Kill Feed switches gears on new house-leaner, ‘DRUMS!’

Kill Feed switches gears on new house-leaner, ‘DRUMS!’UaIC1MAS

Kill Feed may be making a name for himself behind battering bass works and while he’s still linked with famed low end purveyors Never Say Die on his latest, he’s switching gears on “DRUMS!”—a new house-inspired single that packs a punch. Percussive, addictive, and funky in all the right places, “DRUMS!” is a perfectly versatile setlist tool that shows off a new facet of Kill Feed’s game, highlighting the emerging producer’s production acumen. And while the track lands as a welcomed stylistic departure in Kill Feed’s blistering arsenal, it still bears all the hallmarks of his sound, allowing his latest delivery to fit right in with a growing catalog of bass cuts.

Coming off of a remix for fellow labelmate, Trampa, earlier this year, Kill Feed adds yet another notch to his belt of “DRUMS!” dropping off perhaps one of his best outings to date, if not one of his most bold. Swapping out bulldozing breaks for floor-primed pops and hisses, “DRUMS!” proves Kill Feed isn’t just a one-trick pony, signaling that more club cuts could be underway from Kill Feed in the future. Listen below.

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New Years raves for babies and toddlers announced across UK

A number of New Years raves for babies and toddlers have been announced.

Organised by events company Big Fish Little Fish, the family-friendly parties will take place in cities Coventry, Edinburgh and London, with a soundtrack of ‘rave, house, techno, soul, disco and funk’ provided by a host of DJs across the two days of events.

As well as a multi-sensory dance floor for the children, kitted out with bubbles, snow foam and confetti cannons, the “Hog-Mini” events will also feature a licensed bar (for the adults, of course), babies-only safe spaces with soft mats, cushions and ball-pool, club lighting and visuals, and craft tables.

Speaking about the Big Fish Little Fish events, founder Hannah said: “Raving always came from the heart, a way to express a love of music and dancing with your friends. BFLF extends that across the generations so you can rave with your family too. It’s a celebration of life, love, unity and music. Together on the dance floor.”

The parties, which take place on 30th & 31st December, are open to parents and their children aged between 0-8, and will run from 2pm until 4pm. More information about the events can be found here

Earlier this month, a Kickstarter campaign was launched for a new book that aims to teach kids the alphabet using drum & bass references. Learn more about ‘My first Book Of Drum & Bass’ here

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Ferdous announces sophomore EP with new single, “Wasteland”

Afghan-Dutch artist and producer, Ferdous has announced the release of his second EP with a new single, “Wasteland.” Dripping in golden inflections and underscored with heart-thumping beats, the track’s whirring bass tones and sultry R&B grooves stand boldly under Ferdous’ emotive vocals. Despite coming from a negative space, “Wasteland” sinks into its dizzying soundscape to overcome hindsight. Set to be released early 2022, the EP titled Doors promises a collection of silky R&B tones and electronic embellishments that boast Ferdous’ intricately woven sonic palette.

Telling EARMILK more about the release, Ferdous says: There’s a lot of bitterness I’ve put into this song, but I had so much fun while doing it and I hope it’s somewhat relatable. It’s about coming out of a terrible place that you didn’t realise was terrible while you were in it, and about feeling like an idiot to have tried and make something work so desperately when it was never going to.”

Born in the Netherlands to Afghan refugee parents, Ferdous continues to use music to express his personal identity. Experimenting and discovering the opportunity music provides to explore, Ferdous became hooked on the thriving nature of music and has sinced harnessed its power to unveil his own narratives. With his journey into his own musical identity showcasing an authenticity that listeners adore, Ferdous continues to work alongside critically acclaimed photographer Nick van Tiem to express the roots of his musical identity.

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EXES share their melancholic new single with Luke Wild, “Girl of My Dreams”

LA duo EXES team up with Luke Wild on their new placid pop single “Girl of My Dreams”. The stirring track offers a short moment of intimacy that soon unravels into a longing sense of separation.

With melodies rooted in melancholia, the forlorn single is woven with sadness that describes the notions of falling apart. Embellished with the shining brilliance of EXES, the single is a slow-burning track gripping at the last moments before the inevitable happens; “Promise me I’m the one you won’t forget” they sing across the gentle guitars that swiftly carry you into the misty waters of a lost love.

Speaking of the collaboration, the pair says: “When we set out to make the album, we knew we wanted to have a feature that would allow us to do a really different kind of song. Luke [Wild] came into the studio with the idea for ‘Girl of My Dreams’ and we instantly loved it. It is not a love song. It is not a song about falling–it’s a song about falling apart. It’s a song about a flame burning brightest just before it goes out.”

