A Jeremy Deller exhibition is opening this month

From acid house to modern politics and beyond

Brian Coney

Monday, November 8, 2021 – 14:25

A new exhibition by Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller is opening this month.

Simultaneously running at Glasgow’s Modern Institute and Art: Concept in Paris from 6th November until 22nd January, Warning Explicit Content compiles all of the London artist’s print and poster work from 1993 until the present day.

Titled in reference to the explicit content warning that featured on the covers of many 1990s albums, the exhibition will trace Deller’s trajectory from creating work centering on rave and acid house to more directly political output.

Deller’s 2019 documentary Everybody in The Place: An Incomplete History of Britain 1984-1992 explored rave and acid’s impact on ‘80s Britain. Featuring rare and unseen archive materials, it uprooted “popular notions of rave and acid house, situating them at the very centre of the seismic social changes reshaping 1980s Britain.”

A new multi-media exhibition exploring Coventry’s house music scene runs from 11-28th November

Elsewhere, a photo exhibition recently captured the euphoria of the ’90s free party movement.

The Warehouse Project is offering urine tests for spiking victims

Manchester’s Warehouse Project will offer urine testing kits for attendees who suspect they have been spiked.

The news comes amid an alarming rise in cases of spiking, as well as reports of injected date rape drugs such as Rohypnol and GHB in recent months.

According to a report by the Independent, the Warehouse Project is set to become the first venue to offer the tests to clubbers. “Our medics actually bought kits last week,” said the club’s founder Sacha Lord. “It’s a little like a pregnancy kit, if I’m being honest. You can take a urine sample and tell exactly what is in that.”

“We’ve got a real education job to do here,” he added. “Ultimately, I just don’t think it’s right that a woman should feel protected by a bottle top on the right out. I’d urge anyone, if you know anybody that does this sort of thing — it’s a disgrace, they need calling out.”

Late last month, National Police Chiefs’ Council recently revealed that almost 200 cases of drink spiking had taken place in the UK throughout September and October. The country’s biggest operator of nightclubs, Rekom UK, has since introduced protective drink covers and full-body searches on entry at various venues.

Last month, a petition demanding an “urgent” review of laws and education around drink spiking in the UK was launched on Change.org. The campaign, I’ve Been Spiked, now needs 100,000 signatures in order to reach parliamentary debate.

The Night Time Industries Association also recently called for a Home Office inquiry into drink spiking in response to an increase in reports. CEO Michael Kill said: “The NTIA are very concerned to learn about the reported increase in the number of spiking incidents taking place across the country. We support all those coming forward to speak about their experiences.”

LADIPOE is the “Afro Jigga” featuring Rema

Rising Lagos-based rapper Ladipoe serves up a smooth mid-tempo single, “Afro Jigga,” which sees him embodying the spirit of Jay-Z in some ways. The record has a hypnotic texture and a steady bouncy groove that allows Ladipoe to be playful and thoughtful with his rhymes. Lines like ” Our music now is opening doors, you can never close/ They tell me that Afro is bigger than hair on an older Hov” see him reflecting on the growth of Afrobeats on the global level, while at other times, he gets to just be carefree and have fun. He also has a knack for changing the pace at a moment’s notice and drops a few gems along the way to remind listeners that he is not rhyming for the sake of riddling. Joining him on the track is label mate Rema who adds his dancehall infused afro-melodies into the mix

“Afro Jigga” is the new single from Ladipoe taken from his forthcoming Providence EP. Other features on the EP include Amaarae and Fireboy DML.

Stream “Afro Jigga” on Apple MusicSoundCloudYouTubeDeezer.

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Love International locks 2022 line-up

Love International has locked its line-up for next year. 

After a two-year break due to COVID-19, the festival returns for its sixth outing at The Garden Tisdo in Croatia across 13th-19th July 2022.

Promising “new names, old friends and a special selection of b2bs”, the festival will host sets including B2Bs from Call Super and Object, Ben UFO and Craig Richards, ANTAL and Hunee and Palms Trax, and a big one: Shanti Celeste, Saoirse, Moxie and Peach. Check out the full line-up below.

