Fabio & Grooverider to perform A History of Drum & Bass with The Outlook Orchestra

London’s Southbank Centre will host the one-off performance in January

Christian Eede

Monday, November 15, 2021 – 17:14

Fabio & Grooverider are linking up with The Outlook Orchestra for a special one-off performance in January that will see them celebrate the history of jungle and drum & bass.

Some of the genre’s most influential and loved tracks will be recreated during the performance which will take place at London’s Southbank Centre on 29th January. 

The performance will mark Fabio & Grooverider’s first collaboration with The Outlook Orchestra, which was founded in 2017 when Outlook Festival and the Southbank Centre first partnered on an event.

Since the group’s formation, they’ve gone on to work with the likes of David Rodigan and Mala on special performances, recreating a number of classic tracks from the electronic music scene and giving audiences a chance to hear them in an entirely different light.

Tickets for the performance with Fabio & Grooverider are on sale now, and can be purchased here.

Veteran duo Vindata announce breakup, intentions to forge ahead as a solo project

Veteran duo Vindata announce breakup, intentions to forge ahead as a solo projectVindata Press Photo Credit Owsla

Vindata was once one of the most enticing electronic acts to come out of LA during EDM’s global boom over the last decade, though now the duo has called it quits, citing creative differences as the catalyst for parting ways. Formerly comprised of Branden Ratcliff and Jared Poythress, Poythress will depart the group, leaving Ratcliff as the sole member of Vindata as the project forges ahead as a solo endeavor. The news comes only months after the duo’s Monstercat-championed LP, With Opened Eyes, hit shelves earlier this summer.

Vindata rose to prominence in the 2010’s with a run of well-produced, genre-blurring releases that included collaborations with Anderson .Paak, Mija, Kenzie May, and more. Catching the ears of LA’s foremost electronic authority right as his label was launching into the stratosphere, Skrillex signed Vindata to OWSLA in 2015, where they released perhaps their most critically lauded work to date, Through Time and Space…Now, it appears Ratcliff is ready to transition Vindata to a solo project, and while Vindata’s output has slowed considerably in recent years, the breakup announcement could signal that new music from Ratcliff could be underway very soon.

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Kanye West adds 20 minutes of new material including André 3000-assisted single on deluxe cut of ‘Donda’

Kanye West adds 20 minutes of new material including André 3000-assisted single on deluxe cut of ‘Donda’Kanye 1

Ye, or, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, has shared the deluxe edition of his latest album, Donda. His tenth solo studio album, Donda‘s Deluxe edition arrives with 20 additional minutes of previously unreleased material and alternate versions of previously shared tracks. New additions include the André 3000-featured “Life of the Party” with IRKO, “Remote Control pt. 2” with Young Thug, and Kid Cudi-assisted material. Other new single additions include “Keep My Spirit Alive pt. 2,” which is the final release on the deluxe version, “Up from the Ashes,” and “Never Abandon Your Family.”

The artist played “Never Abandon Your Family” during his first album listening party at Mercedes Benz Stadium on July 22, but the song was left off of Donda‘s final cut. Typically, deluxe LP reissues include the new material at the end of the previously released album. Ye, as always, has approached his deluxe version differently, instead choosing to integrate new songs throughout the original tracklist. He has also moved several tracks from the end of the original album to the front, altering the album’s holistic listening experience.

Donda‘s deluxe cut is out now via all major streaming platforms. Listen below.

Featured Image: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

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Destructo takes Dolly Parton’s iconic ‘Jolene’ to the club with new floor-ready remix

Destructo takes Dolly Parton’s iconic ‘Jolene’ to the club with new floor-ready remix26758133 10155855023836745 5603957775237220348 O

Every so often an artist transcends their craft and becomes a cultural monolith much larger than their chosen medium would allow for—think Elvis Presley, Kanye West, and of course, the first lady of country music, Dolly Parton. Parton’s work, in particular, continues to inspire today’s crop of artists, from Miley Cyrus to Kasey Musgraves, though her catalog’s influence spans much further than just the country space; case in point—Destructo‘s new genre-blurring “Jolene” remix.

Bringing Parton’s inimitable charm to the dance floor, Destructo leaves his penchant for rap-inflected G-house beats at the door, coming through with a clean club framework on his new “Jolene” rework. Leaving the original cut’s beloved vocals largely intact, Destructo makes his deep-house modifications with a subtle hand, letting Parton’s voice effortlessly glide over a two-step house beat. Says the LiveStyle boss,

“’Jolene’ has been part of my musical DNA since day one. It is a true classic not only for country music but
American music. I’ve always felt its lyrics and melody could be the bones to build a real dance floor banger
around. Something to sing along to while getting your dance on.”

