Take a trip on the “Green Line” with Kinrose [Video]

The Delaware-Maryland-Virginia (DMV) area is one of the most unique and vibrant hip-hop scenes in the entire country, with local artists constantly pushing sonic boundaries and cultivating their own unique flavor and flow. Kinrose is one of these trailblazers, as the Maryland native showcases on his commuter homage to his home of Prince George County, as he narrates riding the “Green Line” into Washington, DC.  

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Storytelling and narrative direction come to forefront of Kinrose’s new single, as he weaves a tale of commuting into the city to see a loved one.  His left-of-center melodicism radiates through an unforgettable hook that is juxtaposed against energetic and cheekily delivered verse work that contorts and contrives the mundane into a highly expressive piece of unbridled lyrical creativity.  Accompanied by an animated visual (hand-drawn and animated by maliyah) featuring many iconic DMV sights along the green line, Kinrose pulls no punches when it comes to repping for his home.  

An artist like Kinrose has never needed praise or justification to make the music that he makes.  His music is straight from the soul, onto paper, and into the listener’s ear.  The lack of middlemen in his jazzy, soulful strut is evident and highly enthralling and makes Kinrose one of the most exciting new voices to come out of the DMV this year.

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