History of legendary Glasgow club The Arches celebrated in new book

A new book celebrates legendary Glasgow club The Arches.

Announced last November, Brickwork: A Biography of The Arches is an oral history by two of the club’s former employees, novelist Kirstin Innes and comedian David Bratchpiece. 

Comprising over sixty original interviews with former directors, clubbers, bartenders, staff, audience and acts including Siam and Carl Cox discussing artists such as Daft Punk, Banksy and more, the book will also feature pictures of acts including Ben E King, Craig Ferguson and Ruth Negga performing at the venue.

First opened in 1991, the nightclub has hosted some of the biggest names in dance over the years, including Underworld, Jeff Mills, Carl Cox, Judge Jules, Felix da Housecat and Erol Alkan. Following licensing issues caused by a drug-related death, 400 figures from the Scottish music and cultural scene, including Irvine Welsh, co-signed a letter asking the Scottish government to allow the nightclub, arts venue and theatre to continue to trade. It closed its doors in the summer of 2015.

“I worked at The Arches in my early twenties as the press and publicity manager,” said co-author Innes. “It’s not an exaggeration to say that the venue made me who I am, and collecting these stories together is my way of saying thank you. I’m delighted to be writing this book with David, an Arches stalwart in so many ways, who has a wealth of knowledge about the venue.”

“I was a regular customer of The Arches from its early days, during which time I quickly fell in love with the venue,” added Bratchpiece. “Later I would go on to start working in the cloakroom there, and little did I know that 15 years later I would still be there, as a manager. I always felt its impact on Scottish culture deserved to be documented, and I’m honoured to be playing a part in that.”

Published on 4th November, Brickwork: A Biography of the Arches is available now in print and digital formats. Grab your copy here

Legendary London gay club night TRADE announces 30th anniversary party

The 24-hour blow-out promises some “very special international guests”

Brian Coney

Thursday, November 11, 2021 – 14:23

Legendary London gay club night TRADE has revealed initial details of its 30th-anniversary party.

Taking place at King’s Cross venue EGG LDN on 12th February 2022, the club will mark three decades with a 24-hour event featuring a host of resident DJs and some “very special international guests” to be announced.

Promising to “bring everyone together for what promises to be one of 2022’s biggest dates in the clubbing calendar,” the party will run from Saturday into Sunday, and will be fired up by the club’s world-beating sound system. The club celebrated its 25th-anniversary with an exhibition and a party back in 2015, titled “Trade: The Final Party”.

“Trade has always been a melting pot for its crowd and its music,” said Trade owner Laurence Malice. “I can’t wait to welcome back our Trade family and introduce new audiences to our journey through sound.”

Running from 1990 to 2002, Trade was the capital’s first-ever legal after-hours club, running parties at the now-defunct Turnmills every Sunday. The news comes four months after the original venue was commemorated with a plaque by Islington’s Pride

Tickets for the 30th-anniversary party are expected to go on sale soon.

Italian act PROGedia drops mystical video for debut track “We Are The Night”

Italian producer Fed Conti debuts solo project PROGedia with sleek track “We Are The Night,” offering a lively blend of hypnotic grooves over pulsing electronic beats. With deep, hazy vocals leading us to reconnect with nature, the transportive nature of the track is given a boost with haunting visuals.

Infusing soothing mystique into the lush nu jazz soundscape, Italian director Alessando Amaducci’s captures Conti’s escapist vision with mythical settings that bring iconic works of art to life. Coming together as a match made in heaven,  the experimental nature of “We Are The Night,” is given free reign to run wild within the cinematic video.

The track prompts us to lose ourselves in its aerial melodies and psychedelic jam style, offering us a glimpse of the eclectic music taste that forms the basis of the veteran act’s penchant for genre-defying arrangements. Tapping into his expansive jazz-prog-rock sound, Conti embraces his penchant for experimentation even while rooted in his signature keyboard-led arrangement. 

[embedded content]

Conti who has enjoyed a long and fruitful career working with industry titans such as Universal UK and Ministry of Sound, channels the same creative freedom that got him interested in surreal soundscapes at a young age.Resetting his artistry as PROGedia by deconstructing the music we know and crafting it with sonic reinvention that leads us into a new era of sounds that are both experimental and experiential.

