: Chapter 2 and stream their unobscured IDs below.

Featured image: DJV Photo

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Analogue Solutions Intros Black Colossus Synthesizer

UK synth maker Analogue Solutions has introduced a limited edition Black version of their Colossus modular synthesizer.

Like the original, it’s a modular monster – visually inspired by the classic EMS Synthi 100, but with circuits based on AS’s own Polymath, Telemark & Vostok synths. It’s not designed to be practical – it’s designed to be an over-the-top, “once in a generation” mega synth.

And, while some might consider the £25K price of the Colossus obscene, the massive instrument has proven popular enough that Analogue Solutions announced a fourth production run earlier this year.

See the AS site for details on pricing and availability of the Black Colossus.

Teddy Beats and Ry Hill organically reimagine Glass Animals’ ‘Heat Waves’

Teddy Beats and Ry Hill organically reimagine Glass Animals’ ‘Heat Waves’Teddy Beats Glow Washington Dc

In 2021 to date, Teddy Beats has delivered a slew of enthralling originals, and this trend continues with the electro-chill aficionado’s delivery of a dynamic rendition of Glass Animals‘ mega-hit, “Heat Waves.” Featuring the assuaging vocals of Los Angeles-based singer and producer, Ry Hill, the collaborative cover is effectively reminiscent of a sunset cruise, or perhaps a leisurely stroll on the beach. “Heat Waves” marks the first collaboration between the two burgeoning artists. In an exclusive statement, Hill told Dancing Astronaut,

“Teddy is an absolute pleasure to work with. Even though we’ve been collaborating remotely, our creative chemistry lines up super well. We also wrote an original tune together called ‘Drive’ that should be dropping sometime in the next few months!”

As made evident by the Glass Animals cover, Hill’s vocals and Teddy Beats’ production style mesh wonderfully. As the pair gears up for its next release, listeners can stream Teddy Beats’ and Ry Hill’s rendition of “Heat Waves” below.

Featured image: Teddy Beats/Facebook

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New Customizable Controller For Ableton Live, Open-Control

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Developer Pierre-Antoine Grison has launched a Kickstarter project to fund production of open·control, a customizable control surface for Ableton Live.

Grison is a producer on Ed Banger Records as Krazy Baldhead, an Ableton Certified Trainer and has previously used Kickstarter to fund production of the State Of The Loop pedalboard for Ableton Looper.

open-control is available in three formats – Pocket, Boxed & Maker – so that both the hardware and functionality of the controller can be customized to meet your requirements.

Grison says that open·control was born with two main goals:

  • It should show information not available on other MIDI controllers, such as Scene names, Marker names, Variations, etc.
  • It should let the user decide what actions each button and knob should perform, and do that easily, without any MIDI-mapping or scripting knowledge.


  • Bright LED Matrix display
  • 6 Buttons or Switch pedal inputs
  • 6 RGB LEDs for visual feedback
  • 2 Knobs or Expression Pedal inputs
  • MIDI In and Out ports
  • Standard USB

Video Demo:

[embedded content]

Pricing and Availability

open-control is being funded via a Kickstarter campaign and it is available to project backers with the following pricing:

  • Pocket version : 69€
  • Boxed version : 129€
  • Maker version : 59€

Note: Crowd-funded projects involve risk, so make sure you read details at the project site.

Avicii’s last performance of ‘Levels’ released to celebrate its 10 year anniversary: watch

The video is taken from Avicii’s final performance at Ushuaïa in 2016

DJ Mag Staff

Friday, October 29, 2021 – 10:39

Avicii’s last performance of ‘Levels’ released to celebrate the track’s 10th anniversary.

After marking a decade since the release of Avicii’s iconic track ‘Levels’ yesterday (28th), Avicii Music AB has released ‘Levels (Live in Ibiza 2016)’, taken from his final performance at Ushuaïa in Ibiza in August 2016. The DJ and producer, real name Tim Bergling, died by suicide in 2018 aged 28-years-old.

Last year, Tomorrowland named ‘Levels’ as the biggest track in the festival’s history. The Swedish EDM star’s legacy and influence on the world of electronic music endures, with hit ‘Wake Me Up’ being named as the highest charting dance track of the decade.

Elsewhere, in 2020, Avicii was awarded two posthumous Swedish Grammys for his album ‘TIM’, which was completed by friends and collaborators. 

You can watch ‘Levels (Live in Ibiza 2016)’ below.

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Eventide and Newfangled plug-ins are now Apple Silicon M1-native – and more on the way

The floodgates are open, and not only are we seeing new Apple hardware, but M1 native plug-ins to take advantage of it, too. Eventide is the latest, bringing a massive arsenal of essential stuff. And the fact they run on iLok suggests more iLok-based plug-ins from other vendors are likely inbound soon, too.

DAWs are mostly easy – especially if you use something like Apple’s own Logic, which is M1 native. (I’m also running Ableton Live’s public 11.1 beta and haven’t looked back.) So as it has in the last 30 years of Mac processor transitions, stuff like plug-ins is what probably holds you back from upgrading.

That’s why this is great news. Eventide’s full software range of plug-ins (AU, VST2, and VST3) now all support Apple Silicon M1 natively. (They’re universal builds, so you can swap between machines and hosts easily.) They also support macOS Monterey and Windows 11. Only AAX is missing – because, well, Avid. (Biting my tongue.)