The to-ing and fro-ing of emotions throughout this are exquisitely potent. Capturing a moment so vividly that evokes a true emotive response is exceptional. “Girl of My Dreams” is a collaborative song that needs both parties to sound this good and it’s clear that EXES and Luke Wild make sweet, sweet music together.

The pair’s album Don’t Give Up On Me Now will be released next February via Independent.

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MAXINE reveals her struggles with finding love in new EP ‘Minor felt Major’

Daring singer-songwriter MAXINE has not always been that lucky when it comes to love. In her college days, she experienced the pain of many failed dating mishaps and details those disasters in her new EP Minor felt Major. Influenced by pop greats like Zara Larsson and Julia Michaels, she wears her heart on her sleeve with each intimate release.

Opening with the irresistible “Help Myself”, the song is a candid depiction of her need for affection. The track radiates with upbeat arrangements of shiny synths and driving percussion. Her rich, vibrant vocals sing of the jealously and desire we can all feel when we start to fall for someone. It is human nature and we cannot help ourselves. The song is the ideal start to an EP all about love.   

“Paint It Red” slows things down and showcases a simplistic soundscape allowing her vocals to really soar. The singer narrates a relationship that has fallen apart, but is still looked back on fondly. She admits they were young and in love. The tune is about having no regrets despite the crash and burn.

Ending with the compelling piano piece “Strange”, her soulful tone glides atop gentle instrumentation. She sings of the deep sadness that can be felt when lovers turn to strangers. The offering is a stunning display of so much raw emotion. She passionately sings, “Now you’re a stranger, with all of my secrets. A stranger, I hope that you’ll keep them.”

The Dutch talent is best known for the songs she’s written for other artists, gaining her much success. Now she has dived into her solo career headfirst and has not looked back. Focusing in on her own authentic voice, she creates truly bold and vulnerable music. This EP is no exception. MAXINE confides, “You can see the process of young love and the lessons learned from that. It’s really a chapter that I can finally close, since I’ve graduated now.”

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Bensley delves into dubstep with new single ‘No Problems’

Bensley delves into dubstep with new single ‘No Problems’Bensley

Bensley has returned with “No Problems,” a single that sees Bensley dive into new territory once again, this time taking on a dubstep style. Arriving via NIGHTMODE, the track finds Bensley enter sputtering realms while begging to come “closer.” “Don’t need no problems, no/Don’t need no pain,” the lyrics go as Bensley displays his signature style while simultaneously experimenting with a new sound.

Bensley told Dancing Astronaut of his recent string of releases,

“I’m finding all this time that I’m spending dropping small releases with different labels is given me great insight into what I’m happiest doing as musician. And, um, it’s also helping me like refine my sound a bit more and figuring out what my strengths are.”

Stream “No Problems” below.

Featured image: Paul Ignatio

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Zeds Dead remix Nessa Barrett’s ‘i hope ur miserable until ur dead’

Zeds Dead remix Nessa Barrett’s ‘i hope ur miserable until ur dead’Zeds Dead Deadrocks 2021

Zeds Dead are back once again, this time for a remix of Nessa Barrett’s “i hope ur miserable until ur dead.” The track features Barrett’s slow vocals amid Zeds Dead’s signature production. With a reverberating style that aligns with that of their other classics, “i hope ur miserable until ur dead” pulls elements from the duo’s Catching Z’s mixtape and completely convert the original’s sound. “i hope ur miserable until ur dead” is sure to be another fan-favorite from the duo, much like their versions of Billie Eilish‘s “bad guy,” Massive Attack‘s “Paradise Circus,” and Blue Foundation‘s “Eyes On Fire.”

Zeds Dead recently released a remix package for their June single, “Alive” featuring MKLA. After taking the stage with GRiZ at Goldrush in September, the bass duo announced that it would go back-to-back with the producer once again for New Year’s Eve in Louisville, Kentucky. Zeds Dead have been on a tear throughout the year, first releasing their Catching Z’s mixtape in March, with a remix package following in September. They then made their live debut following the COVID-19 pandemic at their annual Deadrocks event, which saw them take over Colorado’s famous Red Rocks Ampitheatre for two nights.

Featured image: Jason Siegel

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Lea G shares a charming new pop EP ‘YOU(TH)’

Austrian-born artist Lea G speaks to the intense feelings you get from your first experiences with love in her new EP YOU(TH). The captivating four-track body of work provides listeners with a personal lens into her emotional world. The release focuses on themes of love, coming of age and self-discovery.

