Vector Synthesizer Updated With New Filter & Modulation Options

Developer Andre Sklenar let us know that the Vector Synth firmware has been updated, adding a new ladder filter, additional modulations and more.

Described as ‘an experimental boutique synthesizer’, Vector Synth is available now with v2.6.6 firmware, and the v2.6.6 firmware update is also available for existing owners as a free download.

Here’s what’s new in Vector Synth v2.6.6:

  • New Ladder Filter – A new 24dB/oct resonant ladder filter is now included, and can be placed anywhere in the synthesis pipeline. The new filter provides a classic and well-known tonal character, which in combination with Vector’s synthesis engine gives it new opportunities for creative filtering.
  • New Blend Modes – Two new Blend modes are introduced, creating even more ways for the harmonic Generators to interact. PDAM and rPDAM stand for Phase Distortion and Amplitude Modulation, and Reverse Phase Distortion and Amplitude Modulation, respectively. Just like the other modulation types, these are also audio-rate and the operators and modulators can be separately filtered before modulation.
  • Individual Generator Detuning – Each Generator can now be individually detuned before Blend modulation. This simple addition increases the possible sound palette considerably, especially when combined with the new filtering and modulation options.
  • New Built-in Presets – A new page of built-in presets has been added. The new presets incorporate the latest firmware features, so they are good starting points to explore the new capabilities.

Pricing and Availability

Vectors are available for purchase, with approximately one month lead time, for 777€ (excl. EU VAT). The firmware update is available as a free download.

Arturia Pigments 3 In Depth Overview

[embedded content]

Reader Mark Barkan shared this in depth look at Arturia Pigments 3, a major update that adds a variety of new synthesis options: additive synthesis, a utility engine with sub oscillator and dual noise sample players, the filter from Jup-8 V, four new effects and more.

Topics covered:

00:00:00 Intro & Overview
00:00:56 Arturia & Pigments & Price
00:03:40 New Features
00:06:48 Good & Bad
00:10:02 Overview
00:12:47 Presets
00:19:03 Modulation
00:26:59 OSC Engines
00:29:49 Wavetable
00:38:40 Sample
00:48:35 Utility
00:53:24 Additive
01:09:32 Conclusion

Mystic Circuits Introduces Leaves Turing Machine Expander Module

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Mystic Circuits has introduced Leaves, a new Eurorack module that’s a voltage sequencing expander for their sequential switching module Tree. 

It’s based on the open source Turing Machine expansion protocol, which means that it works with any other modules that host Turing Machine Expanders, including Turing Machine, Vert, Grayscale Permutation and others.

Leaves is designed to support many complex sequencing possibilities, with multiple inputs and outputs and the capability to daisy chain many expanders to a single host.

Designed with non-linear sequencing in mind, Leaves is the beginning of a set of expanders intended to grow Tree from a unique sequential switch into the center of a flexible modular sequencing environment.

Each of Leaves four outputs correspond to a different range of sliders, and each of those outputs has its own dedicated transpose input. All outputs can have a 0 – 5V range but, by default, the final output (which reacts to all eight sliders) has a 0 – 2V range, which makes it more useful for note sequencing. This also makes the slider’s center detent indicate one octave of range, whereas setting the slider fully up gives two octaves of range.

The sliders feature an eight-color LED rainbow that corresponds to the colors on the host Tree, making it easy to identify which steps are active across an entire range of expanders.

?Leaves is fully open source and all relevant files are hosted on the Mystic Circuits Github page. Much attention was paid to the expander port itself, each expander port is buffered at the input to avoid issues when many modules are chained together. The expander ports are duplicated to allow for easy daisy chaining of many modules to be hosted by a single expander.

Pricing and Availability

Leaves and Tree are available now via the Mystic Circuits site, priced at $250 and $180 USD. Escape From Noise in Sweden is also expected to have both Leaves and Tree in stock soon.