“Some are long time DJ partners and others are world firsts coming together,” said organisers on social media. “All will play across different stages and different times of the day through our 24-hour timetable, bringing completely new and unexpected journeys across the musical spectrum. Join us next July as the Adriatic Adventure continues.

All tickets for 2021 are valid for 2022. A limited run of 3rd release passes, as well as day and group tickets, are available to buy here.

Back in 2019, Love International hosted sets by the likes of Ben UFO, Octo Octa, Eris Drew, Avalon Emerson, Optimo, and the sadly-missed Andrew Weatherall.

Free User Oscillator for Korg NTS-1, Minilogue XD & Prologue Synthesizers

tSoniq has released a free user-oscillator for Korg ‘logue synthesizers, including the NTS-1, Minilogue XD and Korg Prologue.

unity is a multi-model virtual analogue design, that supports morphable wave-shapes and up to 19 independently detuned waveform generators per voice.

The models include simple linear wave-shaping, ring-modulation and FM. A tracking sweepable high-pass filter and overdrive unit are also included to further shape the sound.

A wide range of sounds are possible, spanning simple wave-shapes though 1970’s string synthesizers.

Pricing and Availability

unity is available now as a free download. Donation are encouraged to help support further development work.

Iris Gold has a “Lover of My Own” [Video]

Denmark-based singer/songwriter Iris Gold  follows up her last release with a new pop jam titled “Lover of My Own.” The single continues her ongoing collaboration with Eurythmics co-founder Dave Stewart who produced and co-wrote the song. The mid-tempo pop track captures Gold’s flirty and playful demeanor as she delivers a sultry performance ripe with vivid lyrics that tease the senses. Gold expresses her need to be free of inhibitions and gives listeners her all but the underlining premise is that she knows when to turn off the flirt switch because she has someone at home who is special. .medrectangle-3-multi-108{border:none !important;display:block !important;float:none;line-height:0px;margin-bottom:15px !important;margin-left:0px !important;margin-right:0px !important;margin-top:15px !important;min-height:250px;min-width:250px;padding:0;text-align:center !important;}

The production is lively as well with Stewart’s multi-faceted instrumentation. From the slick pop guitar riffs, cinematic violins, and crunchy drum grooves, he crafts a beautiful canvas for Gold to fully display her vocal range which she does expertly.

“Lover of My Own” is the latest release from Iris Gold via David Stewart’s Bay Street Records. This is the second single we have heard from both parties and they are currently working on a full-length project which will see the light of day sometime next year.

Get “Lover of My Own” on Youtube.

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KIN share a tale of “The Runaways” [Video]

Emerging UK indie-pop band KIN shares their fourth single, “The Runaways,” accompanied by some entrancing visuals. The trio made up of Grace, Adam, and actress Ritu Arya (of Umbrella Academy fame) brings a refreshing take on retro-fitted ambient pop on this new single with the help of producer Josh Tyrrell. The resulting track is a mid-tempo nostalgia-inducing piece ripe with rich guitar riffs, layered textures, and alluring melodic runs that soothes the ears while the singers dive into the unpredictable emotions that come with blossoming love. They explore the growing feelings and a bit of trepidation that creeps in as two individuals venture into the unknown. .medrectangle-3-multi-108{border:none !important;display:block !important;float:none;line-height:0px;margin-bottom:15px !important;margin-left:0px !important;margin-right:0px !important;margin-top:15px !important;min-height:250px;min-width:250px;padding:0;text-align:center !important;}

The self-directed video filmed in London and Brighton is inspired by 1980s Hollywood including Steven Speilberg’s ET and follows the story of two characters as they walk the unbeaten path hand in hand. The visual aesthetics has a DIY feel and revels in its documentary-style approach. There are actually no performance shots of the band members which helps keep viewers locked in the story of the two love birds.