This isn’t the first time country and house music have proven to be a complementary pairing, as evidenced by past works from the late Avicii, Audien and Lady A, Diplo taking on Lil Nas X’s inescapable “Old Town Road,” Zedd and Maren Morris, and others. “Jolene” in particular has been a get-on-the-floor-and-dance type of number for nearly 50 years now, but with Destructo’s new, contemporary refitting, one of Dolly Parton’s most memorable hits just got a breath of new life. Listen below.

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Fire, voltage, metal, and thumping groove as Rojin Shafari tears through ‘It Made You Blind’ live

Definitely don’t miss the latest live performance off her new album – and watch to the end, as more abstract gestures collide with insistent syncopated groove.

Born in Tehran and based in Vienna, Rojin Shafari just keeps moving forward. I talked about her over the summer –

Don’t miss the visceral electroacoustic performances of Rojin Sharafi

If you didn’t, uh, obey the headline, now here’s your second chance – on the occasion of a new album that I think isn’t getting nearly enough attention. (Nice to see Rashad Becker on mastering, which is usually a sign of some good taste.)

In my perfect universe, all Sequential and Moog artist ambassador videos are like this:

[embedded content]

Rojin also just played the incredible Timceh Festival in Köln over the weekend. I sadly had to miss the Friday performances but even requested audio so I can review the full two days – Saturday was terrific, and adds to the idea that the Iranian and Iranian diaspora music scene are integral parts of what is exciting in electronic music right now. It certainly embodies a lot of what has kept me coming back to this site and its community over the years.

But give the full album a listen – Rojin’s talents as performer, composer, sound designer, and mix engineer are all on display:

The album combines Persian instrumentation like santur – treated in a more experimental way – plus prepared piano, Max patches, custom tunings and sequencers, and a whole lot more. I think we are in such a tough moment in music now, between pandemic and streaming and political distress and runaway capitalism, that we can feel personally parched. To describe this as technology for accessing water is the perfect metaphor. This kind of sound can be hydration for our musical souls.

Kariz is an ancient, sustainable system – constructed 3000 years ago, to facilitate the collection of water.

‘‘These Karizes have been the source of life for me and all of my ancestors. They are now sick and if it continues like this, they will die in few years and if they die, I’ll die with them.’’ Said an old Mirab. You go through the corridors of Kariz to collect escape-time fractals and to preserve water. You are floating in the underground veins and corridors of your past, an early age.

Moss grew
In the corner of time
Where space passes by
Your mirror stage was spotlighted It made you blind
White sheets hide
Mosses and the dust of time
In your body, in your house

You pass through a stage, where an external image of your body reflected in a mirror produces a psychic response that gives rise to the mental representation of an “I”. A blinding spotlight is behind you and a mirror is in front of you. You can see nothing but unbearable light that reflects in the mirror. Your “Ideal-I” has been overexposed.

Kariz sonic experience is a search for a sustainable system of living together with your body, your ideas, your home, your past and your surroundings.

Kariz is about accepting your “Ideal-I” as a holobiont in your living environment -a mini nature-. The music was created in long improvisation sessions, while using live electronics (MAX MSP patches), analogue synthesizers, a self-programmed microtone sequencer with an irregular clock, two drum machines and acoustic instruments like santur and prepared piano. The instruments were processed partly live and partly in the composition phase. 


A lot more in this interview for SHAPE network:

Rojin Sharafi’s musical journey

This bit I think should speak to a lot of us:

Sometimes I think I could develop two different sensitive ears: one which is focused on the quality of sounds, timbre, frequencies, intonation, and rhythm, and the other which is more focused on the form, texture and layers of sound.

I think they both helped me to have a better understanding of space, acoustics and instruments …

It helped me to fearlessly experiment with electronics, gear, and analogue and digital devices. I built my own speaker and amplifier as I started to study sound engineering. I enjoy both the technical and the programming side of music, as well as the creative and the performance aspects of it.

Dutch clubs to close at night as government imposes three-week lockdown

Clubs in the Netherlands must close by 9pm for three weeks, under new rules imposed by the Dutch Government.

The restrictions, which came into effect on Saturday, 13th November, have been put in place in response to an alarming increase in COVID-19 cases in the Netherlands, which recently hit a new high in transmission rates.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte confirmed that the restrictions will remain in place until Saturday, 4th December, though the possibility also remains that the shutdown of venues will continue past that date.

The partial lockdown will also sees bars, restaurants and non-essential shops forced to close by between 6 and 7pm. Sports events will not be able to go ahead with spectators in the stands and people are also being encouraged to work from home as much as possible. Schools, theatres and cinemas will remain open.