Belfast awarded UNESCO City of Music status

Belfast has been awarded the title UNESCO City of Music, making the Northern Irish capital the third UK location to be honoured with the accolade, following in the footsteps of Liverpool and Glasgow. 

The status recognises towns with significant musical heritage, venues capable of hosting festivals and concerts at national and international level, and a focus on musical education. There must also be clear evidence that all music genres are supported. 

As a result of the successful bid, a programme of high-profile events is being promised, alongside investment to improve and expand existing infrastructure. The bid was part of a wider plan created by Belfast Council based on a survey of 20,000 residents. Music was a recurring theme in the responses. 

“Belfast is proud of its music culture. Creativity and resilience are in the very fabric of our city and our people. Last April, we launched a ten-year cultural strategy which will see a Year of Culture in 2024. The UNESCO accolade is the perfect way to kickstart these plans, much of which revolves around music,” said Councillor Kate Nicholl, Lord Mayor of Belfast. 

A number of prominent people from the city’s music industry were involved in the bid, including Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol and Emmy-nominated composer, Hannah Peel. Both have now been made official Belfast Music patrons. 

“Belfast’s heart beats fervidly with music,” said Lightbody. “I’ve watched, in these last 25 years of relative peace, the music scene grow and then thrive and now burst at the seams with fearless and limitless talent.”

DJ Mag visited Belfast in September for the return of AVA Festival, the city’s biggest electronic music showcase. Free the Night, a campaign lobbying for more relaxed licensing laws, better support for clubs and the night-time economy in Northern Ireland, continues to push for change to the country’s infamously prohibitive regulations relating to venue opening times and the sale of alcohol. Meanwhile, last month DJ and producer Marion Hawkes opened a new record store, Sound Advice, in a bid to better serve Belfast’s nascent dance community. 

Arca announces new album, ‘KicK iii’, shares single ‘Electra Rex’: Listen

Arca has announced a new album, ‘Kick iii’, which will land on 3rd December through XL Recordings. 

The record is a counterpart to ‘Kick ii‘, which was announced last month and arrives through the same label on the same day as its successor. Two singles from that release were unveiled last week, ‘Prada’ and ‘Rakata’. Both forthcoming long-form outings can be considered sequels to ‘KiCk i’, which was released in 2020. 

‘Electra Rex’, the first single to be taken from the third instalment in the series, has now been unveiled with a Carlota Guerrero-directed video, featuring the artist, friends, and associates outside Plaça dels Àngels, Barcelona.

“For me, ‘KicK iii’ is the most incendiary entry in the KiCk universe. The album is a portal directly into the more manic, violently euphoric, and aggressively psychedelic sound palettes in the series. ‘Electra Rex’ is a new archetype I propose in reference to commonly understood ideas of Freud regarding the Oedipal Complex — Oedipus Rex kills the father and unknowingly makes love to the mother,” Arca said in a statement. 

“Electra Complex posits the binary opposite: killing the mother and unknowingly making love to the father. And so I am the first to propose a non-binary psychosexual narrative to avoid falling into the same generational tragic blind spots,” Arca continued. “‘Electra Rex’, a merging of both names, an integration of both Oedipus Rex and Electra: ‘Electra Rex’, it kills both parents and has sex with itself, and chooses to live.” 

In September, Arca joined forces with the visual artist Weirdcore for a film project for C2C Festival with all proceeds from the pay-what-you-can stream going to Casa Marcella, a trans and non-binary shelter.

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Grigoré shares third career EP via This Never Happened

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Grigoré kicked off 2021 with a six-piece EP titled At The Edge Of The World. A few remixes and singles later, the Russian DJ now offers Nautilus, marking his third career EP on Lane 8‘s renowned imprint, This Never Happened. Nautilus explores deep experimental soundscapes; at the same time, the project radiates enough mainstream appeal to captivate audiences even beyond TNH’s niche fanbase. Nautilus appears to emphasize the synthetic ebbing and flowing of its textures and layers above the actual notes being played. Stream Grigoré’s latest below.