[embedded content]

KIN are Grace, Ritu, and Adam; a female-led, London-based trio who all have creative backgrounds. Grace is a performance maker and model, and Ritu and Adam are both actors. Adam was last seen on stage at the National Theatre and Ritu is a lead in the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy and is about to star in the film Red Notice alongside Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot, and Dwayne Johnson.

“The Runaways” is their fourth single and they have their debut EP on the way. Get “The Runaways” on all platforms here.

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R&B legend Adam Ness offers a sneak peek of the Sagittarian lifestyle on “HouzKatz”

Detroit-raised R&B act Adam Ness gives a glimpse of his first full-length project, Sagittarius Vol 2, with soulful single “HouzKatz,” which shines a spotlight on his soft but soaring voice layered over an intricate soundscape.With ethereal neo-soul backing vocals from Durand Bernarr lending life to Ness’ hushed delivery, the groovy offering taps into Ness’ unique brand of soul music, framed by equal measures of delicate finesse and unbridled power.

Showcasing strength in gentleness, the gospel-tinged track uses his vocal prowess to drive home fierce, passionate narratives. Soothing yet touched by a sharp and outspoken fierceness that speaks of the Sagittarian mindset and lifestyle, the track reminds us that being soft doesn’t negate dominance in life.

An extension of his full-length production’s message, Ness uses the emotive nature of  “HouzKatz,” to remind his fans it’s okay to be yourself. As empowering as it is sensual, the track establishes Ness’ stunning artistry formed from years of industry experience as he arms himself with his innate talent in music to weave a sonic world that’s both explosive and enlightening.

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Andy Barker of 808 State has died

This time of loss continues, and another gone-to-soon obituary to write. Andy Barker has died at age 53 “after a short period of illness” according to the group.

Barker joined 808 State in 1989 and has since been a core member, bassist, and keyboardist, right up to Transmission Suite with founder Graham Massey (who by that time was the only other remaining member).

And yes, there were gigs up to the end:

Music worth revisiting in remembrance today, too:

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

Deep condolences to his family, friends, and everyone he touched. A few remembrances that are posted publicly today (the family asks for respect for their privacy, though it seems also appropriate to share what they have said to the public):

Manchester of course has the obituary:

Tributes paid to ‘pioneer’ 808 State bassist Andrew Barker who has died aged 53 [Manchester Evening News]

A cause of death has not been made public. I know we have a time of more deaths ahead – with a pandemic still raging, and not only direct impacts but also still-as-yet-unknown indirect impacts of the disease and an overburdened healthcare system, on top of mortality that can always come sooner than we might hope. But to the extent that we are connected to that and to more online information about those we lose, I hope we continue to express our grief and value our loved ones around us. Take care, everyone.

More interviews from the official site – great vintage reading:

Andy Barker (808 State) Interview Of The Month [r2d]

POSTCARDS FROM 88… Andy Barker, 808 State [909 originals]

808 State – Andy Barker Exclusive Interview [I

Teen pop act AJA delves into leaving toxic relationships on “Better Off Without You”

Rising teen sensation AJA crafts a slice of punchy pop with “Better Off Without You,” exploring an instance of moving away from a toxic relationship. Led by her bold, smooth vocals and an anthemic guitar soundscape, the track brims with empowerment and positivity as it leads us away from a detrimental dynamic into a better life.

With a feminist outlook that reminds us it’s okay to step away from a negative situation to find self-confidence or future love, “Better Off Without You,” is the reassurance we need wrapped up in booming sonics and catchy beats. A track designed to infuse us with the strength we need to take control of our own lives and happiness, the Toronto newcomer delivers a delicate blend of honest, heart-on-sleeve lyricism and earworm arrangements underpinned by her soaring vocals.

Having burst onto the scene in 2020 and immediately winning praise with her youthful charm offset by sonic maturity, the 17-year-old singer-songwriter whose brand of empowering pop is reminiscent of Tate Mcrae and Ariana Grande is set to reach new heights as one among the recent wave of Canadian talents making an impression on the music world.

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