Around 85% of the adult population in the Netherlands has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to date.

The closure of clubs at night is a new blow to the nightlife industry in the Netherlands, which has suffered several setbacks as the country has gradually tried to emerge from lockdown. 

In August, thousands attended Unmute Us! protests against nightlife restrictions across six cities after the Dutch Government ordered a complete shutdown of clubs and music venues in July, just weeks after they were first permitted to reopen.

Claptone celebrates emotion on third studio album, ‘Closer’

Claptone celebrates emotion on third studio album, ‘Closer’Unnamed 5

The “joy” and occasionally, the “pain” of the human condition; around these elements revolves Closer, Claptone‘s third studio album. Contextualizing Closer in his long-form catalog, the enigmatic house man reflected, “Charmer [2015] was merely an introduction from a mystic being coming out of the shadows. On Fantast [2018], I tried to find my roots in nature, and it was more of an escapist album, whereas Closer embraces people and the universe inside them.”

This embrace transpires across 14 tracks that source features from a wide variety of artists including Seal, Mayer Hawthorne, Mansionair, Peter Bjorn and John, Shelly Wale, and Claptone collaborator Nathan Nicholson, noteworthy for his work alongside the producer on “Heartbeat,” “Under the Moon,” “Is This Love,” and more.

Among those invited to lend their voices to Closer is Barry Manilow. Although it’s a pairing of an unexpected nature, it’s one that took root organically, according to Claptone, who recalled Manilow’s mention of him in a TV interview. When asked who his favorite act was, Manilow cited Claptone. “So, I hit him up. He was like, ‘let’s do something,’” Claptone explained. The serendipitous result—”Nobody”—can be streamed below, along with the rest of the LP’s tracklistings. Closer, said by Claptone to be an “ode to togetherness as well as empowerment, to heartache as well as bliss,” is out now via Different Recordings.

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Gaby K narrates facets of romantic relationships on EP The Good, The Bad & The Boring

Birmingham indie act Gaby K narrates the different facets of romantic relationships on debut EP The Good, The Bad &The Boring, delivering an enticing fusion of soulful pop soundscapes and empowering messages drawn from her own relationships. Reflecting on her journey, framed by strength and the fierceness, the EP thrums with encouragement to stand up for ourselves as her husky, bold voice drives forward laid-back yet lush sonics.

Opening with the catchy croon of “Like You Should,” to the synth-infused, electro-tinged stand-out “Running,” the burgeoning musician moves from emotive tones to groovy foot-tapping vibes effortlessly. Following up with the minimal, acoustic style of “Not My Boyfriend,” Gaby K leans into her powerful song writing abilities, discussing the freedom to do whatever you want – whether it’s being in a relationship or enjoying single life.

Guitar-led offerings “On Your String,” and “Three Little Worlds,” shine a light on her soft, soothing vocals before the lush pianos of final track “War,” bring the EP to an uplifting finish. Channeling vulnerability and frustrations just as much as positivity, The Good, The Bad &The Boring is drenched in relatable tales of relationships as it reminds us of our own worth.

Having found her love for music aged only 12, Gaby’s passion and talent have consistently grown as her easy-going sonics, poignant lyricism and natural charm have seen her build up a solid fanbase set to catapult her into further fame.

Connect with Gaby K : Facebook| Instagram| Twitter

Party Favor returns with sophomore ‘Save Me’ single, ‘Whenever You’re Around’

Party Favor returns with sophomore ‘Save Me’ single, ‘Whenever You’re Around’246420189 127117143045209 2072149645563726022 N

Party Favor‘s latest single “Whenever You’re Around” precedes his upcoming album Save Me, to be released via Ultra Music. In August, he released the record’s lead single, which also doubled as the LP’s title track. Already, both “Save Me” and “Whenever You’re Around” highlight the versatility that Party Favor is sure to bring on his forthcoming record. Stream the latest slice of pre-Save Me sound below.

Featured image: Tyler Fuhrmeister

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Whethan teams up with Jasiah, KA$HDAMI for ‘2 MUCH’

Whethan teams up with Jasiah, KA$HDAMI for ‘2 MUCH’Whethan

Whethan has released “2MUCH,” a new single with Jasiah and KA$HDAMI. With skittering trap beats, “2 MUCH” follows Whethan’s “Thank You Right.” His 2020 record, Fantasy, reached a top-five spot on Dancing Astronaut‘s 20 Top Electronic Albums of 2020 list. With yet another release under his belt, Whethan continues to provide fans with the grooving tunes they’ve come to expect from him.

Featured image: Oh Dag Yo Photography

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