Featured image: Grigoré/Facebook

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The REVOLT Summit kicks off this weekend in Atlanta

The REVOLT Summit is back in Atlanta, Georgia. The three-day, highly anticipated, jam-packed event runs November 11-13, 2021 with an exciting roster of major culture curators such as Offset and Killer Mike. This year’s Summit is to feature appearances from Chance The RapperRick Ross, Jeezy, Lil Yachty, Tamika Mallory, Druski, Joey Bada$$, Rubi Rose, NLE Choppa and tons more. Additionally, there will be inspiring panels designed to empower the future of Black leaders.

On Thursday, comedy group The 85 South Show’s (DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller, Clayton English and Chico Bean) will jump the weekend off with a performance. Then, Jeezy and DJ Ohso, will officially host the Summit’s festivities with the Keys To The City event, which will include special performances by Quality Control’s Lil Yachty and hip-hop duo City Girls.  

For Friday, panels will include Earn Your Leisure highlighting a conversation with Chance The Rapper, REVOLT Black News: The Power of the Black Dollar, featuring the CEO of The Lip Bar, Melissa Butler, rapper and entrepreneur, Lecrae, and also, entrepreneur JaydaCheaves, being hosted by DJ Envy

Finally, Saturday the panels will include REVOLT Black News: Black Safety First, featuring social justice activist, Tamika Mallory, a discussion around Power Players Film & TV with recording artist and actor, Joey Bada$$, as well as the panel Black Men Mental Health, with rising artist, NLE Choppa. Additionally, there’ll be a discussion called Destination Global featuring a conversation with Latino rapper, Anuel, Shenseea, and moderated by Tunde of LVRN.

REVOLT x AT&T Full Schedule


Thursday, November 11th

  • 4:00pm-5:30pm – Return on Culture Pitch Competition @ DREAM IN BLK STAGE
  • 5:30pm-7:00pm – 85 South Show@ MAIN STAGE
  • 7:00pm-8:30pm – Keys to the City Kick Off Event @ MAIN STAGE

 Friday, November 12th

  • 11:30am-12:30pm – Moguls In the Making by Ally @ DREAM IN BLK STAGE
  • 12:00pm-1:15pm – Earn Your Leisure @ MAIN STAGE
  • 12:30pm-1:10pm – REVOLT Black News: Black Dollar @ DREAM IN BLK STAGE
  • 2:00pm-3:15pm – Big Facts Live @ MAIN STAGE
  • 3:00pm-4:30pm – Jewelry @ DREAM IN BLK STAGE
  • 4:45pm-6:15pm – Mental Wins @ MAIN STAGE
  • 6:30pm-7:45pm – Creative Truth @ MAIN STAGE
  • 8:00pm-10:00pm – BE HEARD @ MAIN STAGE

Saturday, November 13th

  • 11:00am-12:00pm – Black Men Mental Health @ DREAM IN BLK STAGE
  • 12:00pm-1:15pm – REVOLT Black News: Black Safety First @ MAIN STAGE
  • 1:30pm-2:30pm – High Fashion @ DREAM IN BLK STAGE
  • 2:15pm-3:15pm – Power Players Film & TV @ MAIN STAGE
  • 4:30pm-5:45pm – The Love of The Culture ft. Offset & Killer Mike @ MAIN STAGE
  • 6:00pm-7:15pm – Destination Global @ DREAM IN BLK STAGE
  • 7:15pm-8:30pm – Drink Champs @ MAIN STAGE
  • 9:00pm-11:00pm – Respectfully Justin Live Episode @ MAIN STAGE

General admission tickets available on the website. For more information and to purchase tickets for REVOLTx AT&T Summit, please visit

To connect with REVOLT: Website | Twitter | Youtube | Facebook | Instagram

Tino Szn delivers fresh new mixtape, ‘4 Seasons’

North Carolina rapper Tino Szn is steadily establishing himself as an upcoming act to take note of. With influences like Lil Uzi Vert and Trippie Redd, Tino’s sound is filled with hard hitting beats and catchy flows. His recent singles,  “Vice” and “Crash the Party” have served as the impressive lead-ups to the release of his new EP, 4 Seasons, which you can catch below. 