The offering commences with “Midyouth Crisis”. The infectious tune is all about struggling to face reality as you transition into adulthood. The song shines with upbeat guitars and fiercely passionate vocals. She sings of longing for those childhood memories before responsibilities got in the way.      

“Missing Out” is a soulful track detailing the challenges that come with having to work to support yourself. Her striking tone soars over a bold beat creating a unique standout piece. She admits, “I was missing out on the things I should be doing in my youth – going to parties, having fun and meeting new people instead of following my dream and working really hard on my music”.

All about the magic of young love, “Crazy” bursts with pure personality. It features steady electro guitars, gentle clicks and elevated synths. Illustrating the grand adventures that come with falling in love, listeners will also fall in love with the delightful track.

Lea G is now based in London and pursues her music fulltime. The talent is known for her relatable lyrics and memorable melodies. Inspired by Ed Sheeran and Florence and The Machine, her innovative pop style exudes an effortless air. This latest EP possesses that same carefree quality.           

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Nurko affirms he’s no disappearing act on ‘Disappearing Now’ with Chandler Leighton

Nurko affirms he’s no disappearing act on ‘Disappearing Now’ with Chandler Leighton245275299 435209721551244 1541031109833743656 N

Just one week after releasing his highly anticipated collaboration with William Black, “Worth It”—the surprise final single in the run up to Black’s Pieces album—Nurko returns with another masterclass in melodic-bass. This time, he’s teamed up with Chandler Leighton for “Disappearing Now,” out now via Proximity.

A pairing of Leighton and the New Jersey-based producer only seemed natural after the former got her start working with melodic-bass trailblazer ILLENIUM on the euphoric but dark “Lonely” from his Ascend album. The lyrics are deep and cut right to the core before two signature melodic drops from Nurko build to a final drop where Nurko really flexes his variable production chops. Our 2021 Artist to Watch has certainly lived up to the billing and is only going to keep that momentum going into 2022 with his recently announced EP on the horizon, led by “Disappearing Now.”

Nurko is fresh off his Red Rocks debut, where he opened for ILLENIUM, bringing out Leighton herself and sending the crowd into a frenzy with a live performance of their new song. Nurko’s upward trajectory shows no signs of slowing down, with dates in the next month at Insomniac’s Audiotistic San Diego, ILLENIUM’s Ember Shores, and 2022’s Ubbi Dubbi festival. Listen to “Disappearing Now” below.

Featured image: Timber Takes Photos

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#FreeBritney takes a stand with a powerful album

Most of us are familiar with the free Britney movement. It is a social movement urging the courts to allow Britney Spears independence from her conservatorship. A #FreeBritney album on comes out Nov 12th. The day of this release is important because it is the day that Jamie Spears heads back into court to face further judgment on his actions.

The work pairs the efforts of Head Bitch Music and a collective of 19 female identifying and non-binary talents. Bringing that nostalgic 90s sound into the present, it features all of Spears’ songs we know and love with a refreshing reinvention. The compilation is an inspiring witness of each artist standing in solidarity for Britney Spears and survivors of conservatorship/guardian abuse.

The colorful offering opens with “Gimme More”. The song off of Spears’ album Blackout is the ultimate dance tune. Illicit Ghost has concocted an edgy alternative cover that hits you hard. She reveals, “I love how Britney paints the scene of getting lost in a moment; she’s not afraid to ask for what she wants and is unapologetically herself. The song was released a year before her conservatorship started, and I really hope that Britney, and anyone else who is facing abuse, can find freedom.”

Of course it would not be a Britney cover album without “Oops I Did It Aagain” and “Baby One More Time”. Providing an eerie rendition, Dresage takes “Oops I Did It Again” and turns the track on its head. The singer creates a dreamy yet dark track that is simply addictive. With a similar feel, Kids At Midnight showcase a haunting take on the classic “Baby One More Time”. The breathy vocals paired with the eccentric instrumentation make for a striking offering.

Concluding with Maddie Ross’ version of “You Drive Me Crazy”, there is so much raw passion oozing off the tune. Ross has turned the song into a head banger that we all want to get down to. The piece is definitely a fun and infectious standout. Ross reveals, “Britney has been criticized, picked apart, eaten alive, controlled and judged by strangers throughout her entire career. What has been done to her on a personal level is inexcusable, and the message it sent to our culture profound.”

It is these along with so many others that make this innovative album a must-listen. 25% of the earnings will be donated to ACLU SoCal. Check out #FreeBritney now.  

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