That’s a lot of great stuff – H3000, H9 series (Blackhole and MangledVerb and UltraTap), the excellent Anthology, Omnipressor, the H910 and 949 harmonizers, Ultraverb, and Tverb, to name a few. Newfangled and their Elevate Mastering Bundle just missed the cut, but I’m already running pre-release software successfully from that suite and those downloads should be available soon.

It’s silky smooth, which is what you want from everyday plug-ins that you live with.

By the way, if you want to check if the plug-in is running as M1 native, you can just hover your mouse over the Eventide logo and see – it’ll show M1 if it’s running natively (as here in Ableton Live 11.1 beta):

(You can also get obsessive and right-click and copy the support information.) Newfangled’s works the same way, and just shows ARM instead of M1.

Look, the honest truth is – you can get by just fine with Rosetta 2 and a lot of plug-ins. With a mixed array of plug-ins, it’s just that you tend to trust the ones that haven’t been updated less – not so much because they’ll run slowly as they’ll have some unpredictable UI or loading glitches.

When developers do deliver M1-native versions, it’s hard not to miss that things run faster, smoother, and you just stop looking at CPU meters even on the non-Pro/Max M1 like this Mac mini I’m typing on now. And that’s keeping in mind the Mac mini is an entry-level machine. (More on the M1 Pro and M1 Max soon.)

I realize these are generalizations, but in day-to-day usage, they’re probably what you’ll actually experience. Most plug-ins work. Occasionally ones that weren’t updated cause an issue here. People with more plug-ins notice this more than those with fewer. Updated plug-ins are a joy. It’s not only about the new architecture; it’s also about finding updates that are tested on the newer OSes shipped on newer machines.

What some developers have reported is that they aren’t able to ship M1-native versions yet because they’re waiting on iLok and PACE. Those details aren’t generally public, but it does sound like this is slowly getting fixed.

“iLok” is something of a four-letter swear word for a lot of music producers, but what this means in practice is running the iLok License Manager software (directly or via a pop-up), clicking authorize, and then (hopefully) forgetting about it. This does not normally mean using a USB hardware dongle – unless you actively choose to do so. These days, most iLok users choose the software over the hardware. It certainly works fine here. I don’t particularly like iLok any more than you do, but even with a small plug-in library, it’s unavoidable – and I am absolutely not giving up software from developers like Eventide, Softube, Soundtoys, and others.

Here’s how it works:

  • You will (almost certainly) need to download a new installer that’s Universal – both for Intel and (ARM) Apple Silicon.
  • You can authorize with iLok License Manager, even though that’s still Intel-based. It runs under Rosetta 2 without incidence.
  • Launch an Apple Silicon-native DAW – like Logic or Live 11.1 beta – in its native mode, and your plug-ins will run natively, too.

But if you suddenly notice a bunch of plug-ins appearing, I’m guessing iLok improvements are helping. Different developers use different parts of PACE’s technology, and developers do then have to work updates and testing into their development process. That means be a little patient – especially with small developers; they take more time.

And yes, since I can feel a bunch of plug-in developers who don’t use PACE rolling their eyes at me, a lot of devs manage copy protection themselves and didn’t hit this hurdle. (A great example is Audio Damage, who were one of the first out of the gate with full M1 support – and of course I love their stuff.)

But since we do use systems with different stuff on them, a lot of producers and engineers do rely on a critical mass of plug-ins becoming available. So this is good news.

And yeah, on the PC side, watch for Windows 11 support before you jump to the new OS. (That’ll be easy enough given how generally delayed computer shipments are, so hey…) ]

Neptunes-produced A$AP Ferg track shared by Pharrell: listen

A$AP Ferg and Pharrell have shared a new track produced by The Neptunes.

After returning last year with a track produced alongside Jay-Z, The Neptunes — the production duo comprised of Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams — have teamed up with A$AP Ferg on his new track, ‘Green Juice’.

The single, which features a verse from Pharrell, marks Ferg’s first release after being signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Management. The Harlem-born rapper also recently told Variety that moving forward, he’ll release solo projects under the moniker Ferg, while the A$AP Ferg moniker will remain part of the “A$AP Mob” alongside the likes of A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ant, and more.

The Neptunes originally came together in 1994, accumulating production credits on dozens of Billboard Hot 100 hits between the late ‘90s and early 00’s, including work with artists such as Jay-Z, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Kelis and Snoop Dogg. The duo released a solo album ‘Clones’ in 2003. 

You can check out The Neptunes-produced ‘Green Juice’ below.

(Photo via The Neptunes Facebook page)

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Malaa sets fire to sixth single of 2021, ‘Who I Am’

Malaa sets fire to sixth single of 2021, ‘Who I Am’248501324 1199404457211639 4784358599489087178 N

Two tracks in to his 2021 set at EDC Las Vegas‘ circuitGROUNDS, Malaa gave the headliners gathered at the sprawling stage a sonic one-two that’s since descended as “Who I Am.” Now arriving in thrashing fashion on Illegal Music Ltd., at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, “Who I Am” trailed Malaa’s live intro edit of Honey & Badger‘s remix of “Notorious,” not to mention its formidable follow-up, an ID from none other than DJ Snake and the masked man himself.

After throwing gasoline on what was then a mounting live fire, the single extends the circuitGROUNDS experience as it simultaneously propels the mystique-marked Parisian to realize his sixth one-off of the calendar year. “Who I Am” succeeds October 1’s “Pondicherry” and can be streamed in all of its go-off glory below.

Featured image: Miko Multyde

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