4 Seasons is a statement piece for Tino and his artistry. Throughout the project, he showcases his ability to mix genres and his refusal to be boxed in. There are tracks like “DND” and “LONG WAY HOME” that show influences from hyperpop and plug, but also tracks like “RIGHT TIME” that have clear influences from the alternative rock lane. The variety is impressive and keeps the EP interesting and fresh from start to finish. The highlights of the project, though, are “VICE” and “SUPA CLEAN”. Both are addictive listens in their own right, while “VICE” is more spaced out and trap oriented, and “SUPA CLEAN” is a more fun and catchy record.

Delving into new sounds and styles can be extremely intimidating, especially for an artist as young as Tino Szn. The variety presented on the project showcases Tino’s ability to not only take risks but also exceed expectations in every direction, filled with fun production and slick bars. It will be exciting to see where he goes next!

Connect with Tino SznInstagram | Twitter 

Pom Poms release addicting “Stoned and Lonely” [Video]

Pom Poms brilliantly fuse ’90s inspired garage rock with a throwback psych sunshine-dipped pop sound in their latest single and video, “Stoned and Lonely.” With bright guitar riffs, soulful rock vocals, and an attention grabbing hook, “Stoned and Lonely” is a candid pandemic era anthem all about yearning for closeness.

[embedded content]

“Stoned and Lonely” was written when lead singer Jessie Payo relocated to Palm Springs during the height of the pandemic and coped with her boredom and longing for human connection by turning to weed. She confides, “I felt a lot of people could resonate with the feeling and the longing to connect in a time when most of us were at home left to our own devices.” With lyrics discussing missed connections, the monotony of everyday life during isolation, and mind altering decisions while under the influence, “Stoned and Lonley” is a raw and honest narrative of the perils of spending too much time alone. While the subject matter of the song might be heavy, the accompanying composition is a light-hearted vibrant affair with delightful pop-oriented surf rock landscapes and infectious melodies. In the music video, Payo is seen dancing dressed as a chicken, playing guitar in an alien mask and cozying up to an inflatable hot dog. Her altered and often comical hazy state of imagination while being high is brilliantly highlighted by director Riley Bray.

Pom Poms were founded in 2015 by Southern California based multi-instrumentalist producer Billy Mohler and singer-songwriter Jessie Payo. Brought together by their love of David Lynch, Blondie and John Waters, the duo released their debut full length album in 2017 and have since opened for the likes of Kate Nash. With a timeless rock n’roll sound and witty lyrics, Pom Poms continue to impress with “Stoned and Lonely”.

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Glassio speaks to a relatable feeling with “If Love Is All It Takes”

Do you ever feel stuck in the same place and nothing you do seems to get you out of it? Then Glassio’s “If Love Is All It Takes” is the song for you. With glossy, dream-pop arrangements and light, passionate vocals, it is easy to get swept up in this airy tune. The track is delicate yet possesses a lot of power as he sings, “If love is all it takes, how come I’m so blue, ” unfiltered emotion spilling out of even the simplest of lyrics. 

Irish-Iranian indie dance artist Glassio, AKA Sam R, is a singer, songwriter and also a producer. He beautifully blends electronic, new wave and dance music, creating a sound that truly sets him apart. In 2018, Glassio turned into a solo project and he released his debut EP, Age of Experience. That EP put him on the map and now he continues to ride the wave of success. He hopes this latest track can have that same momentum. The talent reveals, “the song is a bit of an ode to the burnout myself and many of my friends were feeling toward the end of 2020.” Check out Glassio’s wistful tune now. 

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