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New Jersey rapper Ashtin Larold drops off his sunny new video for “Motions”

Typically known for bouncy trap songs and melodic emo anthems, rising vocalist Ashtin Larold has been making noise for a few years now. Hailing from New Jersey, he first burst on to the scene by way of a quirky battle rap video that went ultra viral, in which he proves that you should never judge a book by its’ cover. After spending the ensuing years establishing himself as more of a fad, the East Coast lyricist has built up a solid catalog and fanbase, establishing legitimacy. Looking to take it a step forward, he checks in with his sunny new video for, “Motions.”

[embedded content]

Deviating from his normal sound, “Motions,” finds Ashtin crooning over upbeat production, sounding at first like a feel-good-anthem at the beginning. Once the record picks up steam, it’s quickly realized that’s not the case, as the production serves as a Trojan Horse for Ashtin’s feelings as he sings about not feeling anything and going through the motions in life. Taking things a step forward, the video see’s Larold frolicking through a field of flowers, effectively doubling down on the idea that the lyrics and production clash with one another brilliantly. “I’ve never been great at writing happy lyrics,” the New Jersey native tells us, “so instead, we made a song that sounds upbeat and happy, even if the lyrics aren’t.”

With this record serving as a teaser, we’re hoping that we get some more new music from Ashtin in the near future. Until then, take a peek at the video above and get familiar with him below. 

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Ottomatick shares fiery new hip-hop single “Wait A Minute” [Video]

Ottomatick’s new single “Wait A Minute” (featuring Wild Hypnotik) is a seductive track dripping with warm hip-hop beats and passionate rhymes. Detailing a negative relationship the listener can feel a sense of going out of your mind. Hypnotik’s lush soulful vocals pair perfectly with Ottomatick’s raw, organic flow. The visuals for the track are just as intense. Opening the video with Hypnotik caged up seems to represent the loss of control. As the visuals continue the two are glowing with a red light and fire. This could signify the burning desire for the partnership even though it is filled with toxicity.

[embedded content]

Ottomatick (Gaige Otto Hermanson) is known for his colorful vocals and bold beats. The talent has traveled all through Central and South America. Each place he visited he became extremely fascinated by the people and their culture. Through a chance encounter with a Shaman, he discovered his deep love for music. He uses those experiences as inspiration for his eccentric releases. Check out the captivating song and video now.

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Premiere: Dylan Matthew counters ‘One Sided Love’ with second solo single of 2021, ‘Summer 16’

Premiere: Dylan Matthew counters ‘One Sided Love’ with second solo single of 2021, ‘Summer 16’248098545 2898090627121430 5721748136658284740 N

In 2020, Dylan Matthew could be found tirelessly coursing through the electronic circuit, lending his name, vocals, and lyrics to cuts that would command the dance context like “Run” with Kai Wachi and “Train To Nowhere” with Fatum. He set his sights on 2021 as a year in which his solo career would gain further color through the release of songs that set his talents and his talents alone at center sonic stage. Listeners got one such look at Matthew on “One Sided Love,” premiered by Dancing Astronaut in May. They now get another with the release of “Summer 16,” distributed via Seeking Blue Records.

“I wrote this song about what has to this point still been the best summer of my life. There was just something different in the air in summer of 16. It was about an amazing group of friends (and a girl), and all the adventures and memories that I will forever cherish. I find myself wishing I could go back to that time in my life very often, because I didn’t appreciate it enough when I was living it,” Matthew exclusively told Dancing Astronaut ahead of the single’s arrival.

The latest from the Supernova formally hits streaming platforms on November 12, but can be streamed in full one day early, exclusively on Dancing Astronaut.

Featured image: Nate Vogel

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Nine years later, Jeffrey Sutorius and HALIENE reconvene for ‘Kings’

Nine years later, Jeffrey Sutorius and HALIENE reconvene for ‘Kings’Dash Berlin

Casual listeners rarely hear a story like this one when it comes to releases. What might seem like a standard delivery at face value turns out to actually a ballad told over nine years between two musical forces. Recently shared on HALIENE’s Instagram, her and Jeffrey Sutorius’ latest release, “Kings”, has roots going all the way back to 2013. It was one of the first dance top lines HALIENE had ever written. At the time, Sutorius was still playing as Dash Berlin and he liked the song so much he put it on hold to be released on part two of their album in 2014. But, sadly, part two never came out as the group Sutorius was the face of fell into disarray and eventually broke up.

Sutorius and HALIENE lost touch over the years, before finally reconvening at ADE in Amsterdam a couple years back. HALIENE had written a whole new song for him, and despite liking it, Sutorius was still more interested in the song he still loved from 2013, “Kings”. HALIENE would go on to make some modifications to the original framework to ensure it held up now, but the spirit of the song was very much the same and finally, after years of losing touch and years more of release delays, “Kings” is finally here.

Jeffrey Sutorius has been hard at work in 2021 with “Kings” being his fifth original release and sixth overall. HALIENE is fresh off of a solo slot at EDC Las Vegas, an impressive feat for a singer/songwriter, and continues a stellar release run in the year she got a Dancing Astronaut Supernova nod. Now, her latest work, nine years in the making is finally available—listen to “Kings” below.

Featured image: Rukes

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Mogli shares the second instalment of her forthcoming album with “The Current” [Video]

German singer-songwriter Mogli shares the second installment of her forthcoming album release RAVAGE. Her new single “The Current” is a warming ode to self-healing, a reminder that vulnerability and self-belief are key factors to overcoming hard times.

[embedded content]

Following the recent single “Echo“, this new single acts as episode two in series of 10 installments. Layered with her hushed vocals across the soothing guitar melodies and calming tones, “The Current” sees Mogli caught up in the freeing notions of overcoming a situation you were once stuck in. Singing about swimming against the current and fighting back, her raw lyricism and evocative wording offers inspiration for those who feel like they can’t see a way out. 

Once again paired with visuals that are truly transfixing, “The Current” continues the luring sense of wanting to experience more from her work. Mogli’s artistry, not only a vocalist but an all-round creative force, is one that is laced with empowerment and intrigue.“It takes so much courage to walk into the unknown,” says Mogli. “With nothing other to hold on to than the certainty that I’m leaving a toxic situation I was pep talking myself into building a new life despite being scared.”

Mogli’s raw and honest account of her experiences result in listeners feeling seen. Whether you relate to her experiences or are just simply captivated by her work, Mogli is an artist that showcases her humanity with a tenderness that allow her powerful actions to be deeply rooted into the foundations of her work.

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VÉRITÉ adds an alt-pop flair to Katy Perry hit “Teenage Dream ”

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and producer VÉRITÉ transforms Katy Perry hit “Teenage Dream,” into an alt-pop confessional with her cover led by her sweet vocals. Reframing the thrilling track with a nostalgia-drenched perspective, the rising singer’s interpretation manages to capture the addictive pop feel of the original while introducing a softer touch with minimal sonic palette.

[embedded content]

Layered over quiet piano and slow synth beats,VÉRITÉ’s soaring vocals become the star of the track as the warmth and emotion in it pulls us back into a journey looking back adolescence and first love with rose-tinted longing. Produced by TOMI and VÉRITÉ herself, the lush cover is proof of the alt-pop act’s ability to bring originality to every note she crafts, her fresh alternative style giving even the most well-loved tracks a new life to be heard and absorbed in ways that they weren’t before.

Having emerged from lockdown with confidence and determination to establish herself,  VÉRITÉ has paved her own way with reinvigorated alt-pop soundscapes.

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Duo Tommy Lefroy pen an ode to friendship on soft track “Vampires”

Indie folk duo Tommy Lefroy reflect on supporting a loved one through a tough time on “Vampires,” the soft-rock sensibilities led by fuzzy vocals and delicate guitars. With a soothing melody and laid-back delivery, the track sees Vancouver-born Tessa Mouzourakis and Northern Michigan-raised Wynter Bethel weave a heart-warming tale of friendship.

The pair who met in 2018 have built a reputation for their silken, narrative-driven music continue to lean into their signature style on this latest track which comes to life as an ode to embracing feelings and true friendship.“Vampires” was written by the pair for each other and all the friends of the world who have ridden rough waves through to the end.

Intimate yet relatable, the poetic lyricism leans fully into the folk narrative while the slow-build chorus infuses warmth and comfort as it reminds us that someone has got our backs. 

Having seen considerable success with their debut single “Northern Towns,” the London and LA split duo who met at songwriting sessions and house parties in Nashville have crafted a gently blooming career in music founded on their shared love for music and Jane Austen. Each release bringing alive relatable tales wrapped up in soft instrumentals, Tommy Lefroy who have consistently growing in popularity and refined their gentle sound are proving to be an act to keep your eye on.

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